duommhome Hummingbird Garden Flag Hummingbird Flying Over A Fuchsia Flower Stem Watercolor Effect Art Print Premium Material W12 x L18 Red and Green

duommhome Hummingbird Garden Flag Hummingbird Flying Over A

[Design Description] full-width printing, single-sided printing[Material Description] 100% polyester fiber (polyester)[Product performance] The fabric is thick, firm and wear-resistant, good wrinkle resistance, universal for four seasons, durable, not easy to fade, easy to disassemble, adding a stylish atmosphere to the courtyard[Applicable scene] Decorative banner, mainly used for gardens, gardens, flower pots, etc., suitable for any terrace or balcony, and makes charming decoration for any backyard or lawn.[Accessory construction] only flag, does not include flagpole[Washing instructions] can be hand washed and machine washable

  • Color: Color12
  • Brand: duommhome
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