USB 56K Voice Fax Data External V.90 V.92 Modem With Dual Ports, Compatible With Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Win 7 and Support Auto-Dial, Tone and Pulse Dialing, Auto Answer, Auto Retrain (Black Color)

USB 56K Voice Fax Data External V.90 V.92

You can fax the documents in your computer without an expensive fax machine. What you need is just a connected telephone line. The documents received via fax are kept in the fax widget and you can just print the one you need. You can set your telephone fax system with this 2 ports modem.Feature:2 RJ11 Ports, you can set your telephone, fax system56K data/fax modem with USB interfaceUp to 56K data download, 48K data upload, and 14.4K fax communicationProvide Quick Connect and Modem-on-Hold featuresSmall size, for Notebook and Desk Top PC useHow to Use:1.Install the drive in your computer operating system. There are different types of drive for compatible systems in the CD disk.2.Make sure the fax function is available in your operating system. The fax widget is included in Win7 and Win Vista. When you are using Win XP or a lower version, it¡¯s necessary to install the fax widget with a Windows system disk.3.You need a connected telephone line. Please contact with your telecommunication services supplier for fee rate.4.If you are confused by the usage, please feel free to contact with our staff.Package Include:1 x 56K Black USB Voice Fax Data External V.90 V.92 Modem1 x Drive Disk1 x RJ11 Cable

  • Brand: Brainydeal
  • ASIN: B008RZTJC0
  • UPC: 848454029624

HDE 56K USB 2.0 Modem Fax Data Phone Voice Dial-Up Internet Connection Modem Package Compatible with Windows 10/8 / 7 / Vista/XP

HDE 56K USB 2.0 Modem Fax Data Phone

This USB powered data fax modem is ideal for anyone trying to upgrade their data fax modem. This version supports V9.2 and V9.0.

  • Brand: HDE
  • ASIN: B009LNJ1LQ
  • UPC: 521641589919

V.TOP External V.92 56K Dial Up USB Fax Modem with RJ11 Cable - Internet Modem Fax to Receive/Send Fax via Fax Machine for Windows xp / 7/8.x & Mac OS 10.9 to 10.10

V.TOP External V.92 56K Dial Up USB Fax

V.TOP External V.92 56K USB Fax Dial Up Modem with RJ11 Cable - Hardware Based Dial up Data Modem -The UM02 hardware-based USB 56k Modem lets you add dial-up Internet access and external fax modem support to your computer through USB. This controller-based modem saves system resources and minimizes load on the CPU, using on-chip processing to deliver dial-up access without taxing your computer performance. With support for transfer rates up to 56 Kbps (data) and 14.4 Kbps (fax), and compatibility with the latest transmission standards (V.92, V.90, etc.), this versatile USB modem can be used as a backup Internet connection, or in rural areas where broadband connections are not available. To ensure portability and easy setup, the USB modem features a compact, lightweight design and is powered through the USB host connection, as opposed to an external power adapter. The modem also supports both Windows and Mac OS 10.9 to 10.10 platforms, providing the versatility needed for true convenience. Advantage This Fax Modem works with Windows 7,Windows 8.1, the driver which is compatible with OS. It's installed automatically when you connect, and it can be imported smoothly and easy to a PC without a network or CD driver. It's compatible with 32-bit, 64-bit. Windows requires a updating (KB3...

  • Color: 56K USB Dial-up & Fax Modem
  • Brand: VTOP®

Zoom 3095 USB Mini External Modem - USB - 1 x RJ-11 Phone Line - 56 Kbps

Zoom 3095 USB Mini External Modem - USB

The 3095 USB Mini External combines a highly efficient design, easy installation and high performance in a surprisingly low-cost product. With its small size, light weight and integrated USB cable, the 3095 is perfect for travel or home office use. The modem plugs directly into a USB port and works with any operating system supporting a USB interface, including Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. Configuration is automatic and reliable without the potential conflicts of an internal modem. And the USB port provides power to the modem, so you don't need a power cube. That means no bulky power cube when you travel and no power cube clutter at your desk.

  • Brand: Zoom
  • UPC: 872182815136

US Robotics 56K USB Soft Modem - Fax/Modem (USR5639)

US Robotics 56K USB Soft Modem - Fax/Modem

The USRobotics 56k USB soft modem delivers the performance and reliability USRobotics is known for in a compact, cost effective form factor. Broadly compatible with Windows including 64-bit and server systems, the modem uses the CPU of the host computer for High compression throughput due to direct parallel access. Features include Ring detection and qualification - eliminating unintended wake-on-ring events due to activity on the phone line other than ringing, as well as handling Pulse dial control to eliminate system timing dependencies common with soft modems. The USRobotics USB soft modem is fully compatible with V.92 and lower rates, making it ideal for compact POS solutions that only require V.34.

  • Brand: USRobotics
  • ASIN: B009019KR4
  • UPC: 151903621646

Fax 56K USB Modem, V.90/V.92 USB to Ethernet Adapter

Fax 56K USB Modem, V.90/V.92 USB to Ethernet

The SW-22171 USB 56k modem delivers quick and easy fax and dial-up Internet access from virtually any computer. Simply plug this device into the USB port on your PC and you will be ready to dial into the Internet or send and receive faxes. With a convenient low-profile design, this USB 56k modem can travel with you and provide connectivity for your Windows laptop on the go. Note: This modem is half duplex, meaning it can only send or receive information at a time. Because of this, it is not recommended to be used for voice calls. Supported Features ADPCM voice compression Digital Answering Machine Wake Up on Ring Ring Detection On/Off hook control Call Progress Monitor DTMF detection and generation Voice/Fax/Modem Distinction Caller ID (optional) Modem on Hold (V.92) V.80/H.324 interface support for Video Conferencing Half-Duplex Plug and Play No drivers needed for windows 7,8, and 10

  • Brand: Sewell
  • ASIN: B0788YX5RR
  • UPC: 685289221751

2 Ports USB 56K External Dial Up Data Voice Fax Modem For Win7 32/64 Bit XP

2 Ports USB 56K External Dial Up Data

Transmission Line: RJ11. Conexant chipset. 56K data/fax modem with USB interface. Compliant with V.90,V.92 and V.42/V.42bis/MNP5 protocols. Compliant with V.17, V.29, and V.27ter Group 3 fax protocol. Up to 56K data download, 48K data upload, and 14.4K fax communication. Provide Quick Connect and Modem-on-Hold features. Support Auto-Dial, Tone and pulse dialing, Auto answer, Auto retrain Support Caller ID and distinctive ring detect, Auto format/speed sensing, Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination, Single configuration profile stored in host, call forward/fallback. Support Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista(32/64 Bit)/Win 7(32/64 Bit). High performance, and low cost. Small size, for Notebook and Desk Top PC use. 13. 2 RJ11 Ports, you can set your telephone, fax system 14. Color: Black 15. Power Consumption

  • Brand: Souked
  • ASIN: B00SHU349E

Internet and Fax 56K USB Modem, V.90/V.92 by Sewell

Internet and Fax 56K USB Modem, V.90/V.92 by

Give your PC with a USB port the ability to connect to the Internet and send/receive fax with this simple USB fax/56K modem. Plug-and-play feature gets the USB 56K modem working in no time. This modem is half duplex, meaning it can only send or receive information at a time. Because of this, it is not recommended to be used for Voice calls.

  • Brand: Sewell Direct
  • ASIN: B005EHJ3FW
  • UPC: 685289221713

TRENDnet 56K USB 2.0 Phone, Internet and Fax Modem, TFM-561U

TRENDnet 56K USB 2.0 Phone, Internet and Fax

The 56K USB Phone/Internet/Fax Modem, model TFM-561U, connects computers to the Internet using a dial up telephone connection. This compact modem offers advanced communications functionality, compati-bility with Windows and Linux operating systems, and compliance with most dial up Internet Service Provider networks.Only one phone line is needed for both Internet access and telephone calls—the NetWaiting feature screens incoming telephone calls while online and maintains an Internet connection when calls are answered. The modem is powered by the connected computer with no external power source required. Software features include a programmable telephone book with speed dial entries; a fax utility that supports scheduled and group faxes; and transmission and reception logbooks that record all activities.Compatible with most dial up Internet service providers . Connect your laptop or desktop computer to a dial up Internet connection . Up to 56Kbps data download speed and 48Kbps data upload speed. 1 x USB 2.0 port . 1 x RJ-11 telephone port . USB us powered with no external power source required. Supports V.44 and V.92 Quick Connect, PCM Upstream and NetWaiting Modem on Hold*. V.22 protocol support is well suited for POS and ATM transactions. V.92 support reduces dial up connection...

  • Brand: TRENDnet
  • ASIN: B004BU8O9Y
  • UPC: 803982827395

HiRO V92 56K External USB Data Fax Dial Up Internet Modem Dual Port Built in Buzzer Truly Plug n Play Driverless Installation Built in Driver Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 32-bit 64-bit (H50228)

HiRO V92 56K External USB Data Fax Dial

HIRO H50228 V92 56k external USB data fax dial up internet modem is a truly plug and play device. With Windows built in driver, users could simply plug it into any USB 2.0 port and the driver will be automatically installed. It is compatible for use with Windows fax and scan to send and receive fax. It is also suitable for dial up internet connection, compatible with major ISPS including NetZero, AOL, EarthLink, PeoplePC, Verizon, AT&T, etc. It provides dual RJ-11 phone jacks for connecting to an external telephone and/or answering machine. Simply plug in your traditional phone line and get connected.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: HIRO
  • UPC: 649258502289
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My last ever dialup modem! With support for the V.90 and V.92 standards, it was capable of downloading at "56K" (actually 53K) and uploading at 33.6K. It has not been used regularly since I got DSL Internet in 2004, and since CompuServe shut down in 2009, I no longer have any access to dialup ser...

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I connect to the internet with dial-up using a Conexant ACLink 56k Modem, which is built-in to the laptop. When you start to hear the screeching sounds, they are a bit slow because I am dialing from Colorado all the way out to New Hampshire. The first time, it was 16.8k, and the second and third ...

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