Aloha Bear and the Meaning of Aloha

Aloha Bear and the Meaning of

Aloha Bear shows you all the ways the people of Hawaii express aloha. In rhyming verse.

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The Story of Aloha Bear

The Story of Aloha

Even for polar bears, the North Pole is a very cold place. One little bear is particularly cold, and all he can do is dream about a warmer clime, a place without endless ice or grey skies. A place with warm beaches and tropical flowers and blue skies…a place like Hawaii. But how can a little polar bear in the North Pole get to an island in the Pacific? Then, the resourceful little cub remembers that one of his neighbors travels to the islands every December — and there’s surely room for one little stowaway in his sleigh! Will Santa discover the four-legged hitchhiker in his toy bag? Will Aloha Bear spend Christmas on a warm, sandy beach…alone? Told in simple rhyming verse that's perfect for reading aloud, this delightful holiday adventure celebrates the true meaning of Christmas.

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Rebel Bear (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 2)

Rebel Bear (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book

Bear shifter meets runaway bride in this steamy, suspenseful paranormal romance! *** Voted a FAVORITE SERIES OF 2018 by PNR Lovers! *** Up-and-coming supermodel Hailey Crewe can’t wait to escape the limelight and return to the modest, anonymous lifestyle she once led. Escaping literally? That was never part of her plan. But when an unwanted suitor — and her scheming mother/manager — go a step too far with a surprise Hawaii wedding, Hailey becomes a bride on the run. Before she knows it, she’s not only being hunted by a greedy oil tycoon, but by his creepy security force too. A good thing she bumps into her very own Lancelot at exactly the right time.Bear shifter Timber Hoving is just another Special Forces vet slowly adjusting to island time. That is, until an irresistible stranger rushes into his meticulously organized world. Before Tim knows it, his human side is wrestling with temptation, and his bear is head over heels in love. But Hailey’s first encounter with shifters is a terrifying one, and Tim can’t reveal the truth about himself without losing her forever. Worse, sinister shifter forces are closing in, following a ruthless agenda of their own. They’ll stop at nothing to capture Tim’s destined mate — dead or alive.Rebel Bear is a fast-paced, emotio...


Lure of the Bear (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 3)

Lure of the Bear (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of

Secrets. Fears. Burning desires. A bear shifter willing to risk everything for love. There’s not much that can get this grizzly shifter worked up — except a threat to the woman he has secretly loved for years. Then, all bets are off, and he’s willing to risk anything — including the most closely guarded secret of his lonely shifter soul.Trust issues? Officer Dawn Meli has a few. She’s not ready to rely on any man — especially one who can turn into a raging beast. But strong, silent Hunter, with his steady voice and soulful eyes, calls to something deep in her scarred soul. So much so, that she’s dangerously tempted to let her wild side free. At the same time, she has other problems to concentrate on, what with a valuable gem, a celebrity wedding, and a tropical storm all converging on Maui at the same time. Hardly the time to give in to simmering desire — even if destiny has different ideas.ALOHA SHIFTERS: JEWELS of the HEART is a thrilling new series set on the tropical shores of Maui. Each story is a page-turner packed with action, emotion, and romance! If you like Magnum, PI and smoldering hot, alpha shapeshifters, you'll love these books!* No cliff hangers. Each story is a standalone paranormal romance with adult content. This story features strong heroines, ...


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You

"A classic for kids that's perfect as a board book for reading aloud to babies and toddlers." - Seira Wilson, Amazon EditorA big happy frog, a plump purple cat, a handsome blue horse, and a soft yellow duck--all parade across the pages of this delightful book. Children will immediately respond to Eric Carle's flat, boldly colored collages. Combined with Bill Martin's singsong text, they create unforgettable images of these endearing animals.

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The Book Thief

The Book

DON’T MISS BRIDGE OF CLAY, MARKUS ZUSAK’S FIRST NOVEL SINCE THE BOOK THIEF.  The extraordinary #1 New York Times bestseller that is now a major motion picture, Markus Zusak's unforgettable story is about the ability of books to feed the soul.  Nominated as one of America's best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read. When Death has a story to tell, you listen. It is 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier, and will become busier still. Liesel Meminger is a foster girl living outside of Munich, who scratches out a meager existence for herself by stealing when she encounters something she can’t resist–books. With the help of her accordion-playing foster father, she learns to read and shares her stolen books with her neighbors during bombing raids as well as with the Jewish man hidden in her basement.  In superbly crafted writing that burns with intensity, award-winning author Markus Zusak, author of I Am the Messenger, has given us one of the most enduring stories of our time.   “The kind of book that can be life-changing.” —The New York Times   “Deserves a place on the same shelf with The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.” —USA Today

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The Glass Castle: A Memoir

The Glass Castle: A

  • Brand: Scribner
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Between the World and Me

Between the World and

  • Brand: Spiegel Grau
  • ASIN: 0812993543

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World

The book that started the Quiet RevolutionAt least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over working in teams. It is to introverts—Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seuss, Steve Wozniak—that we owe many of the great contributions to society. In Quiet, Susan Cain argues that we dramatically undervalue introverts and shows how much we lose in doing so. She charts the rise of the Extrovert Ideal throughout the twentieth century and explores how deeply it has come to permeate our culture. She also introduces us to successful introverts—from a witty, high-octane public speaker who recharges in solitude after his talks, to a record-breaking salesman who quietly taps into the power of questions. Passionately argued, superbly researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, Quiet has the power to permanently change how we see introverts and, equally important, how they see themselves.Now with Extra Libris material, including a reader’s guide and bonus content

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Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime

Heralded by the New York Times and Time magazine as the couple therapy with the highest rate of success, Emotionally Focused Therapy works because it views the love relationship as an attachment bond. This idea, once controversial, is now supported by science, and has become widely popular among therapists around the world. In Hold me Tight, Dr. Sue Johnson presents Emotionally Focused Therapy to the general public for the first time. Johnson teaches that the way to save and enrich a relationship is to reestablish safe emotional connection and preserve the attachment bond. With this in mind, she focuses on key moments in a relationship-from Recognizing the Demon Dialogue to Revisiting a Rocky Moment-and uses them as touchpoints for seven healing conversations. Through case studies from her practice, illuminating advice, and practical exercises, couples will learn how to nurture their relationships and ensure a lifetime of love.

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A Man Called Ove: A Novel

A Man Called Ove: A

Read the New York Times bestseller that has taken the world by storm! In this “charming debut” (People) from one of Sweden’s most successful authors, a grumpy yet loveable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door.Meet Ove. He’s a curmudgeon—the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. He has staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. People call him “the bitter neighbor from hell.” But must Ove be bitter just because he doesn’t walk around with a smile plastered to his face all the time? Behind the cranky exterior there is a story and a sadness. So when one November morning a chatty young couple with two chatty young daughters move in next door and accidentally flatten Ove’s mailbox, it is the lead-in to a comical and heartwarming tale of unkempt cats, unexpected friendship, and the ancient art of backing up a U-Haul. All of which will change one cranky old man and a local residents’ association to their very foundations. A feel-good story in the spirit of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Fredrik Backman’s novel about the angry old man next door is a thoughtful exploration of the profou...

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The Secret


In 2006, a groundbreaking feature-length film revealed the great mystery of the universe—The Secret—and, later that year, Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestseller. Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it. In this book, you’ll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that’s within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life. The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers—men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.

  • Brand: Atria Books/Beyond Words
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Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than,

The enemy wants us to feel rejected . . . left out, lonely, and less than.In Uninvited, Lysa shares her own deeply personal experiences of rejection--from the perceived judgment of the perfectly toned woman one elliptical over to the incredibly painful childhood abandonment by her father. She leans in to honestly examine the roots of rejection, as well as rejection's ability to poison relationships from the inside out, including our relationship with God.With biblical depth, gut-honest vulnerability, and refreshing wit, Lysa will help you:Stop feeling left out by believing that even when you are overlooked by others you are handpicked by God.Change your tendency to either fall apart or control the actions of others by embracing God-honoring ways to process your hurt.Know exactly what to pray for the next ten days to steady your soul and restore your confidence in the midst of rejection.Overcome the two core fears that feed your insecurities by understanding the secret of belonging. Uninvited reminds us we are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken--a love that does not reject or uninvite.

  • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.
  • ASIN: 1400205875

The Wild Robot

The Wild

"Wild Robot is an excellent choice for young readers looking for engaging early middle grade novels. A discarded robot finds love and a sense of belonging on an island of animals in Peter Brown's well-crafted story. Profound moments and warm humor make this a winner." - Seira Wilson, Amazon EditorWall-E meets Hatchet in this New York Times bestselling illustrated middle grade novel from Caldecott Honor winner Peter BrownCan a robot survive in the wilderness? When robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that she is all alone on a remote, wild island. She has no idea how she got there or what her purpose is--but she knows she needs to survive. After battling a violent storm and escaping a vicious bear attack, she realizes that her only hope for survival is to adapt to her surroundings and learn from the island's unwelcoming animal inhabitants. As Roz slowly befriends the animals, the island starts to feel like home--until, one day, the robot's mysterious past comes back to haunt her.From bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator Peter Brown comes a heartwarming and action-packed novel about what happens when nature and technology collide.

  • Brand: Peter Brown
  • ASIN: 0316381993

Sun Bear


  • ASIN: B01I2N6D34

I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life

I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers,

INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER“[I've Been Thinking…] is beautiful...I felt your soul on these pages.” –Oprah Winfrey“If you are feeling stuck, lost, or you just need a pick-me-up, this is the book for you. Shriver’s wisdom will fill you up.” —Hoda Kotb, coanchor, The Today ShowA book of reflections for those seeking wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration on the road to a meaningful life.As a prominent woman juggling many roles, Maria Shriver knows just how surprising, unpredictable, and stressful everyday life can be. In this moving and powerful book, she shares inspiring quotes, prayers, and reflections designed to get readers thinking, get them feeling, get them laughing, and help them in their journey to what she calls The Open Field--a place of acceptance, purpose, and passion--a place of joy.I've Been Thinking . . . is ideal for anyone at any point in her life. Whether you feel like you've got it all together or like it's all falling apart--whether you're taking stock of your life or simply looking to recharge, this is the book you will turn to again and again. Spend the weekend reading it cover to cover, or keep it on your nightstand to flip to the chapter you need most. Like talking with a close friend, it's the perfect daily companion—...

  • Brand: Pamela Dorman Books
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Ambesonne Island Party Place Mats Set of 4, Aloha Typography with Funny Bears in Hawaiian Costume Dancing in Music, Washable Fabric Placemats for Dining Room Kitchen Table Decor, Multicolor

Ambesonne Island Party Place Mats Set of 4,

Dress up and decorate your table with style! These unique place mats are the perfect accent accesory for your table setting. MEASUREMENT OF EACH MAT: 12.5 Inches long and 18.5 Inches wide. With tens of 1000's of fresh and fun designs you can find the perfect placemats for any occasion, event or just casual dinners. Great for dinner parties, housewarming, birthday celebrations, entertaining and family gatherings. They can be used indoor and outdoor. Use them in your home, garden, office, cafe, party house, restaurant, bar, hotel. Environmentally friendly, no dye substance harming health of your family. Colors won't fade thanks to new digital printing methods. They are durable and will last long. It is a perfect gift idea for your wife, husband, best friend, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, colleague and all other beloved ones with many of surprising designs. Customized, personalized products are very popular. As manufacturers of digital printed design products, we follow current trends and bring you the latest hot fashion products. Either a gift to your family or friend, relative or boyfriend girlfriend, or to yourself, the item should be interesting and authentic. Due to manual measurement, please kindly allow 1-2 cm discrepancy. The digital images we display have the most acc...

  • Brand: Ambesonne
  • ASIN: B07ND12VF5

Danielle Walker's Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Recipes to Make Anytime

Danielle Walker's Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple:

Beloved food blogger and New York Times bestselling author Danielle Walker is back with over 100 new Paleo recipes in her sophomore cookbook, Meals Made Simple—a collection of gluten-free, dairy-free, and Paleo-friendly recipes for easy weeknight meals.Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at twenty-two, Danielle Walker spent many years in and out of the hospital and on high dosages of debilitating medications before taking her health into her own hands and drastically changing her diet. In a true lemons-to-lemonade story, Danielle transformed her adversities into opportunities and created her wildly successful blog, Against All Grain, in an effort to help those in need eat well and feel great, without feeling deprived. With recipes that make cooking for the grain-free family both easy and enjoyable, Meals Made Simple answers the age-old question: “What’s for dinner?” Danielle Walker takes the guesswork out of meal planning with eight weeks’ worth of dinner ideas, complete with full shopping lists and recipes for using up leftovers. Whether we’re moms, students, or business owners, at the end of the day we all want fresh, home-cooked meals that are easy to prepare. And we want lots of variety. Preparing real foods can be time-consuming and monotonous, but Danielle br...

  • Brand: Victory Belt Publishing
  • ASIN: 162860042X

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends)

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

What will you hear when you read this book to a preschool child?Lots of noise!Children will chant the rhythmic words. They'll make the sounds the animals make. And they'll pretend to be the zoo animals featured in the book-- look at the last page!Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle are two of the most respected names in children's education and children's illustrations. This collaboration, their first since the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (published more than thirty years ago and still a best-seller) shows two masters at their best.A Redbook Children's Picture Book Award winnerThe rollicking companion to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: MACMILLAN / MPS
  • ASIN: 0805053883
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iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus Case, DesignSkin [Aloha Bear] Embroidery Stripe Fabric Slim Thin Fit Lightweight Non-Slip Grip Cute Unique Fashion Hawaii Surf Board Design Character Hard Cover (Blue)

iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus Case, DesignSkin [Aloha

FEATURES - Made out of hard PC plastic cover with soft fabric - Unique embroidery design that draws attention - 1mm raised bezel helps protect the screen when your phone is face down - Precise cut-outs and enough space that allows full access to all buttons, ports and speakers CASE COMPLETES FASHION Fashion is the dominant form of expression of our generation. With phones being such an integral component of our daily lives, we believe that smartphone cases are a natural extension of how we convey our individuality and style. We, DESIGNSKIN, focused on designing and manufacturing the most functional and protective case for everyday life to help the customers express themselves with our fashionable case.

  • Color: Blue Stripes
  • Brand: Design Skin
  • UPC: 888110041744

Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy)

Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians

A hilarious and heartwarming New York Times bestselling novel—now a major motion picture!   “This 48-karat beach read is crazy fun.” —Entertainment WeeklyWhen New Yorker Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home and quality time with the man she hopes to marry. But Nick has failed to give his girlfriend a few key details. One, that his childhood home looks like a palace; two, that he grew up riding in more private planes than cars; and three, that he just happens to be the country’s most eligible bachelor.   On Nick’s arm, Rachel may as well have a target on her back the second she steps off the plane, and soon, her relaxed vacation turns into an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers.

  • Brand: Anchor Books
  • ASIN: 0345803787
  • UPC: 884373066333

Exclusive Disney Aulani, Resort Hawaii Duffy The Bear Aloha Spirit Plush 12" Stuffed Toy

Exclusive Disney Aulani, Resort Hawaii Duffy The Bear

Duffy comes wearing a tee shirt with Mickey Mouse screen art, plus visor and shorts with tropical print patternEmbroideredAulanilogo on visorSatin trimsPlush Duffy features embroidered detailingSoft and shaggy faux furBottom paws feature embroidered mouse iconsPart of the Duffy the Disney Bear CollectionAs seen atAulani, A Disney Resort & Spain Ko Olina, HawaiiPolyester12'' H (ear to paw)new with tag Your browser does not support JavaScript. To view this page, enable JavaScript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser.

  • Brand: Disney
  • UPC: 612085368014

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of

The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals is an adorable animal reference sure to be welcomed by parents and librarians alike. Filled with fluffy and scaly creatures big and small, this appealing book introduces the youngest explorers to the world of wildlife, using a child-friendly format inspired by the blockbuster National Geographic Little Kids magazine. This exciting new reference for the very young mirrors the magazine’s square shape, readable fonts, and fun content, to keep little ones thrilled with every colorful page.Little Kids First Big Book of Animals devotes four pages each to 32 high-interest creatures, including dolphins, tigers, butterflies, frogs, penguins, wolves, and pandas. More than 150 of National Geographic’s most charming animal photos illustrate the profiles, which feature just the kind of facts that little kids want to know—the creature’s size, diet, home, and more.Child-friendly text explains how animal parents take care of their young, how baby animals change as they grow, and how they learn to hunt and eat. The brief text, large type, and appealing profiles are perfect for young readers to enjoy on their own, or for parents and other caregivers to read aloud. These animal tales will quickly become favorites at storytime, be...

  • ASIN: 1426307047

BEARGRAPHIX Aloha Bitches Hawaii Decal Sticker Car Motorcycle Truck Bumper Window Laptop Wall Décor Size- 8 Inch Wide Gloss Silver Color

BEARGRAPHIX Aloha Bitches Hawaii Decal Sticker Car Motorcycle


  • Color: Gloss Silver
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Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Aloha Bear

Images Created and Directed By Diego Pernía. Starring Edsa Ramírez, Alejandra Infante and Fernanda Vizzuet. Produced by El Mall, based on an original idea by Televisa celebrating the Bicentennial of México. Music: Aloha Ke Akua by Nahko Bear Support our mission of preserving music, art and wild...

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Nahko and Medicine for the People - Aloha Ke Akua

Aloha Bear

Aloha Ke Akua Nahko and Medicine for the People Dark As Night

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Follow Nahko into the Woods: "Aloha Ke Akua" Live at Wanderlust (Acoustic)

Aloha Bear

For this live acoustic version of "Aloha Ke Akua," Nahko gathered his tribe and headed into the mountains at Wanderlust Festival. --- Produced by Wanderlust Festival ( Featuring Nahko and Medicine for the People ( Filmed and edited by: Circus Picnic (http:/...

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"Aloha Ke Akua" Lyric Video

Aloha Bear

"Aloha Ke Akua" by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People *The words aloha ke akua mean “the breath of life and the love of God.” Kuleana is one’s personal sense of responsibility.

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Aloha Bear and the Meaning of Aloha

Aloha Bear

This is a fun story about what Aloha means.. especially fun to listen to with a good friend or a family member! Enjoy!

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