Great Coaches in Army Football: From the beginning of Football all the way to Jeff Monken?s 2017 team.

Great Coaches in Army Football: From the beginning

You’ll like all the stories about the great football coaches beginning first with the Academy’s founding in 1820 just under 200 years ago. After introducing West Point, the book takes us through a great ride from the beginning of American football to the beginning of the Army football program in 1890. From here, we look at each and every one of the thirty-seven great Army coaches through the great Red Blaik era in the mid-20th century to today with a revitalized Army Football Team under coach Jeff Monken. You will learn that like no other football team, the coaches of the USMA have created an environment where the US Army Cadets are trained to be fierce and passionate competitors. You can bet that fFrom the stadium to the classroom to the research lab, the US Army Black Knights are trained to always play to win. You will learn about first coach Dennis Michie’s first official football game in 1890 even before American football had been completely defined. Michie was not only the head coach of the first team in 1890, he was the team captain. Today the Stadium’s name is in his honor. From here, the book moves you one Army coach at time through the immortals—Charles Daly, Biff Jones, Ralph Sasse, and Earl “Red” Blaik. And then, on the way to today, we stop for other fin...

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1952 Earl Red Blaik Army Football Coach Athletic Director West Point Press Photo

1952 Earl Red Blaik Army Football Coach Athletic

This vintage photograph is from one of various newspaper archives including: Boston, Detroit, Tampa, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and more. I do not copy or reproduce photographs. Every item is a unique vintage piece that was once housed in a news archive. The size is noted on a custom label on the back of most of my photos. I will ship your photo with thick cardboard in a plastic envelope to protect from moisture, with Do Not Bend stamped in large letters. You will find that my shipping materials are very sturdy and your photo will arrive well protected. Some photos were drawn or painted over in news rooms to hide or highlight features. This was a common practice in the manipulation of photography before Photoshop. If your photo has paint on it and if you choose to remove it, most of the paint can be removed with a baby wipe. Be careful to only clean the painted part of the photo as photos and moisture do not mix. Most of my photos are original gelatin silver prints made from the negative at the time the photograph was taken. Some are wire photos which were transmitted via telegraph or telephone wires. At the sending station, a typed caption was pasted to the border of the original photo, inserted into the sending machine and transmitted. At the receiving en...

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Great Players in Army Football: Army's 150 more wins than losses are because of its great players & coaches

Great Players in Army Football: Army's 150 more

This book is written for those of us who love Army West Point Football. Those of us who enjoy the teams full of great players, coming out every week in the fall, know that it is because thirty-seven Army coaches and many great players over the years brought us all the victories and the excitement. We know how they did it--discipline, conditioning and an honor in winning. Despite some recent bad luck, Army has never been a losing is OK team. Look at the full Army football record and you can see that the great games and seasons accumulated quickly with a surplus of 150 wins over losses. The Army Black Knights have a winning way. Near Championships and National Championships in Army Football history are part of that winning way. This book tells the first story about Army football. It was in 1890 when the USMA gave Cadet Dennis Michie the OK to have the first official varsity football team and the first game. It was a loss in the First Army-Navy game but Army made up for it the following year and for many seasons thereafter. As we rapidly move through the Army football ages in this book, we meet the great immortal great Army coaches—Dennis Michie, Harry Nelly, Charles Daly, Biff Jones, and Walter “Red Blaik. Of course, we find another great coach at the end of the journey, not ye...

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The Greatest College Football Rivalries of All Time: The Civil War, the Iron Bowl, and Other Memorable Matchups

The Greatest College Football Rivalries of All Time:

College football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Fans follow their favorite team with unfailing loyalty, and nowhere do the colors come out more fervently than when rivals face off. These games bring out