Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper

Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum

The EQ Pad is an adjustable bass drum muffler that enables control over attack and sustain. A hinged damping pad bounces off the head upon impact, allowing some minimal resonance before returning to full damp the head.

  • Color: Drum Damper
  • Brand: Evans
  • ASIN: B0002D0DVQ
  • UPC: 019954503260

Drum Damper Muffling Pad for Bass Drum Sound Control, Kick Drum Absorber

Drum Damper Muffling Pad for Bass Drum Sound

Sound absorbingdamper for the bass drum was designed specifically to clearly project lowfrequencies, absorbing and eliminating dirty mid and high frequencies, givingyou a tight, focused and powerful tone of the percussion drum. Theacoustic damper for the bass drum is made of acoustic foam, resulting in apowerful and focused sound. Suitable for bass drum of any width, theremainder should be simply cut off.Acoustic Foam for Bass DrumsFor controlling the resonance behaviour;For damping batter head and resonant headsimultaneously;Can be fitted to every bass drum size;With incisions for simplified cutting to standardsizes;Flexible material for the exact fit;Material: Polyurethane soft foam;Elongation at break: 120% min.Hardness: 120-160 N;Tensile strength: 90 kPa min.Density: 30kg/m³;Dimensions: 19.7x 22x2.36 inches / (560x500x60mm)Colour: Anthracite

  • Color: Anthracite
  • Brand: ua-acoustics
  • ASIN: B07M8D5HZW
  • UPC: 605928350635

Remo MF1122-00 Muff'l Ring Control 22-Inch Drum Muffler

Remo MF1122-00 Muff'l Ring Control 22-Inch Drum

The ring control features foam donuts for partial muffling. Specials plastic trays told them in place and easily mount under the head and on top of the bearing edge. Triple notched system secures pads without adhesives, even on bass drums with low tension.

  • Color: Single
  • Brand: Remo
  • ASIN: B0002GFSJK
  • UPC: 757242109878

DW Bass Drum Muffling Pillow 18 in.

DW Bass Drum Muffling Pillow 18

Sound control for your bass drum with a pillow made just for this purpose. This 18" DW drum pillow will help you lower the pitch of your kick drum while reducing any unwanted ring. Note that DW products are not available for further discounting online. For additional information, please call 888-566-6123.

  • Brand: Drum Workshop
  • ASIN: B0002E2SCW
  • UPC: 647139105826

Remo HK-MUFF-22 Bass Muffle Strip For 22" Diameter Drum, Black

Remo HK-MUFF-22 Bass Muffle Strip For 22" Diameter

Bass Drum Muffle System for 22" Kick Drums

  • Color: MultiColored
  • Brand: Remo
  • ASIN: B001RMFMV2
  • UPC: 757242384022

Ahead Bass Drum Heads (ABDD)

Ahead Bass Drum Heads

The Pro kick bass drum dampers are a gel muffling system designed specifically for your bass drum. These simple to install premium external dampers won't restrict airflow inside of your bass drum, encouraging the natural sustain and low-end that makes your bass drum sound Its very best.

  • Brand: Ahead
  • ASIN: B07J4XX6MV
  • UPC: 753283001942

Big Bang Distribution Bass Drum Heads (KPBDP17B)

Big Bang Distribution Bass Drum Heads

From mufflelow technologies comes the first weighted, non-skid, self-stabilizing bass drum pillow. We've combined a weighted, soft and flexible interior, with a non-skid, rubberized fabric underside to create the most versatile bass drum pillow ever. Without Velcro, straps, or fasteners to keep it in place, The kick Pro pillow has been thoroughly tested live and in the studio and fits through a standard 5" Hole. Built on a foundation of solid groove and occasional shredding.....Your foot will thank you!.

  • Brand: Big Bang Distribution
  • ASIN: B011B43M8A
  • UPC: 758524409709

Drum Workshop DSCPBDP2 2-Piece Bass Drum Pillow - Black

Drum Workshop DSCPBDP2 2-Piece Bass Drum Pillow -

Over-tone can get annoying, DW's drum pillows comes with Velcro strips that stick to your bass drum with adhesive, keeping them in the position you want once they are set. Use it to place the pillow in the perfect spot to get just the right blend of resonance and thud. Features:Muffle unwanted overtonesTwo pillows in a setVelcro strips that stick to your bass drum with adhesiveKeeps them in the position you want once they are setPlace the pillow in the perfect spotThe right blend of resonance and thudGet your Drum Workshop DSCPBDP2 Two-Piece Bass Drum Pillow today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

  • Brand: Drum Workshop
  • ASIN: B01M6CCUT1
  • UPC: 647139221458

Pacific Drums PDAXPL18 Bass Drum Pillow

Pacific Drums PDAXPL18 Bass Drum

bass drum pillow

  • Brand: Pacific Drums
  • ASIN: B005DTV3IG
  • UPC: 647139218021

Stagg MF1620 Snap-on Dampening Ring for Bass Drum

Stagg MF1620 Snap-on Dampening Ring for Bass

From our finest dual-hammered cymbals to our acclaimed TIM drumkits, Stagg will make you stay in the rhythm!

  • Brand: Stagg
  • UPC: 882030039591
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