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Blade 230s replacing main blade grip bearings

Blade 400 Bearing

Showing how to remove and install main grip bearings Link to remove blade grips

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1 Single Rotor Blade helicopter experiment, Horizon Hobby Blade 400.

Blade 400 Bearing

*** Please read before Commenting*** For a 3 D demo on the Trex 550, my friend Adi Zobrist demonstrates how it went here. Proving the Single Rotor Blade Rotor head concept to myself in my past single rotor bladed videos led me to the next step, a Cycli...

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1 blade Helicopter. Both rotors. These are Blade 400 experiments.

Blade 400 Bearing

*** Please read before Commenting*** I have only been experimenting with this stuff for 2 weeks just on a whim. Maybe some of you naysayer armchair pilots who tell me it wont work when it does, could learn to fly a helicopter well enough to try this and find out for yourself. After all these 1 ...

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Bizerba SE 12 Blade Bearing Replacement

Blade 400 Bearing

In today's video I will be going over how to remove and replace a blade bearing on a Bizerba SE12. So take notes, and watch. It's not that hard, just a bit tedious. Tools: Flat head screw driver 5 mm Allen Wrench T20 Torx screw driver Channel Locks (12 Inches or bigger. Or you can figure out the...

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How to install Trex 450 Pro blade-grip bearings

Blade 400 Bearing

Igor demonstrates how to replace Trex 450 Pro blade grip bearings. Igor used the following bearings in the video: 4x SMR84-ZZ and 2x F3-8G Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook

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