Mineral Import - Couple of Boji stones Big (male and female) - 1931VC

Mineral Import - Couple of Boji stones Big

Couple of Boji stones Big (male and female)Colour: GreyWeight: 150 grSizes: 4 cmComposition: Boji

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Mineral Import

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) Sterling Silver Pendant From USA

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) Sterling

A very nice pair of Boji Stones from USA set in sterling silver cages meant to be worn together as a double pendant. Very rare.

  • Brand: The Russian Stone
  • ASIN: B07BPBZF43

Single Stone: One Shaman Stone ~ Approx 3/4 Inch ~ Female ~ Color and Shape Varies ~ Ravenz Roost Stones with Velour Pouch and Crystal Clearing Info Card

Single Stone: One Shaman Stone ~ Approx 3/4

One Female shaman stone approx 3/4 inch in size with velour pouch and my info card. Shape varies, can be oval, round, semi flat or odd shaped. I have more sizes listed.

  • Brand: Ravenz Roost
  • UPC: 799599573902

Shamans Stone Large Bonded Pair (MOQUI) with Pouch, Directions, Color Info. Card and Gift box

Shamans Stone Large Bonded Pair (MOQUI) with Pouch,

Large Amazing Shamans Stones AKA MOQUI MARBLES bonded pairs You get 2 Stones. They are concretions of many layers and many minerals. this is a Male Shamans stone defined by the thinner kinda Saturn look. Females are very round. These specific stones are also called Moqui Marbles or Moqui balls, and are found at the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Utah in the USA. They were named after the Native American tribe that lived in the Moqui Desert. They believed these stones held the souls of departed loved ones and when rubbed together they could communicate with them. Comes with healing card and purple pouch. Rub together for helping with Clairvoyance, and to connect safely with Spirit Guides. Helps us to find our Animal Totem.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Azeztulite by Mountain Crystals
  • ASIN: B06ZYWPR69

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) From USA

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) From

A very nice pair of Boji Stones from USA. Female is 3.2cm long and male is 3.6cm long.

  • Brand: The Russian Stone
  • ASIN: B07TLP8534

Fundamental Rockhound Products: Moqui Marble Shaman Stone from Utah Moki Ball (1/2-3/4" Pair)

Fundamental Rockhound Products: Moqui Marble Shaman Stone from

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: The Fundamental Rockhound
  • ASIN: B07S5FNNZ1

Moqui Marbles Shaman Stone Pair

Moqui Marbles Shaman Stone

Moqui balls formed in the lower part of the Navajo Escalate Sandstone which is found near Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. As the rain and winds come, the sand is washed and blown away and reveals the moqui balls. Moqui Balls are iron concretions of ore and are not the same as Boji Stones which are made up of made from pyrite and marcasite, or jarosite. They are similar in size and shape and both come in pairs and have very similar spiritual properties. Moqui balls have a compressed center with a super hard outer shell of iron ore hematite and are believed to have one of the highest energy vibrations of any stone.

  • Brand: Deja Vu Market Place
  • ASIN: B07PPBC489
  • UPC: 309270910010

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) From USA

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) From

A very nice pair of Boji Stones from USA. Female is 4.6cm long and male is 4.6cm long.

  • Brand: The Russian Stone

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) From USA

Rare Boji Stone Pair (Male + Female) From

A very nice pair of Boji Stones from USA. Female is 2.1 cm long and male is 2.5 cm long.

  • Brand: The Russian Stone
  • ASIN: B07TMPX29K

earthegy Shiva Lingam Gemstone Pendulum

earthegy Shiva Lingam Gemstone

Shiva Lingam gemstone pendulum finished on a silver plated chain. The Shiva Lingam stone is a sacred stone in the Hindu culture. They are a very rare and powerful stone collected once a year exclusively from the Narmada River in Onkar, Mandhata, one of India's seven sacred holy sites. They are formed by from crypto-crystalline quartz, which legends say was implanted in the riverbed by a meteorite millions of years ago. Lingams are representations of the Lord Shiva, and the shape embodies pure masculine energy, dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings on them represent the feminine energy, or the yoni, which signifies wisdom and intuition. These are perfect stones for meditation, healing and protection. Shiva Lingams are said to contain the loftiest vibrations of all stones on Earth. Their vibrational energy will purify your temple or home. Total pendulum length approximately 9 inches. Each has natural color variation

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: earthegy

Shaman Stones - Mochi Marbles - Boji Stones Cufflinks - Spirit and Energy - Handmade

Shaman Stones - Mochi Marbles - Boji Stones

Add Style & Personality to Your Shirt Today! Secures any cuff with a distinct touch of class. Experienced seller with excellent reviews. Handmade in the USA. Ships quickly with tracking & gift box. Return customer discount. Charity donation to The Old Dog Haven for abandoned senior dogs. Gift messaging available for a very thoughtful & functional gift. Express yourself with these amazingly unique cufflinks. Our Guarantee: Your business means the world to our family, so if for any reason you're not completely satisfied you'll receive an exchange or full refund. Thank you very much for supporting a small family-owned business, Jared and Family

  • Color: brown
  • Brand: Seattle Leather
  • ASIN: B07QNGW42Y

Boji Stones (Amulets) (Volume 1)

Boji Stones (Amulets) (Volume

Marnie has a secret that could rock the modern world. More than just a charming antique set with unusual stones, the copper band she wears on her forearm is an ancient amulet filled with healing power. Her world is turned upside down by danger and betrayal when two men discover her secret. One is a scholar. One is a madman. Now Marnie must fight for her life and the life of the man she loves while protecting the Boji Stones.

  • ASIN: 154276873X

Boji Stone



Power Stones


Our love affair with stones, and crystals, is deep and long abiding. We lust for them, we use them daily in our lives and often we turn to them for guidance and surcease.Crystals have been used through the ages for all facets of life. In olden times, Britons wore agates to protect their skin. Frogs carved from amber were worn by the ancients for fertility. During the renaissance an amethyst was commonly engraved with a bear and worn as a protective amulet. Bloodstone was used in the distant past by Egyptians to break bonds and crumble stone walls. They used carnelian to dissipate hatred and ground malachite for eye shadow. Rubies were known as carbuncles in former times and were deemed the perfect gift for Buddha. Ground turquoise was used by the Navajo in sand paintings to attract rain. And the list goes on...


Boji / Stone (Original Version)

Boji / Stone (Original

  • ASIN: B004OK3RPW
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