Mastectomy Pillow for Breast Cancer Surgery Lumpectomy Reconstruction Chest Healing Protector Post-Surgery Recovery Support Patient Care

Mastectomy Pillow for Breast Cancer Surgery Lumpectomy Reconstruction

Descriptions: * POST-SURGERY RECOVERY AND SUPPORT: This chest pillow is for any breast surgery such as a lumpectomy, mastectomy or reconstruction, and stuffed to offer seat belt protection following mastectomy surgery as well as reconstructive surgeries.* PROVIDING COMFORT AND RECOVERY CARE: The handmade mastectomy pillow filled with comfortable filling and covered in soft cotton, puffy, comforting and washable. This super soft chest pillow could fit snugly to your body and provides underarm comfort, while supporting and protecting the chest.* DRIVING AND RIDING PROTECTION: After mastectomy, works wonders for the ride home from the hospital, protect the chest while driving, reducing the impact of the seat belt. to protect sensitive areas from the seatbelt.* SMARTER PROTECTIVE DESIGN: This design includes a lined pocket in the middle of the chest pillow to accommodate a large ice pack to soothe the area from just under the collarbone to below the chest area. the pocket is also allow your cellphone or glasses. On the one side of the recovery pillow there is a zipper instead of the buttons, prevent the cotton running out. * GET WILL SOON: Great for the entire healing process. We suggest purchasing this pillow before your surgery and take it to the hospital with you. Works wonders fo...

  • Brand: vomvomp

The Breast and Chest Buddy Mastectomy Pillow and Seatbelt Cushion for Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Sites Gray with Pink Ribbon

The Breast and Chest Buddy Mastectomy Pillow and

The Chest Buddy tm is USA Made. Each Breast Buddy is made from soft blizzard fleece and offers bi-lateral use, with a hook and loop closure. Easy to get on and off and fits into almost any bag or purse.

  • Color: Solid Grey/Ribbon
  • Brand: The Breast & Chest Buddy

Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Recovery Pillow - Mastectomy or Cardiac Pillow

Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Recovery Pillow - Mastectomy or

Meet the post-surgery pillow that offers a little healing with a whole lot of heart!This heart-warming helper serves as a constant reminder of hope while also giving you the much-needed physical comfort and support that you require during recovery from breast or heart surgery. It provides comfort and braces the sensitive underarm area (axilla) after a mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery or to help brace the chest (sternum) when coughing deep breathing and even laughing after heart surgery.Our signature heart-shaped recovery pillow is filled with smooth microbeads to flawlessly fit the contours of your body for maximum relief and features a soft easy to wash cover.Not on the road to recovery? Everyone could use a little love! This travel-friendly pillow is just the thing to stow away in your carry-on for those long flights where a little extra neck shoulder or back support is needed.Whether this healing heart is for you or the breast cancer survivor or cardiac patient in your life it is sure to bring lots of love wherever it goes.Courage to Conquer Cancer a community health and patient education organization is dedicated to promoting research providing patient education advocating for patients ensuring quality cost-effective services and making products available that will pr...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Courage to Conquer Cancer


The axillapilla was designed with post-op patients in mind. This red nylon pillow is filled with microbeads that easily adjust and conform to your body for maximum comfort. The heart shape fits perfectly under the arm and takes pressure off any sensitive areas. There is a loop on each side of the pillow, making it easy to hold. The pillow is 8″x 9″ and is perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day long, commutes home on the train, nurses a newborn, or settles in for an evening watching television. And because it's virtually weightless, the pillow is a great suitcase addition for long trips.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: BFFL Co
  • ASIN: B008R0OEHK
  • UPC: 857884003005

Navy Breast Cancer Recovery Tee with Internal Drain Management Pockets, Small

Navy Breast Cancer Recovery Tee with Internal Drain

Made for every breast cancer patient who is having surgery or undergoing treatment. It allows patients to recover comfortably and contain the post-surgical drains safely.Breast cancer patients face a huge problem. Managing the drains after surgery, dressing yourself, and activities of daily living are difficult for breast cancer patients after surgery. Each shirt contains internal pockets for drain management for mastectomy, reduction, and/or reconstruction surgery. This shirt will aid in post-operative recovery by allowing easy access and safe containment of your drains inside these pockets without the use of safety pins or clips and can be worn during rest, activities, physician follow-up appointments, chemotherapy, radiation, x-rays, diagnostic testing, etc. After surgery, patients have limited mobility for an extended period. Activities of daily living become challenging during recovery. Dressing yourself should not be one of the biggest challenges during this period. For that reason, easy-snap plastic buttons were selected for ease of dressing. And, worst of all, many surgery patients requiring drain management can't get past the idea of even leaving the house not to mention going to a follow-up doctor appointment while containing these drains discreetly. The Recovery Tee al...

  • Color: Navy
  • Brand: Courage to Conquer Cancer
  • ASIN: B076FF9GYX

Masthead Breast Bag

Masthead Breast

This is the perfect gift bag for a woman recovering from a double mastectomy or any breast procedure. When you want to give a gift to a friend having a mastectomy, give her something she can use before and after surgery. The Breast Bag was designed to provide comfort and improve the patient experience. It is ideal for a woman recovering from surgery, daily radiation, or cycles of chemotherapy. Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson has devoted her clinical years to treating women with breast cancer. As a patient recovering from breast reconstruction, she experienced it first hand. The Breast Bag remembers all the little things that a patient might forget. The axillapilla is a microbead pillow ideal for placing under the arm to brace and cushion the underarm after lymph node sampling. Two axillapilla comfort pillows are included in this bag so she can support the tender underarm areas. The pillows can also be used to brace the abdomen or even in the crook of your neck. The Drain Care Pack contains detailed instructions on how to care for the JP drains and includes drain care supplies. The Toiletries Pack contains items for a few nights in the hospital. The Amusements Pack helps pass the time waiting to be discharged! Important papers and cards help you organize all of your hospital instru...

  • Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange
  • Brand: BFFL Co
  • ASIN: B009050736
  • UPC: 794168613119

Bon Voyage Classic Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Black | Grey | Navy | Arrows | Cactus | Breast Cancer | Flash | Feathers | Eyes | Llama | London | New York | Paris | Watermelon

Bon Voyage Classic Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Don't Leave Home Without Your Bon Voyage Travel Pillow!This premium quality neck pillow, with memory foam cushion, is the next best thing when you can't sleep in your own bed. Bon Voyage Travel Pillow Features and Benefits:Super soft, removable coverUltra comfortable memory foam cushionSnap at ends to keep in placeMeasurements: 12 x 12 x 3.5 inchesCover is machine washableAvailable in various printed patterns

  • Color: Breast Cancer
  • Brand: Bon Voyage
  • UPC: 814170021617

Vandue Royal Massage Purple Feminine Breast Pillow

Vandue Royal Massage Purple Feminine Breast

Provide a comfortable surface for female clients during face-down massage or therapy sessions with the Vandue Royal Massage Purple T-Wedge Feminine Breast Bolster Pillow. The precisely designed women's massage pillow provides support for the breastbone and abdomen. The T-shape creates openings in the foam support pillow to provide space for women's breasts, allowing females to lay more comfortably face down on the table. Our professional quality massage pillow works well for physical therapy too.

  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: Royal Massage
  • ASIN: B0763Y9NYT
  • UPC: 643950470365

TaTa Topper with Custom Sheet

TaTa Topper with Custom

The TaTaTopper is a foam mattress topper that fits on top of your fitted sheet, on one side of the bed. It has a cut out area for the breasts with inserts so that you can customize the hole to be the size that you need. Your pillow fits at the top of the TaTaTopper. It is easily removeable from your bed and comes with it's own fitted sheet that can be easily removed for washing. The TaTa Topper is 57Lx29Wx4H and made in the USA.

  • Color: Ivory
  • Brand: Marilyn & Michelle
  • ASIN: B00QDA28EC
  • UPC: 863379000107

Gentle Touch Post Mastectomy Camisole *direct from manufacturer* *8 sizes, 2 colors available* (S, Black)

Gentle Touch Post Mastectomy Camisole *direct from manufacturer*

Gentle Touch Mastectomy Camisole Style #369 The patented (#6,048,252) Gentle Touch post-surgical mastectomy camisole was created specifically for women who are experiencing the pain and limited mobility associated with a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Our mastectomy camisoles have a unique front Velcro opening that allows for easy dressing and undressing for maximum comfort. Hidden inside pockets discreetly hold temporary light breast forms as well as four post-surgical drainage bulbs.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Gentle Touch Medical Products, Inc.
  • ASIN: B00I0P6UW4
  • UPC: 853529005250

Mastectomy Pillow - in Stock -

Mastectomy Pillow - in Stock

post surgical mastectomy pillow- cotton fabric, adjustable straps, hypo-allergenic poly-fil

  • Color: Red,purple,pink,blue,gray,yellow
  • Brand: My comfy pillow
  • ASIN: B071KLRF6G
  • UPC: 759614614065

Recovery Robe for Breast Cancer/Surgery Recovery (Medium, Blue)

Recovery Robe for Breast Cancer/Surgery Recovery (Medium,

HEAL COMFORTABLE, FEEL BEAUTIFUL.The Recovery Brobe was originally designed for women battling breast cancer but has proven useful for women recovering from major surgeries. This garment is perfect for wearing to treatment, and when it comes to breast surgery recovery, whether it's mastectomy, breast augmentation, double mastectomy, or reductions, The Recovery Brobe is unparallelled. The Brobe serves as a daily essential for those who want to get back into their regular routine, and many recovery patients LIVE in their Brobe for the duration of their recovery, and long after.THE GREATEST GIFTSWe believe that dignity & love are the greatest gifts anyone can receive. That's why we focus on the wellness of the patient, not the sickness. We combine comfort, support, and fashion to help give women the dignity they deserve during a very scary and uncertain time in their life.FUNCTIONAL, FASHIONABLE, FEMININEBrobe is changing the way people recover from major surgery by providing high quality, functional, feminine products that give patients a more comfortable recovery time, independence, and peace of mind. This is a one-of-a-kind recovery garment that you or your loved one can wear long after the healing is done. THOUGHTFUL DETAILSThe Brobe is the first bra + robe combination on the ma...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Brobe

Foam Bed Wedge (10" x 24" x 24") with washable BLUE Cover

Foam Bed Wedge (10" x 24" x 24")

This is a high quality foam bed wedge from Duro-Med Industries that is perfect for elevating your head, feet or legs. It was designed for comfort with a gradual slope that helps ease acid reflux, respiratory problems, heart burn and is great for persons recovering from certain types of surgery. It can also help reduce the risk of neck or shoulder pain. The removable and washable cover is BLUE.

  • Brand: Mabis
  • ASIN: B000H3M3VE
  • UPC: 782944551007

Chanasya 5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Healing Thoughts Comfort Caring Message Print Combo Gift Pack Throw Blanket, Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Tote Bag, Socks - for Women Men Cancer Hospital - Grey

Chanasya 5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Healing Thoughts

This Chanasya microfiber throw blanket made up of super soft premium quality microfiber. It can have universal use like tennis blanket, throw blanket , beach blanket , couch throw blankets , bed blankets, picnic blanket. We have these blankets available in many colors like black gray ivory teal blue pink white purple silver charcoal etc. and can be used and matched with different color like teal neutral bright tan decor. These are very plush soft fluffy blanket, front is soft faux fur and back is fluffy soft sherpa. These are best blankets for sitting on couch, watching movie or tv in home or theater, cuddle wrap on bed , Getting comfy on porch.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Chanasya
  • ASIN: B0758W688Q
  • UPC: 817797022746

Brobe Comfort Support Pillow + Ice Pack

Brobe Comfort Support Pillow + Ice

Pillow with ice pack pocket and ice pack

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Brobe
  • ASIN: B07B4JZML1

Descansa breast pillow Newer Version (Large)

Descansa breast pillow Newer Version

At Descansa we care about your well being and comfort. We have created for you a new, comfortable and supportive pillow that conforms well to your body. Experience the Deluxe and New Descansa Breast Pillow pressure-relieving breast support. The soft feel and comfortable breast pillow conforms to your natural upper body shape while laying face down. The fitted openings reduce pressure on your breasts. Protects your breasts with or without implants. Relieves shoulder, neck and back discomfort by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax. Excellent for patients who have undergone a mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast augmentation. Large size, memory foam breast pillow good for large breasted women less than 180lbs. Fits BRA cup 34B to bra cup 36DDD. The pillow size is determined by your bra cup size. Perfect for use in spas and massage therapy. Use the soft and soothing comfort of the new Descansa's breast pillow line and find out how good you feel. It comes with 30 day trial period, a twelve month Warranty and Three pillow sizes. Patented, All Rights Reserved. Use while: watching TV, relaxing in bed, reading, resting, sunbathing, during a massage Attention SPA owners: Great for a massage !

  • Color: Ivory
  • Brand: Descansa breast pillow
  • ASIN: B007XXQ0H4
  • UPC: 022099054504

GisRuRu Throw Pillow Cover Quote Pink Awareness Breast Cancer Saying Inspirational 100 Best for Like Anchor Care Design Frame Home Decor Pillowcase Square Size 16 x 16 Inches Zippered Cushion Case

GisRuRu Throw Pillow Cover Quote Pink Awareness Breast

GisRuRu Throw Pillow Cover Quote Pink Awareness Breast Cancer Saying Inspirational 100 Best For Like Anchor Care Design Frame Home Decor Pillowcase Square Size 16 x 16 Inches Zippered Cushion Case Accent your home with custom pillows and make yourself the envy of the neighborhood. Great gift idea for friends ,a lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or a wife.This custom standard pillowcase is roomy and has been designed to add sophistication and style to your bedroom. Cool, breathable fabric offers comfort. Lotion method Cold water, non - barrel washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag. Dark robes first wash with cold water, light colored robes never mind, are machine washable. A, 30 degrees below the washing machine washing machine B, neutral detergent C, non bleaching can not dry Each pillowcase remains incredibly comfortable and keep you cool all night. Should you have any questions or needs,please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 business hours.Your satisfaction is our driving force!

  • Color: Multi 70
  • Brand: GisRuRu
  • ASIN: B07LG39ZB6
  • UPC: 031438184253

DEMDACO Taupe Grey Heart Shaped 10 x 11 inch Plush Polyester Decorative Throw Giving Pillow

DEMDACO Taupe Grey Heart Shaped 10 x 11

The most caring gift you can give is your heart and a hug. The Giving Heart pillow is perfect way to give from your heart, and let someone know you care. The weight of the pillow even replicates the feeling of a real hug.. The Taupe Giving Heart pillow features incredibly soft knitted yarn and stress-relieving weight for the most comforting hug! You don't share your heart with just anyone...It's a precious gift that says: I'm thinking of you, I'm sorry you are hurting, I'm proud of you, or I'm right here cheering you on! Even when you're not together.. The Giving Collection is a specialty line of products designed for softness and warmth. Each item makes a great gift for someone who needs a hug, a cuddle, or just a kind gesture. However, you'll probably end up spoiling yourself with these cozy creations as well.. Handmade throw pillow incorporates a luxerious blend of polyester, cotton, nylon and acrylic fibers; Pillow form made from durable plastic material; Measures approximately 11 inches wide x 2 inches deep x 10 inches long, a complementary size to any decorating space . DEMDACO's Giving Collection comforts body and spirit through soft fabrics that hug back. With ready-to-gift packaging, these pieces are thoughtful keepsakes for friends and family on special occasions or jus...

  • Color: Grey Taupe
  • Brand: DEMDACO
  • ASIN: B077VX6Z4D
  • UPC: 638713455192

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (25" x 24" x 12") - 2" Memory Foam Top Layer with Firm Base Foam and a High Quality Removable Cover - Helps Provide Relief from Acid Reflux, Snoring, Post Surgery

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (25" x 24"

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind with the latest technology, this U.S.-patented foam wedge pillow is specifically designed for people who need to sleep in an elevated position because of acid reflux, problem breathing, snoring, poor circulation, COPD, and back or neck problems. The InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow is made from high-quality materials with a 2-INCH memory foam layer on top of a highly resilient base foam, which enables the wedge pillow to have the desired cushion while still providing gentle support to elevate the upper body or legs, or to use as a trunk stabilizer for side-lying position. Built-in channels have been added to enhance air circulation, keeping the memory foam clean and responsive. This product is also great for those who are advised by a health professional to sleep in an elevated position after surgery while recovering. We offer additional pillowcases (sold separately on Amazon) for our Foam Wedge Bed Pillow. Made from 400 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton, the optional replacement pillow cases are designed for comfort and longevity. This foam wedge pillow measures 25" x 24" x 12" and includes the trademark InteVision branding on the packaging. As an added benefit, many customers have pointed out that the pillow can be used as an effective to...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: InteVision
  • UPC: 885128731209

CafePress Breast Cancer Survivor Decor Throw Pillow (18"x18")

CafePress Breast Cancer Survivor Decor Throw Pillow

Add stylish fun to any room with our roomy Throw Pillow. It measures a sprawling 18" X 18" with an 11" X 11" image area so you can lounge in comfort. It's made of ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. Ships with pillow insert. Removable zippered cover for easy laundering.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: CafePress
  • ASIN: B00VYFU690

Recovery Bra - Wireless Bra Designed for Breast Cancer/Surgery Recovery(White M)

Recovery Bra - Wireless Bra Designed for Breast

This front closure bra is a must-have for breast surgery recovery, including that from mastectomy, reconstruction, breast reduction, and augmentation. The Velcro closure makes it easy to fasten independently. The bra also has built-in pockets to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast. This is a one-of-a-kind recovery garment that you or your loved one can wear long after the healing is done.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Brobe
  • ASIN: B0773WMQCW

Heal in Comfort Breast Cancer Mastectomy Drainage Pouch Apron Belt 2 Large Pockets Enough for Drains Cell Phones TV Changer

Heal in Comfort Breast Cancer Mastectomy Drainage Pouch

Whether you've had a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery or any surgery that requires you having drains you know it's a problem. You end up hand carrying them. This pouch belt apron gives you plenty of room for 4 pouches. There are two compartments that separate the pockets. This way you can put your pouched in one pocket and your cell phone and TV changer in the other.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Heal in Comfort
  • ASIN: B01G9F6RX8
  • UPC: 794168824812

Intimia Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast Support

Intimia Breast Pillow Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast

The Intimia Breast pillow prevents and cures chest wrinkles in a safe, easy-to-use way. Continuous use at night gradually smoothes out chest wrinkles without surgery or invasive medical procedure. Intimia Breast pillow comfortably separates women's breasts thus eliminating the pressure while ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. It is ultra-soft, ultra-light and anatomically shaped to fit perfectly between breasts of all sizes. The adjustable straps ensure that the product stays in place regardless of a woman's sleeping position. Beyond cleavage beautification, the Intimia Breast Pillow provides invaluable assistance to nursing mothers and women recovering after any breast-related or cardiac surgeries. It also helps to reduce discomfort for tender-breasted women due to pregnancy or PMS symptoms.

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Intimia
  • ASIN: B005EUH1A8
  • UPC: 885537299208

Throw Pillows Covers Pink Hope Lettering Design Breast Ribbon Brush Cancer Cushion Case Pillowcase Home Sofa Couch Square Size 18" x 18" Pillowslips

Throw Pillows Covers Pink Hope Lettering Design Breast

Sometime Pattern Throw Pillow Case Decorations Sofa Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers Zippered Pillowcase will ship from CHINA Product Details Color: Multicolor Material: Polyester Size: 18 x 18 inches Key Features: Printed Double SizesColorful

  • Color: Pattern
  • Brand: Staropor
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A quick and easy Heart pillow that helps ease the discomfort associated after surgery. There are a few different variations. Free Pattern HERE Fabric by Timeless Treasure Bernina sewing machine http://...

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Quilting From the Heart for Kaiser Permanente Members

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A group of volunteer quilters who live at the Del Webb retirement community in Manteca, Calif., get together once a month to make comforting pillows for Kaiser Permanente members who have breast cancer surgery in the Central Valley Service Area. The idea came from Geri Rogers, a former volunteer ...

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Breast Cancer Surgery and Recovery

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Dr. Patricia L. Dawson is a breast surgeon at the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle. She provides a general overview of breast cancer surgery, what to expect in the hospital, and some helpful hints for when you go home. To learn more about breast cancer care at Swedish, please visit http://www....

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