Breathing New Life into Book Clubs: A Practical Guide for Teachers

Breathing New Life into Book Clubs: A Practical

Sonja and Dana have both a confession and a challenge to teachers. Managing classroom book clubs can be hard. Real hard. But honestly, is there any better way to get students vested in reading? When book clubs work, don't they create a culture of reading unlike anything else? One that brings out the very best in our students? With both infectious enthusiasm and a realistic perspective, Sonja and Dana take on teachers' doubts and concerns about book clubs, and build a compelling case for their value in every classroom. They provide all the nuts and bolts for creating and managing successful book clubs, including: Dozens of "pitfalls and pathways" minilessons that address common roadblocks Tips for using technology to enhance book club work for deeper student engagement Suggested "book bins" for book club work, organized by grade level and genre. Whether you're looking to breathe new life into book clubs or begin implementing them in your classroom, Sonja and Dana give you essential strategies to make book clubs work. "Because book clubs," they write, "are where students fall in love with reading."

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A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master's Handbook of Strength, Grace, and Healing

A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master's Handbook

We can do more with this life. We all know it, we all wish for it, but just how to do it--that eludes us. In his new book, A Life Worth Breathing, internationally renowned spiritual philosopher and teacher Max Strom shows us the way. His groundbreaking book reaches past dogma in a language that is vital, inspired, and accessible. Strom leads us on a journey of self-discovery as we excavate our past in order to have a better understanding of our present. According to Max Strom, "We live in fear of terrorism but in actuality the most devastating terrorism comes from within us as we sabotage ourselves." With practical techniques, A Life Worth Breathing offers us a path to transformation with visionary insights on forgiveness, gratitude and self-empowerment. The teachings are rooted in Yoga, Sufism and Eastern philosophy, but make no mistake, this is not a yoga book of postures, it is a guidebook for living.  A Life Worth Breathing teaches us that by healing our past emotional wounds, silencing the inner critic that cripples us, and cultivating a yoga and breathing practice, we can elevate ourselves from the mindset of a reactionary victim to an authentic life of meaning, health, and joy. A life worth living, a life worth breathing.

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Live Writing: Breathing Life into Your Words

Live Writing: Breathing Life into Your

A practical guide for how to make your writing come alive, by the bestselling author of A Writer’s Notebook and the ALA Notable Book Fig Pudding.What is “live writing”? It’s the kind of writing that has a current running through it—energy, electricity, juice. This book is a young writer’s toolbox for bringing writing to life. But instead of awls and hammers, this toolbox contains words, imagination, a love of books, a sense of story, and ideas for how to make the writing live and breathe. Perfect for classrooms, Live Writing is full of practical wisdom for young writers, from bestselling writer Ralph Fletcher. Aspiring writers will devour these tips for how to make their words jump off the page!

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Life With Breath: Iq + Eq = New You

Life With Breath: Iq + Eq = New

Life With Breath is a journey in discovering the mind-body relationship that is linked through breath and how this serves as a basis for reducing stress, improving health and well-being, building resilience, improving performance AND transforming negative habitual patterns of behavior. Specifically, yoga breathing. Traditionally called, Pranayama. Breathing rates and patterns are influencing our biochemistry, biomechanics, physiology & psychology. In the yoga tradition, breath regulation (or pranayama) is the tool by which we “yoke” or unite the body with the mind. This unity between the body and mind create a state of coherence whereby thoughts and emotions are balanced. When in a coherent state, the body is in a place of homeostasis. With some basic knowledge of our body and mind’s hardware and software, we can begin to retain the body and mind back to its’ natural state. As Dr. Andrew Weil says, “Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health." Dysfunctional breathing patters and rates have become problematic for both child and adults and can be linked to many chronic illness and stress-related illnesses. A Life With Breath provides the reader with an explanation on why's and how's yoga breathing is so essential to our health and well-being. Armed with new sci...

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Breathing In GOD & Exhaling Life: The Blessed Book Of God

Breathing In GOD & Exhaling Life: The Blessed

Breathing in God & Exhaling Life is a book about my personnel spiritual relationship with a higher being that I found dwelling inside of me. I hope my memoirs of trials & tribulation allow you to open your mind. I have had many dances with the brushes of death. Due to the power of that higher being constantly stepping in on my behalf is the reason why I am still here. We are all philosophers and we all have a story to tell and this one is mine. I had to come to believe in a reality and dismiss all my illusions.

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Zombie Church: Breathing Life Back into the Body of Christ

Zombie Church: Breathing Life Back into the Body

There is something missing in the church today. Stuck in a rut of routines and rituals, the church is caught up in doing what it is “supposed to do” but is lacking the true essence of what it is supposed to provide: life. Real faith--and a real relationship with Jesus--is not about playing by the rules, attending services, and praying before meals. Real faith is more than religion. Believing there is a way to breathe life back into the church, Tyler Edwards adopts a contemporary and entertaining metaphor--zombies--to highlight and challenge the problematic attitude of today’s believers.

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Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home

Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your

Cleaning out your cupboards isn’t just about a tidier kitchen. Find peace, repair your past, and live a more fulfilled life with this uplifting guide to the spiritual practice of decluttering.Bless your clutter. Yes, you heard right: Bless it. Bless everything in your life that is superfluous, broken, burdensome, and overwhelming—because it is all here to teach you an important lesson, perhaps the most important lesson there is: what really matters. Everyone’s lives could use some serious decluttering. But decluttering isn’t just about sorting junk into piles and tossing things in the trash. Decluttering can inform us of our burdens, help us to understand our attachments, and aid us in identifying what is truly valuable in our lives. Written by a medical doctor and a spiritual intuitive, with case studies of people just like you, Breathing Room takes you on an enlightening room-by-room tour where each room in your home corresponds to a “room” in your heart, and where declutter­ing will not just make space but improve the spirit. So, if it’s weighing you down, if it’s become an obstacle, if it’s making it near impossible for you to find the things you really love—it’s time for you to let it go and find a little breathing room.

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Breathing Race into the Machine: The Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics

Breathing Race into the Machine: The Surprising Career

In the antebellum South, plantation physicians used a new medical device—the spirometer—to show that lung volume and therefore vital capacity were supposedly less in black slaves than in white citizens. At the end of the Civil War, a large study of racial difference employing the spirometer appeared to confirm the finding, which was then applied to argue that slaves were unfit for freedom. What is astonishing is that this example of racial thinking is anything but a historical relic.In Breathing Race into the Machine, science studies scholar Lundy Braun traces the little-known history of the spirometer to reveal the social and scientific processes by which medical instruments have worked to naturalize racial and ethnic differences, from Victorian Britain to today. Routinely a factor in clinical diagnoses, preemployment physicals, and disability estimates, spirometers are often “race corrected,” typically reducing normal values for African Americans by 15 percent.An unsettling account of the pernicious effects of racial thinking that divides people along genetic lines, Breathing Race into the Machine helps us understand how race enters into science and shapes medical research and practice.

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Breathing New Life: Finding Happiness After Tragedy

Breathing New Life: Finding Happiness After

Bunny Leach is a life coach who believes that happiness is a choice. In 2005, after enduring the death of her beautiful, talented nineteen-year old daughter from brain cancer, and the dissolution of the marriage after twenty-five years, she had to find new life. Through her work Bunny has helped numerous individuals overcome major obstacles, reestablish self-esteem, and find new hope and meaning in the midst of transition. Breathing New Life is Bunny's second book, a follow up to Letting Nicki Go: A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Cancer. Her books give hope for those who have lost loved ones, or for anyone who has suffered major hardships in life. Bunny Leach lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, enjoying the beauty of the ocean as well as her daily walks and meditation. She is currently working on her third book in the series to follow Letting Nicki Go and Breathing New Life.

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Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time

Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at

Rediscover the Power of Perfect Breathing. The seemingly simple act of breathing often goes unnoticed and yet it is the most immediately essential process for sustaining life. This informative guide explores the central role of breath in all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how it can help improve health, accelerate healing, enhance mental focus, cognitive and creative skills, sharpen athletic performance, heighten sexual enjoyment, and deepen the meditative experience. A variety of exercises for deep, intentional breathing are provided to get you started.

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Breathing Life Into Essays (Grades 3-5)

Breathing Life Into Essays (Grades

Super writing helps for Grades 3-5! Part of a series written by well-known educator Lucy Calkins, this series is used by some districts exclusively as their entire curriculum.

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90 Day Meditation Challenge: How To Build A Daily Mindfulness Practice

90 Day Meditation Challenge: How To Build A

Have you thought of Meditating, but don’t know where to start? Or do you struggle to Meditate consistently? Does the whole thing just seem too time-consuming?Then this book is for you! Meditation has a countless list of scientifically proven health benefits to help you overcome negativity, live happier and healthier, strengthen your immune system, boost your creativity, and more! It’s time for you to push past those mental blocks with the 90 day Meditation challenge!Written by Kyla Dagenais, a yoga instructor and meditation teacher, and Tim Ebl, a licensed Heartmath Certified Coach, The 90 Day Meditation Challenge: How to Build a Daily Mindfulness Practice will teach you how to get started, build habits, and succeed with Meditation!Inside this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, you’ll discover the ground-breaking 90-day challenge that will show you:How to Sit, Start, and Succeed With Ease!The Simple Ways You Can Turn Meditation Into a HabitHow to Release Tension and Heal YourselfHow to Use Teamwork, Technology, and Journaling to Build ConsistencyThe Secrets of Mantras, Visualization, and Alternative StylesHow Meditation Can Help You Overcome Stress and Anxiety…As Well as Boost Your Happiness, Productivity, Creativity, and more!With a FREE custom 90 day challenge calendar,...


Breathing Life Pranayama Yoga Techniques

Breathing Life Pranayama Yoga

The Yogi Coudoux is an international celebrity.An athletic, sixty-two-year-old, he has such an absolute command of his body that he can remain underwater for as long as fifty-five minutes, locked in a transparent box without oxygen for up to six hours, and buried 300 feet underground for 24 hours! The Yogi is especially well-known in yoga circles.The son of a Tibetan yoga teacher,he opened his own yoga scchool shortly after arriving in France at the age of 20.Since then,he has invented a number of healthful pranayama practices and trained many of the world's best-known yoga instructors. The Yogi has had his own shows on Telemundo and other widely televised channels.This is the first time,however,that he has attempted to write about his remarkable techniques.In Breathing Life,he discusses the exercises he uses to stay in peak physical,emotional,and spiritual condition.His instrucctions for reproducing them are detailed but easy to follow.Photographs and line drawings are used throughout the book to demonstrate the postures. Here is a program anyone can use to build their confidence,self esteem,energy,flexibility,and achieve restful sleep and a better sex life while ending problems of anxiety,pain,stress,and anger.Above all,it,promises long-term wellness through self-knowledge and ...

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O2: Breathing New Life into Faith (®)

O2: Breathing New Life into Faith

“I see more passion for trees in the Sierra Club than I do for Jesus in the church.” How can Christians revive and sustain their spiritual vitality? International Bible teacher Richard Dahlstrom offers an answer as practical and life–sustaining as oxygen. People can’t hold their breath forever or continually blow air out, yet many Christians focus either on the inner life or on external service. As a result, their faith eventually becomes lifeless and irrelevant. Dahlstrom invites readers to “inhale” life as they embrace fresh perspectives on prayer, the word, solitude, and the creation. “Exhaling” continues the cycle of breathing through hospitality, generosity, service, and obedience to Christ’s kingdom vision. This thoughtful and inspiring description of a healthy life of faith leads to a balanced and holistic spirituality that mirrors Jesus’ life and teaching.

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Our Appointment with Life: Sutra on Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone

Our Appointment with Life: Sutra on Knowing the

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Mindful Breathing--Cultivating a Connection Between Mind and Body using 100% Pure Essential Oils to Support Yoga Breathing, Life Energy and Emotional Balance

Mindful Breathing--Cultivating a Connection Between Mind and Body

Are you looking for ways to enhance your self care practices? Have you used essential oils with meditation? Are you and your community looking for ways to deepen your relationship with essential oils? Pamela Hunter and Stacey Vann bring to you 15 years with Young Living essential oils and 20 years experience of yoga to share with you their favorite Mindful Breathing and Mindful Meditation techniques. These techniques with step by step instructions layering our essential oils "little bottles of love" cultivates a connection between mind and body. The power of pure essential oils help achieve stillness of our mind, ease in our body, and awareness of our highest potential. Grab your breathing and meditation guides today!

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Revitalize: Breathing Life and Encouragement into Your Homeschool

Revitalize: Breathing Life and Encouragement into Your

While the Bible does not mention homeschooling, there are Christian principles within its pages that address all of the struggles and doubts that homeschool parents encounter all year long as they educate their children. As you read through this devotional book, you will read scripture to uncover truths to help you become confident in what God wants your homeschool to look like and help heal any areas that are in need of repair. Each week you will also be issued a challenge to help you institute these changes and assist you in focusing on yourself or your children. If your homeschool needs a breath of fresh air and a renewed fo- cus, this is the book to help you do it.“Revitalize is fantastic! I can honestly say this is now my favorite homeschool book, and if anyone were to ask me to suggest a book for a homeschool mom, new or veteran, to read, it would definitely be this one! It is loaded with love, wisdom, and encouragement. Be ready to be motivated and excited!”                         —Laura Warnes, veteran homeschool mom of eight“I’m reading your book from the perspective of a mother who just graduated her last child. The same thought keeps reoccurring in my mind, “I sure wish I had this when I was homeschooling!” Extremely practical, comprehensive,...

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Expand-A-Lung Breathing Fitness Exerciser

Expand-A-Lung Breathing Fitness

The flow of air in and out of the alveoli is called ventilation and has two stages: inspiration (or inhalation) and expiration (or exhalation). To accomplish this, the whole thorax moves and changes size, due to the action of two sets of muscles: the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm. These are the muscles that are strengthened by using the Expand-A-Lung Breathing Resistance Exerciser. In essence, you inhale more oxygen, and you exhale more carbon dioxide. The result is a substantial improvement in shortness of breath and endurance through better breathing. All is done naturally, with the help of the Expand-A-Lung Breathing Resistance Exerciser. 5 year unlimited warranty for parts and labor.

  • Brand: Expand-A-Lung
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Lessons from the Dead: Breathing Life into Customer Service

Lessons from the Dead: Breathing Life into Customer

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for that competitive edge, or a long-time business on a quest to improve performance, Lessons from the Dead provides you with practical, real-life examples and “how to” advice on providing your customers with exceptional service driving both profitability and brand loyalty. From the stockroom to the boardroom, Lessons from the Dead is designed for anyone who interacts with customers. Through their sharing of stories and actionable steps, written in a simple conversational style, John & Nikki provide solutions for making your business standout from the competition. Through the application of the SOAR! PrincipleTM and CustomerMeTM mentality, you’ll learn proven techniques to astound your customers and keep them coming back again and again.You’ll also learn how to prevent turning your WOW into an OWW. The do’s and don’ts of customer service is key to developing profitable, life-long relationships. With “below par” service becoming the norm today, Lessons from the Dead will give you the tools needed to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Technology and innovative concepts drive fascination, but the human touch is what still drives customer satisfaction. No disrespect intended but anyone can write a business book based on D...

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Hush Little Baby Breathes Like a Real Baby - So Truly Real Lifelike, Interactive & Realistic Newborn Baby Doll 18-inches by The Ashton-Drake Galleries

Hush Little Baby Breathes Like a Real Baby

Collectible Lifelike Baby Girl Doll Breathes So Peacefully, So Truly Real(R)! An Exclusive by Doll Artist Waltraud Hanl! - Shh, you don't want to wake this collectible lifelike baby girl doll. She's so peaceful - and look! She's breathing! In fact, if you place your hand against her little tummy, you can even feel it moving gently up and down. She's the very picture of innocent dreams!This remarkably lifelike So Truly Real(R) vinyl baby doll was designed by acclaimed doll artist Waltraud Hanl exclusively for Ashton-Drake. She's beautifully handcrafted, with soft RealTouch(TM) vinyl skin, hand-applied hair and lashes, even tiny fingernails and toenails. She arrives in a delicate, floral-print baby gown, matching cap, and a little diaper. Collectors everywhere are sure to be captivated by this little dreamer, so don't wait - order now!

  • Brand: The Ashton-Drake Galleries
  • ASIN: B000YMBN7S
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Vastu: Breathing Life into Space

Vastu: Breathing Life into

Robert Svoboda addresses V stu, the classical Indian art (or science) of architectural form, in a wholly unique way. Instead of presenting lists of rules and architectural injunctions to which builders and interior designers must scrupulously adhere at all times, he sensitizes the reader to the dynamics of space, alignment, and form in ever-expanding orbits of individual life. In the process of guiding the reader through a series of meditations on the dynamics of space and alignment, Dr. Svoboda enters the realms of classical Indian medicine ( yurveda) and astrology (Jyoti a), which, it turns out, are of the greatest importance to realizing V stu and its contours in one s life. Dr. Svoboda allows readers and home builders to understand the complex dynamics of individual, terrestrial, and celestial energetic systems. This leads to a greater awareness of the nature of space and its application to house construction, interior spaces, gardens, one s relationship with the land, and, consequently, one s relationship with oneself.

  • ASIN: 0988916908

Fire Breathing Beast (Dragons of the Bayou Book 1)

Fire Breathing Beast (Dragons of the Bayou Book

Sky Broussard has spent the last nine years of her life fighting for custody and raising her nephews. Between trying to make ends meet as a waitress at the Bon Temps Café, and keeping an eye on two troublesome teens, she’s had zero time for indulgences like romance. No worries, she hasn’t been interested in the opposite sex for a long time. Not until she meets the snarling, growling, hotter-that-an-inferno hunk who caught her nephews trespassing on his swampland deep in the Louisiana bayou.Too bad he’s off his rocker. Seriously. He thinks he’s a dragon, calls her his mate, follows her home, and refuses to leave her side. She really should put a stop to the insanity. She really should. Except, her libido is running on overdrive and, who knows, he might be her chance to finally lose her V-card.This is the first book of Candace Ayers' latest series, Dragons of the Bayou. This book introduces the series, the setting, and a few of the characters thereby priming the stage for subsequent shifter romances set in the swamplands of the deep south.This is a hot and spicy, super steamy paranormal dragon shifter fantasy romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and Ruby Dixon may like this dragon shapeshifter series.

  • ASIN: B07H91JD2K

Blessed Is the Man: A Legacy of Faith and Family Values

Blessed Is the Man: A Legacy of Faith

In Blessed Is the Man: A Legacy of Faith and Family Values, Donald Darnell Harper shares the spiritual values passed on to him by his parents. Their example, to him and his twelve siblings, grounded him in his faith and propelled him to professional success as a vice president with a Fortune 100 company.    Harper grew up in the segregated South on the cusp of the Civil Rights movement. In the midst of those often trying times, his parents’ simple formula for life — faith, humility, wisdom and love — taught Harper everything he needed to know about becoming a Christ-follower and a respecter of all men. “The lessons learned while living and working together on the farm have stayed with me and continue to impact the way I live my life,” he writes.    Blessed Is the Man is more than just a collection of stories about an African-American family in rural Alabama, but also includes “testimonies to the goodness and provision of the Almighty God,” Harper writes. “The love and grace He showed us is the same that He shows all His children.”

  • ASIN: 1940645417

Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork

Just Breathe: Mastering

Hailed by Tony Robbins as the “definitive breathwork handbook,” Just Breathe will teach you how to harness your breath to reduce stress, increase productivity, balance your health, and find the path to spiritual awakening.Big meeting jitters? Anxiety over a test or taxes? Hard time focusing? What if you could control your outcomes and change results simply by regulating your breath? In this simple and revolutionary guide, world-renowned pioneer of breathwork Dan Brulé shares the Breath Mastery technique that has helped people in more than fifty countries reduce anxiety, improve their health, and tap infinite stores of energy. Just Breathe reveals the truth that elite athletes, champion martial artists, Navy SEAL warriors, first responders, and spiritual yogis have always known—when you regulate your breathing, you can moderate your state of well-being. So if you want to clear and calm your mind and spark peak performance, the secret is just a breath away. Breathwork gives you the tools to achieve benefits in a wide range of issues including: managing acute/chronic pain; helping with insomnia, weight loss, attention deficit, anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief; improving intuition, creativity, mindfulness, self-esteem, and leadership; and much more. Recommended “for th...

  • ASIN: 150116306X
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Provided to YouTube by Curb Records Breathing Life · Salvador Into Motion ℗ Word Entertainment LLC, A Curb Company% Released on: 2002-06-04 Artist: Salvador Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Provided to YouTube by Epidemic Sound Breathing Life · Halcyon Lounge Breathing Life ℗ Epidemic Sound Released on: 2016-05-26 Composer: Halcyon Lounge Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Florence + The Machine - Breath Of Life

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Celebrate the 10 year anniversary of ‘Lungs’ with special edition re-release on August 16th - Official Store: Join Florence online:

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Snow White and the Huntsman - Florence + The Machine: "Breath of Life"

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"Breath Of Life" by Florence + The Machine from the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack. Download the single now on iTunes: Soundtrack available May 29. Snow White and the Huntsman is in theaters June 1.

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