Brief Dynamic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy Series®)

Brief Dynamic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy

           Brief dynamic therapy is a time-efficient treatment in which the therapist maintains a focus on specific client issues and goals, all within a basic psychodynamic framework. Common characteristics of these approaches include time management, defined focus, circumscribed goals, active therapist participation, rapid assessment, prompt intervention, an awareness of unconscious processes, and techniques that quickly foster a strong alliance with the client.               This concise volume focuses largely on one popular model in particular: time-limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP). TLDP is an integrative approach that uses techniques from attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, affective–experiential learning, and systems orientations to help clients with long-standing, dysfunctional ways of relating to others.  The author explores this integrative, culturally-sensitive approach, its theory, history, the therapy process, primary change mechanisms, empirical basis, and future developments.         This Revised Edition includes updated case examples, as well as a wealth of new research findings—including process-outcome studies that affirm treatment effectiveness, explain how alliance ruptures are repaired, and new research on the “re...

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Brief Dynamic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy Series®)

Brief Dynamic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy

Hanna Levenson discusses the approach of brief dynamic therapy in general, but focuses on one example, time-limited dynamic psychotherapy, to give readers a richer understanding of this popular model.

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Time-limited Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Guide To Clinical Practice

Time-limited Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Guide To Clinical

Ten years ago, Hans Strupp and Jeffrey Binder's Psychotherapy in a New Key introduced a powerful, empirically tested model of brief psychotherapy that has proven highly successful and changed the practice of psychotherapy forever. But until now, there has been no follow-up publication to make the model come alive. With this book, Hanna Levenson draws on her extensive experience with time-limited dynamic psychotherapy to let readers see the therapy in action.In this era of managed care and limited insurance reimbursement for therapy, many clients are receiving brief therapy treatment. can therapists adjust to these new pressures for efficiency without feeling as if they have to choose between good therapy and brief therapy? Time-limited dynamic psychotherapy provides a state-of-the-art model of treatment that incorporates current developments in psychoanalytic, interpersonal, object-relations, and self psychology theories, as well as cognitive-behavioral and systems approaches. This flexible approach to brief therapy is designed to treat people with long-standing dysfunctional relationships. This book emphasizes identification of interpersonal difficulties and teaches a method of focusing therapy that is behaviorally based and explicit.In a highly original approach, Levenson prese...

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Key Competencies in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy: Clinical Practice Beyond the Manual

Key Competencies in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy: Clinical Practice

This book identifies the core competencies shared by expert therapists and helps clinicians—especially those providing brief dynamic/interpersonal therapy—to develop and apply them in their own work. Rather than being a cookbook of particular techniques, the book richly describes therapists' mental processes and moment-to-moment actions as they engage in effective therapeutic inquiry and improvise to help patients achieve their goals. The author integrates the psychotherapy and cognitive science literatures to provide a unique understanding of therapist expertise. Featuring many illustrative examples, the book offers fresh insights into how learning and interpersonal skills can be enhanced for both therapist and client.

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Brief Dynamic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy) [Paperback] [APA] (Author) Hanna Levenson

Brief Dynamic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy) [Paperback] [APA]


Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy: A Clinician's Guide

Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy: A Clinician's

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) is a brief psychodynamic psychotherapy developed for the treatment of mood disorders. It is being rolled out as part of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) initiative as the psychodynamic model for the treatment of depression.This book is a user-friendly, practical guide for the implementation of a brief psychodynamic intervention in routine clinical practice as well as in research protocols. It sets out clearly the theoretical framework, as well as the rationale and strategies for applying DIT with patients presenting with mood disorders (depression and anxiety). Throughout, it is illustrated with detailed examples that help the reader to implement the approach in their practice. The book will be required reading to support the national IAPT training initiative, as well as providing a resource for mental health professionals specialising in psychodynamic psychotherapy and wishing to work within a limited time frame.

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Dynamic Therapy in Brief Hospitalization

Dynamic Therapy in Brief

In an original integration of the medical model and therapeutic community approaches to hospital milieu treatment, Oldham and Russakoff present both a systematic theory for acute hospital treatment and its practical application, spelled out in great detail without lowering the high level of their narrative to a cookbook approach to treatment.

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Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy

Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic

The best therapists embody the changes they attempt to facilitate in their patients. In other words, they practice what they preach and are an authentic and engaged, as well as highly skilled, presence. Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy demonstrates how and why therapists can and must develop the specific skills and personal qualities required to produce consistently effective results. The six factors now associated with brain change and positive outcome in psychotherapy are front and center in this volume. Each factor is elucidated and illustrated with detailed, verbatim case transcripts. In addition, intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy, a method of treatment that incorporates all these key factors, is introduced to the reader. Therapists of every stripe will learn to develop and integrate the clinical skills presented in this book to improve their interventions, enhance effectiveness and, ultimately, help more patients in a deeper and more lasting fashion.

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Concise Guide to Brief Dynamic and Interpersonal Therapy (Concise Guides)

Concise Guide to Brief Dynamic and Interpersonal Therapy

In today's world of managed care -- characterized by limited mental health resources, emphasis on accountability, concerns of third-party payers, and consumer need -- the demand for mental health professionals to use briefer therapeutic approaches is on the rise. Fully 84% of all clinicians are doing some form of planned brief therapy (6-20 sessions per year per patient).Yet despite clinical advances and outcome data that demonstrate the effectiveness of short-term therapy, many therapists -- in fact, 90% of those whose theoretical orientation is psychodynamic rather than cognitive-behavioral -- are reluctant to learn briefer interventions, seeing value only in long-term, depth-oriented work. The second edition of this Concise Guide is intended to help educate both beginning and experienced clinicians in the strategies and techniques of time-attentive models and to foster more positive and optimistic attitudes toward using these important therapies. The seven therapeutic models presented here -- including an entirely new chapter on time-limited group therapy -- highlight the importance of the interpersonal perspective.The seven models, one per chapter, represent well-established short-term approaches to clinical issues that therapists commonly encounter in their clinical practice...

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Brief Therapy With Couples and Families in Crisis

Brief Therapy With Couples and Families in

As the average length of therapy shortens, clinicians need a resource to lead them step-by-step through the goals and process of the opening sessions of brief therapy as well as clear treatment maps for the most common presenting problems. This resource helps clinicians do just that and more, including doing a quick assessment and isolating and addressing the underlying emotional wounds that prevent families and couples from solving problems on their own. Readers will not only learn how to "think brief," they will also discover how to navigate the session process in an interactive and action-oriented way, even with clients who are in high-pressure, crisis situations.

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