BodyBounce Fitness Ball Workout

BodyBounce Fitness Ball

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50-Minute Workout


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BODYBOUNCE Fitness and Stability Ball Workout DVD

BODYBOUNCE Fitness and Stability Ball Workout

Roll" some fun into your fitness program with the BodyBounce® workout. BodyBounce® is a brand-new type of workout that offers a full-body cardio routine that not only targets the whole body but also helps with endurance, balance, flexibility, and stability. The routines are executed on a fitness ball and can be adjusted to any fitness level from a beginner to the advanced. The workout is choreographed to music and the rhythmic moves allow you to feel like you are dancing rather than working out! The BodyBounce® workout is designed to be used with a fitness ball (Not included) and can be enjoyed by women, men, teens, children, and seniors. Artist: By Franiko, Inc. Biography of Fitness instructors: Francine Sandoval and Miko Martin are ACE® Certified personal trainers. They have been a part of the fitness industry for years, which included owning a women's gym, where they developed the BodyBounce® workout. They graduated from Loma Linda University with MSW degrees and currently reside in California with their spouses. They believe in a holistic approach to fitness and have a passion in helping others achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. A note from the trainers: We hope you love the BodyBounce® workout as much as we do and you can finally say, "Exercis...

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Bonus Lower Body Workout

Bonus Lower Body

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Cardio Balance Ball by Tanja Djelevic

Cardio Balance Ball by Tanja

Challenge yourself with this cardio & strength training workout. This high-energy program efficiently integrates an intense cardio workout with strength building elements. And all of it is achieved while on or holding your BalanceBall??. Follow along with Tanja as she alternates between challenging cardio intervals and targeted strength-building sequences focusing on upper body, lower body and core. With the mountains of beautiful Sundance, Utah, in the background, this workout not only invigorates the body, but elevates the spirit as well.DVD includes: 10 min., 30 min., 50 min., intensive cardio sequences combined with strength building for total body conditioning. Also includes Bonus and Interview.

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Bosu 101 Ways Exercise Tutorial DVD

Bosu 101 Ways Exercise Tutorial

How many ways can you BOSU? In this program, led by BOSU Development Team Master Trainer Shannon Fable, you'll learn 101 BOSU exercises and drills! And you can double that when you use a few variables to turn a simple base movement into multiple skills and drills. Not only will you master a wide variety of BOSU exercises for cardio, integrated strength, core and flexibility, but you'll see how easily these ideas can be refreshed, rearranged or restructured for an unlimited number of BOSU workouts suitable for group ex, small group or personal training environments. The result will be great workouts that improve coordination, stability, balance, proprioception. and FUN! 101 WAYS TO BOSU is designed to give fitness professionals: 101 different BOSU exercises and drills for cardio, strength, core, flexibility and balance. Tips and tricks to vary base movement skills and turn them into brand new exercises. Progressions and regressions to make each exercise or drill appropriate for a variety of fitness levels. Teaching and coaching cues to maximize the effectiveness of each exercise or drill.

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Cardio Balance Ball by Gaiam

Cardio Balance Ball by


Double Time – Partner Health and Fitness Workout Program

Double Time – Partner Health and Fitness Workout

Super Trainer Tony Horton created Double Time with families in mind. After all, how many activities are there for parents and kids to do together-aside from watching TV? Well, Double Time is less watching, more doing. It's the first fitness program where you and a partner (like a spouse, a friend, or your kid) can tag-team daily workouts and eat yummy, healthy food together-all while sharing some one-on-one time. Just grab a ball and a partner and you're good to go. Each workout is short and sweet-all 35 minutes or less. You will sweat, but because you're working together to complete each move, the workouts feel more like play and less like work!

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Bosu Studio Pilates Training DVD

Bosu Studio Pilates Training

The BOSU Balance Trainer is the perfect accessory to complement a wide range of authentic Pilates exercises. In BOSU Studio Pilates, you will learn how to use the BOSU ball to challenge the most advanced participants or accommodate Pilates beginners. Erika Quest and Stacy Lei Krauss will show you how to incorporate the BOSU Balance Trainer into mat classes and in conjunction with other traditional Pilates equipment accessories. Even if you don't have Pilates exercise experience, BOSU Studio Pilates will provide you with a library of new exercises designed to target the core and train the whole body.

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Stronger Longer - Volume One

Stronger Longer - Volume

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Cardio Balance Ball

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