Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting: From Solid Basics to Advanced Techniques by Miracle Productions

Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting: From Solid

A totally dynamic DVD adaptation! Joan shows and explains the mechanics and techniques she has been developing, analyzing, and refining for more than 60 years. Learn the important elements of great casting, vital hand and arm movements, practice routines that will teach you how to make almost all kinds of casts. Solid Basics to Advanced Techniques. 90 min.

  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Anglers Book
  • ASIN: B00006484L
  • UPC: 688124000399

Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting

Lefty Kreh on Fly

The Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting DVD will teach any angler to become a better caster. In these casting lessons, one the world's greatest fly casters and instructors will teach fly fisherman the keys to mastering fly fishing presentations with every type of cast. Lefty Kreh's On Fly Casting DVD will soon have anglers adding distance and accuracy which will put more fish in their nets. Released 2004 68 minutes.

  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Angler's Book Supply
  • ASIN: B0002D126G
  • UPC: 708514305399

Casting By


Named one of the best documentaries of the year by the National Board of Review, "Casting By" places the spotlight on one of filmmaking's unsung heroes -- the casting director -- and takes us on a journey through 50 years of Hollywood history from an entirely new perspective.

  • UPC: 720229916202

Casting Crowns- The Altar And The Door

Casting Crowns- The Altar And The

This DVD contains the story behind The Altar And The Door, Praise You In This Storm (Live Concert Footage), the music video for Does Anybody Hear, Meet Casting Crowns, Voice of Truth (Mark's Testimony) and the movie trailer for Facing The Giants.

  • ASIN: B000VNDP0S
  • UPC: 602341003094

Skagit Revolution by Tom Larimer / Beattie Fly Fishing / Casting - 4 hour / 2 DVDs on one disc

Skagit Revolution by Tom Larimer / Beattie Fly

  • UPC: 748252092403

Casting the Runes [Region 2]

Casting the Runes [Region

TV adaptation of the gothic horror tale by M.R. James starring Iain Cuthbertson as demonologist/magician Julian Karswell, seeking revenge on TV journalists who ran a negative feature on him.

  • ASIN: B000TP4FT8

Casting Crowns, Lifesong Live in Concert DVD

Casting Crowns, Lifesong Live in Concert

Recorded November 2005 Approx 70 min, 13 Songs.... Lifesong, If we are the body, Does anybody hear her, Praise you in this storm, Who am I, Here I go again, Love them like jesus, Voice of truth, Stained glass masquerade, Praise you with the dance, Father spirit jesus, Set me free, What if his people prayed

  • ASIN: B002N68F9C
  • UPC: 083061025090

Playboy's Casting Calls

Playboy's Casting

Playboy's Casting Calls 1 DVD Uncensored, All New, All Real Year: 2003 By: Playboy Entertainment Group Inc Featuring: Jezebelle Bond and Kate Frost

  • UPC: 780177286086

The Scandinavian Spey Cast - The Art of Fly Casting - Single & Double Handle Handed Rods

The Scandinavian Spey Cast - The Art of

DVD: Scandinavian Spey Cast: Henrik


The Essence of Flycasting II and The Essence of Spey Casting

The Essence of Flycasting II and The Essence

  • ASIN: B0000AR8NW
  • UPC: 829508335892

Introduction To Fly Casting with Terry & Wendy Gunn

Introduction To Fly Casting with Terry & Wendy

INTRODUCTION TO FLY CASTING with Terry and Wendy Gunn offers concise Instructions on How To Start Fly Casting. CHAPTERS include: Grip and Stroke, Wind and Roll Casts, Loading and Back Cast, Pile and Reach Casts, Putting it Toghether, Long Casting and Hauling. Making the Straight Line Cast is the first skill you ll need to become a fly fisher. Terry and Wendy break down the basic stroke so you grasp the dynamics and then put it back together with concise demonstrations. Line management, hauling, double hauling, and shooting are just some of the great techniques you ll find in this video. Cast for Specific Applications are what turn casters into anglers; and all the ones you need to catch fish have been included. Casts such as the wind, reach, and tuck, will get you that critical dead drift, so important to successful fishing. When it comes to making that long cast Terry and Wendy are experts and show you all the tricks.

  • ASIN: B0006OA9BA
  • UPC: 883797000077

Casting Couch


Desperate to meet new girls, six down-on-their-luck guys come up with the ultimate plan to hook up - cast a fake movie. When tons of hot chicks show up for the audition, it's a matter of who's willing to go the farthest to get the part! Packed with enough crude humor and sexy girls for a dozen movies, Casting Couch is a hilarious scam that's about to get real!

  • ASIN: B00ANRG4A0
  • UPC: 814838013114

Scandinavian Spey Cast Vol 1 & 2 by Henrik Mortensen - Art of Fly Casting Single/Double Handed Rods - 3 Hours - 2 DVD Set

Scandinavian Spey Cast Vol 1 & 2 by

  • ASIN: B008I7ENIM

Joan Wulff's Dynamics Of Fly Casting

Joan Wulff's Dynamics Of Fly

How to video on fly fishing.

  • ASIN: 0892725532

Art of Spey Casting

Art of Spey

Spey Casting with a single-handed rod? YOU BET! Learn the basic and advanced Spey Casting techniques for both Single and Two-Handed Rods. Watch and learn as 17 of the world's best casters share their styles and skills through multi-camera coverage of easy-to-follow demonstrations on rivers in actual fishing situations. Chapters include: 13 detailed demonstratons of spey casting techiques; and 6 Bonus Chapters that include an interview with Mel Krieger; a fun look behind-the-scenes; a casting competition; and interviews with manufacturers/sponsors involved in the production. One very important point to remember is that spey casting is a style of casting utilized by both single- and double-handed rod casters. There are a growing number of people today who fish in rivers throughout the east & west (Montana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine, Oregon, Florida, Colorado, California, etc.) who no longer use the standard roll cast. Instead they use spey techniques that allow for powerful casts when there is no room for a normal backcast. In fact, many people today are not using a normal backcast ever (even if they have room) because spey techniques have proven so effective. There's lots here for the beginner and those who already love either or both of these casting elements and want ...

  • ASIN: B000AAJ1HI
  • UPC: 688124000696

PowerDVD Casting


  • Brand: CyberLink Corp.
  • ASIN: B076VRFVQ6

Playboy's Casting Calls 2

Playboy's Casting Calls

  • ASIN: B0002DRAGW
  • UPC: 655587010234

Casting Crowns


Casting Crowns [Audio CD] Casting Crowns

  • ASIN: B0000CDL6V
  • UPC: 008306107232

Bob Jacklin Fly Casting

Bob Jacklin Fly

If you are looking for a DVD to help you understand and learn the different casts needed for effective trout fishing, this is it. Bob Jacklin explains and demonstrates all of the casts you need to be a good angler for trout. Follow him through this DVD as he explains the Roll Cast, Double Haul, Single Haul, Pick up and Lay down, as well as many other techniques and casts to help you become a better angler. * Introduction * Theory * Grip * Rollcast * Pickup and Lay down * False Cast * Checking the cast and Parachute cast * Curve Cast * Reach Cast * Roll Cast Pickup * Mending the Line and Aerial Mend * Single and Double Haul * Hauling the Roll * Fixing the Tailing Loop * Putting it all together

  • ASIN: B0050DOMYC
  • UPC: 886470112654

Iron Man 2

Iron Man

  • ASIN: B0040Z9H5K

Delft Clay Original Casting Sand Kit Gold Silver Pewter Aluminum -Set Includes Ring & DVD

Delft Clay Original Casting Sand Kit Gold Silver

INSTRUCTIONS: Delft Clay mold is created in these steps: 1. Fill and compact the Clay into one half of the aluminum ring frame 2. Remove excess clay with a straight edge (e.g. a flexible steel ruler) 3. Press your original pattern halfway into the clay. 4. Brush Mica Powder or talcum powder over this surface of the mold 5. Install the other half of the aluminum ring frame, fill with clay and compact 6. Open the ring frame and remove the pattern 7. Carve out a pouring channel and vents 8. Pour in molten metal The Delft Clay Casting

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Delft
  • ASIN: B07HNV81LR
  • UPC: 806149979593

Yoga Zone - Fat Burning

Yoga Zone - Fat

This addition to the series focuses on the areas that contain the most fat on the body. Through two 20-minute sessions, this workout is good for beginners and intermediates. description

  • ASIN: B00005RIXH
  • UPC: 741952612292

RIO Fly Fishing Modern Spay Casting DVD Fly Tying Materials

RIO Fly Fishing Modern Spay Casting DVD Fly

The Most Comprehensive film on Spey Casting About the manufacturer: Far Bank is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of fly fishing products, including fishing rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders, tippets and performance outdoor apparel. Search Amazon for a complete list of Redington, Rio, and Sage products to outfit your favorite fly fisher.

  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Rio
  • ASIN: B001LKS5V4
  • UPC: 730884260695

Practical Fly Casting, Part 1

Practical Fly Casting, Part

Practical Fly Casting is an instructional video intended for beginning fly casters. It covers terminology, Casting Principles, Casting mechanics, Application of Casting Principles, Practice sessions,False Casting Loop types, Roll Cast, Shooting Line and an on water practice session.

  • ASIN: B00139YZP8
  • UPC: 689076774352
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Carp Fishing - Whether you're casting long range, short range, zig rigs or spods "The Free Spirit Casting DVD" has something for everyone. Shot in stunning UK surroundings, this Free Spirit production covers all aspects of casting from 2-to-200 yards and is brought to you by some of the UK's lead...

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Fly Casting DVD Simple Curve Casts :: Fly Casting Video

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Fly Casting DVD, See the complete DVD Simple overpowered and Underpowered curve casts from Master Casting Instructor Carl McNeil. As featured on the Fly casting DVD 'Casts that Catch Fish"

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Fly Casting DVD Video ROLL CAST / Switch Cast Excerpt from 'Casts that Catch Fish'

Casting Dvd

Get the complete Fly Casting DVD at This clip any many more available for download from our site. Fly casting DVD video. A short cut from the Roll cast section from our fly casting DVD 'Casts that Catch Fish' from Join our V.i.P mailing list ...

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Angela Roberts 2013 FASA Drama Casting DVD

Casting Dvd

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Manic Fly Casting DVD - Chapter 4 - Fishing Sequence & The Roll

Casting Dvd

The Manic Guide to Fly Casting DVD is an informative introduction to fly casting by FFF and STANIC Instructor Rene Vaz. In this fourth chapter Rene breaks down how to make a roll cast and the segment finishes with a fishing session on a New Zealand river.

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