MB023 Hmayart Featured Brush for Chinese Painting & Ink Brush Calligraphy (Huge Brush for Pomo)

MB023 Hmayart Featured Brush for Chinese Painting &

  • Brand: Hmayart
  • ASIN: B0731HZJM9
  • UPC: 754047699818

Teagas Reusable Chinese Calligraphy Brush Water Writing Magic Cloth for Chinese Calligraphy Brush Sumi Set

Teagas Reusable Chinese Calligraphy Brush Water Writing Magic

Introduction: -- Calligraphy is an intangible cultural heritage in china -- You can learn more chinese culture from the learning of calligraphy -- Chinese calligraphy practicing can help us calm; reduce working pressure; cultivate morality and optimize temper Water writing cloth: -- Water writing cloth is the latest economic and practical product -- When writing on it, you can see the same effect as chinese calligraphy paper(xuan paper/rice paper). Meanwhile, the back is watertight and impermeable -- After several minutes, it will quickly recover like original one, which helps saving paper and ink Specification: -- Water writing cloth: 18" x 14" (1 PCS), 2.8" x 2.8" per grid -- Material: Polyester Filament Notes & Maintenance -- Please use clean writing brush (never soaked in ink) and clean water -- The Chinese characters appear immediately on the cloth and will be invisable after several minutes. Well protected, it can be used thousands of time -- Please don't make Chinese calligraphy brush carry too much water when writing -- Please don't pollute magic cloth with colorful liquid, oil, sweat, saliva or any acid-alkali -- Please don't make cloth surface scratched by any sharp or hard things -- Roll the cloth up when it is fully dried. Don't make it folded There is nothing more mo...

  • Color: 117
  • Brand: Teagas
  • ASIN: B017A2MD3M
  • UPC: 709998973159

MyGift Decorative Chinese Calligraphy Design Wood & Bamboo Hinged 4 Panel Screen/Freestanding Room Divider, Black Frame

MyGift Decorative Chinese Calligraphy Design Wood & Bamboo

Bring beautiful Asian-style design into your home with this bamboo panel screen. The 4 panels that make up this room divider each feature a black wood frame filled with horizontal rows of bamboo, and each bamboo panel is decorated with a gorgeous design of trees, birds, colorful flowers, and Chinese characters in the vivid and elegant style of traditional Chinese calligraphy and artwork. Use this freestanding partition in your living room, dining room, or bedroom to screen off certain spaces, divide your room into sections, or simply bring eye-catching beauty into your home. **Official MyGift product.**Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 69 W X 67.75 H X 0.75 D.

  • Color: Black Frame
  • Brand: MyGift
  • ASIN: B01H3LOE4G

Mary Paxton 6PACK Piston Watercolor Brush Pen,Water Storage Writing Brush Pen Chinese Japanese Calligraphy Pen for Beginner Painting Reusable Brush Drawing Pen Home Paintbrush School Supplies

Mary Paxton 6PACK Piston Watercolor Brush Pen,Water Storage

Features: Pen Handle Material: Plastic Brush Head Material: Faux Fur Water / Ink Supply Type: Piston Quantity: 6pcs/set Types: White Brush Head + Brown Brush Head Package include: 6PACK Piston Watercolor Brush Pen

  • Brand: Mary Paxton

Golden Panda Master Quality Chinese Calligraphy Paint Brush Set 18 Master Quality Chinese Calligraphy Brushes - [Set of 18]

Golden Panda Master Quality Chinese Calligraphy Paint Brush

Chinese calligraphy is an art that dates back to the earliest days of recorded history and is still widely practiced in China, Japan and throughout the world. Chinese calligraphy is an abstract art as well as a way to convey language. As an artist you owe it to yourself to explore the free, expressive nature of Chinese calligraphy in your paintings. These Golden Panda sets are a great place to start.In developing this set, Creative Mark went to master calligraphers in China and asked them to create a set that they would want in their studio to cover all the basic needs. Set includes 18 master quality Chinese calligraphy brushes made from bamboo or rosewood handles; goat, pony, badger, or goat-and-pony blended hair, a rotating, varnished wooden brush stand for easy selection and drying, silk covered and lined storage box with magnetic closure for safekeeping or transporting.

  • Brand: Golden Panda
  • ASIN: B0049UVIDU
  • UPC: 709758656766

Easyou Hukaiwen Ink Block 12 Colors Pigment Ink Stick Set for Chinese Japanese Traditional Pigment Color Calligraphy and Painting Drawing Small

Easyou Hukaiwen Ink Block 12 Colors Pigment Ink

Mix colors ink: 12colors. The Ink lines in bright and vivid color with smooth and bright luster. Absorbed well by xuan paper without smearing. Type: natural mineral color. Package: platane wood box With slight pleasant fragrance. Since 1892. One of the most four famous Ink Blocks In China.Listed as intangible heritages of humanity. Made in traditional tech in all ages.

  • Color: Color Inks set net weight 200g
  • Brand: Hukaiwen Ink Block
  • ASIN: B016FJJDJ8

Professional Chinese Art Brush Set 8 Pcs Chinese Paint Brush Kit

Professional Chinese Art Brush Set 8 Pcs Chinese

8 Pcs All Size Chinese Ink Painting Brushes Size: 1.tip=3.8cm, dia=0.9cm, length=23.5cm; 2 tip=3.5cm, dia=0.8cm, length=24cm; 3 tip=2.9cm, dia=0.7cm, length=24cm; 4 tip=2.4cm, dia=0.6cm, length=24cm; 5. tip=2.6cm, dia=0.5cm, length=23.7cm; 6. tip=1.8cm, dia=0.5cm, length=23.2cm; 7. tip=1.8cm, dia=0.4cm, length=20.2cm; 8.tip=1.5cm, dia=0.3cm, length=19.5cm; 8 pcs different size brushes for line drawing, dying and colouring. Note: In the first time use, please put brushes into warm water to soak 10 minutes. Package include: 8 x Chinese Painting Brush, 1 x brush roll

  • Brand: UE STORE
  • ASIN: B01FSAT372
  • UPC: 702604981449

MasterChinese Large 15x14 Inches (36x38cm) Bamboo Calligraphy Brush Paintbrush Holder RollUp Protection

MasterChinese Large 15x14 Inches (36x38cm) Bamboo Calligraphy Brush

High quality. Sturdy and well made to give nice protection to your brushes. Not flimsy/thin, the weight is around 100 g (4oz). They are all sown nicely together. Made from real bamboo. Excellent finish, nicely and sturdily sewn, thick black cloth, as depicted in the real photos of the item. Depending on brush size, one slot can hold more than one brush. * Comments for 2 star feedbacks: If you don't get item as advertised size: 36cm (14.1") x 38cm (15"), sturdy, well made, nice looking as shown in the photos, return it back to the seller. Beware of imitation. BUY only from MasterChinese.

  • Color: Bamboo
  • Brand: MasterChinese
  • ASIN: B00GJ4QAR8
  • UPC: 793936995617

China Painting and Chinese Calligraphy Tools Series: Water Dropper (White)

China Painting and Chinese Calligraphy Tools Series: Water

Good Choice for writing practing during any event.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Ziyier G & E
  • ASIN: B0107HJYFM

MB031 Hmayart Huge Chinese Traditional Calligraphy Brush/Sumi Painting Drawing Brush with Pure Sheep Hair

MB031 Hmayart Huge Chinese Traditional Calligraphy Brush/Sumi Painting

Material: Pure Goat Hair Size: Bristle 17.5 cm and 6 cm in dia; Total length 78 cm Hand material: Ox horn It's top quality with good material pure goat hair and ox horn,  plz don't compare it with cheap chemical fiber brush (it's one-off). This brush is good for huge calligraphy and painting very much!Customs: Most countries' customs do not levy charges like import duty or taxes on xuan paper shipments. But it's not easy for us to ensure that for every country in the world since they are subject to change erratically. Thus, it's better to check with your local customs for import tax and duty first if possible. Hmay will never pay any customs tax.

  • Brand: Hmayart
  • ASIN: B0725CQBCK
  • UPC: 754047900020

YZ109 Hmayart Chinese Mood Seal/Handmade Traditional Art Stamp Name Chop for Brush Calligraphy and Sumie Painting and Gongbi Fine Artworks / - Le (Happy)

YZ109 Hmayart Chinese Mood Seal/Handmade Traditional Art Stamp

Details: Stone Body Shape: Natural Main Stone Color: As pic Appliable Carving Shape: Round Dimensions: Around 1.5 * 6 cm Usage: For both painting and calligraphy Artworks, and Decorative Purposes Packaging: Comes with a Chinese Seal Gift Box Remark: price includes: stone + carving + gift box The bottom carving is one character 'le', which means 'happy'.

  • Brand: Hmayart
  • ASIN: B07315GBQ7
  • UPC: 754047699856

Watercolor Brush Pens by GoArtPro | Set of 20 Color Soft Flexible Real Brush Pens + Bonus Watercolor Pen | Brush Tip Markers for Adult Coloring Books, Manga, Comic, Calligraphy

Watercolor Brush Pens by GoArtPro | Set of

GoArtPro Watercolor Brush Pens: A perfect watercolor paint tool for drawing illustration, Manga, Comics, doodling, Calligraphy and for coloring in adult coloring books. Also great for hand lettering, Chinese/Japanese style strokes, etc. 20 Vivid Colors Set includes: 20 dye brush pens and 1 water brush Soft & Flexible Brush Tips: This flexible and versatile Marker Brush Pens are great for broad and fine strokes and ensure precision. Convenient Storage: Pens are stored in a convenient organizer tray with individual spots to hold each pen, so you can keep all your pens neatly organized and ready for use. Tips & Tricks: Dip the brush into water to create a Watercolor Effect. To achieve splotchy effect paint with water using the Plain Brush Pen included in the package. Remember to cover your pen after use to keep the brush tip wet or it will get too dry to draw. If the brush tip dries out, use some water to wash it and then wipe dry the water, cover the pen, turn your pen down and wait for about 10 minutes. Warning: Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

  • Brand: GoArtPro
  • ASIN: B072MK9VV9
  • UPC: 712038503407

Home Mart Water Storage Writing Brush New Style Piston Water Brush Chinese Calligraphy Pen Watercolor Brush Pen Water Paintbrush School Supplies

Home Mart Water Storage Writing Brush New Style

Suitable for: writing, painting, hook line, comics, art and design Irrigation water or ink writing, automatic water In the lower part of the brush head is arranged with a vacuum filter plug Without dipping ink, saving time, better play writing level As long as there is water, that you can practice calligraphy any where

  • Brand: Home Mart
  • ASIN: B078NSXL37
  • UPC: 736364190803

Tianjintang Chinese Sumi Ink Brush Writing Painting Calligraphy Blank Xuan Paper Rice Paper 100 Sheets 34x138cm

Tianjintang Chinese Sumi Ink Brush Writing Painting Calligraphy

Brand:Tianjintang  Place of origin :Guangdong, China (Mainland) This rice paper has very strong toughness, It can absorb ink very well.Ink will not penetrate the back. (suggestion: ink should not be too thin) The rice paper was made through a multi-layer process and was carefully selected by the craftsman. The lines on the rice paper are clearly visible. Tianjintang uses natural plant fibers. Less wear on brush can prolong the brush life of brush. When storing, please place several mothballs around.Please stay it away from dust and damp during storage.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Tianjintang
  • ASIN: B07PR36Q6Y

MasterChinese Large Wolf Chinese Calligraphy Watercolor Sumi Drawing Brush (Wolf Hair) - 2.4x7.8cm (.94x3.")

MasterChinese Large Wolf Chinese Calligraphy Watercolor Sumi Drawing

This brush is handmade. Losing hair is common for handmade brushes especially of the large size like this one.Before the very first use: wash and let it sit in a warm water for half an hour. As for next time, before each use immerse the brush in the warm water and let it sit for at least 3 minutes. Take off excess hair. To care: . Discard the plastic cap. Never use it again. The moist collected inside the plastic cap will damage the hair. . For storage: best is to hang the brush when not used. . Wash after use to remove the ink.

  • Color: Wolf
  • Brand: MasterChinese
  • ASIN: B00IW1PWJ8
  • UPC: 701748878127

Legacy Decor 4-Panel Blossom Screen Room Divider, Black

Legacy Decor 4-Panel Blossom Screen Room Divider,

The shoji room dividers are traditional Asian style screens made from translucent paper and a folding, multi-paneled, lattice-style wooden frame. Offered by best deal stores. The design of these dividers is light-friendly, yet provides privacy at the same time. It may be used to divide a bedroom or define a room/space. Whether it's for home or the work place these shoji screens are versatile and an ingenious addition to any interior, making them a must-have for modern décor. These screens also feature a double action hinge and fold easily for storage. No assembly is required. Design is on one side only.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Legacy Decor
  • ASIN: B0062CEMPY
  • UPC: 609224055317

Easyou Duan Inkstone Top Grade Ink Stone with Traditional Chinese Dragon Sculpture 5" in Length

Easyou Duan Inkstone Top Grade Ink Stone with

Not only a practical inkstone for calligraphy or painting work, but also an exquisite present for festival with wooden package.Along with an ink stick in pine soot of Hukaiwen brand. To take ink from the ink block, gride the ink block against the moistened ink stone surface in a circular manner. Adjusting color intensity, you will dip the brush upon different areas of the inkstone. The more water, the less intense of the ink's color. Chinese dragon is considered as one of the foremost auspicious symbols of power, and the loyalty and luck signs.

  • Color: Inkstone with dragon sculpture
  • Brand: Easyou
  • ASIN: B016XMJP0O

10 Pack Drawstring Burlap Gift Bags Linen Storage Bag for DIY Craft - Pinowu Cotton Sachets Bag Jewelry Pouch for Wedding Party (5pcs 5x7", 5pcs 4x5", Chinese Calligraphy)

10 Pack Drawstring Burlap Gift Bags Linen Storage

Pinowu Chinese Calligraphy Print Drawstring Gift Bag - Handmade Durable and Beautiful Not only durable but also looks very elegant and beautiful. 5pcs x 2 size ( Total 10pcs) Meet Your Different Needs Chinese Calligraphy style drawstring Jewelry pouches Christmas Party favor gift bags can be a gift and also suitable for wedding and counter decorations etc. Features: 1.Muslin Cotton Drawstring Bags 2.Heavy-Duty Design 3.Easy-to-Pull Drawstring 4.May Shrink After First Wash 5.Natural and Reusable Widely Application 1. Suitable for wedding favor, party favor, Christmas gift, mother's day gift wrapping. It is a good gift for your lover, friend and coworkers gift wrapping.It is also the best packaging with gifts for your lover, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. 2. Great for jewelry packaging, gift wrapping, cosmetics, watches and others accessories. 3. Suitable for packaging chocolate, candies, nuts bags, coffee beans, Snack, etc. 4. Great for packaging crafts, handmade soap, scented beads, charging cables, sachets, poker, cards, gift and so on. 5. Perfect for using when you are traveling or use it to store the daily items in the handbag. 6. Suitable for shopping malls or retailers to package promotional gifts. Products Size 4" x 5" / 10cm x 13cm (L x W). 5" x 7" / 13cm x 18cm (...

  • Brand: Pinowu
  • ASIN: B07P1H8X8T
  • UPC: 702795696948

MasterChinese 27x18" Reusable Large NO Grid Magic Cloth Water Writing Sumi Drawing with Red Frame and Brief Introduction (70x46cm)

MasterChinese 27x18" Reusable Large NO Grid Magic Cloth

One can draw or write anything on this cloth. For example, one can learn to write chinese calligraphy or drawing. But kids can learn ABC or draw a flower on it too. Cloth can be detached from the frame. Frame can be hanged on the wall/anything FAQ : . Regarding negative feedbacks of poor quality: Buy MasterChinese items only from MasterChinese. We guarantee our quality. . Regarding "One side (got) detached": This item is detachable. Don't worry though, one just needs to plug the cap back to secure it. Write us if you need more information. Instruction . Use your favorite brush and clear water, write or draw as usual . In 3-5 mins after the cloth gets dry all will disappear This cloth can be used 10000 times. Cloth can be washed with water to remove dirt or odor. Don't scrub, wash with hands.

  • Color: Red Frame
  • Brand: MasterChinese
  • UPC: 793936995310

MonkeyJack Finest Ebony Hand-carved Lotus Chinese Calligraphy Writing Brush Pot Container Pen Pencil Vase Holder

MonkeyJack Finest Ebony Hand-carved Lotus Chinese Calligraphy Writing

Description: - 100% brand new and high quality brush pot - Unique design and finest workmanship, lotus pattern - Gift for kids, friends, family, student and elder - Perfect decoration for tea house, office, antique shop and exhibition hall - Material: EbonySize Chart:Approx. 3.74 x 4.92inchPackage Includes:1 Piece Calligraphy Brush PotNote:Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.Due to manual measurement, there may be 1-2cm error in size.

  • Brand: MonkeyJack
  • UPC: 099651850393
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