The Complete Book of Classic and Modern Triumph Motorcycles 1937-Today (Complete Book Series)

The Complete Book of Classic and Modern Triumph

Take an authoritative, thorough, and heavily illustrated look at Triumph motorcycles, from beloved classics to popular new models!What do Marlon Brando, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Bob Dylan, and Arthur Fonzerelli all have in common? All of these men define the very essence of cool, and all have owned Triumph motorcycles.Originally formed as a bicycle company in 1885, in 1902 Triumph produced its first motorcycle, which was simply a bicycle fitted with a Belgian Minerva engine. From there, the company, in various iterations, went on to build some of the most iconic motorcycles of all time.For the first time ever, The Complete Book of Classic and Modern Triumph Motorcycles 1937-Today collects all of the motorcycles from this iconic brand in a single volume. Written by respected Triumph expert Ian Falloon, all of the major and minor models are covered, with an emphasis on the most exemplary, era-defining motorcycles such as the Thunderbird, Tiger, Trophy, Bonneville, and new machines such as the Speed Triple, Thruxton, and Daytona 675.The Complete Book of Classic and Modern Triumph Motorcycles 1937-Today will also feature important non-production models and non-factory racing and speed-record-setting motorcycles that have become integral parts of Triumph's stellar reputation. This i...

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  • ASIN: 0760345457

Ton Up!: A Century of Café Racer Speed and Style

Ton Up!: A Century of Café Racer Speed

Ton Up! A Century of Café Racer Speed and Style focuses on the story of the ton-up boys and their café racers. But it's much more than just that. Illustrated with historic and modern photos and featuring a text by one of the world’s motorcycle historians, it's really the story of motorcycle speed and style evolved from the early 1900s right through today.  Cafe racers are most associated with the young, rebellious rock-and-rollers of 1960s Britain. These riders created the quintessential café racers—fast motorcycles customized to resemble the racing bikes of the period. They were called “café racers” because their riders raced on public roads, from one café to the next. The goal was to do “the ton” (exceed 100 miles per hour) on these runs, which led to their designation as “ton-up boys.” Today, ton-up culture is more popular than ever and recognized worldwide with a following of young and long-time riders alike.With Ton Up!, enjoy a scenic ride through the history of this vibrant scene.

  • ASIN: 0760360456

Classic Motorcycle Race Engines: Expert Technical Analysis of the World's Great Power Units

Classic Motorcycle Race Engines: Expert Technical Analysis of

This authoritative book, elegantly written in highly digestible style by the foremost expert on the subject, provides in-depth analysis of classic motorcycle race engines spanning eight decades, from the 1930s Guzzi 500 120-degree twin to the latest Yamaha YZR M1 in-line four. Packed with technical detail, the book provides an absorbing insight into the technology employed in a wide variety of motorcycle engines, investigating the diverse approaches taken by various manufacturers over the years in the search for race-winning performance.

  • Brand: Brand: Haynes Publishing UK
  • ASIN: 1844259943

Classic German Racing Motorcycles (Classic Racing Motorcycles)

Classic German Racing Motorcycles (Classic Racing

German motorcycle manufacturers have always used competition as a certain method of improving their machines and market penetration. The author describes the famous as well as the more obscure characters, motorcycles and marques which battled to project Germany to the forefront of the field.

  • ASIN: 1855321416

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (SpeedPro Series)

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (SpeedPro

If you are aspiring to build a racing car, How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars could be the book that you’ve been waiting for! Tony Pashley revisits the path that he took in the Pashley Project articles in Race Tech magazine during the design and construction of two successful hillclimb cars, but this time in great detail, with a view to enabling the reader to carry out a similar exercise for themselves. Although hillclimb and sprint cars are the focal topic, a lot of the book is applicable to race cars in general. The cars under discussion in the book are powered by motorcycle engines, which are meeting with great success in the smaller racing car classes. The total process of building a car is described, beginning with the selection and procurement of the engine. Chassis and suspension design is covered in a simplistic but adequate manner as the author’s aim is to minimize the inclusion of involved calculations. Two recipes for chassis construction are illustrated in detail, along with guidance on the processes of construction and a description of the required equipment. Following on from this, the fabrication of the suspension is explained.Further chapters are dedicated to the remaining aspects of the vehicle, covering transmission, brakes, fuel and coolant systems...

  • ASIN: 1787111695

Triumph Motorcycles in America

Triumph Motorcycles in

This is a comprehensive, visual history of the motorcycles from Britain that were bred in the US and Canada. Tuck in with Triumph Motorcycles in America and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Triumphs have been part of North America’s motorcycling soul since long before World War II. Born in Britain but bred in the US and Canada, Triumph’s iconic models—Bonneville, Trophy, Thunderbird, Daytona, Tiger, Speed Twin, Speed Triple, and Rocket III—resonate deeply with enthusiasts who love their style, sound, performance, and undeniable coolness. It’s not coincidental that Triumph was Steve McQueen’s favorite ride.Triumph Motorcycles in America is packed with thorough, entertaining text, plus hundreds of historical images, most of them in color and never before published. This incredible volume of history and culture was written by award-winning professional journalist and lifelong Triumph fanatic Lindsay Brooke, with a foreword by America’s favorite “Triumph guy,” Peter Egan. Don't think twice about it, Triumph Motorcycles in America is a must-have for every fan of Britain’s most legendary bike brand.

  • ASIN: 076035328X

BMW Cafe Racers

BMW Cafe

BMW café racers? You bet! There have been many books published about BMW motorcycles, but until now none has covered the evolution of the BMW sportsbike to the BMW café racer. A marque not commonly associated with the café racer scene, the growing trend of custom BMW café conversions is illustrated in detail with stunning images of sporting, racing, and ‘caféd’ BMWs. Showcasing fantastic BMW customs from all over the globe, and from the old to the new, this book presents them in all their innovative glory. Featuring owner’s stories and technical descriptions, BMW Café Racers is a book guaranteed to interest BMW fans and members of the café racer scene alike. From Airheads to Oilheads, modified singles to parallel twins, Fours and Concept 6s – see the ‘caféd’ side of BMW.

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Classic Racing Engines: Design, Development and Performance of the World's Top Motorsport Power Units

Classic Racing Engines: Design, Development and Performance of

This authoritative book gives an overview of fifty classic motor racing engines selected from an eighty-year period starting in 1914, when racing engines emerged as a distinct type of power unit. Including many famous engines as well as others that are less well known, it gives a clear sense of each unit's significance in terms of both its racing history and the advancement of technology. Each unit has a full description, plus technical drawings and photographs.

  • ASIN: 1859606490

How to Restore Classic Off-road Motorcycles: Majors on off-road motorcycles from the 1970s & 1980s, but also relevant to 1950s & 1960s machines (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual)

How to Restore Classic Off-road Motorcycles: Majors on

Remember the smell of Castrol R at a 1960s scramble? Or riding a 1970s trials bike through every type of natural obstacle possible? If you want to revisit those memories, or relive the competition of earlier times, this book is for you. Buying, restoring, and riding classic off-road competition bikes is now something that you can do!This book gives enthusiasts of classic off-road competition motorcycles a step-by-step guide to a full restoration. Covering dismantling the motorcycle and its components, restoring and sourcing parts, paint spraying, decals and polishing. With chapters covering engine, frame, forks, fuel, exhaust, seat, brakes and tyres, you'll see how to take a bike from scratch to a full rebuild; then on to safe set-up and general maintenance. Includes chapters focussing specifically on pre-65 and twin shock models.

  • Brand: Veloce Publishing
  • ASIN: 1845849507

Yamaha Racing Motorcycles: All Factory and Production Road-Racing Two-Strokes from 1955 to 1993

Yamaha Racing Motorcycles: All Factory and Production Road-Racing

The full story of the racing two-strokes, from the companys fateful decision to go into motorcycle racing in 1954, right up to the 199s and the powerful machines being produced today. Contains interviews with key personalities and riders. Filled with both technical advances and racing successes.

  • ASIN: 1852239204

McQueen's Motorcycles: Racing and Riding with the King of Cool

McQueen's Motorcycles: Racing and Riding with the King

The long-departed Steve McQueen is still the coolest man on two wheels. Get an intimate look at his coolest bikes right here, right now, in McQueen's Motorcycles.Even thirty years after his death, Steve McQueen remains a cultural icon. His image continues to appear in advertising and pop culture and his fan base spans from car lovers to racing enthusiasts to motorcycle obsessives. In his movies, McQueen's character always had an envy-inducing motorcycle or car, but in his personal life, motorcycles were always McQueen's first true love. McQueen's Motorcycles focuses on the bikes that the King of Cool raced and collected.From the first Harley McQueen bought when he was an acting student in New York to the Triumph "desert sleds" and Huskys he desert raced all over California, Mexico, and Nevada, McQueen was never without a stable of two wheelers. His need for speed propelled him from Hollywood into a number of top off-road motorcycle races, including the Baja 1000, Mint 400, Elsinore Grand Prix, and even as a member of the 1964 ISDT team in Europe. Determined to be ahead of the pack, McQueen maintained his body like it was a machine itself. He trained vigorously, weight lifting, running, and studying martial arts. Later in his life, as he backed away from Hollywood, his interests...

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 0760351759

Classic Racing Motorcycles

Classic Racing

Racing has always been at the forefront of motorbike technology, and Classic Racing Motorcycles profiles the all-time best of the breed. It features the bikes that were Grand Prix championship winners and major contenders across more than six decades of racing for the 1930s to the 1980s.Among the new technologies, which these machines pioneered, are: overhead and double-overhead camshafts, telescopic forks, swingarm and monoshock rear suspension, two-stroke disc-valves, four-valve cylinder heads, liquid cooling, four- and even six-cylinder engines, and aerodynamic fairings.The 60-plus bikes features in Classic Racing Motorcycles include examples from al the major Japanese and European manufacturers. Among the models chosen are many, which are part of important collections, including Honda among the models, own museum, and those of ex-world champions. Some have rarely been seen in recent years, including rare machines from the former Eastern Bloc.All the models in Classic Racing Motorcycles are specially photographed in full color, together with comprehensive technical specifications and informative background text. The bikes are arranged in chronological order to show how the technology developed, decade by decades, and detail shots show key points of each model.

  • Brand: Brand: Motorbooks
  • ASIN: 0760316139

Kawasaki Vulcan 800 & Classic 95-05 (Clymer Motorcycle Repair)

Kawasaki Vulcan 800 & Classic 95-05 (Clymer Motorcycle

VN800A 1995-2005, VN800B 1996-2005

  • Brand: Clymer
  • ASIN: 1599691868
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Franklin’s Indians: Irish motorcycle racer Charles B Franklin, designer of the Indian Chief (Classic Reprint)

Franklin’s Indians: Irish motorcycle racer Charles B Franklin,

The Indian has been the iconic image for American big V-Twins down the years, due in no small measure to the motorcycles designed by Charles B Franklin - the Indian Scout and the Indian Chief. Charles Franklin was born and raised in Ireland where he quickly became involved in motorcycle racing during the pioneer years. He rapidly established himself as Ireland’s first big star of racing and was the first to represent Ireland in international motorcycle competition. In the Isle of Man TT he consistently finished in the top eight, and in 1911 claimed second place, a remarkable achievement in itself. But it was when he moved to Indian in the USA, where he became the Chief Design Engineer, that his genius really flowed. His designs catapulted Indian back into the forefront of motorcycle design in the 1920s and ’30s and his racing engines and motorcycles won much glory for Indian against stiff opposition. Franklin introduced remarkable improvements in side valve combustion chamber design that predated the work of Ricardo. He championed an holistic approach that popularized new features such as the semi unit-construction powerplant, helical-gear primary drive, double-loop full-cradle frames and a host of other improvements to the early motorcycles. Franklin's Indians not only chron...

  • ASIN: 1787112233

Never Say Never: The Inside Story of the Motorcycle World Championships

Never Say Never: The Inside Story of the

'The unmistakable voice of Moto GP' - Valentino RossiAs 'The Voice' of motorcycle racing for forty years, commentator Nick Harris became the biggest star not on two wheels in the paddock, and this is his mostly eye-witness, white-knuckle account of MotoGP's scorching seventy-year history.The story starts on the Isle of Man in 1949, when Geoff Duke, with his slicked-back hair and one-piece black leathers, became the nation's hero, defying the odds and winning the most dangerous race in the world on a British-built Norton. Just over a decade later at Mallory Park, another British champion and one of the greatest riders of all time Mike Hailwood screamed past a young Nick Harris on his 250cc Honda, and a life-long passion was born.Harris has been at the centre of the sport for decades, getting to know the riders as individuals, seeings feuds unfold, champions made, careers and sometimes lives ended. We'll see the biggest podium stars up close, from Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts to Valentino Rossi, and we'll meet the mechanics behind them, the manufacturers who poured millions into the teams, and the organisers who, in the early days, ruthlessly compromised rider safety for profits. The drama has often been as tense off the track as on it.This is the book the motorcycling world has ...

  • ASIN: 0753553856

The Best of Peter Egan: Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings from the Pages of Cycle World

The Best of Peter Egan: Four Decades of

The Best of Peter Egan offers a “greatest hits” collection of Egan's motorcycle musings from the past four decades, delivered in his signature, wise but amusing, style. Peter Egan's writing invites you to pull up a chair, pour a little scotch, and relax while he shares with you his tales from the road, his motorcycling philosophy, and his keen observations about the two-wheeled life. For some forty years, Peter Egan’s columns and feature articles have been among Cycle World's most anticipated monthly content. Egan's legions of fans know they will gain a fresh perspective on motorcycling from each of his articles. Drawings from motoring artist Hector Cademartori beautifully illustrate Egan’s musings, and a foreword by super-enthusiast Jay Leno introduces the book. This is an unforgettable collection from a master writer whose simple adventures of two-wheeled life remind us why we love to ride.  

  • ASIN: 076036379X

Yamaha V-Star 1100 (Clymer Motorcycle Repair)

Yamaha V-Star 1100 (Clymer Motorcycle

XVS1100 (1999), XVS1100 Custom Models (2000-2009), XVS1100A Classic Models (2000-2009)

  • Brand: Clymer
  • ASIN: 1599692988

Classic Italian Racing Motorcycles

Classic Italian Racing

Book by Walker, Mick

  • Brand: Brand: Osprey Pub Co
  • ASIN: 1855321823

The Ducati Story - 6th Edition: Racing and production motorcycles from 1945

The Ducati Story - 6th Edition: Racing and

The Ducati Story is brought right up to date in this new edition of Ian Falloon’s authoritative book, covering the complete history of the marque. Initially under government control, Ducati went through several decades of ups and downs, characterised by dubious managerial decisions. Held together by the great engineer Fabio Taglioni, the father of desmodromic valve gear, Ducati produced some of the finest motorcycles of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s: the Marianna, desmo 125 single, Mach 1, 750 and Pantah. Taglioni also instigated Ducati’s return to racing, and victory in the 1972 Imola 200 was the turning point. Mike Hailwood rode the 900 Ducati to victory in the 1978 Isle of Man Formula One race and Tony Rutter took four World TT2 Championships. Cagiva purchased Ducati in 1985, bringing a new engineer, Massimo Bordi, and new designs – most famously the Desmoquattro. In various guises, this model dominated the World Superbike Championship during the 1990s, particularly in the hands of Carl Fogarty. Landmark models included the 916 and Monster, and, with the sale of Ducati to the Texas Pacific Group in 1996, the company continued to grow. The racing programme expanded to MotoGP and new model families were introduced. With control taken by the Italian company InvestIndustrial in...

  • ASIN: 1787110850

Harley Davidson FXD Twin Cam 88 1999-2005 (CLYMER MOTORCYCLE REPAIR)

Harley Davidson FXD Twin Cam 88 1999-2005 (CLYMER

FXD/FXDI Dyna Super Glide (1999-2005), FXDX/FXDXI Dyna Super Glide Sport (1999-2005), FXDL/FXDLI Dyna Low Rider (1999-2005), FXDS-CONV Dyna Super Glide Convertible (1999-2000), FXDWG/FXDWGI Dyna Wide Glide (1999-2005), FXDXT Dyna Super Glide T-Sport (2001

  • Brand: Clymer
  • ASIN: 0892879866

Hot Rod Empire: Robert E. Petersen and the Creation of the World's Most Popular Car and Motorcycle Magazines

Hot Rod Empire: Robert E. Petersen and the

â??Hot Rod Empire details Robert E. Petersen's creation of Hot Rod Magazine in the 1940s and the Petersen Publishing empire that grew to the mainstream juggernaut we know today. The end of World War II marked the release of pent-up war-years energy and the desire to live. For many this meant indulging in long-denied purchases, like a new car. For another group, including young vets, it meant a return to car building and racing. Money, exciting new cars, and speed parts all flowed freely in post-war America. Robert Petersen, a young SoCal-based photographer and Army Air Corps vet, noted the rapidly growing hot rod scene in and around Los Angeles. His first move was to organize the Los Angeles Hot Rod Exhibition in 1948. His second, and brilliant, move was to launch at the same event the first edition of Hot Rod magazine. From this launch pad, Petersen Publishing Company would grow to become the most influential enthusiast publisher in America. Petersen’s magazines were rallying points for all aspects of the car, truck, and motorcycle hobbies, well as nurturing and promoting all aspects from car building to racing to show events. Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Car Craft, Motorcyclist, Off-Road and Four Wheel Drive and some 75 other enthusiast titles dominated magazine racks and provided ...

  • ASIN: 0760360693

Baja Bugs and Buggies: How to prepare VW-based cars for off-road fun and racing

Baja Bugs and Buggies: How to prepare VW-based

Prepping & Racing Bugs & Buggies The VW Beetle is uniquely suited for off-road use. Its torsion-arm front suspension and lightweight engine and transaxle make it natural. It you didn’t know better, you’d think Dr. Ferdinand Porsche designed the Beetle to race the Baja. Veteran off-road racer, Jeff Hibbard, details the do’s and don’ts of off-road preparation. Whether you build your car for recreation or full-race, this book has a plan for you. Avoid building a cosmetic off-road car. Learn what breaks and how to prevent it from breaking. Learn how to spend your off-road dollars wisely. This book is a must for sedan and buggy off-roaders alike!

  • ASIN: 0895861860
  • UPC: 075478001866

The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1946

The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model

From the single-cylinder bikes of the 1950s to the high-performance sportbikes of today, The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcyclesshowcases the entire spectrum of Ducati.Legendary Ducati motorcycles have something of a rags-to-riches story. This Italian motorcycle manufacturer began by selling motorized bicycles to impoverished residents of post-World War II Italy. Today, Ducati is the world's premier manufacturer of street motorcycles whose sales continue to rise year after year. Its svelte, hyper-accelerating motorcycles are two-wheeled wonders that are fluent in the language of speed.The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles traces the stunning chronology of the motorcycles dreamed up by Ducati, from the 1950s to present day. Laid out for the first time in encyclopedia form with gorgeous photography and insights from Ducati expert Ian Falloon, this book offers motorcycle enthusiasts a closer look at the craftsmanship, power, and beauty of these extraordinary motorcycles. The book features all of the motorcycles from Ducati's storied history, including the groundbreaking Desmodromic 750 Super Sport, the Mike Hailwood Replica, the Superbike-dominating 916, and the epic Panigale.From the street bikes that gave birth to the very notion of the modern superbike to the racing motorcycles...

  • Brand: MBI Publishing Company
  • ASIN: 0760350221

Mick Walker's Japanese Production Racing Motorcycles

Mick Walker's Japanese Production Racing

Author: Mick Walker. As Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles explains, the Japanese did not suddenly become proficient in the design and development of motorcycles when they first appeared in Europe at the end of the 1950s. Japan had been interested, involved even, with motorcycles since the beginning of the 20th century. True, early Japanese motorcycles copied Western design, a trend that continued for several years after the end of the Second World War. The Japanese were very much their own men, designing a succession of highly innovative machines, and not just for the Grand Prix world’s benefit. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Bridgestone and Tohatsu have all built racing motorcycles which were also available for purchase by the ordinary motorcyclist. Contents: Bridgestone, Honda - the classic years, Honda - the modern years, Kawasaki - the classic years, Suzuki - the classic years, Suzuki - the modern years, Tohatsu, Yamaha - the classic years & Yamaha - the modern years. Over 800 pictures in black and white.

  • ASIN: 0954435702
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2x Superbike Champ Troy Corser On the Edge Lap

Classic Racing Motorcycles

The 1996 and 2005 Superbike World Champion Troy Corser pushed his BMW R%SS to the limit during Barry Sheen Memorial Trophy testing at Goodwood Revival this week.

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Vintage Motorcycle Racing Australia. The Spirit of Speed.

Classic Racing Motorcycles

Introduced by former 500cc World Champion Wayne Gardner, riding his prized 1925 Australian made Waratah, ‘Spirit of Speed’ chronicles Australian motorcycle racing's classic era, from the beginning of the 20th century to the start of the modern racing era in the mid to late sixties. Each chapter o...

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2019 International Island Classic - January 26-27, 2019

Classic Racing Motorcycles

The 2019 International Island Classic is the biggest historic motorcycle race meeting in the Southern Hemisphere. The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit plays host to the 26th running of this hugely popular event, incorporating the International Challenge. The challenge is a real battle of the nat...

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Donington Classic Bike Festival 2018 with Fox Racing and Louigi Moto

Classic Racing Motorcycles

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Only 2 Strokes, Classic Racing

Classic Racing Motorcycles

Only 2 Strokes, Classic Demo's/ ICGP

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