The Original Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain, Retro & Matte Collection - Classic Ivory

The Original Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain,

A practical and beautiful solution for storing and serving butter, the Butter Bell Crock keeps butter soft, delicious, and spreadable for up to 30 days without refrigeration. Modeled after the original French design, the butter crock is made from durable glazed stoneware or dolomite clays. Available in a wide array of colors, the crock can match existing dinnerware or stand on its own to add a touch of color to the table. It goes from the kitchen to the tabletop with no fuss. Butter's delicate flavor and freshness are protected by an airtight seal of water at the base of the crock, safely keeping butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration, odors, or spoilage. It also keeps butter at the perfect "spreading" consistency by reflecting outside heat while insulating and cooling the butter. To use, firmly pack one stick of softened butter into the bell-shaped lid, pour cold water into the base of the crock, and place the lid upside down back into the base of the crock. Store the crock away from heat or sunlight, and change the water in the base every two to three days. Cleaning is easy since the crock is dishwasher safe. From the Manufacturer Look how easy it is to use the Butter Bell crock. 1. Pour approximately 1/3 cup very cold water into the base of the crock. 2. Pack...

  • Color: Ivory Matte
  • Brand: Butter Bell
  • ASIN: B000H47H0A
  • UPC: 657389115322

Pampered Chef Contemporary Classics Small Baker - WHITE

Pampered Chef Contemporary Classics Small Baker -

8" x 8" x 2¼". 12½" x 9½" x 3½" with handles. Handles are easy to grip, even with oven mitts. Unglazed interior, white-glazed exterior. No preheating-just place food on stoneware and cook. Amazing heat retention. Moisture is drawn away from food for light and crispy results. Won't retain oils, odors or flavors. Nonstick "seasoning" builds up with every use: the darker it looks, the better it cooks! Microwave-, freezer- and conventional and convection oven-safe. Pan scraper included for easy cleanup. Made in the USA.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Pampered Chef Contemporary Classics Stoneware
  • UPC: 099901014193

Classic Stoneware of Japan: Shino and Oribe

Classic Stoneware of Japan: Shino and

Though Japan today has become one of the world's most industrialized, mechanized, and computerized nations, it still boasts one of the world's richest and most fascinating ceramic traditions. Two of the country's most remarkable styles of pottery are Shino and Oribe, both originating in ancient Mino Province (modern-day Gifu Prefecture) from the time of Japan's artistic "renaissance" in the late sixteenth century. Oribe ware is one of the most startling and innovative expressions not only of this period but of all Japanese pottery. In a departure from the more refined tea ceremony utensils that represent the meditative aspect of the ceremony, Oribe ware has a more earthy feel, with its layering of naturally occurring colors: a piece might be made of red and white clay, with green glaze over the white portion, and line decorations done in iron over a coat of white slip on the red part. This ware is named for Furuta Oribe, who in his time was the undisputed master of the tea ceremony and who, it is said, commissioned certain kilns to make these pots after his own designs. Likewise, the tea ceremony ware known as Shino is widely considered to have its own unparalleled kind of beauty. With its thick, white, feldspathic glaze and stylized but seemingly spontaneous decoration in iron u...

  • ASIN: 4770028970

BIA Cordon Bleu 900016S1SIOC Classic Bakeware Souffle Dish, White

BIA Cordon Bleu 900016S1SIOC Classic Bakeware Souffle Dish,

Based in California, BIA Cordon Bleu has been crafting superb stoneware and porcelain dinnerware, serveware and bakeware for 65 years. From contemporary patterns to classic designs, our ceramics are created by skilled artisans to ensure the highest quality product. If you have a taste for something with a little pizzazz, BIA Cordon Bleu offers bowls and dishes with hand glazed, unique patterns and elegant designs. Our serveware is also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate all your entertaining needs. Enjoy your favorite soufflés with this 1-quart Soufflé Dish from BIA Cordon Bleu. Made from high-quality white porcelain, this soufflé dish is resistant to chipping, cracking, and staining. It is also oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: BIA Cordon Bleu
  • UPC: 033805567539

Le Creuset Stoneware Classic Teapot, 1.3 L-Satin Black, Ceramic, 24.5 x 14 x 13.5 cm

Le Creuset Stoneware Classic Teapot, 1.3 L-Satin Black,

This traditional teapot brews the perfect cup of morning or afternoon tea. It has a large, easy grip handle which remains cold to the touch, making lifting and pouring effortless. It includes a steam hole, locking lid and an anti-drip spout to avoid spillages. Its convenient 1.3L capacity is the perfect size for 4 cups of tea. Made from specialist clays and fired at the highest temperatures, all our stoneware is strong and durable, so much so that we offer a 5-year guarantee on each piece. The dense stoneware provides exceptional thermal resistance and maintains even temperature. Thanks to our enamelling expertise our stoneware is also easy to clean and scratch resistant. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours.

  • Color: Satin Black
  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • UPC: 630870171205

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Classic Red Enamel Dutch Oven (Island Spice Red)

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

This 6-Quart enamel Dutch oven is great for cooking, marinating, refrigeration and freezing. The color porcelain enamel on cast iron can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cooktops, as well as in the oven. Not recommended for use on outdoor grills or over open outdoor flames. Not for use in microwaves. Lodge Color Porcelain Enamel on Cast Iron cookware is cast from molten iron in individual sand molds. The porcelain surface eliminates the need to season cast iron. The cast iron vessel has superior heat distribution and retention, evenly heating bottom sidewalls and even the lid. Tightly fitting lid seals in moisture. The excellent heat retention reduces the amount of energy needed for cooking. Three layers of very hard, glossy porcelain enamel are chip resistant and easy to clean. Lid knob is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The black rim on the pot is matte porcelain, not exposed cast iron. Hygienic porcelain enamel is non-reactive with food. Although dishwasher safe, hand washing with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the cookware's original appearance. 10 3/4" diameter, 4 1/2" deep. Island Spice

  • Color: Island Spice Red
  • Brand: Lodge
  • ASIN: B000N501BK
  • UPC: 075536462431

Peanuts Snoopy Suppertime Classic 5" Stoneware Ceramic Pet Dish for Dog or Cat

Peanuts Snoopy Suppertime Classic 5" Stoneware Ceramic Pet

This small, 5" classic-flair pet dish is perfect for the pet of any Snoopy lover! Makes a great gift!

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Peanuts
  • UPC: 800564223316

Mason Cash in The Forest Teapot, Durable Stoneware, Classic Design with Lid and Sturdy Handle for Easy-Pouring, Intricate Embossed Design, 32-Fluid Ounces, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, Cream

Mason Cash in The Forest Teapot, Durable Stoneware,

Charm any kitchen with the Mason Cash In the Forest range Originally carved by skilled craftsmen, each item in the Mason Cash In the Forest range features detailed woodland embossments inspired by folk tales of the mid-19th century. Coordinating perfectly with other Mason Cash accessories, the Mason Cash In the Forest Teapot is ideal for making tea, pour-over coffee, hot cocoa and other warm drinks. Made from durable chip-resistant stoneware that's perfect for retaining heat from boiled water, the teapot's spacious oval design allows tea leaves or bags to move freely around the pot and release flavor. A functional addition to any kitchen, this charming teapot measures 9" long x 5" wide x 6" high and has a capacity of 32-fluid ounces. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Imported. Mason Cash has been producing beautiful, functional, iconic kitchenware for over 200 years. The origins of Mason Cash can be traced back to a pottery operating at Church Gresley in the heart of England during the 1800's. Famed for classic kitchenware designs such as the Mason Cash mixing and pudding bowls, the products and brand have endured the test of time and have become design classics, with some maintaining their original designs.

  • Color: Teapot
  • Brand: Mason Cash

Paladone Classic SNES Controller Ceramic Coffee Mug 10oz - Perfect Video Gamer Gift

Paladone Classic SNES Controller Ceramic Coffee Mug 10oz

Take a break from epic gaming bouts with this fun and nostalgic tribute to one of the greatest gaming console controllers ever made. A stylish design featuring a patterned array of instantly recognis]zable Super Nintendo controllers, the SNES Controller Mug is the perfect gift for any gamer, and a great way to enjoy a drink with a true icon of the 16-bit era. The perfect accompaniment to your next mid-game tea-break, this SNES Mug features a mosaic of SNES controllers. Designed like the distinctive Super Nintendo Entertainment System with its retro grey style and simple button layout, SNES Mug will appeal to gamers of all ages. A standard size mug, the SNES Mug harps back to a golden era of retro gaming, when the NES was released in the USA in 1985 and Europe in 1986/87 the Nintendo Entertainment System - NES - was one of the most iconic games consoles in the history of gaming. The SNES Mug is an officially licensed Nintendo product. Not safe for microwave or dishwasher.

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Paladone
  • ASIN: B075D23V9Q

Le Creuset PG0328-002 Volcanic Stoneware Classic Teapot, 1.3 L, Flame

Le Creuset PG0328-002 Volcanic Stoneware Classic Teapot, 1.3

This classic stoneware teapot keeps tea warm for serving at the table and resists interior staining. The classic style of this teapot fits into any kitchen with many colors available.

  • Color: Flame
  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • ASIN: B001S2EF0A
  • UPC: 630870039673

Fine Accoutrements Classic Shaving Soap Bowl, Solid Stoneware Construction, Stackable and Color Coded, Orange and Black

Fine Accoutrements Classic Shaving Soap Bowl, Solid Stoneware

Fine Soap Bowls have been meticulously designed make your shave soap happy and to elevate your shaving ritual to new heights of luxury. Sporting solid stoneware construction, a stackable design, and multiple (scent matching) colors, they also feature a full 3 cm of loading room above the puck, and a compact 9 cm outside diameter - which should fit most medicine cabinets. - The Perfect Fit for Fine Classic Shaving Soap - Retro Shave Brush-Inspired Design 9 cm (diameter) x 5 cm (height)

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Fine Accoutrements
  • ASIN: B0749522S9

Lee Men's Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean, Dark Stone, 29W x 32L

Lee Men's Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean, Dark

These regular fit Lee Jeans are made of 100% cotton, heavyweight Lee Denim.

  • Color: Dark Stone
  • Brand: LEE
  • ASIN: B0008EOF3Q
  • UPC: 651056664113

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Premixed Formula | 13-Ounces | (2-Pack)

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Premixed Formula |

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser 13-Ounces delivers the same power as our classic Cleanser & Polish, but in a premixed formulation for a quick, consistent clean. This creamy, ready-to-use formulation clings to vertical surfaces, making it an ideal glass shower door cleaner, but it works equally well against rust stains, tarnish mineral deposits, soap scum, and indoor or outdoor grime. SURFACES: Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper Alloys, Aluminum, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Corian. KITCHEN: Sinks, Cookware, Stove cooktops and exteriors, Oven door windows, Countertops (non-stone), Plates (buffs out knife marks). BATHROOM: Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers, Faucets, Toilets, TIle, and Grout. OUTDOORS: Rust Stains, Grills, Vehicles (test first), Siding, Sporting Equipment. Always Test First before using, some ingredients may etch or dull delicate surfaces. DO NOT use on Gold or Silver, Polished stone such as marble or granite, and lacquered, painted, or mirrored surfaces.

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Bar Keepers Friend
  • ASIN: B00B28ZYPU
  • UPC: 885613718401

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Whistling 1-4/5-Quart Teakettle, Marine

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Whistling 1-4/5-Quart Teakettle,

You just might whistle back at the attractive Le creuset classic 1.75-Qt. Stainless steel whistling teakettle. This timeless kettle has a wide base for fast boiling and a single-tone whistle to let you know when boiling is complete. Steel brackets on the heat-resistant handle lock and the fixed-whistle easily flips up for safe and easy pouring. Le creuset's time-honored enamel finish counters chips, scratches and stains, and will not absorb odors.   about Le Creuset of America Inc. From its cast iron cookware to its Teakettles and mugs, Le creuset is a global standard of inimitable Color and quality. Founded in 1925 in the Northern French town of fresnoy-le-grand, Le creuset still produces enameled cast iron in its original foundry. Its signature Color, flame, was modeled after the intense Orange hue of Molten cast iron within a Cauldron (or creuset in French), and has been a Le creuset bestseller from the company's first year to the present day.   though best known for its vibrantly colored cookware and original inventions such as the Dutch oven, Le creuset has also forged a name as a creator of stoneware mugs and enamel-coated stainless steel Teakettles. The style and performance of Le creuset's cafe collection and tea accessories are rooted in classic French cookware: bold c...

  • Color: Marine
  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • UPC: 630870195874

Bobrick B-262 Classic Series Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser by Bobrick

Bobrick B-262 Classic Series Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser

Product Description262 Features: -Paper towel dispenser.-Material: Satin stainless steel folded.-Cabinet slots indicate refill time.-Door has tumbler lock and piano hinge. Dimensions: -Dispenses 400 C-fold or 525 multifold towels measuring 3.13'' to 3.81'' deep (sold separately).-Dimensions: 10.75'' H x 4'' W x 14'' D.

  • Brand: Bobrick
  • ASIN: B0118E4ZK2
  • UPC: 882600141648

The Beauty of Everyday Things (Penguin Modern Classics)

The Beauty of Everyday Things (Penguin Modern

The daily lives of ordinary people are replete with objects, common things used in commonplace settings. These objects are our constant companions in life. As such, writes Soetsu Yanagi, they should be made with care and built to last, treated with respect and even affection. They should be natural and simple, sturdy and safe - the aesthetic result of wholeheartedly fulfilling utilitarian needs. They should, in short, be things of beauty.In an age of feeble and ugly machine-made things, these essays call for us to deepen and transform our relationship with the objects that surround us. Inspired by the work of the simple, humble craftsmen Yanagi encountered during his lifelong travels through Japan and Korea, they are an earnest defence of modest, honest, handcrafted things - from traditional teacups to jars to cloth and paper. Objects like these exemplify the enduring appeal of simplicity and function: the beauty of everyday things.


Le Creuset Stoneware Classic Teapot, Cassis, 1.3 Litre

Le Creuset Stoneware Classic Teapot, Cassis, 1.3

Le Creusets luscious-looking Cassis shade will inspire you to cook with a whole host of purple hued ingredients, from aubergines and artichokes to grapes, plums, and every imaginable berry, youll covet Cassis for your kitchen. Le Creusets Cassis will look striking in any kitchen, from the modern to a classic setting, its certain to add the wow factor. Foodie aficionados will love the versatility of Cassis, with both Cast Iron and Stoneware cookware to choose from, there is a piece to suit every recipe. Cassis will transform the everyday into an occasion add a dash of purple power to your table its sure to create a buzz amongst dinner party guests. Le Creusets Cassis features a glossy lustre which only adds to its mouth-watering good looks. Juicy ripe berry shades look so tempting in any recipe. From vibrant plums to vivid violets, purple shades create a warm, sumptuous look and feel in the home. Make tea a real treat with our gorgeous teapots. This beautiful Classic Teapot brews the perfect cup of morning or afternoon tea, keeps it hot and commands a bold presence on your table. The teapot has a capacity of 1.3 litres, which comfortably serves 4 cups of tea. It comes with an anti-drip spout, so spillage will be a thing of the past and the large easy-to-use handle makes pouring ef...

  • Color: Cassis
  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • ASIN: B0050ADPPC
  • UPC: 630870063623

Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Crock, 6-Ounce, White

Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Crock, 6-Ounce,

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Le Creuset
  • ASIN: B000RGWQ54
  • UPC: 630870013796

Hannabach Strings for classic guitar Series 950 Medium/High tension Titanyl H2 single string

Hannabach Strings for classic guitar Series 950 Medium/High

Single string / Classical Guitar H2 TITANYL(Titanium+Nylon)Clear brilliant tone.Series 950 - strings for professional guitar players.

  • Brand: Hannabach

Shamrock Shenanigans Stoneware Mug

Shamrock Shenanigans Stoneware

Erin Go Bragh! Get your Irish on all year long with this 16-oz. Straight Shot mug in Lucky Charm, featuring a classic Irish shamrock design on the medallion.

  • Color: Lucky Charm Glaze
  • Brand: Sunset Hill Stoneware
  • ASIN: B07T3HV18J

Emerson Elephant Classic White Ceramic Stoneware Children's Coin Bank

Emerson Elephant Classic White Ceramic Stoneware Children's Coin

For more than 20 years, DEMDACO has designed and sold giftable products intended to "Lift the Spirit"-in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone's face. The hand-curated artisan gifts it develops and distributes are chosen for their potential to help people nurture goodness in the lives of others, celebrate family and friends, and encourage people to treat themselves. We partner with artists representing a wide range of styles and mediums, and whose work is consistent with our values. Products are curated through this filter, then carefully reproduced by skilled craftspeople around the world. Under the DEMDACO brand, product categories include Gifts, Home Décor, Entertaining, Fashion, Baby, Holiday, and Outdoors. Sweet elephant bank has a small bird atop its head like little best buddies. Simple and classic white coloring coordinates with many nursery themes. A thoughtful present for a baby shower, new arrival or adoption celebration. Coin keeper also makes a great keepsake for years to come. Practical and functional toy bank doubles as a coin saver for your little one and decoration in the baby's room. Made of ceramic stoneware with gloss finish. Looks great atop a shelf or setting prettily on a side table. In order to maintain its shine,...

  • Color: Classic White
  • Brand: DEMDACO
  • ASIN: B07FTW835Y
  • UPC: 638713452726

German stoneware, 1200-1900: Archaeology and cultural history : containing a guide to the collections of the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and Museum of London

German stoneware, 1200-1900: Archaeology and cultural history :

  • ASIN: 0714105716

Viva Santorini Stripe Rectangular Baker

Viva Santorini Stripe Rectangular

Viva by Vietri is our newest tabletop line for casual entertaining. With Viva it's easy to create a beautiful table in a pinch. Mix Viva's lace and pastel glass dinnerware with your grandmother's fine china or with unexpected pieces fresh from your favorite boutique. Whether sharing spontaneous appetizers with friends or cooking dinner with family, Viva's striped plates bring fresh energy to the table.

  • Brand: Vietri
  • UPC: 663698418931

Lost Boys: 1977-79

Lost Boys:

Formed in 1977 out of boredom, frustration and the lack of exciting music.... When Punk first hit it made a BIG impact on so many disenchanted youths of that blank generation that many took up the calling and started forming bands throughout the UK. One such teenager was Steve Godfrey whose outlook in Walthamstow was just so typical of that time. The only thing that teenagers in that area looked forward to was milling around the local record shop SMALL WONDER records which was situated at 162 Hoe Street. They quickly acknowledged the new music scene and started stocking all the latest Punk sounds that were being released on small DIY labels. With this in mind, the owner Pete Stennett decided to start up his own label as so many new bands sprung up… One such band was THE ZEROS who was the second release on this newly formed label… The tracks "Hungry" backed with “Radio Fun” hit the streets in November 1977 and made a BIG impression and hit No 1 in the NME punk chart that month a

  • ASIN: B078952HZ6
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Le Creuset Classic Stoneware Mug & Teapot Set

Classic Stoneware

Get this from Amazon here Make tea a real treat with our gorgeous teapots. This beautiful Classic Teapot brews the perfect cup of morning or afternoon tea, keeps it hot and commands a bold presence on your table. The teapot has a capac...

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Le Creuset Classic 1.3L Stoneware Teapot

Classic Stoneware

Get this from Amazon here Holds 1.3 litres Serves 4 cups of tea 5-year Guarantee Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher safe Very strong and durable, resists chipping, cracking and staining Make tea a real treat with our...

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Classic Candlesticks! With Bobeches ~Thanks for watching! ~ Pottery/Wheel Throwing/Clay/Stoneware

Classic Stoneware

Add Bobeches & Snuffers for design & function. Bobeches are optional & interchangeable according to occasion. Make any size or height~fancy or plain. Fit to tapers or chimneys. Very gifty!!! Snuffers are detailed in the following video: Thanks for watching !!! If you...

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Majolica pottery Goodwill haul! Green plates Vintage treasure

Classic Stoneware

I was so excited to find these plates at Goodwill for .49 each!! Majolica circa 1874 - 8 1/2 inch dessert plates.

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4 Types of Toxic Cookware to Avoid and 4 Safe Alternatives

Classic Stoneware

We all know the importance of eating healthy, but not everyone knows that the cookware you use to prepare your dishes is just as important as the food itself. Even the healthiest diet can result in severe health problems if your pots and pans are toxic. Find out which cookware you should avoid by...

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