Compressor Control Module

Compressor Control

'Compressor Control Module, Fits Brand Bard Mfg. Co., For Use With Universal'

  • Brand: BARD MFG. CO.
  • ASIN: B076HB6HFY

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543 500-Series Compressor Module

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543 500-Series Compressor

The Portico 543 from Rupert Neve Designs is a fully controllable compressor-limiter featuring feed-forward / feedback modes, Peak / RMS detection and a built in side chain high pass filter. There's nothing like a Rupert Neve design matched with a great set of features and the 543 combines that amazing warmth, precision and flexibility that only the Neve name could bring you.Built around Mr. Rupert Neve s custom transformer designs, each 543 module encompasses individually controllable threshold, attack, release, makeup gain, ratio, side chain HPF, Feed-Forward / Feed-back selection and Peak/RMS detection modes. With the compressor inactive, the 543 may be used as a transformer-coupled, high-performance line amplifier, and two 543 may be linked for stereo operation as well. The chassis is built to standard 500 series specifications, with power and I/O provided by the rack.Different Control TypesIn order to control gain, a VCA or Voltage Controlled Amplifier (or Attenuator) is used. There are many types of Voltage Control, including the use of tubes, discrete and integrated solid state circuits and naturally non-linear devices, each one having its characteristic behavior that reflects sonically on the final performance, and gives it a character or signature that can be musically at...

  • Brand: Rupert Neve Designs
  • UPC: 752423656981

Air Lift 16060 Air Compressor

Air Lift 16060 Air

Replacement compressor for kits 25850, 25852, 25592, 25812 & 25870.

  • Brand: Air Lift
  • ASIN: B001NS24AM
  • UPC: 729199160608

Cooling System Coaxial-C Liquid Chiller Module DC 24V 125-400W Cooler Heat Sink Module,Liquid Chiller Module R134A Refrigerant Pure Water Cycling Refrigeration

Cooling System Coaxial-C Liquid Chiller Module DC 24V

Product: DV1920E-C (24V) Liquid Chiller ModuleCompressor: QX1902VDLVoltage: DC 24VCapacity: 125-400WRefrigerant: R134ASize: 25x15x17 cm (9.8x6.3x5.3 inch)Weight: 3.0kgs (6.61lbs)Applications:Hospital, Medical-Aesthetic Cooling; Pure Water cycling refrigeration and any other liquid cycling equipments which request both environmental-friendly and efficiency.

  • Brand: Fenghz-Micro DC Aircon
  • ASIN: B07RQJB8F7

Design And Implementation of 4X2 Compressors Using New XNOR Modules: Design of Ultra Low Power Compressors

Design And Implementation of 4X2 Compressors Using New

I present a new design for a 1-bit fUll adder featuring hybrid-CMOS design style. My approach achieves low-energy operations in 90nm technology. Hybrid-CMOS design style makes use of various CMOS Iogic style circuits to build new ull adders with desired specifcations. The new SERF- full adder (FA) circuit optimized for ultra low power operation is based on modifed XOR gates with clock gating to minimize the power consumption. And also generales full-swing outputs simultaneously. The new full-adder circuit successfuUy operates at low voltages with excellent signal integrity. The new adder displayed better power and delay metrics as compared to the standard ull adders. To evalºate the performance of the new full adder in a real circuit, we realized 4-2,5-2,5-3,7-2,11-2,15-4,31-5 compressors which are basically used in multiplier modules of DSP filters. Simulated results using 90nm standarad CMOS technology are provided. The simulation results show a 5% - 20% reduction in power and delay for frequency 50MHz and supply voltages range of 1.1 v.

  • ASIN: 3659851604

543-0120-00 Copeland SecureStart Compressor Start Module

543-0120-00 Copeland SecureStart Compressor Start

SecureStart Compressor Start Module Emerson Climate Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of SecureStart for single phase Copeland compressors. This product is designed to reduce starting current by up to 75%, thereby improving compressor start characteristics, and reducing nuisances such as light flicker caused by current variations. This device is designed to reduce compressor inrush current upon startup. It has been evaluated for use with all residential single phase (208/230V, 60Hz) equipment with copeland compressors when applied per the manufacturer's instructions. It is not compatible for use with "-JEZ" or "-JEC" equipment, since it requires the use of a compressor contactor.Need Help Identifying the Correct Component...Contact AirstarSupply!

  • Brand: Emerson Climate Technologies
  • ASIN: B009AX8ZQE
  • UPC: 662766443301

Van Air Systems 39-10507 Automatic Tank Drain for Air Compressors, 115V AC, Dual Inlet 1/2" and 1/4", Y-Strainer, Test Mode, Isolation Valve, 3/8" Hose Barb Fitting, 6' Power Cord

Van Air Systems 39-10507 Automatic Tank Drain for

The EDV-115 automatic drain valve consists of a two way solenoid valve and a robust timer assembly, making an affordable, reliable, and effective solution for purging liquids from a compressed air system. Supply power requirement is 115V / 1 PH / 50-60 Hz. Maximum working pressure is 232 PSIG. Fluid temperature range is 32⁰ F to 176⁰ F. Status LEDs display "Power On" and "Valve Open". The EDV-115 conveniently includes all accessories needed for simple operation including the power cord, y-strainer to prevent clogs, and a hose barb fitting for attaching a 3/8” ID drain hose. Manufactured by Van Air Systems in USA. Note: A drain hose a clamp is not included.

  • Brand: Van Air Systems
  • ASIN: B00S89W2KQ
  • UPC: 737212999937

1UQ Ignition Coil Module CDI for Titan TAC-2T TPW2200 TTP300 TG3800 TG3800CAM Air Compressor Pump

1UQ Ignition Coil Module CDI for Titan TAC-2T

  • Brand: 1UQ
  • ASIN: B01HRVI1U0

Purple Audio MC77 Compressor/Limiter

Purple Audio MC77

The Purple Audio MC77 supercedes the MC76 re-engineered 1176 type FET Limiter. The MC77 recreates the audio circuitry of the revision E 1176, using modern components matched to the original.

  • Brand: Purple Audio
  • ASIN: B00E7STTG2
  • UPC: 700613724682

SEAMAX SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump for Inflatable SUP and Boat, New Version Intelligent Firmware with Built-in Temperature Sensor and Time Counter

SEAMAX SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump

SUP20D Description Easy to use touch button on carry handle; Backlit LED screen for pre-set and real-time air pressure display; PSI and Bar dual units display; 9ft Power cord and 3.5ft nylon air hose, Universal HR air valve adaptor and 3 different size O-Rings to fit most inflatable SUP. Noise reduction inflators for quiet operation. Intelligent 12V DC electric pump comes with digital control, LCD pressure display. The pump can auto stop at pre-set pressure, or 20 minutes continuously working time reached. Suitable for inflatable boats and SUPs equipped with HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo, Naru or similar type air valves, that they have a turning pin or pressing down pin at the middle to control the valve's Open & Closed position. Pick a best size silicon O-Rings to keep the connection best air tight. If more than 1 SUP use at the same time, Please fast cool down the pump by running in the air for 1 minute between each use. Pump is designed to use it in tropical area such as Florida. Specification - Model: Seamax SUP20D - Pump Support Rate: 0.5-20 PSI (0.034-1.378 Bar) - Digital Sensor Accuracy: 0.01 PSI - Controller Method: Pre-programmed digital controller board - Max Pumping Speed: 350L/min at 1st Stage, 70L/min at 2nd stage - Pump Stage 1: Sealed & Quiet turbo fan for high vol...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: SEAMAX
  • ASIN: B07C5K7HFM
  • UPC: 721541238560
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