Yerba Mate Tea Gourd Cup and Bombilla Straw Set. Made in Argentina.

Yerba Mate Tea Gourd Cup and Bombilla Straw

All of your yerba mate needs are covered from this set which comes with 1 yerba mate gourd cup and 1 stainless steel bombilla. The \"curing\" process has to be done only once when you first get a new gourd.The best and fastest way in our opinion is to fill your new gourd just below the lower part of the metal rim line. with almost boiling water (boiled water could crack the gourd), let the hot water sit for approximately 5 - 10 minutes. After this you may use a teaspoon and softly scrape the membrane out of the gourd under running water. If you have successfully removed the majority of the membrane you have completed the curing process. We strongly suggest you complete this process even if the inside of your new gourd looks pretty clean. If the inside of your new gourd has nothing to scrape out (many of our gourds are this way), just do the hot water thing only.However if you want to use your gourd right away you don't have to cure it at all. The soft membrane will slowly be removed as you empty out the old mate and rinse with running water. The first couple of times the mate may have a more bitter taste by not curing it.Please do not remove the stem in the center of the gourd. Doing so will cause the gourd to leak. Also, do not use any kind of soap to clean it.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Yerba Crescent
  • ASIN: B07C2VMRH6
  • UPC: 739862420663

Super Gourd-Crescent Hole Birdhouse [Set of 12] Hole Shape: Crescent

Super Gourd-Crescent Hole Birdhouse [Set of 12] Hole

BASGC12 Hole Shape: Crescent Features: -10'' Plastic gourd. -Molded-in rain canopy that doubles as a perching platform. -No rain will leak in. -Six 5/16 in drain holes provide a rapid exit for any rain that may blow in through the entrance hole. Animal Type: -Bird. Color: -White / Cream. Material: -Plastic. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -2.06 Pounds.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Bird Abode Supergourds
  • ASIN: B00AEVE3Z8

Super Gourd-Crescent Holes

Super Gourd-Crescent

Add a starling resistant gourd to your martin colony with this Troyer's SuperGourd with Crescent Entry and Porch. This rugged, plastic gourd was engineered based on 20 years of research into the breeding biology of purple martins. The one-piece, plastic body has no seams, for protection from the elements, as well as a molded rain canopy above the 3" wide and 1.125" tall, crescent starling resistant entry. Raised lines on this canopy double as perching area, and included porches attach to the interior and exterior of the entry for extra standing spots. Seven drainage holes on the base of the gourd allow any captured water to exit rapidly, ensuring nestlings remain dry and safe. An access port on the side of the unit is large enough for a human hand to reach into the nest, for easy monitoring and maintenance, and its 45° angle creates a great perspective for viewing. Use the threaded cap to cover this section, keeping the gourd enclosed for nestlings. The high-density, polyethylene plastic body forms a relatively heavy gourd for less swinging in the wind, and its white color reflects sunlight, keeping the interior cool. This gourd will not rot, peel, split, or crack, nor will it break if accidentally dropped, and the UV inhibitors in the molded plastic body ensure a long life expe...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Bird Abode Supergourds
  • ASIN: B005W849L6

Red-eye 50PCS L58MM Crescent Gourd Garden Lawn Mower Cutter - Black Plastic Mowing Cutter Compatible for Garden Lawn Trimmer Accessories

Red-eye 50PCS L58MM Crescent Gourd Garden Lawn Mower

Information:Length: about 58mm/2.28inLarge hole diameter: about 9mm/0.35inSmall hole diameter: about 6mm/0.24inPacking: oppWeight: about 50g50*mowing cutter

  • Color: A
  • Brand: Red-eye
  • UPC: 029275110313

The Moon Crescent | Gourd Lamp Night Light Unique Christmas Birthday Gift Idea Teen Girl Boy Room Decor Wall Art

The Moon Crescent | Gourd Lamp Night Light

Welcome.One of the all-time best sellers, Uncle Moon, and Friends is a handmade gourd lamp which may leave you in a dilemma as you may want to use this design in your living room rather than your child's. Slightly larger than our average size, this gourd lamp has the power to create a feeling of space within any room in the cutest way. A popular choice among parents, this lamp brings the family together, spreads positive energy among the family members and help your child develop imagination and creativity. So easy to use, Uncle Moon and Friends is a lampshade which you can experiment with different sources of light. With each different color, wattage or light type, you will be creating a different galaxy at any corner of your home. On top of its characteristics as a lamp, Uncle Moon & Friends makes a perfect handmade gift idea for almost any occasion. I have seen many people deciding on this design for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, for Easter, for mother's day as well as gifts for parents to use in nurseries or children's room. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LAMPSHADE WILL ARRIVE WITH A WOODEN BASE IN MATCHING COLOR, COMPLETE WITH CABLING, ON/OFF SWITCH AND POWER PLUG SUITABLE FOR YOUR COUNTRY

  • Color: Multicolor with a lot of blues, purple and white.
  • Brand: Rising Star Handmade

S&K Manufacturing Gourd House, Two-Pack, 11" L X 7.6" W X 16.4" H, Standard, White

S&K Manufacturing Gourd House, Two-Pack, 11" L X

This house is a welcoming home for purple martins, tree swallows, or blue birds, with various entrances. It easily assembles and is made of UV-protected copolymer plastic.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: S&K Manufacturing
  • ASIN: B006LZUW1A
  • UPC: 646969421410

Yerba Mate Gourd Cup and Bombilla Straw Set from Argentina. Cruz De Malta Tea, Hard Plastic Gourd Cup, Metal Bombilla Kit.

Yerba Mate Gourd Cup and Bombilla Straw Set

Looking for all your yerba mate needs? Look no further than this set! This set is perfect for drinking yerba mate tea. Each bundle includes the following: - bag of Cruz de Malta (500 grams), - hard plastic thermo-resistant gourd, - stainless steel metal bombilla.

  • Brand: Ever Crescent Supplies
  • ASIN: B07JG8GPC1
  • UPC: 739862420854

Clip on Porch for Crescent Gourd

Clip on Porch for Crescent

These optional, ribbed plastic porches bolt securely on both the inside and outside of crescent-holed SuperGourds allowing martins easier entry through the snug, starling-resistant entries. Porch is 2-7/8 inch long by 3-1/2 inch wide. It is recommended that these porches be secured flush with the bottom of the crescent hole using threaded 10-32 x 3/4 inch bolts and nuts (included), and that you fill any gaps with 100% silicone caulking. Porches come pre-drilled, with two nuts and bolts per porch pair, and include attachment instructions.

  • Brand: Bird Abode Supergourds
  • ASIN: B001CS90NW
  • UPC: 013022000712

Troyer's Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 Crescent SREH Gourds

Troyer's Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 Crescent SREH

Create a state-of-the-art martin colony in your backyard using this Troyer's Birds' Paradise Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 Crescent Starling Resistant Entry Hole Gourds. This fantastic system offers martins plenty of roosting spots, as well as a way to properly site and maintain them. A high tensile, 2" square, aluminum pole inserts into your soil, and a generous, 48" long ground stake provides strength and stability. Attach the included perch, two-level rack system, arms, and pulley to this pole for easily hanging the included SuperGourds. These one-piece, molded plastic gourds were designed based on 20 years of research into martin breeding behavior, for wonderful chances of occupancy. Each home has a 3" wide and 1.125" tall, crescent entry to deter starlings, and an included porch flanking the opening. A molded canopy over the entry protects the nestlings from rain, and raised lines on it act as perching area. A plastic cap covers the generous access port, situated at a 45° angle on the side of each gourd for easy maintenance and nest checks. High-density, polyethylene plastic creates these gourds, ensuring a relatively heavy unit that has less swaying in the wind. Enlarge or drill holes at the top of each gourd to attach them to the existing hangers on the dual racks. A polyeste...

  • Color: White

Nicemeet Whiteswan 50PCS Black Plastic Mowing Cutter L58MM Crescent Gourd Garden Lawn Mower Cutter Compatible for Garden Lawn Trimmer Accessories Grey Pretty Good

Nicemeet Whiteswan 50PCS Black Plastic Mowing Cutter L58MM

Information:Length: about 58mm/2.28inLarge hole diameter: about 9mm/0.35inSmall hole diameter: about 6mm/0.24inPacking: oppWeight: about 50g50*mowing cutter

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Nicemeet
  • ASIN: B07T9SD4JQ
  • UPC: 094918533767
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