kuman K5-USFor Arduino Raspberry pi Sensor kit, 37 in 1 Robot Projects Starter Kits with Tutorials for Arduino Uno RPi 3 2 Model B B+ K5

kuman K5-USFor Arduino Raspberry pi Sensor kit, 37

Our friendly customer care team will work hard to service you. Update version than 37 sensors modules: add 100 X Resistors (10 each / 10, 100, 200, 330, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 100K, 1m ohm) and one tutorilas CD at freePacking list:1. Analogy-Hall sensor Module×12. 4-digit 7-segment digital tube×13. Rotate-encode Module×14. Light break sensor Module×15. Soil humidity sensor module×16. Magnetic spring Module×17. Obstacle avoidance sensor Module×18. Tracking sensor Module×19. Microphone sensor Module×110. Laser-transmit Module×111. Relay Module×112. 18b20 temperature sensor Module×113. Digital-Temperature sensor Module×114. Linear-Hall Sensor Module×115. Flame sensor Module×116. High-sensitive voice sensor Module×117. humiture sensor Module×118. Joystick PS2 Module×119. Infrared-receive sensor Module×120. Passive Buzzer Module×121. common-cathode RED&GREEN LED Module×122. Knock sensor module×123. Shock-switch sensor Module×124. Photo resistor sensor Module×125. Push button Module×126. tilt-switch Module×127. RGB LED Module×128. infrared-transmit Module×129. RGB LED Module (SMD)×130. Metal contact sensor×131. two-color commoncathode LED Module×132. Active buzzer Module×133. Analog-temperature sensor Module×134. Colorful Auto-flash Module×135. Magnet-ring...

  • Color: Arduino Sensor kit
  • Brand: kuman
  • ASIN: B016D5L5KE




  • Brand: Texas Instruments
  • ASIN: B005S3VPJY
  • UPC: 013227118472



What's Included TMS320C6713 DSK Board Code Composer Studio for C6713 DSK (v 3.1 IDE) USB Cable AC Power Cord(s) and Power Supply Quick Start Guide Technical Reference (includes schematics) Customer Support Guide Bonus Items Workshop on CD* ( Lectures and Hands-on Labs ), which is part of C6713/C6416 DSP Starter Kit One-Day Workshop. A $195 value. Your net cost of starter kit, after deducting the workshop material, is only $485 Hardware Features Texas Instrument's TMS320C6713 DSP operating at 225 Mhz. Embedded USB JTAG controller with plug and play drivers, USB cable included TLV320AIC codec 2M x 32 on board SDRAM (8MB) 512K bytes of on board Flash ROM 3 expansion connectors (Memory Interface, Peripheral Interface, and Host Port Interface) On board IEEE 1149.1 JTAG connection for optional emulator debug Four 3.5 mm. audio jacks (microphone, line-in, speaker, and line out) 4 user definable LEDs 4 position dip switch, user definable +5 Volt operation only, power supply included Size: 8.25" x 4.5" (210 x 115 mm), 0.062" thick, 6 layers Compatible with Spectrum Digital's DSK Wire Wrap Prototype Card RoHS Compliant Software Features TMS320C6713 DSK specific Code Composer Studio (v 3.1 IDE) from Texas Instruments Test/sample code provided to reduce coding time Compatible with National I...

  • ASIN: B00DK2CA08

Development Boards & Kits - TMS320 TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK)

Development Boards & Kits - TMS320 TMS320C6713 DSP

  • ASIN: B0131VJF82

Texas Instruments TMS320C5x DSP Starter Kit User's Guide SPRU101A.

Texas Instruments TMS320C5x DSP Starter Kit User's Guide

  • ASIN: B000O15RYY

SainSmart DIY-DS1302-Rotating-LED-Electronic-Digital-Clock-Kit-51-SCM-Learning-Board-5V-xp


Function: 1. Electronic clock function. Four digital tube display time function. Every second, digital tube, two points on a flashing, at the same time, the casing outside the clock LED will take turns to light up a take turns bright finish a circle represents the clock through a minute2. Date display. Through the key switch, you can see the preset date. 3. Alarm function. Through the button switch, you can set the alarm clock function. When to set the alarm time, buzzer sounds, if not, manually turn off the buzzer will continue to ring for 10 minutes. 4. Burning function. The reserved buffer program interface, can change to the circuit board to do procedure, easy to operate 5. Real time clock function. Tone after a preset time, even if the power lost, again after power on 6. Temperature display function. Under the time display mode, press PLUS, can display the current temperature 7. Many mode display function. Outer LED display has four modes, can cooperate to add key implementationMode 0: is also the default display mode, all the 1-12 hours red digital tube light, when the clock through a second, is the green digital tube is take turns to light up a.Mode 1: as the clock through a second, outer ring LED lit one by one, that is 60 seconds, outer ring all the LED light. The next m...

  • Brand: SainSmart
  • ASIN: B00XU48OLU

Tascam US-42 MinStudio Creator Audio Interface for Podcasting W/Platinum Bundle W/Cables + 2 Samson Microphones + Headphones + Pop Filters +Goose Neck Stands + Fibertique Cleaning Cloth

Tascam US-42 MinStudio Creator Audio Interface for Podcasting

Ideal for personal production and broadcasting the Tascam US-42 MinStudio is a high-speed USB 2.0 Mac and Windows compatible audio interface that is loaded with advanced features. The Creator/Broadcast switch on the front panel gives you the power to broadcast or create your professional production. The US-42 sports two combination XLR/TRS inputs, a 3.5mm jack for headset mics, and an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo input. For outputs there are stereo RCA outputs for connecting to monitors, two headphone outputs—one 1/4", one 3.5mm— and 48V phantom power is available for condenser mics as well as support for 4-pole headphone/mic configurations. Software includes Sound, Effect, and Reverb and on-board DSP effects include equalizer, compressor, several types of reverb, and special vocal effects so you can bring extra dimension to your podcasts and live streaming. The three self-lighting trigger pads are velocity-sensitive, the Reverb knob allows you to manually adjust amount of wet signal and an "ON AIR" button starts transmission to your computer. On top of all this the Tascam MiniStudio US-32 audio interface is capable of capturing 24-bit/96 kHz audio making it the interface you need to let your show begin. Platinum Bundle Includes: AUX Cable 2 RCA to 2 RCA Cable 2x XLR Cable 2x Pop ...

  • Brand: Photo Savings
  • ASIN: B06XKZ6C3G
  • UPC: 738283388156

Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK (Topics in Digital Signal Processing Book 14)

Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713

This book is a tutorial on digital techniques for waveform generation, digital filters, and digital signal processing tools and techniques The typical chapter begins with some theoretical material followed by working examples and experiments using the TMS320C6713-based DSPStarter Kit (DSK) The C6713 DSK is TI's newest signal processor based on the C6x processor (replacing the C6711 DSK)

  • ASIN: B000QCS84C

SainSmart 1 Axis CNC Servo Stepper Motor Motion Programmable Controller

SainSmart 1 Axis CNC Servo Stepper Motor Motion

Features • Number of controlled axis: Single axis; can achieve a variety of complex operation: positioning control and non-positioning control; • The maximum output frequency: 40KHZ; • Output frequency resolution: 1Hz; • Programmable maximum number of rows: 99; • Signal input: 6 (optical isolation); • Signal output: 3 (optical isolation); • A continuous displacement range: -7,999,999 ~ 7,999,999; • Operating state: Autorun mode, manual operation, the program edit mode, parameter setting status; •Lifting speed curve: 2 (optimization); •Display digits: 8 digital display, manual / automatic status display, run / stop status display, the number of steps / counts / procedures display, edit the program, parameter display, input / output status display, pulse and direction display ; • Autorun feature: You can edit, you can control the start and stop automatically run through the panel buttons and processing and other operations at the terminal level; • Manual operation functions: position adjustments (manual jog speed and jog the number of steps can be set); • Parameter setting function: Starting frequency, acceleration and deceleration curve, reverse clearance, manually run length, manual speed, back to zero speed and interrupt jump the line all can ...

  • Brand: SainSmart
  • ASIN: B011NJA38A

Vanpower DC 12V 2200W Delay Relay Shield NE555 Timer Switch Adjustable Module,Delay Module (2pcs)

Vanpower DC 12V 2200W Delay Relay Shield NE555

Main Chip (NE555): Timing from microseconds to long hours. Simple circuit design. Precision Pulse Generation / Timing. Adjustable Duty Cycle. Countless Application and Information Sources. Specifications: Module based on: NE555 chip. Delay modue:delay connect module Input voltage: DC12V Control voltage: AC 0~250V/max. 10A, DC 0~30V/max. 10A The operating voltage: 12V DC (otherwise 5V optional) Max. load: 2200W Quantity: 2pcs Product size: approx. 68*22*18mm/2.67*0.86*0.7' Net weight: approx. 34g Note: Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement. Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Brand: vanpower
  • ASIN: B077T3JXB4
  • UPC: 783761616788

POLYGROUP L40120050U31 Non-Active Lumenplay POP Light Display

POLYGROUP L40120050U31 Non-Active Lumenplay POP Light

POLYGROUP non-active lumen play pop display board is constructed with quality materials to delvier optimal durability and long lasting use. Provides the perfect way to display items.

  • Brand: POLYGROUP
  • ASIN: B014SUFM3C
  • UPC: 887628043899

DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller - Onyx Black Max Flight Bundle with Spare Battery, and Custom Mavic Air Hard Shell Back Pack

DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller -

A marvel of engineering and design, the Mavic Air was built to go wherever adventure takes you. Inheriting the best of the Mavic series, this ultraportable and foldable drone features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. 3-Axis Gimbal CameraThe Mavic Air is the most portable DJI drone to house a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, with its angular vibration range reduced to 0.005 degrees. Set in a triangular formation, gimbal dampeners help create even steadier shots. 32 MP Sphere PanoramasIn addition to Horizontal, Vertical, and 180 degrees panoramas, the Mavic Air stitches 25 photos together in just eight seconds to create crystal-clear 32 MP Sphere panoramas. View them from an immersive perspective with DJI Goggles. 4K 100 Mbps VideoThe Mavic Air shoots video at an incredible 4K 30 fps, recording at 100 Mbps to capture every second with UHD quality. Slow-Motion VideoWith support for recording 1080p 120 fps slow-motion video, the Mavic Air captures all your epic high-speed adventures. HDR PhotosNew HDR algorithms help you obtain the right exposure settings intelligently, according to lighting conditions. Overexposed or dark areas are processed for more natural transitions between highlights and shadows, while DSP acceleration allows for more efficient ...

  • Color: Onyx Black
  • Brand: DJI
  • ASIN: B07GB1HYQ9
  • UPC: 843342141105

SainSmart 4-Channel Relay Module

SainSmart 4-Channel Relay

This is a 5V 4-Channel Relay interface board, Be able to control various appliances, and other equipments with large current. It can be controlled directly by Microcontroller (Arduino, 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic).

  • Brand: SainSmart
  • ASIN: B0057OC5O8

SainSmart 5V 2A 8 Channel Solid State Relay Module High Level Trigger Black for Arduino Uno Duemilanove MEGA2560 MEGA1280 ARM DSP PIC

SainSmart 5V 2A 8 Channel Solid State Relay

Description: SainSmart 5V solid state relays per channel 250V 2A, output with resistive fuse 250V 2A Features:    •8 channel 2 AMP Solid State Relay board Good for lighting- holiday displays etc    •The input control signal voltage: (0-0.5V LOW solid state relay OFF) (2.5-20V high solid state relays ON)    •Rated output load: 2A at 100 to 240VAC (50/60Hz)    •Load voltage range: 75 to 264VAC (50/60Hz)    •Load current: 0. 1 to 2 AMP    •Power supply: 5VDC / 160mA (all channel ON)    •Load type: General purpose    •Isolation: Phototriac    •Zero cross: Yes Module interface: Input section:    •DC+: positive power supply (by relay voltage power supply)    •DC-: connect power negative    •CH1: 1 relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective)    •CH2: 2-channel relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective)    •CH3: 3 relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective)    •CH4: 4-channel relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective)    •CH5: 5 relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective)    •CH6: 6-channel relay module signal to trigger the end (high level trigger effective)    •C...

  • Brand: SainSmart
  • ASIN: B00ZZW7MI6

Digital Signal Processing: Laboratory Experiments Using C and the TMS320C31 DSK (Topics in Digital Signal Processing)

Digital Signal Processing: Laboratory Experiments Using C and

A practical guide to using the TMS320C31 DSP Starter Kit With applications and demand for high-performing digital signalprocessors expanding rapidly, it is becoming increasingly importantfor today's students and practicing engineers to master real-timedigital signal processing (DSP) techniques. Digital Signal Processing: Laboratory Experiments Using C and theTMS320C31 DSK offers users a practical--and economicalm--approachto understanding DSP principles, designs, and applications.Demonstrating Texas Instruments' (TI) state-of-the-art, low-pricedDSP Starter Kit (DSK), this book clearly illustrates and integratespractical aspects of real-time DSP implementation techniques andcomplex DSP concepts into lab exercises and experiments. TI'sTMS320C31 digital signal processor provides substantial performancebenefits for designs that have floating-point capabilitiessupported by high-level language compilers. Most chapters begin with a theoretical discussion followed byrepresentative examples. With numerous programming examples usingTMS320C3x and C code included on disk, this easy-to-read text: * Covers DSK tools, the architecture, and instructions for theTMS320C31 processor * Illustrates input and output * Introduces the z-transform * Discusses finite impulse response (FIR) filters, inc...

  • ASIN: 0471293628

JBL BASSPROSL Powered 8" Underseat Subwoofer System

JBL BASSPROSL Powered 8" Underseat Subwoofer

The BassPro SL powered woofer fits under the front seat of many vehicles, and supplements a car audio system's full-range speakers with powerful bass. Its shallow-profile, 8" woofer delivers low-frequency enhancement from a slim-profile enclosure. A crossover control and flexible EQ adjustments let you tune the BassPro SL to your system, your car's acoustic environment and your listening preferences. The energy-efficient amplifier keeps its cool while powering the woofer. High-pass filters and limiters ensure remarkable performance, and input options increase installation versatility. The BassPro SL delivers a lot of bass, without taking up a lot of space.

  • Brand: JBL
  • UPC: 050036326186

Smart Electronics 5V 8 Eight Channel Relay Module Board Shield with Optocoupler for Arduino ARM PIC AVR DSP DIY MCU Starter Kit

Smart Electronics 5V 8 Eight Channel Relay Module

We will test it before shipment. Reference Weight:0.124kg (0.27lb.) 100% Brand New Size: 13.5 x 5.3 x 1.7cm (LxWxH) Working voltage: 5V Channel: 8 channel This relay module is 5V active low. It is an 8-channel relay interface board, which can be controlled directly by a wide range of microcontrollers such as AVR, PIC, ARM, PLC, etc. It is also able to control various appliances and other equipments with large current. Relay output maximum contact is AC250V 10A and DC30V 10A. Standard interface can be directly connected with microcontrollers. Red working status indicator lights are conducive to the safe use. Widely used for all MCU control, industrial sector, PLC control, smart home control. Package Included: 1PCS*5V Eight 8 Channel Relay Module With optocoupler For PIC AVR DSP ARM For Arduino

  • Brand: MIZOELEC
  • ASIN: B07L8M93NG

4-Channel Bluetooth Studio Audio Mixer - DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB Drive for PC Recording Input, XLR Microphone Jack, 48V Power, Input/Output for Professional and Beginners - PMXU46BT

4-Channel Bluetooth Studio Audio Mixer - DJ Sound

Pyle Model : PMXU46BT4-Ch. Bluetooth Studio Mixer4-Ch. Bluetooth Studio Mixer - DJ Controller Audio Mixing Console System Features:DJ & Studio Console Mixer SystemMulti 4-Channel Audio Source MixingBuilt-in Bluetooth Wireless ReceiverFX (Analog Effects) & 16 Bit DSP processorDirect-to-Computer Connect & Sound Record Ability7-Band EQ32-Bit Dual Engine DSP24-Bit ADC DAC ConverterFX Configuration Adjustment ControlsRotary Adjustment Knobs & LED Indicator LightsMP3 Digital Audio File CompatibilityUSB Flash Drive ReaderUSB Port for Desktop ConnectionConnect & Stream Audio from External Devices (2) 1/4’’ (L/R) MAIN Outputs (2) XLR/14’’ Combo Audio LINE/Microphone Inputs1/4’’ Mono + Stereo Inputs1/4’’ Send + Return Inputs1/4’’ Headphone JackStereo Level Fader/SliderOutput Signal Level IndicationBUS Audio Control, Sound RoutingPAD Channel Source Input SwitchIndependent Channel Input Audio ConfigurationGain, High, Mid, Low, FX/Send, Level, Base + Tone Adjustment+48V Phantom Power ControlPower ON/OFF SwitchUsed for Professional Studio Applications & On-Stage PerformancesWhat’s in the Box:Bluetooth Studio MixerPower Adapter Cable, 3-PinWireless Bluetooth Connectivity:Hassle-Free Audio Streaming AbilityWorks with All of Today’s Latest Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, La...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Pyle
  • UPC: 842893105178

LAFVIN 37 in 1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino for UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano with Tutorial

LAFVIN 37 in 1 Sensor Module Kit for

We strive to put our hundred percent to resolve your issues and try our best to achieve your satisfaction!Weight:0.45kg. Component listing:  1 X PS2 game Joystick module1 X Infrared sensor receiving module1 X Laser sensor module1 X Temperature and humidity sensor module1 X Infrared sensor module1 X 5v relay module1 X Obstacle avoidance sensor module1 X Finger detecting heartbeat module1 X sound sensor module1 X Metal touch sensor module1 X Flame sensor module1 X 3 color LED module1 X Line sensor module1 X Linear magnetic hall sensor1 X Rotary encoder module1 X Active buzzer module1 X Magic cup light module1 X Small passive buzzer module1 X Digital temperature sensor module1 X Broken light module1 X The temperature sensor module1 X Double color LED module1 X Mercury medallion module1 X Hall magnetic sensor module1 X 3 color LED module1 X mini reed module1 X Tilt switch module1 X 7 colour flashing LED module1 X Button switch module1 X Photosensitive resistance module1 X Vibration switch module1 X The knock sensor module1 X The temperature sensor module1 X Analogy hall magnetic sensors1 X The microphone sound sensor module1 X Big reed module1 X Double color LED module100 Pcs Resistor as gift(10R,100R,220R,330R,1K,2K,5.1K,10K,100K,1M)10 Pin F-M Dupont Wire as gift

  • Brand: LAFVIN
  • ASIN: B07DW391KT
  • UPC: 741025813335

SainSmart 4 Axis Mach3 USB CNC Motion Controller Card Interface Breakout Board

SainSmart 4 Axis Mach3 USB CNC Motion Controller

Features: 1. Support for 4-axis linkage, you can connect four stepper motor drives or servo drives; 2. Maximum step-pulse frequency is 100KHz,which is suitable for the servo or stepping motor; 3. 4 general-purpose opto-couplers isolation input : can connect the limit switch, emergency stop switch, auto tool zero, home switch etc. 4. Support for connecting electronic handwheel; 5. Have 0-10V signal output , you can use mach3 software to control the spindle motor speed. 6. 4 general-purpose isolated relay drive output interface, can drive four relays for controlling the spindle starts, forward rotating and reverse rotating, pumps or other device; 7. 1 status LED, indicate connection status on the board.  

  • Brand: SainSmart

Vanpower 2PCS 8-Channel 12V Relay Shield Module for Arduino UNO 2560 1280 ARM PIC

Vanpower 2PCS 8-Channel 12V Relay Shield Module for

Features: 12V 8-Channel Relay interface board, and each one needs 50-60mA Driver Current. Equiped with high-current relay, AC250V 10A; DC30V 10A. Indication LED for Relay output status. Size: Approx. 13.80 x 5.50 x 1.70cm/ 5.43 x 2.16 x 0.66 inch(L*W*H) Quantity: 2 Pcs Included: 2 x 12V 8-Channel Relay Module

  • Brand: vanpower
  • UPC: 783761617136

fischertechnik Robo Pro Software

fischertechnik Robo Pro

Easy to use programming software. Even beginners can quickly begin programming through the use of simple flow charts consisting of various software building blocks. The exchange of information can be done through variables and graphical connections as well. This allows the program functions to be displayed in a clear and understandable manner.Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. he graphic programming language ROBO Pro provides all the key elements of a modern programming language, such as arrays, functions, recursions, objects, asynchronous events and quasiparallel processing, making it a useful tool even for professional programmers. Programs are translated directly into machine language for efficient execution of even the most complex programs. Even advanced programmers will find that ROBO Pro knows no limits. With ROBO Pro, it's easy to write teach-in programs or exchange data with other Windows software.

  • Brand: fischertechnik
  • ASIN: B000BS3H5Q
  • UPC: 798521020682

Quimat 37-in-1 Sensor Module Starter Kits with Tutorials for Arduino UNO R3, Mega 2560 Nano and Raspberry Pi 3 RPi 2 Model B B+

Quimat 37-in-1 Sensor Module Starter Kits with Tutorials

About Us: 1.We also have processional engineer team to provide you free tutorials which can help you start learning from beginning 2.You will get a 18 month-Warranty Packing Contents: 1) 1 * Joystick PS2 Module 2) 1 * Flame sensor Module 3) 1 * RGB LED Module 4) 1 * Magnetic spring Module 5) 1 * Rotary encoder Module 6) 1 * Hall sensor Module 7) 1 * Relay Module 8) 1 * Linear-Hall Sensor Module 9) 1 * RGB LED Module(SMD) 10) 1 * Colorful Auto-flash Module 11) 1 * Analogy-Hall sensor Module 12) 1 * 18b20 temperature sensor Module 13) 1 * High-sensitive voice sensor Module 14) 1 * Touch sensor 15) 1 * Common-cathode Red&Green LED Module 16) 1 * Laser-transmit Module 17) 1 * Tilt-switch Module 18) 1 * Analog-temperature sensor Module 19) 1 * Microphone sensor Module 20) 1 * Digital-Temperature sensor Module 21) 1 * Two-color commoncathode LED Module 22) 1 * Push button Module 23) 1 * Photo resistor sensor Module 24) 1 * Infrared-transmit Module 25) 1 * Tracking sensor Module 26) 1 * Passive Buzzer Module 27) 1 * Magnet-ring sensor Module 28) 1 * Shock-switch sensor Module 29) 1 * Humiture sensor Module 30) 1 * Infrared-receive sensor Module 31) 1 * Obstacle avoidance sensor Module 32) 1 * Active buzzer Module 33) 1 * Light break sensor Module 34) 1 * One digit eight segment tube 35...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Quimat
  • ASIN: B06ZZ39PGF

Zildjian L80 Low Volume 13/14/18 Cymbal Set

Zildjian L80 Low Volume 13/14/18 Cymbal

The L80 Low Volume Cymbal is perfect for drummers looking for a quieter sound without losing the authentic feel of a Zildjian Cymbal. They are up to 80% quieter than a traditional Cymbal.Features at a Glance:✅ Sounds and responds like a real acoustic Cymbal✅ Up to 80% less volume than traditional Cymbals✅ Play with any stick, mallet, brush or technique✅ Perfect for practice, and low-volume rehearsals and performancesThis Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack includes:✅ 13" L80 Low Volume HiHats✅ 14" L80 Low Volume Crash✅ 18" L80 Low Volume Crash/RideGet your Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack. ADD TO CART NOW!

  • Brand: Avedis Zildjian Company
  • ASIN: B013HS1TOC
  • UPC: 642388314418
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TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) Tutorial

Dsp Starter Kits

Demonstrate installing Code Composer Studio for TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK). Create an example project that toggles an LED at a rate of 0.5Hz. Used a crappy FLV to MP4 converter and it made the quality blurry, so I am sorry about that. Extra Files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8zCWlq...

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DSP Kit Tutorial 1A - Quick look on the kit

Dsp Starter Kits

Lecture 1 - Brief introduction of TMS320C6713 DSK and its applications. CHITKARA UNIVERSITY, PUNJAB -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "5 TIPS - How to Rank Youtube Videos on YouTube First page - Video SEO" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5TdGy1ZEdk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Getting Started with MetaWare on the ARC EM Starter Kit

Dsp Starter Kits

See how quickly and easily you can get ARC® MetaWare software up and running on the DesignWare® ARC EM Starter Kit for immediate productivity. Ready to use out-of-the-box, the EM Starter Kit will allow you begin writing code for your design right away. The MetaWare Development Toolkit contains al...

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Code Composing using DSP kit

Dsp Starter Kits

This is the video tutorial explaining the steps for installing and usage of DSP starter Kit C6713 with a simple example program.

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Dsp Starter Kits

The PS-TYRO-TMS320C67XX is a Low-power digital signal processor based on C674x DSP core. It consumes significantly lower power than other members of the TMS320C6000™ Platform of DSP's. The C6745/6747 DSP core uses a two-level cache-based architecture. The Level 1 program cache (L1P) is a 32KB dir...

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