BMW (88-07) Main Bearing Set (+0.25 mm over thick) engine crankshaft bearings _ for _ e30 e34 e36.7 e36 e39 e46 e53 e60 e83 e85 e86

BMW (88-07) Main Bearing Set (+0.25 mm over

This part fits:Exx: (fits years) : Model: notee30: 03/88-1991: 325e30: 03/88-1991: 325ie30: 03/88-1993: 325ice30: 03/88-1991: 325ixe30: 03/88-1991: 325is e34: 1991-1995: 525i: m50e34: 1992-1995: 525i: Touringe34: 03/88-1990: 525i e36.7: 1999-2000: Z3: Mcoupe s52e36.7: 2001-2002: Z3: Mcoupe s54e36.7: 1998-2000: Z3: Mroadster s52e36.7: 2001-2002: Z3: Mroadster s54e36.7: 1999-2000: Z3: 2.3e36.7: 2001-2002: Z3: 2.5ie36.7: 1999-2000: Z3: 2.8 coupee36.7: 1997-2000: Z3: 2.8e36.7: 2001-2002: Z3: 3.0i coupee36.7: 2001-2002: Z3: 3.0i e36: 1992-1995: 325ie36: 1993-1995: 325ice36: 1992-1995: 325ise36: 1996-1998: 328ie36: 1996-1998: 328ice36: 1996-1999: 328ise36: 1995-1995: M3 b30e36: 1996-1999: M3 b32 e39: 2001-2003: 525ie39: 2001-2003: 525iTe39: 1997-2000: 528ie39: 1999-2000: 528iTe39: 2001-2003: 530i e46: 2000-2000: 323ci conve46: 2000-2000: 323cie46: 1999-2000: 323ie46: 2000-2000: 323iTe46: 2001-2006: 325ci conve46: 2001-2006: 325cie46: 2001-2005: 325xie46: 2001-2005: 325xiTe46: 2001-2005: 325ie46: 2001-2005: 325iTe46: 2000-2000: 328cie46: 1999-2000: 328ie46: 2001-2006: 330ci conve46: 2001-2006: 330cie46: 2001-2005: 330xie46: 2001-2005: 330ie46: 2001-2006: M3 conve46: 2001-2006: M3 e53: 2001-2006: X5: 3.0i e60: 2004-2005: 525i: M54e60: 2004-2005: 530i: M54 e83: 2004-2005: X3: 2.5ie83: 200...

  • Brand: Glyco
  • ASIN: B00CGDL4A4

BMW (93-03 8cyl) Main Bearing Set (Standard)

BMW (93-03 8cyl) Main Bearing Set

This part fits:Exx(fits years) Modele31(1996-1997)840cie31(1994-1995)840ie32(1993-1994)740ie32(1993-1994)740iLe34(1993-1995)530ie34(1993-1995)540ie38(1995-2001)740ie38(1995-2001)740iLe39(1997-2003)540ie39(1999-2003)540iTe39(2000-2003)M5e53(2000-2003)X5 4.4i M62e53(2001-2003)X5 4.6isz8(2002-2003)Alpina V8z8(2000-2002)Z8

  • Brand: Glyco
  • UPC: 766194523939

BMW OEM Main Crankshaft Bearing Set (Standard) E31 E32 E34 E38 E39 E52 E53 840Ci 840i 740i 740iL 530i 540i 740i 740iL 740iLP 540i 540iP M5 ALPINA V8 Z8 X5 4.4i X5 4.6is

BMW OEM Main Crankshaft Bearing Set (Standard) E31

E31-Coupe-840Ci-(1995-97)E31-Coupe-840i-(1984-95)E32-Sedan-740i-(1993-94)E32-Sedan-740iL-(1993-94)E34-Sedan-530i-(1994-95)E34-Sedan-540i-(1994-95)E34-Wagon-530i-(1994-95)E38-Sedan-740i-(1995-95)E38-Sedan-740i-(1996-01)E38-Sedan-740iL-(1995-95)E38-Sedan-740iL-(1996-01)E38-Sedan-740iLP-(1999-01)E39-Sedan-540i-(1997-03)E39-Sedan-540iP-(1998-01)E39-Sedan-M5-(2000-03)E39-Wagon-540i-(1999-03)E52-Roadster-ALPINA V8-(2003-03)E52-Roadster-Z8-(2000-03)E53-SAV/SUV-X5 4.4i-(2000-03)E53-SAV/SUV-X5 4.6is-(2002-03)

  • Brand: OEM
  • ASIN: B010A9W288
  • UPC: 713194099865
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E34 Main Bearing Set

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E34 Main Bearing Set

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E34 Main Bearing Set

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