Megasol EROS Bodyglide Super Concentrated Body Gel - Silicon Based Personal Lubricant. Latex Condom Safe, Ultra Long-Lasting Sex Lube Without Parabens or Glycerin ~ 100 mL

Megasol EROS Bodyglide Super Concentrated Body Gel -

FUN. Do you long for pure desire in your partnership? Do you seek variety, elements of surprise and lots of fun? Then EROS is just the thing for you. With lubricants, massage lotions and many more erotic products, EROS sets the stage for sensual and exciting experiences, unforgettable climaxes and ecstatic moments. QUALITY. Do you want great sex, but at the same time attach great importance to the quality of the product of your choice? Put your trust in EROS. With the latest formulations, EROS creates maximum arousal. EROS stands for the highest quality demands, innovation and purity. It goes without saying that all products are subject to the most stringent quality control. DERMATOLOGY TESTED. Before we can impress users with long-lasting lubrication and other special properties, personal lubricants must be skin compatible. After all, they come into contact with skin and mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are particularly unforgiving if we don't treat them properly. So, it's crucial that we pay extra special attention to ingredients here. This is why all products and ingredients developed and used by EROS are dermatologically tested to ensure they are completely skin compatible. MASSAGE. The smooth feelings last all night, and because your skin doesn't absorb the silicone, yo...

  • Color: Black (Masculine)
  • Brand: EROS
  • ASIN: B00O9H1ENW
  • UPC: 784922695680

Versace Eros Invigorating Shower Gel 250ml 8.4 Oz

Versace Eros Invigorating Shower Gel 250ml 8.4

Versace Eros Invigorating Shower Gel 250ml 8.4 Oz

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Versace
  • ASIN: B00B98RXRA

Edge Delay Gel. Ultimate Staying Power: Natural, Prolonging and Desensitizing Delay for Men. NO Lidocaine, Non-Numbing Long Lasting! Pocket Size Tube! (30 Applications)

Edge Delay Gel. Ultimate Staying Power: Natural, Prolonging

GREATER SENSATIONEdge is absorbed by the skin and does NOT numb but instead has anti-serotonergic properties, which means that it delays the orgasm reflex WITHOUT affecting the normal sensations: Starts to work in about 30 to 40 minutes.ORGANIC DELAY GEL FOR ULTIMATE ORGASMUnlike any other delay gel on the market, Edge is made from Natural ingredients. Edge can be applied a long time before required, meaning you can be confident of being in full control when you most need it. It has been specially formulated to help delay your orgasm and ejaculation, which means that your partner will never be disappointed.STOP PREMATURE EJACULATION This delay gel will get rid of your premature ejaculation in an instant. After using it, you will begin to notice a great deal of satisfaction when having sexual intercourse. If you can keep a strong erection for long, you can increase your confidence level and perform so much better. As it uses a wide range of natural ingredients, this gel formula is superb.KISSABLE DELAY GELEdge delay gel is different than other products. It has natural ingredients and doesn't have side effects, as it has no chemicals. This makes it safer to use than similar products. Edge is kissable, meaning that your girl can give you some oral sex to boost your enjoyment. You ca...

  • Brand: Sensuous

EROS Mega Power Anal. Silicone-Based Lubricant ~ 125 mL

EROS Mega Power Anal. Silicone-Based Lubricant ~ 125

EROS Mega Power Anal. Silicone-Based Lubricant ~ 125 mL

  • Brand: EROS
  • ASIN: B07MWGXQ29

EROS Personal Lubricant for Fisting and Anal Sex - Thick and Long Lasting Back-Door Relaxing Gel - Hybrid Silicone and Water Based Anal Lube for Men | Women |Gays - 500-ml (17-oz)

EROS Personal Lubricant for Fisting and Anal Sex

Why EROS is a Perfect Sexual Lubricant for Everyone? Eros Fisting Gel is a smooth, odorless hybrid lube that will reduce friction and enhance the comfort of intimate activity by providing a super-slick, never sticky, long-lasting experience. Besides, it's hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, and is ideal for any kind of sexual intercourses, including anal or vaginal sex, fisting, intimate massages, solo play, and everything that gives you pleasure. NOTE The Eros Ultra X version of the gel contains a numbing agent (Laureth-9), which creates a mild desensitizing and anesthetizing effect for additional comfort during any sexual intercourse. Is EROS Lube Safe and Healthy? Absolutely! Hypoallergenic fragrance-free Safe for sensitive skin PH-balanced No harsh chemicals Paraben and Oil Free No itching or burning COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SEX TOYS AND CONDOMS Extensively tested to ensure compatibility with Latex or Polyurethane Condoms and Adult Toys. Easy to clean with mild soap or machine wash.

  • Color: Pine Green (Ultra X)
  • Brand: Liebelube
  • ASIN: B07M7Q217F
  • UPC: 628110742438

Wet Platinum Lube - Premium Silicone Based Personal Lubricant, 4.2 Ounce

Wet Platinum Lube - Premium Silicone Based Personal

What would happen if you took all of the water from a lubricant and left only the ingredients that make it stay slick? Magic. Wet Platinum, our most Premium formula, stays silky longer than any water-based lubricant and never dries. It`s silky smooth, 100% pure silicone formula is latex friendly and works great under water. Wet Platinum is made with the finest ingredients in the USA, without the high price tag of imported brands. Wet Platinum is the Rolls Royce of lubes and you deserve the best.

  • Brand: Wet
  • ASIN: B000PRA724
  • UPC: 716222207010

Eros 500 ml Fisting Ultrax Gel by Eros

Eros 500 ml Fisting Ultrax Gel by

EROS Action Nothing for cuddly and floral sex: EROS Action offers fun for all the unusual techniques. Whether fisting or anal pleasure, with state-of-the-art recipes especially for men and women, EROS Action ensures maximum excitement.

  • ASIN: B018OS3J5C

Versace Eros Invigorating Shower Gel, 3.4 oz

Versace Eros Invigorating Shower Gel, 3.4

  • Brand: Versace
  • ASIN: B00CAD1JC8

EDGE Delay Spray for Men - No Lidocaine | No Numbing | All Natural Climax Control - Full Sensations for Man - Male Genital Desensitizer Spray - Prolong Sех | Prevent Premature Orgasm - 50 Sprays

EDGE Delay Spray for Men - No Lidocaine

EROS Edge Delaying Spray is a very simple solution that helps men to delay ejaculation. It's made only with natural ingredients and does not contain Lidocaine which causes numbness, so it allows you to stay longer in play without losing sensations and fully enjoy the moment. With this game-changing delay spray, you and your lady will not be disappointed anymore. How to Use 1. Apply spray on a sensitive area. Find out which areas are the most sensitive on your penis and slowly start applying the product. 3-4 sprays are usually enough. Do not exceed the dosage of 5 sprays per session. 2. Wait 30-40 minutes. This time allows the solution to absorb into the skin to the nerves in order to prolong the еjaculаtiоn. The time spent on getting close and intimate with your partner should be sufficient to absorb and take effect. 3. Get ready for the intimacy. Majority of men experience dramatically longer sexual intercourse after the very first use of the solution, although by adjusting the dosage, adapting the application process or wearing a condom, the sexual intercourse duration might increase even more. Warnings | Recommendations For external use only. Do not use EROS EDGE if you or your partner are allergic or sensitive to local anesthetics, or any of the inactive ingredients. Do no...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: EDGE

Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin by Penchant Premium - Silicone Based, Discreet Label - Best Personal Lube for Women and Men - Lubrication Gel Without Parabens or Glycerin 4oz

Intimate Lubricants for Sensitive Skin by Penchant Premium

"We've Discovered the Secret To Transforming Couple's Sex Lives...Overnight." I confess, at times it feels like everyone around us is having better, longer, and more frequent sex. Is there a secret that they know, that you or I don't? Read on... Imagine surprising your loved one. A discreet, upscale box arrives in the mail and you leave it out for them to discover. A simple grin across the room is all it takes, tonight is going to be special. It's easy to admire the beautifully designed bottle, but inside is where the magic is. Just wait till your partner feels the pleasure packed silky goodness caressing their body. Only the finest, state-of-the-art ingredients go into our personal lubricant and your partner can tell. Luxurious, silky, and full of back arching goodness like they've never felt. Suddenly friends will start wondering what your secret is! Penchant Benefits: - The longest lasting, most incredible feeling silicone lube on the market. - Packed with the best body pleasing ingredients that are never sticky and don't dry out. - Elegant and discreet packaging- looks like a high-end moisturizer you don't have to hide. - The highest product safety standards with a FDA 510k approval rating. - Paraben-free and Made in the USA Supplies Are Strictly Limited. Click 'Add t...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Penchant
  • ASIN: B00UO1R7XI
  • UPC: 755563208157

Pjur Back Door Anal lubricant 3.4 fl. oz.

Pjur Back Door Anal lubricant 3.4 fl.

Long-lasting silicone lube designed for men specifically to enhance the pleasure of anal intercourse. Like Pjur AnalyseMe! but with a higher concentration of ingredients. Jojoba extracts help relax the anal sphincter enhancing the experience. Perfect for use in combination with Pjur Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray.* Made in Germany* For aggressive anal penetration* Super-slippery silicone lube with relaxing jojoba* Lidocaine and benzocaine free* Long lasting and latex condom safePjur Safe PleasureEvery Pjur product is made to combine pure pleasure with purity and quality. To that end, Pjur group does not use any flavourings or colourants in the production process. The entire product range is dermatologist tested and subject to strict quality and safety management, abiding by the highest German criteria. That is what the Pjur brand stands for - reliability and quality made in Germany, no matter where on the planet these products are used.What are the experts saying?Be sure its Pjur! Pjur has been serving the US market since 1995. Pjur personal products are developed to enhance personal pleasure, making your sex more enjoyable and longer lasting. Look for the yellow dot to ensure you are getting genuine Pjur premium personal lubricants. East Coast News

  • Brand: Pjur USA

Überlube Luxury Lubricant 100ml

Überlube Luxury Lubricant

Überlube Luxury Lubricant 100ml

  • Color: Na
  • Brand: Überlube
  • UPC: 801484613416

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant 50ml

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant 50ml

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Überlube
  • UPC: 851674000007

Valm Silicone Based Personal Lubricant - Ultra Long Lasting - Sex Lube for Women, Men, and Couples - 8.5 Ounce Pump

Valm Silicone Based Personal Lubricant - Ultra Long

Valm Silicone is a high performance Personal Lubricant, beautifully packaged, and manufactured to unequaled safety standards. Valm Silicone is a super concentrated, long lasting, waterproof, Silicone Based Personal Lubricant. A few drops lasts for hours, reducing dryness and friction without losing sensation. This doctor recommended formulation is Non-irritating, Unflavored, and Fragrance Free.Valm Lubes are beautifully and discreetly packaged with the look and feel of a high end cosmetic. Simply remove the over cap and rotate the locking pump mechanism to allow precise control over the amount and location of the lube you desire. Valm Silicone is perfect for any intimate use. Apply to intimate areas to enhance the ease and comfort and supplement the body's natural lubrication. Valm Silicone is also a fantastic massage oil because it naturally dissipates leaving the skin soft and silky. It is a perfect anal lube, long lasting without the need to reapply. Simply wipe dry or clean with soap and water after use. Valm Silicone is Safe & Effective, manufactured in the USA in a FDA regulated facility and is registered as a 510(k) accepted medical device. Extensively tested to insure compatibility with Latex and Polyurethane Condoms.Valm lubes are an incomparable value. They are superior...

  • Brand: Valm
  • ASIN: B01JARYB76
  • UPC: 864785000224

EROS Nuru Massage Gel ~ 500 mL

EROS Nuru Massage Gel ~ 500

EROS Nuru Massage Gel ~ 500 mL

  • Brand: Eros
  • ASIN: B07MGJ3F3Y

Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube, Organic Best Sex Lubricant Oral Gel for Her, Him & Couples, Unscented, 2.5 oz

Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube, Organic Best Sex

What makes Aloe Cadabra the best? Aloe Cadabra is a 2-in-1 personal lubricant plus vaginal moisturizer that is FDA-cleared and certified to NSF organic standards. Is made for you with over 95% Organic Aloe Vera and enriched with Vitamin E. It nourishes your skin while enhancing your sexual pleasure and comfort. Why did we create Aloe Cadabra? Aloe Cadabra is about EMPOWERING women in their quest for sexual health equality through consumer education and integrity. Aloe Cadabra was created to educate consumers about these issues with honest products, transparent marketing and provide a genuinely healthy solution. How is it different from what I'm using? While many personal lubricants work by creating a temporary oily or silicone barrier on the surface that can contribute to long-term destruction of vaginal tissue, Aloe Cadabra is designed to moisturize a woman's delicate vaginal tissue to the abundant moisture balance she enjoyed earlier in life. There are no harmful ingredients or adverse side effects! Aloe Cadabra transforms the physical by restoring moisture, the emotional by restoring relationships and sensuality through healthy intimacy. How does Aloe Cadabra work? Aloe Cadabra is pH balanced for a woman's body designed to naturally restore a woman's vaginal environm...

  • Color: Unscented Natural
  • Brand: Aloe Cadabra
  • ASIN: B0161J28AI
  • UPC: 784922688576

Superwrap Sprayable Vinyl Wrap - High Gloss Finish - 18" to 19" Wheel Kit (Gloss Black)

Superwrap Sprayable Vinyl Wrap - High Gloss Finish

  • UPC: 628110742391

Astroglide X, Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lubricant, 2.5 oz.

Astroglide X, Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lubricant, 2.5

When it comes to slick lubrication, nothing beats a quality silicone lube. Made with a unique blend of premium ingredients, our silky smooth silicone formula is extremely long-lasting and won't dry out. There are no limits to your sexual exploration when you take ASTROGLIDE X Silicone Liquid with you. Not condom compatible.

  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: Astroglide
  • UPC: 885244915262

EjectDelay - 2oz Tube - Maximum Strength Ejaculation Control - Male Desensitizer - Improves Longer Lasting Climax for Men & PE or Premature Ejaculation

EjectDelay - 2oz Tube - Maximum Strength Ejaculation

EjectDelay is an effective medication for the treatment of one of the most common male sexual problems: Premature Ejaculation. EjectDelay is a topical gel available over the counter without a prescription for the treatment of PE. The man applies EjectDelay to the tip 5-10 minutes prior to intercourse. Any excess gel should be wiped off before intercourse. Any excess gel should be wiped off before intercourse. EjectDelay can be used with or without a condom but does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. In general, the use of EjectDelay can increase sexual activity by several minutes. More than 86.7% of men reported greater sexual satisfaction with the use of Benzocaine. Many researchers believe that PE may be due to a chemical imbalance or changes in receptor sensitivity in the brain or spinal cord. Physiological and psychological factors may contribute to PE.

  • Brand: Eject Delay
  • UPC: 357483000004

Pjur Analyse ME Silicone Lubricant - Long-Lasting Silicone Personal Lubricant Created to Facilitate Anal Intercourse - Enriched with Dimethicone and Jojoba Oil (3.4 Fluid Ounces / 100 Milliliters)

Pjur Analyse ME Silicone Lubricant - Long-Lasting Silicone

Is Pjur ANALYSE ME Silicone Lubricant right for me? Silicone lubricants offer a different sensation from water-based personal lubricants and are generally recommended for those looking for very long-lasting lubrication. Silicone formulations can't be absorbed by skin or mucous membranes and consequently don't dry out easily. Pjur ANALYSE ME is a special soothing lube created for anal intercourse lovers who need extra lubrication during their playtime. This silicone formula with high grade jojoba extract was developed specially to facilitate anal penetration and maximize your pleasure. Jojoba is a natural component that moisturizes the skin, making it soft and smooth. It relaxes the sphincter, creating a silky smooth feeling without any desensitizing effect. Pjur ANALYSE ME is also enriched with dimethicone to ensure maximum pleasure and comfort. Dimethicone is a special silicone-based polymer approved for use by the FDA that acts as a skin protectant and emollient. For this reason, Pjur ANALYSE ME doesn't irritate your skin, and it is safe for even the most sensitive skin types. Only a few drops of Pjur ANALYSE ME Lubricant are needed to maximize your pleasure! Pjur ANALYSE ME does not block pores and always leaves your skin soft and smooth. This lube is not made with fats, fragr...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: pjur
  • ASIN: B00A3X5M66
  • UPC: 616641124915

Eros Aqua Flasche100 Medical Water-Based Lubricant Gel by Eros

Eros Aqua Flasche100 Medical Water-Based Lubricant Gel by

medical water-based lubricant;It is long lasting and the skin doesn't feel sticky;EROS Aqua is oil-free, perfume-free and has a completely neutral odour;Lubricant;water-based

  • Brand: EROS
  • ASIN: B01CZ5D1G2
  • UPC: 797142818999

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel - Parker Laboratories - 60g (2oz) Tube - (Pack of 2)

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel - Parker Laboratories -

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel - Parker Laboratories - 60g (2oz) Tube - (Pack of 2)

  • Color: Basic Pack
  • Brand: Spectra
  • UPC: 722589360145

EROS Cool Power Stimulation Gel ~ 30 mL

EROS Cool Power Stimulation Gel ~ 30

EROS Cool Power Stimulation Gel ~ 30 mL

  • Brand: EROS

Compatible Eros and Psyche Soft Gel Case/Replacement for, if Applicable for iPhone XR

Compatible Eros and Psyche Soft Gel Case/Replacement for,

Compatible Eros and Psyche Soft Gel Case/Replacement for, if applicable for iPhone XRInfo on our casesWe offer Soft and Tough Case compatible with iPhone XR.The cases for iPhone XR are top quality material and quality printing with Eros and Psyche photo; each designed to fit perfectly to your device.Mix Model, We have many models here.Personalize your casesAdd your own touch to a premade case by adding your own text or images on top.When you want to add your chosen unique pattern to your iPhone XR, but still provide it with ultimate protection, you need we to make phone case for you!Please contact and send us the clear picture when you order. Please choose the right model for your phone.Package Including1pc x Compatible Eros and Psyche Soft Gel Case/Replacement for, if applicable for iPhone XRShipmentYour case for iPhone XR will be sent within 3 working days. The total estimate is 3 working days + Country transit time estimation.Return GuaranteeAny quality problems, such as damage package, or the case fits wrong compatibility model, or other problems caused by us, we will refund you full money or send you a new.In a word, we will serve you until you are 100% satisfied. Because we are the best seller on amazon!Show your personality!Get yours today!

  • Brand: Anvain
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Eros Spray dhe Cream

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Si te zgjidhim problemin e ejakulimit te parakohshem? Eros Spray dhe Cream ju ndihmon me ejakulimin e parakohshem me nje efekt te kenaqshem mbi marredhenie tuaja

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Versace Eros Gift Box | Eau De Toilette - After Shave - Shower Gel | Unboxing

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Versace Eros gift box | Unboxing - Eau De Toilette - Comfort After Shave Balm - Invigorating Shower Gel

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Why You Should Not Use Anesthetic Gel for Premature Ejaculation (Hindi)

Eros Gel

Watch to find out the reasons why you should avoid anesthetic gels, spray's or oils to treat premature ejaculation (शिग्रपतन ), these include lack of sensation etc.

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#Eros Cream UK (অর্ডার করতে কল দিন : 01788323335)

Eros Gel

The Eros cream give you relax life it can totally change your life Call For Order : 01788323335 (11am - 11pm without Friday) আপনার সেক্স টাইম কে বাড়ানোর জন্য গ্যারান্টি সহ কাজ করে weight 15 ml Made in England আপনি স্ত্রী সহবাসে অক্ষম দ্রুত বীর্য পাত নিয়ে হতাশা গ্রস্ত আছেন তাহলে ইউজ করুন...

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