HiLetgo 2pcs PCF8574 PCF8574T IO Expansion Board I/O Expander I2C Evaluation Develop Module

HiLetgo 2pcs PCF8574 PCF8574T IO Expansion Board I/O

Description: Based on the I2C interface I / O expansion modules, using two I / O can be extended to eight I / O (up to simultaneous use 8 PCF8574, expanded to 64 I / O) Maximum Features: supports two types of Interface, access to the target board: Pin or row seat 2 supports I2C bus cascade (via pin, row seat docking methods can be used simultaneously multiple I2C modules) Typical applications: for I / O resource constraints the MCU I / O expansion The main resources: PCF8574, I2C interface, the 8-bit parallel Document for PCF8574 PCF8574T Communication Module(Please kindly click the link and donwload the files):http://www.filedropper.com/pcf8574t_3 Package Included: 2* PCF8574 PCF8574T Communication Module Note: Please contact us if you need the Schematic

  • Brand: HiLetgo®
  • ASIN: B01ICN5JB6

[IO Expansion] PCF8574 IO Expansion Board 8-bit I/O Expander I2C-Bus Evaluation Development Module @XYGStudy

[IO Expansion] PCF8574 IO Expansion Board 8-bit I/O

8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus, PCF8574 on board Overview The PCF8574 IO Expansion Board is used as remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus. Up to 8 PCF8574 IO Expansion Board can be connected to the I2C-bus, providing up to 64 I/O ports. The PCF8574 IO Expansion Board features I2C pinheader on one side, and I2C connector on the opposite side. Hence, it's more flexible to connect the board to your development system. The board also supports I2C cascading, allowing the use of multi module connected to the I2C bus at the same time by connecting the pinheader and connector. Features PCF8574, I2C interface, 8-bit parallel port Package Contains PCF8574 IO Expansion Board × 1 For more resources you may need, pls contact me via Amazon message, i will send you then via attachment.

  • Brand: XYG-Module
  • ASIN: B00DUO17J6
  • UPC: 519997277758

PCB, Balboa, 53544, 1 Speed Expander Board

PCB, Balboa, 53544, 1 Speed Expander

This is the secondary board found in the VS-510 control system

  • Brand: Balboa Water Group
  • ASIN: B06X6H6L9M
  • UPC: 753610462880

RobotDyn - 8 Channel I/O port expander - expansion board module, 8-bit IC PCA8574 - PCA8574AD

RobotDyn - 8 Channel I/O port expander -

If you just don't have enough digital I/O pins on your Arduino to interface with all your sensors and controls, you might want to look at using the I2C bus to connect a few port expander chip PCA8574AD have 8 digital I/O bits and can be set to addresses 0x38-0x3F respectively. The I2C bus on the Arduino uses SCL, SDA, a couple of pull up resistors and the Wire library. You can connect more expander module. More 8 modules. Just change address of each module. On back side of board have instruction. If you need more connecting modules, pls cut off the connection of pull-up resistor on the back side of the board. Only 1 board need pull-up resistor. Technical characteristics: - IC expander PCA8574AD - I/O expand 8 pins - Addresses 0x38-0x3F Product official page:https://robotdyn.com/i2c-8-bit-i-o-expander-module-pca8574ad.htmlRobotDyn(R) - registered trademark in USA.

  • Brand: RobotDyn
  • ASIN: B072N76HVZ

Icstation MCP23017 16 Bit IO Port Expander Module I2C Interface for Arduino C51

Icstation MCP23017 16 Bit IO Port Expander Module

This I/O expension module is equipped with MCP23017 16-bit I/O port expander chip supporting each IO port as input or output port.It can set 8 different communication address enable you connect with 8pcs different module and maximum support 128 I/O port expansion with standard IIC serial communication. Specifications: Chip:MCP23017 Working Voltage: 3-5.5V Driving Current:25mA I2C Frequency:100KHz,400KHz,1.7MHz Parallel Connection Quantity:8(max.) Module Size:65X19mm/2.56X0.75inch(L*W) Specifications: 1X MCP23017 16bit IO Port Expander 1X Pin Header Set

  • Brand: IS
  • ASIN: B078GNJBD9

Jones - Mens Mind Expander Snowboard 2018, 150

Jones - Mens Mind Expander Snowboard 2018,

KEY FEATURES Christenson Surf Rocker Profile designed by shaper Chris Christenson for insane float Directional Shape helps board perform more predictably in all conditions Color of snowboard base may vary What are mountains if theyre not big frozen waves? With trees And sometimes rocks Thats how the Jones Mind Expander Snowboard looks at things and who are we to tell it otherwise? Its shaped with input from legendary surfboard shaper Chris Christenson giving it a floaty free feel that can only be described as surfy And thanks to the Bamboo Surf Core overall weight is kept extremely low while maintaining a high level of pop and response SPECSProfile RockerWidth Regular

  • Color: 150
  • Brand: Jones New York

Honeywell 4229 Ademco Wired Zone Expander and Relay Board by LiveWatch Security

Honeywell 4229 Ademco Wired Zone Expander and Relay

DIY Wireless Home Security System made easy with Ademco Wired Zone Expander & Relay Board;Place it in your home in under 30 minutes;Item = 4229

  • Brand: LiveWatch
  • UPC: 783961152079

Fochutech Car Seat Seam Cup Drinks Holder Dashboard Cell Phone Beverage Accessories Auto Bottle Stand (Silver)

Fochutech Car Seat Seam Cup Drinks Holder Dashboard

It is quite convenient for you to put the drink can into the holder and handy for you to drink. Use Scope:For dashboard Material:ABS Color:Black,Silver,Blue,Red Size:8.5*7*7.5cm/3.34x2.75x2.95" Package include: 1x Drink Holder

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Fochutech
  • ASIN: B076S6GPNZ
  • UPC: 722874760339

Sparepart: Fujitsu CX272S1 EXPANDER BOARD ASSY, 38036651

Sparepart: Fujitsu CX272S1 EXPANDER BOARD ASSY,

  • ASIN: B00M25YGQU

Grove/Pin Headers I2C 4 Channel Mux Extender / Expander Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Grove/Pin Headers I2C 4 Channel Mux Extender /

The Grove I2C 4 Channel Mux Breakout Board is a TCA9545A based quad bidirectional I2C Expander and Multiplexor controlled via the I2C bus with GROVE connectors. The SCL/SDA controlling fans out to four downstream channels. It works for both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. At SwitchDoc Labs, we love data. And we love I2C devices. We like to gather the data using lots of I2C devices on our computers and projects. We are always running into conflicts with addressing on the I2C device. Since there are no standards, sometimes multiple devices will have the same address, such as 0x70 and you are just out of luck in running both of them on the same I2C bus without a lot of jimmy rigging. You can have any combination of 3.3V and 5V I2C busses on this board. What is the solution for this? It's an I2C controlled 4 I2C bus multiplexer! We have both Grove Connectors and traditional pin headers. Grove connectors make it easy to use with no soldering! SwitchDoc Labs is building all future products with Grove connectors and there are many manufacturers of Grove sensors. And we have the software drivers written for it for the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi on github.com/switchdoclabs. With the software and board, you are ready to go!

  • Brand: SwitchDoc Labs
  • ASIN: B01B3BF4C8
  • UPC: 088234728181
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The IO Expander Board is based on the Microchip MCP23017 Expander Chip. This high-performance IC, allows connection to a range of High-Speed I²C buses, including the standard 100kHz bus, as well as the newer 400kHz and 1.7MHz bus standards. For more details: https://researchdesignlab.com/io-expa...

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Part1 - PCF8575 - I2C Remote 16 bit IO expander - ESP8266 Driver

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Part 1 of the ESP8266 Driver implementation tutorial for PCF8575 - I2C Remote 16 bit IO Expander Board. Related Article: http://www.esp8266-projects.com/2016/06/p1-pcf8575-remote-16-bit-io-expander.html

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How to connect a relay board to an IDS X64 expander module

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How to connect a relay board to an IDS X64 expander module

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