Privateer Press Khador: Winter Guard Field Crew Miniature Game PIP33051

Privateer Press Khador: Winter Guard Field Crew Miniature

War machine -steam powered miniatures combat-- is a table-top miniatures game published by Privateer Press. Players take on the role of an elite soldier-sorcerer known as a war caster. While a war caster and his army is a formidable force on the battlefield, a war caster's true strength is in their ability to magically control and coordinate the actions of their mighty war jacks steam-powered combat automatons that represent the pinnacle of military might in the Iron Kingdoms.

  • Brand: Privateer Press
  • ASIN: B000OT67D6
  • UPC: 875582003189

Crews Law Over The Glass Polycarbonate Clear Anti-Fog Lens Safety Glasses with Hybrid Black Temple Sleeve

Crews Law Over The Glass Polycarbonate Clear Anti-Fog

Crews Law Over-The-Glasses Dielectric Safety Glasses feature an oversized frame design for giving a higher level of protection from side impacts. Clear polycarbonate, Duramass AF4 anti-scratch, single lens with 5 position ratchet action offers wider lens angle adjustment for excellent orbital seal. Anti-fog lens in rugged construction filters out 99.9% UV rays for added safety. Safety glasses also feature hybrid type, silver steel temple infused with black, soft TPR material for added grip and comfort. Glasses with 85% visible light transmission meet ANSI Z87 standards and are sold as 144 pairs per pack. Lens Color:Clear, Lens Type:Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch

  • Color: Clear Anti-Fog Lens
  • Brand: Crews Safety Products
  • ASIN: B0033V67N2
  • UPC: 640206531238

onepicebest 1944 Pontiac Vintage Look Replica Metal Sign 7" x 10"- U.S. Anti Aircraft Field Gun Crew

onepicebest 1944 Pontiac Vintage Look Replica Metal Sign


  • Brand: onepicebest

Field Manual FM 3-22.68 Crew-Served Machine Guns 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm July 2006

Field Manual FM 3-22.68 Crew-Served Machine Guns 5.56-mm

This manual provides a single source of technical information, training techniques, guidance for using, and integration into combat operations of three crew-served machine guns, the 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm M60, M240B, and M249. For quick reference, this publication includes an appendix with all of the firing tables collocated.

  • Brand: Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • ASIN: 1478288310

Krylon K07096 Hand Held Marking Applicator Wand, 34" Length

Krylon K07096 Hand Held Marking Applicator Wand, 34"

Mutual hand held applicator wand. These convenient hand held wands make application clean and easy. 34-inches length.

  • Color: NA
  • Brand: Krylon
  • ASIN: B000H5Q5G6
  • UPC: 724504070962

Dragon Models 1/35 British 25-Pdr. Field Gun Mk.II with Limber and Crew - Smart Kit

Dragon Models 1/35 British 25-Pdr. Field Gun Mk.II

Known officially as the Ordnance QF 25 pounder, this artillery piece was the workhorse of British and Commonwealth field artillery units during WWII. The name came from the fact that the weapon fired a 25-pound shell, and QF stood for Quick Firing. The 25-pdr entered service in 1940, and many consider it the best towed field gun of the war owing to its high rate of fire, lethal shell and good mobility. A total of 13,000 25-pdr guns were built worldwide, with the Mark II being the most common variant used in WWII. For transport, the 1,633kg howitzer was often hitched to an ammunition limber (known as the Trailer, Artillery, No 27) containing 32 rounds. Both pieces were then typically towed by a 4x4 Field Artillery Tractor. The six-man gun crew comprised the detachment commander, breech operator, layer, loader and two ammo handlers. Dragon is offering a fantastic new kit of this famous British field gun. The model depicts the standard 25-pdr Mark II version. The 1/35 scale miniature was carefully researched using original guns as references, thus giving the model unparalleled levels of accuracy. Not only is the gun precisely dimensioned and detailed, but as a Smart Kit it offers an excellent balance of easy assembly. Wherever possible, components are separated into as few pieces as...

  • Brand: Dragon Models USA
  • ASIN: B00681SB2Y
  • UPC: 089195866752

Field Rain Gun Unisex Casual Stockings Sport Athletic Crew Socks

Field Rain Gun Unisex Casual Stockings Sport Athletic

Socks Are An Everyday Necessity For Most. Our Socks Will Give You Maximum Comfort And Style Simultaneously!

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Field Rain
  • ASIN: B07L8J1MFB
  • UPC: 610548224389

Valken Infinity Paintballs - 68cal - 2,000ct - Yellow-Yellow Fill

Valken Infinity Paintballs - 68cal - 2,000ct -

Infinity paintballs have a thicker shell which makes it very durable and perfect for the entry level marker. Infinity paint was designed and priced to be straight-shooting and affordable; it's the best paintball you can get for the price!

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Valken
  • ASIN: B005T7MC32
  • UPC: 844959028148

Outbreak: Green Fields #2

Outbreak: Green Fields

With nowhere left to run—where will you go?Most of the world’s population is either dead or dying from a virus that looks a lot like the one Bree and Nate tried to destroy—and not all of them remain dead. Chased by hordes of zombies, they flee the city with what remains of their merry band of miscreants. But even when most of them survive the first day, they are far from safe—because there is no safe place left. The fight for survival forces them to become resourceful, and soon they realize that the undead might not be their only problem. In this new world, it’s each man or woman out for themselves—and just because someone has a pulse doesn’t necessarily mean they make a good ally. Yet there is hope—a bunker in Wyoming, outfitted with weapons and food, and above all else, defensible shelter for the winter. Can they survive the two-thousand-miles trip across the country with nothing but the clothes on their back and what they can scavenge along they way? This is not the kind of challenge that Bree ever imagined she would have to face, but she’s determined to survive—even if that means to learn how to on the job.Books in the series (so far):#1: Incubation#2: Outbreak#3: Escalation#4: Extinction#5: Resurgence#6: Unity#7: Affliction#8: Catharsis#9: Exodus#10: Upri...

  • ASIN: B017BUZRX6

Medieval Maritime Warfare

Medieval Maritime

Following the fall of Rome, the sea is increasingly the stage upon which the human struggle of western civilization is played out. In a world of few roads and great disorder, the sea is the medium on which power is projected and wealth sought. Yet this confused period in the history of maritime warfare has rarely been studied – it is little known and even less understood. Charles Stanton uses an innovative and involving approach to describe this fascinating but neglected facet of European medieval history. He depicts the development of maritime warfare from the end of the Roman Empire to the dawn of the Renaissance, detailing the wars waged in the Mediterranean by the Byzantines, Muslims, Normans, Crusaders, the Italian maritime republics, Angevins and Aragonese as well as those fought in northern waters by the Vikings, English, French and the Hanseatic League. This pioneering study will be compelling reading for everyone interested in medieval warfare and maritime history.

  • ASIN: B00V76714Y
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Field Gun World Record.wmv

Field Gun Crew

The run that finally sealed the World Record for Devonport A Crew.

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Royal Navy Field Gun Competition 1997

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Royal Navy Field Gun Competiton 1997; FAA versus Portsmouth

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Field gun competition

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Field gun competitionインサイドストーリー

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Royal Navy Field Gun Competition 1988

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Devonport v Fleet Air Arm at the Royal Tournament, Earls Court, July 1988

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The Last Gun Race

Field Gun Crew

A BBC documentary about the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition that had been part of the Royal Tournament held at Earl's Court every year until the last run in 1999. It shows an insight into the preparation and dedication needed to make the cut and the heart break if not good enough. This video is ...

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