Dealmed Fabric Fingertip Adhesive Bandages, Sterile with Non-Stick Pad, 1 3/4"x 3", 100 Count

Dealmed Fabric Fingertip Adhesive Bandages, Sterile with Non-Stick

Dealmed Medical - Fingertip Fit Adhesive Bandages, Flexible MPN# 783618 100 bandages These Dealmed Adhesive finger Bandage contains flexible and durable bandages with a finger design created specifically to wrap around the wound with ultimate protections while still retaining the same quality and comfort you would expect from Dealmed products When you or a loved one has a minor injury, you want it to heal as quickly as possible. Minor cuts and scrapes can become contaminated with dirt and germs, which may cause infection and delay healing. These Non-stick pads are highly absorbent and helps to cushion any wound. Helps protect cuts and scrapes by conforming to the skin. Each bandage is an individually wrapped ban-daid to help promote cleanliness and further protect against infection. About Dealmed Medical: Dealmed Medical is a leading medical supplies manufacturer and distributor in the USA. All products are manufactured to a higher standard than most other manufacturers in our industry . Dealmed products represent over 80 years of quality and innovation trusted by healthcare professionals around the world.

  • Brand: Dealmed
  • ASIN: B075Y44YHZ
  • UPC: 817415020451

White Cross First Aid Flexible Adhesive Bandages 1607033

White Cross First Aid Flexible Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive strips available in different materials, shapes and sizes. Safety center pad will not stick to wounds. Individually sterile wrapped 100 per box. Fabric small fingertip bandages.

  • Brand: White Cross
  • ASIN: B0006GE40A
  • UPC: 041405160708

Flex-Band Bandages - Large Fingertip , 50 unts

Flex-Band Bandages - Large Fingertip , 50

Flex-Band is made with a hypoallergenic adhesive and offers strong, flexible fabric for maximum conformability and durability. The full adhesive coverage around the island wound pad secures the bandage and provides a protective seal. Flex-Band firmly adheres to the skin, yet may be removed without leaving a sticky residue. Available in 10 shapes and sizes, Flex-Band offers patients the best choice for their individual needs. For use in dressing minor injuries such as cuts and abrasions. Use toe shields for non-open wounds following toenail removal. Spots and ovals are ideal for venipuncture and skin biopsies. Use knuckle bandages for secure wrapping around fingers, toes and heels. The 4-Wing is ideal for elbows and heels.

  • Brand: Hartmann Usa Inc
  • ASIN: B001ANP0T2

Flexible Fabric Bandages - Flex Fabric Adhesive Bandages Finger-Tip Bandages for Finger Care and to Protect Wounds from Infection - (100 Count Box)

Flexible Fabric Bandages - Flex Fabric Adhesive Bandages

Protection and Care For Your Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises. Have a recurring injury? Need to protect your fingers from the elements? Tackle everyday activities with our latex free Adhesive Bandages without worrying about infection. Our stretchable woven fabric moves with you and is great for sensitive skin. COmfortable! All Day WearTired of having bandages falling right off, as soon as you put them on? Tried putting a bandage on before bed only to find it stuck to your sheets? For your life on the go, daily errands shouldn't be interrupted by a fixing your bandage every five minutes. Our bandages are made with a unique adhesive and a more durable fabric, helping the bandage stay on your skin, longer. Looking for your favorite bandage size, in bulk? Now you can and save money too! Other Flex Fabric Bandages only contain 20 bandages instead get 4 times that! Get 100 individually packed bandages to put in your first aid station, kit or medicine cabinet. Now you have plenty to wear every day or when you need to cover minor cuts and wounds! The Medca Thumb, Knuckle or Finger Bandages - Fabric Fingertip Bandages and Thumb Bandage Has Everything You NEED in an flexible adhesive bandage.IT'S EASY TO SEE WHY CUSTOMERS LOVE IT WITH SPECS LIKE: - Sterile absorbent non-stick island pads, protect...

  • Brand: MEDca
  • ASIN: B01N5W6RPF
  • UPC: 705911706316

First Aid Only Fingertip Fabric Bandage, 40 Count

First Aid Only Fingertip Fabric Bandage, 40

These specially shaped fingertip bandage is made of a flexible fabric designed to stretch when you stretch while strong adhesive holds the bandage firmly in place.

  • Brand: First Aid Only
  • ASIN: B00078BB1W
  • UPC: 092265071260

BSN Medical 01306 Coverlet Fabric Adhesive Bandage, Latex Free, Fingertip, Small (Pack of 100)

BSN Medical 01306 Coverlet Fabric Adhesive Bandage, Latex

The 360 degree adhesive surrounding the island pad helps seal the afflicted area, keeping the wounds clean and providing an environment conducive to healing.

  • Brand: BSN Medical
  • ASIN: B01C6N2T7A
  • UPC: 795186141899

Curad Fingertip, Woven Blue Detectable Bandage, 100-Count

Curad Fingertip, Woven Blue Detectable Bandage,

Curad blue bandages meet the needs of the food service industry with their high visibility and innovative, long-lasting adhesive that's gentle on the skin.

  • Brand: Curad
  • ASIN: B009R8BDPM
  • UPC: 884389112222

ProStat First Aid 2184 Heavy Woven Regular Fingertip Adhesive Bandages (Pack of 40)

ProStat First Aid 2184 Heavy Woven Regular Fingertip

Flexible heavy woven regular fingertip style bandage. Box contains 50 heavy woven, latex free, elastic fingertip bandages.

  • Brand: ProStat First Aid
  • UPC: 814889010971

Dynarex Adhesive Bandage, Fabric Fingertip, 1.75 Inches X 2 Inches Sterile, 100 Count

Dynarex Adhesive Bandage, Fabric Fingertip, 1.75 Inches X

Flexible adhesive fabric bandage stretches and conforms to body contours for effective and comfortable protection.

  • Brand: Dynarex
  • ASIN: B008SI9FIY
  • UPC: 616784361727

Band-Aid Brand Skin-Flex Adhesive Bandages for First Aid and Wound Care, Finger, 10 ct

Band-Aid Brand Skin-Flex Adhesive Bandages for First Aid

Band-Aid Brand Skin-Flex Adhesive Bandages are the only Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage designed for lasting durability and exceptional comfort. These flexible bandages dry almost instantly. With new MotionMax Technology, the bandages expand and contract for the ultimate skin-like fit. These sterile bandages have a four-sided seal, and provide a 24-hour hold that lasts through handwashing and withstands damage and frays. The Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad on each Band-Aid Brand Skin-Flex Adhesive bandage wicks away blood and fluids without sticking to wounds, while lightweight cross-fibers stretch and flex to mold to your body. This package contains 10 finger-sized flexible adhesive bandages.

  • Brand: Band-Aid
  • UPC: 381371171293
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