FINIS Long Floating Fins , Blue/Yellow, XS (US Male 1-3 / US Female 2-4)

FINIS Long Floating Fins , Blue/Yellow, XS (US

The Long Floating Fins are great for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Designed with a long, rubber blade to provide maximum buoyancy and forward propulsion. The Long Floating fins lift your legs to the surface of the water, reducing drag and improving body alignment. Feedback from the fins teaches you how to elongate your kick by kicking from the hips and not the knees.

  • Color: Blue/Yellow
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B001M0O4XQ
  • UPC: 616323200791

FINIS Zoomers Gold Fins E

FINIS Zoomers Gold Fins

Combining a decade of experience and feedback FINIS has changed the original Zoomers formula to improve comfort and performance. Zoomers Gold provides a new level of foot pocket comfort, while improving blade stiffness, to create a completely new Zoomers fin. Zoomers Gold now has a soft rubber foot pocket for more comfort. The Zoomers Gold blade stiffness is now a balance between that of the red and the blue Zoomers. Train with Zoomers Gold for a stronger faster kick with ideal propulsion. This fin can be used by all levels of swimming to boost cardiovascular conditioning and accelerate speed during workouts.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B0043GWVNG
  • UPC: 616323201538

FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers Fins F

FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers Fins

Engages Legs and Core Muscles for a Better Workout

  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B0043GWVM2
  • UPC: 616323201668

FINIS Kids Fishtail 2 Fins, Yellow, US Junior 6-11

FINIS Kids Fishtail 2 Fins, Yellow, US Junior

Fishtail learn-to-swim fins increase children's confidence in the water. Designed to be worn as soon as a child is able to walk, Fishtail fins adapt to the movements of young swimmers. The rubber material adds floatation to help lift legs to the surface. The Fishtail swim fins reward even the smallest kicks with forward movement to accelerate learning and build confidence in the water.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B072W6JJVP
  • UPC: 616323703797

FINIS Positive Drive Fins (Large)

FINIS Positive Drive Fins

The Positive Drive Fins (PDF's) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all four swim strokes. The asymmetrical blade design allows the swimmer to build power while promoting a natural inward supination kick style for butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. The PDF's use an ergonomic foot pocket to comfortably place feet in an ideal swimming position. The heel strap secures the fin, allowing feet to flex more naturally. A closed toe design provides superior energy transfer from leg to foot. The PDF's will increase leg strength, foot speed and ankle flexibility for all four swim strokes, making the fins great for individual medley training.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B00745UX7Y
  • UPC: 616323202177

FINIS Booster Fins (Jr 11-1, Orange)

FINIS Booster Fins (Jr 11-1,

Booster swim fins are ideal for swimmers learning to swim. Feedback from Booster fins teaches swimmers how kicking generates forward movement through the water. Made of a natural rubber that floats, Booster fins help lift legs to the surface and teach proper body position. The open-toe design on the underside of the fins prevents feet from chafing and provides the most comfortable fit.

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B0731QF8R3
  • UPC: 616323202818

FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin Paradise Purple

FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin Paradise

Designed to activate both mind and body, the Mermaid™ monofin teaches an equal use of up and down kicks - allowing swimmers to gracefully glide like real mermaids. Should only be used under adult supervision. Ideal for swimmers ages 6 and up.

  • Color: Paradise Purple
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B01M3P3QGS
  • UPC: 616323703575

TYR Stryker Silicone fin Swimming Equipment, Clear, Medium

TYR Stryker Silicone fin Swimming Equipment, Clear,

Founded in Huntington Beach, CA by swimwear designer Joseph Lorenzo (current owner) and 1972 Olympic Bronze Medalist Steve Furness, TYR Sport was established in 1985 to provide the competitive swim market with vibrant, performance-driven prints. Since its inception three decades ago, TYR has grown to exist as one of the world's most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: TYR
  • ASIN: B07BQTJD65
  • UPC: 036702669139

Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins | Travel Size | Snorkeling Flippers with Mesh Bag for Women, Men and Kids (Blue, L/XL)

Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins | Travel Size |

Easy-Kick Technology The Seavenger Torpedo fin makes it easy to change direction quickly and conserves energy as you propel forward. With durability that lasts and great flexibility, these fins are a great gift for beginners or a hardy go-to for longtime divers. Perfect for Travel Paired with a mesh gear bag that dries quickly and stores easily, these fins are extremely versatile and work well for scuba diving, snorkeling or even bodyboarding. If you're not sure where your next adventure will take you, these fins can roll with the punches. Longlasting Comfort Stay as long as you like; these fins are fashioned with supple foot pockets for easy wear. Layer over water booties or go barefoot, they're reliable and comfortable for extended use.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Seavenger
  • UPC: 814632023869

FINIS Aquarius Monofin Pink/ Purple

FINIS Aquarius Monofin Pink/

FINIS first developed the idea of a fantasy monofin with the Mermaid Fin, designed to help young swimmers develop a balanced dolphin kick and confidence in the water. The AQUARIUS FIN brings a similar concept to swimmers above the age of 10. The AQUARIUS FIN offers adult sizing and components that allow for both comfort and durability. The broad surface of the fin reinforces an efficient dolphin kick and builds core strength. Strategically placed holes throughout the fin and footpocket allow for greater manipulation in the water as well as higher speeds for strong swimmers. With new sizes, fresh colors and a graduated design, the AQUARIUS FIN is now available to ensure that no swimmer ever outgrows the dream of being a mermaid!

  • Color: Pink/ Purple
  • Brand: FINIS
  • UPC: 616323703339

FINIS Edge Fins (Medium)

FINIS Edge Fins

The Edge fins are designed to improve technique and give your legs a real workout. It takes power to push these fins through the water, which results in building strength and endurance. The side rails on the fin activate your hips and quadriceps – enforcing a proper kick that starts at your hips and not your knees. This motion is great for glute and hamstring development. Made of 100% silicone, Edge fins will mold to your feet over time, like breaking in a new pair of shoes.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: FINIS
  • UPC: 616323202689

CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Snorkeling Fins Swim Fin Short Adjustable Diving Fins for Adult Men Womens Kids Scuba Diving Swimming Duck Feet Swim Travel Open Heel Flippers Snorkelling Fins (Blue, L/XL)

CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Snorkeling Fins Swim Fin Short

The Snorkeling Fins are specifically designed for swimming, snorkeling and diving trip. The fins feature soft, elastic heel straps with quick-release buckles, allowing you to easily put on and take off your fins, as well as make a quick one-time adjustment. These finds accommodate a wide variety of foot sizes and with a short fin, they are ideal for traveling. Wear them during all surf activities, canoeing, rafting and much more!

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: CAPAS
  • ASIN: B073QHNKK9

FINIS Frogglez Scales Goggles

FINIS Frogglez Scales

Frogglez Goggles are the most comfortable kids' goggles on the market, designed with a soft, neoprene split-strap for extra cushion. Frogglez and FINIS teamed up to pair the patented Frogglez Strap with FINIS' industry-leading goggles. The Frogglez Strap is easy for children to put on by themselves and floats in water to prevent lost goggles. The silicone eye gaskets provide a gentle, watertight seal. Frogglez Goggles are latex and PVC-free and offer UV protection to keep children's eyes safe during water activities.

  • Color: SCALES
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B079X4CNV9
  • UPC: 616323530324

Speedo Rubber Swim Training Fins - S (W 6-7 / M 5-6) - Green

Speedo Rubber Swim Training Fins - S (W

Speedo's unisex fins give you an efficient powerfull kick. The orthopedic foot pockets make the fins very comfortable for long workouts, a day of snorkeling, or just playing in the pool. Fits shoe sizes 5 through 13.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Speedo
  • ASIN: B005FYF8SU
  • UPC: 786096521550

U.S. Divers Sea Lion Fin (Yellow/Blue, Medium Large 8-10)

U.S. Divers Sea Lion Fin (Yellow/Blue, Medium Large

SEA LION, buoyant rubber foot pocket fin, ylw/blue

  • Color: Yell/Blue
  • Brand: U.S. Divers
  • ASIN: B001QBHXM0
  • UPC: 053242267359

CAPAS Swim Training Fins Comfortable Silicone Swimming Flippers Short Blade Build Leg Strength (Grey, M 8.5-9.5)

CAPAS Swim Training Fins Comfortable Silicone Swimming Flippers

The CAPAS training fins has a comfortable foot pocket which is made from soft rubber for increased comfort. The stiff short blade encourages shorter, faster kicks for additional propulsion through the water. Our CAPAS swim fins are ideal training fins for speed training and cardiovascular conditioning. What is in the box? 1 X Swim Training Fins (Pair) 1 X Fast-drying Mesh Bag

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: CAPAS

ouderstech Smart Short Blade Swim Fins for Training Swimming and Snorkeling

ouderstech Smart Short Blade Swim Fins for Training

Swim training fins have many useful benefits, including use in physical rehabilitation, aqua aerobics, fitness swimming and competitive training. Using a smaller training fin provides added resistance without overloading the muscles joints, ligaments and tendons used in water exercise. Many fitness and competitive swimmers use long scuba/snorkel fins as a training aid. Because the center of effort in a long fin is forward of the foot, the excessive blade area and displaced center of effort may cause early fatigue or cramping, and encourage a "pedaling" motion different than that used in a flutter kick. The concept of the short training fin was conceived to bring the center of effort back to the foot, increase leg strength, and allow a swimmer to train with a kicking motion that is the same as the flutter kick without a fin.Feature:-Soft food pocket-Highly Reactive and Lightweight Blade Material-Short blade to help develop stronger, faster kick-Available in five different sizesNotice:If you are not sure which size fits your foot, please measure your foot length based on the size we supplied as the last picture show.

  • Color: rose
  • Brand: ouderstech
  • ASIN: B01HRNF89A
  • UPC: 605175314961

FINIS Original Swimmers Snorkel

FINIS Original Swimmers

FINIS created and patented the first ever center-mount snorkel designed specifically for swimmers. The Original Swimmer's Snorkel allows swimmers to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breathe. By eliminating the need to breathe, swimmers can relax in the water, maintain body alignment and improve stroke efficiency. The one-way purge valve allows water to flow out of the snorkel without entering the mouthpiece. Accommodates a full range of motion for butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B004O6ECL4
  • UPC: 616323201910

FINIS Agility Paddles (Medium)

FINIS Agility Paddles

The Agility Paddles are designed to provide swimmers with instant stroke feedback – even after just 1 lap! The strapless design fits the natural contour of the hand and teaches you to apply positive pressure throughout your stroke. If you do not maintain a proper stroke, the paddle will let you know by shifting or falling off. This simple paddle will keep you conscious of your technique, build strength and heighten your feel for the water.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: FINIS
  • ASIN: B007X3EAPS
  • UPC: 616323202214

Speedo Short Blade Swim Training Fins, Orange, XX-Small

Speedo Short Blade Swim Training Fins, Orange,

Speedo water accessories are unmatched in performance, fit, and feel. The Short Blade Fin is the perfect training aid to throw in your swim workout bag. Whether increasing your endurance or improving your stroke and kick techniques, this is an ideal training tool to help you reach your goals. No matter where or why you dive in training, fitness, or fun those moments in the water are always better with Speedo.

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Speedo
  • ASIN: B008MV8GZ0
  • UPC: 786096057400
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