COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag 15 x 11 Inches Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Fire Resistant Bag Fireproof Safe Storage for Money, Documents, Jewelry and Passport

COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag 15 x 11 Inches

Silicone Coated Fire Resistant Bag A MUST HAVE AT HOME - USE IN SAFES OR SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES Our fireproof bag gives your important documents , cash , jewelry and other valuables a second layer of protection in the event of a fire.NOTICE-Combining a fireproof bag and a SAFE together is the best solution to offer your files or otherthing complete protection in any fire accident, or paper can still get carbonized within any fire resistand material after extensive exposure to high temperatures. STANDS UP TO FIRE AND HEAT of 1000 ℉(550 ℃) - Made of super high quality fireproof fiberglass, 100% fire resistant guarantee ! NON-ITCHY SILICONE COATED FIBERGLASS - Fiberglass is a great fire resistant material, but if any of you have ever handled fiberglass or some of the other bags out there, you know it can get into your skin and be awfully itchy or irritating. Our bag is featured with a silicone covering so that we could get the same fire protection but without any glass fiber annoy . Specification : Use: Protect your valuables form a house fire Dimensions (LxW): 15"x11" Weight: 280g Outer Layer Material: Silicone coated fireproof fiberglass Inner Layer Material: High quality fireproof fiberglass Package: 1 x Fireproof document bag

  • Brand: COLCASE
  • ASIN: B074S2H4H9
  • UPC: 608442019019

Spardis XXL Jumbo (17" x 12" x 5.5") Fireproof Document Safe Bag with Locking Zipper - Heat Resistant to 2100 F Degrees with Dual Layer Silicone Coated Fiberglass and Heat Blocking Aluminum

Spardis XXL Jumbo (17" x 12" x 5.5")

You CAN take it with you With the Spardis Fireproof Waterproof Bag you can travel with your most prized possessions, including important personal documents and prized jewelry, without subjecting them to fire or water damage. Measuring 17" x 12" x 5.5" and boasting dual-layer protection to 2100 F degrees, the Spardis outperforms all other fireproof document bags for carrying capacity and heat resistance. Whether traveling across town or around the globe, our fireproof bag secures your assets so you can travel without trepidation. 360-degree protection around the clock With silicone-coated fiberglass and aluminum foil to block out heat, smoke and water spray, voluminous reports and client files are safe from harm if the unthinkable happens. The jumbo size makes the Spardis Fireproof Bag the ideal solution to a simple waterproof pouch or the small safe in your hotel room. With an adjustable shoulder strap and heavy-duty top handle, it also offers greater portability and discretion than a home safe or cash box. The lockable zipper closure seals the deal on security, protecting valuables from spillage and theft. The practical alternative to a security safe When fire breaks-out, there's no time to gather valuables before fleeing to safety. The Spardis Fireproof Bag holds all...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Spardis
  • UPC: 867452000459

Fireproof Document Bag, JOZZ 15.7 in x 11.8in x 3.1 in Waterproof File Bag Storage Bag 2100℉ Fire Resistant Envelope Pouch for Money and Valuables

Fireproof Document Bag, JOZZ 15.7 in x 11.8in

THE BEST WAY TO PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES This bag made of super strong fire retardant fiberglass woven fabric and will stand very high temperatures for a reasonable period of time. The bags are stitched together with an extremely strong fire retardant thread. Offers extra protection for you, your valuables. Taken the steps to minimize the losses when fire happened. ◆ Anti High Temperature - Silicone glass cloth material material can resist the highest temperature up to 2100℉. ◆ Loss prevent - A zipper and a large area of magic sticker that prevent your valuables from falling off in the process of being moved quickly. ◆ Large Storage Space - Perfect for storing books, documents, cash, a small laptop or tablet, or any other valuables. ◆ Protect Precious Stuff - Fire and water resistant, ensure the safety and integrity of your property in a fire. ◆ Convenient to Carry - Our bag has a strong handle, it is convenient to carry when you are on a business trip or traveling. Specification: Type: Fireproof Document Bag Size:15.7 in x 11.8in x 3.1 in Material: Eco-friendly Silicone Coated Retardant-fiberglass Features: Fireproof, Waterproof, Cash & Document Holder Package: 1 x Fireproof document bag Notes: Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's co...

  • Color: B
  • Brand: JOZZ
  • ASIN: B07GX9D88F
  • UPC: 735314720992

JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags,13.4"x 9.4"Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag,Fire Resistant Safe Storage Pouch with Zipper for A4 Document Holder,File,Cash and Tablet

JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags,13.4"x 9.4"Waterproof and Fireproof Money

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: JUNDUN
  • ASIN: B07P2WB48X

Fireproof Document Bag Pouch 15" x 11" Safe Fire Resistant Bag to Protect Money Documents Passport Legal Documents Silicon Coated Double Layer Fiberglass Non Itchy Water Resistant ASTM Certified

Fireproof Document Bag Pouch 15" x 11" Safe

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: flybold
  • ASIN: B07C176SBD

Fire Resistant Cash Box Document Bag 9 x 6 x 1.5 Heavy Duty Fiberglass - Retardant Thread - Fireproof Bag/Bank File/Important Document Holder - Retardant Envelope Heat Protection

Fire Resistant Cash Box Document Bag 9 x

A Fire-Resistant Document Pouch You Can Trust Here's what sets this fireproof storage bag apart: ✓ Can easily withstand high temperatures. ✓ Perfectly sized to hold all kinds of documents. ✓ Prevents fire breakout when charging or storing lithium packs. ✓ Easy to use by simply folding over the flap Superior Protection Looking for the perfect solution for safely storing all those valuables you can't afford to lose? Then this fire resistant document bag is just what you need! We've designed it using high-grade fiberglass that can withstand heat up to un-rivaled high temperatures. So you'll enjoy heavy duty fire protection to give you far much greater peace of mind. We've designed this fireproof bag to give it versatility that you'll absolutely love. Perfectly sized, you can use the fireproof envelope for storing cash, holding all your legal documents, safely storing photos, or even holding lithium batteries to prevent any fire accidents. Disclaimer: It's always recommended that a Fire Resistant Pouch be combined in use with a safe, since any Fire Resistant material is still susceptible to high temperatures, e.g. paper can still carbide within Fire Resistant Materials after extensive exposure to high temperatures. To help in providing additional protection, place flap side d...

  • Brand: Everstrong
  • ASIN: B073BD8JPF
  • UPC: 850904007304

Fireproof and Waterproof Money and Important Documents Bag - Fire Protective Storage for Valuables with Double Closure and Reflective Band

Fireproof and Waterproof Money and Important Documents Bag

Avlone’s Team of product designers with the advice from over 5,000 previous customers created the Fireproof Document Bag for anyone who wants to secure all their important documents & valuables in a portable compact storage place. Why are our Fireproof Document &CashBags unique? Safety is No. 1 Priority>none of us wants to lose their unreplaceable documents or valuables in case of a fire, that’s why our fireproof storage bag PASSED the 2000° F test with no problems – Zero Stress! Buy it Once, Have it Forever> we wanted to design a super sturdy but foldable bag and that’s why we used fiberglass & fire resistant with a silicone skin-friendly coating – Smell-free &Waterproof too! Multifunctionality at its finest> Features a unique reflective band for visibility in the dark, just use it to store your birth certificates and passports, but also money, laptop, jewelry, watches, insurances, photos, phone and more – Take Advantage of it! Who doesn’t love a GIFT that takes away stress>the large size (15 x 11x 2,5 inch) can fit all your valuables and the double-closure ensures 100% protection from water or fire – Make them feel safe! Lifetime Warranty - If you encounter any issues with your heavy-duty fireproof money bag, please contact us & we will fix it immediately! ...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Avlone
  • ASIN: B075J4GTY5
  • UPC: 657472950359

Fire Resistant Document Bag by OnShield 12'' x 11'' | Heavy Duty and Non-itchy Fireproof Document Bag | Fireproof Bag for Cash, Birth Certificate, Passport, Important Documents

Fire Resistant Document Bag by OnShield 12'' x

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Everstrong
  • ASIN: B06Y1XMN8M
  • UPC: 850904007250

Fireproof 2192°F Water Resistant Document Bag | 15 x 11 inch| Zipper plus Hook-and-Loop| 3-Layer| Non-Itchy |Fire Resistant for Passport Certificate Paper Gadget Battery Money against Heat Flame Blast

Fireproof 2192°F Water Resistant Document Bag | 15

KOOL 360 Premium Flameproof 3-layer Silica Gel coated Fireproof Water Resistant Document Bag , endures temperature up to 2192°F (1200°C). Non-itchy Non-irritant. Zipper plus Hook-and-Loop dual stage closure , perfect safe storage for passports , all kinds of certificates Birth , Education, Marriage etc & important papers , precious photos , electronics gadgets phones tablets Li-Po batteries, Hard Drives , USB, CDs/DVDs , Cash, Watches, Jewelry and so on. A MUST-HAVE for Home , Apartment , Offices , Workplaces , Institutions , Vehicles , long term travel trailer/Rv'ers and so forth.  100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR 100% MONEY BACK , NO QUESTIONS ASKED 👍 Specifications : ✅ Size15" x 11" ( 38 cm x 28 cm). ✅ Superior noninflammable fireproof waterproof material withstands temperature up to 2192°F (1200°C). ✅ Silica Gel coated nonflammable material , non-itchy , non-irritant. ✅ Zipper plus Hook-and-Loop 2-stage closure.✅ Flame retardant thread. ✅ Silver colour Add it to the Cart now , give your treasured possessions a best protection , give yourself & your loved ones the gift of peace of mind ❗

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: KOOL 360
  • ASIN: B07KLV873N
  • UPC: 691218138762

Fireproof Document Bag 2300 F Large 15" x 11" x 3" Waterproof Document Holder Fire and Water Resistant for Valuables, Money, Jewelry and Passport

Fireproof Document Bag 2300 F Large 15" x

Why choose our fireproof cash bag ? 1. Expensive high-end look makes you proud to carry it 2. Our large fireproof bag is laboratory-tested and proven to resist fire and heat up to 2300F 3. It features a double closure of Velcro and zipper for added protection 4. Thick heavy-duty threads to last longer in a fire 5. Soft and smooth silicone finish pleasant to the touch 6. We use newly upgraded eco-friendly fiberglass materials for our fireproof cash box 7. Our team here at Cool Carry guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We strive for perfection for our loyal customers Buy your Cool Carry waterproof document holder now and carry it with style!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Cool Carry
  • ASIN: B07FLKLG17
  • UPC: 723003946174

GEMEK Fireproof Document Bags 15"x11" & 9"x7" Set Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Fire Resistant Money Bag Fireproof & Zipper Closure Water Resistant Bag Safe Storage for Money, Documents and Valuables

GEMEK Fireproof Document Bags 15"x11" & 9"x7" Set

According to the NFPA released the US 2018 major loss fire and explosion report: in 2018, more than 8.3 million acres of land in the United States were destroyed by fire, and the area is larger than Maryland. The fires of 2018 are 30% higher than the average of the past decade, and the California fire damage alone is estimated to be at least $19 billion. The total loss of all natural disasters was $350 billion worldwide in 2017 . Fire damages could affect your insurance policy documents, your passport, or your important photos that are invaluable and simply irreplaceable. For the documents that cannot be replaced you would lose part of your memories or your family legacy forever.GEMEK Fireproof Document Bag & Water Resistant Bag:Superior Fire Resistant Material:Made of super high quality Silicone Coated Retardant + fiberglass exterior + aluminum foil interior, which can withstand temperatures as high as 1000°C (about 1832°F).High Waterproof Performance :This upgraded version fireproof bag made of high quality silicone coated fiberglass fabric, is not only fire resistant, but also water resistant (IP 56). Our fireprooof bag features with a Strong Velcro with Zipper plus zipper closure design, availble to prevent sprinkler water/ rainwater from seeping through the fireproof bag, ...

  • Brand: GEMEK
  • ASIN: B07MM5S3MC
  • UPC: 633337768505

Fireproof Document Bag | 15" x 11" Fireproof Waterproof Safe Money Bag | Safes for Home Storage for Jewelry, Passport, Important Document, Money | Fire Resistant Safe Money Pouch | Document Storage.

Fireproof Document Bag | 15" x 11" Fireproof

GAYLE SUPPLY Fireproof Document Bag 15" x 11"A must have accessory for the home, give your important documents, jewelry, passports, and valuables an extra layer of defense against fire, flood or any other emergency. Provides complete protection inside and out. Composed of high-grade fiberglass coated with silicone on the outside. While the inside is composed of coated fiberglass layered with aluminum to deliver comprehensive protection against fire. Created from high-quality fireproof material, fire retardant sewing thread, zipper and Velcro strap. Bag can withstand temperatures of up to 1000˚F (550˚C). Large size fireproof bag at 15" x 11" provides substantial spacing for sizable legal documents, cash, portrait photos, electronics, laptops, valuables, and much more..Easy to clean, non-itchy and soft, anti-corrosion, waterproof. Technical Specifications:Size: 15" x 11"Material: Silicone Coated Fiberglass fabricFeatures: Fireproof, waterproof, soft, anticorrosion, easy to clean.①

  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: B07P13YFJR
  • UPC: 768114811775

Fireproof Document & Money Bags, ROLOWAY X Large Fireproof & Water Resistant Bag (15" x 12" x 5"), Fireproof Folder Safe Bag for Cash, Valuables, Passport & Jewelry | Silicone Coating/Zipper Closure

Fireproof Document & Money Bags, ROLOWAY X Large

PERFECT FIREPROOF PROTECTION✓ DOUBLE layer of high-tech fireproof fiberglass.✓ Our fireproof bag can provide up to 2000°F temperature protection (SGS TEST: UL94 VTM-0 Certified).WATER RESISTANT PROTECTION✓ Silicone coated double layer of fiberglass provides great water resistance capacity.✓ Metal zipper, Hook & Loop closure, and reinforced seams for additional protection.NON-ITCHY SILICONE COATING✓ Roloway fireproof bags are coated with high tech NON-ITCHY SILICONE on fiberglass cloth.✓ Very smooth & convenient to carry, no gloves are needed.FOLD-ABLE & EASY TO CARRY✓ With handle & adjustable shoulder strap, Roloway fireproof bag is super easy to carry all around in any emergencies.✓ Meantime, it simply can be folded to store in the safe box or take to any other places as you wish.EXTRA LARGE (XL) CAPACITY✓ With XL capacity of expanded dimension: 15" x 12"x 5", which can store up to 500 sheets of legal papers.✓ You can put ANY VALUABLES in the bag, like cash, jewelry, passports, documents, photos, Li-Po Battery, and even LAPTOP and PAD.LIFE TIME WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE✓ With great product quality, we are confidence to provide LIFE TIME warranty.✓ If you dislike our product for any reasons, we promise to offer replacement or refund.NOTICE✓ Please kee...

  • Brand: ROLOWAY
  • ASIN: B07GL3479V
  • UPC: 609301092013

Fireproof Document Bag 2192℉ Fire Resistant and Waterproof 15"x11" Non-Itchy Silicone Coated New Type Fiberglass with Three Layers of Protection and Strong Velcro Safe Storage for Valuables Documents

Fireproof Document Bag 2192℉ Fire Resistant and Waterproof

Our fireproof document bag is a must-have around the household. Made from high-quality fire-resistant materials this fireproof bag could save you a lot of grief and trouble if you load it up with your passports, titles, birth certificates, cash, hard drives, and anything else worth saving. It comes in a large size 15x11 inches and color Black. This fireproof bag has three layers of protection Outside layer is a new type of fiberglass silica gel, Middle layer is White fiberglass cloth. The internal layer is Advanced fireproof aluminum foil and this way stands up against fire and heat up to 2192℉(1200 ℃). This fireproof bag is also water-resistant. It has double closure zipper and a very strong velcro so this way keeps your valuables safe from any water exposure. This fireproof bag is Flexible, Portable, Lightweight and keeps your valuables safe We suggest customers put the bag into a safe box. Combining a fireproof bag and a SAFE is the best solution to offer your valuables complete protection in any fire accident, or paper can still get carbonized within any fire-resistant material after extensive exposure to high temperatures. What are you waiting for? Click ADD TO CART button to see for yourself all the benefits of this great fireproof document bag. Take advantage and buy i...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Narromarket
  • ASIN: B07KXT936Z
  • UPC: 023632964465

Rusuer Fireproof Bag 2 Pockets Fireproof Document Bags Safe Silicone Coated Water & Fire Resistant Briefcase Large Storage Zipper Closure for Money, Documents, Jewelry and Passport 15" x 11.4"x 2.6"

Rusuer Fireproof Bag 2 Pockets Fireproof Document Bags

Reliable Safe Keeper - Rusuer Fireproof Document Bag Are you finding a convenient and fire & water resistant way to protect your important things(For example: documents, cash, passport and others) safe but the safe box is too heavy?  Rusuer Fireproof Document Bag is here for you.  ⭐Features: ✅Large-Capacity: 2 Pockets will provide you plenty of room to put your all important things. You can put small thing in the outer pocket, for example, cards, passports and others, while the main pocket can store your 14" laptop and larger size documents.  ✅Fireproof&Waterproof: 100% fireproof guaranteed and it is also highly water resistant, giving you the maximum protection of your importants. ✅Outstanding Material: Our fire proof bag adopt the high-density silicone coated mineral fiber, which the best fireproof material to guarantee your precious things safe and sound.  ✅Convenient: The fire proof pouch is designed fashionable and functional, while takes account of practicability. Comes with a soft but a sturdy handle, not only it is a fireproof document bag, but it can be used as a brief case for your business. ⭐Specifications: Color: Grey Dimension: 15" x 11.4"x 2.55" Material: Retardant-fiberglass Weight: 450g Temperature resistance: 2190 ℉( about 1200℃) ⭐Noti...

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Rusuer
  • UPC: 764823991012

Hero Star Fireproof Document Bag, 15"×11" Fire Resistant Zipper Closure Storage Bag With NON-ITCHY Silicone Coated Envelope Pouch for Documents, Money, Passport, Jewelry (Horizontal)

Hero Star Fireproof Document Bag, 15"×11" Fire Resistant

Description:Do you ever get worried that you will lose your important documents in a fire or flood?Don't worry. We creat this fireproof Bag, it can keep things like money, birth certificates, passports, and even jewelry safe during a fire, or flood. This silicone coated bag has two layers of fireproof protection. Made of liquid silicone coated fiberglass with heat blocking aluminum foil inside. It's also highly water resistant to keep your items safe no matter what. It's probably about the size of a tablet and has velcro to keep it closed. You can keep money, birth certificates, and some important pictures. It's really a great thing to have. Specification:Material:High quality liquid silicone coated retardant-fiberglass exteriorSize:11×15 inchesColor:GrayApplication: Office, Business, Daily Life, Home TravelProduct Features:1.Fireproof:Made of high quality non-itchy silicone coated retardant-fiberglass exterior, can withstand temperatures as high as 1200℃/2192°F.2.Waterproof:The exterior of our fireproof jewelry bag is smooth, tight, airtight, liquid can not enter, just need to wipe gently, clean as new.Scope of application:various certificates, awards, jewelry, letters, cash, photos, even tablets.Package Included:1 x Fireproof bagNotes:If our fireproof money envelope has any...

  • Color: gray
  • Brand: Hero Star
  • UPC: 791259015128

Fireproof Document Bag - Large & Small Fire Water Resistant Bag Set Safe Storage for Home & Office XL 15"x11"x4" Important File Documents Holder | Money Envelope Security Pouch Jewelry Cash Passport

Fireproof Document Bag - Large & Small Fire

Why TRAVAH Fireproof Bag? Massive Size Featuring extra large dimensions (15" x 11" x 4" inches) eliminates the worry of needing that extra space for files and valuables in the years to come. Quality Design Unlike other brands, TRAVAH Large Fireproof Bag has a durable zipper that covers the entire top enclosure, making it easy for you to store items or important documents without having to fold or crease them. A second top layer fastened by velcro and stitching completes the double closure seal. The silicone coating can feel different to the touch, but serves as an extra layer of protection against the elements. Bonus Additional Bag Organization is important, we get it. Now you can keep your smaller precious valuables in order with the new additional 9" x 7" fire resistant pouch. Perfect for extra money and photos or keeping passports and jewelry safe. Ready To Protect Every year billions of dollars are lost in fire & disaster costs, be prepared and protect your valuables with the highest quality fireproof bag. Multiple Uses Perfect for home or office, place in a safe or storage. Expandable and flexible multi-layered fiberglass material to fit your needs but also compact and foldable for safe boxes when not in use. Peace of Mind Feel free to contact us at any time,...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: TRAVAH
  • UPC: 721782546301

ROLOWAY Large (17"x12"x5.8") Fireproof Bag, Upgraded XL Fireproof Document Bags with Bonus Bag, Fireproof Safe and Water Resistant Bag for Money, Legal Documents, Files, Valuables

ROLOWAY Large (17"x12"x5.8") Fireproof Bag, Upgraded XL Fireproof

PERFECT FIREPROOF & WATER PROTECTION✓ DOUBLE layers of high-tech FIREPROOF FIBERGLASS provide up to 2000°F protection (SGS TEST: UL94 VTM-0 Certified).✓ SILICONE COATED double layers, and HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE for great water protection.JUMBO LARGE CAPACITY✓ We ENLARGED DIMENSIONS to 17" x 12" x 5.8", which is at least 30% LARGER than other large fireproof bag. Moreover, it expands up to 8 INCHES wide, which could load 3 RING BINDERS easily.✓ Now, you can stow MORE VALUABLES in our fire safe bag, like money, jewelry, passport, birth certificate, files, documents, RC battery, laptop, etc.UPGRADED & MAXIMUM SECURITY✓ BRAND ZIPPER means the highest quality, also, the UPGRADED ZIPPER can be LOCKED together with a combination lock for additional safety.✓ The width of the HOOK & LOOP CLOSURES are ENLARGED by 20%. SEAMS are REINFORCED on every fireproof bag.NON-ITCHY & FOLD-ABLE BAG✓ Our fireproof bag is coated with high tech NON-ITCHY SILICONE. It's SMOOTH to get your valuables in and out, no glove is needed.✓ It can be simply folded to store in the fireproof lock box, fire safe document box, storage cabinet, document safe, etc.DURABLE & MULTI-PURPOSE✓ With all the HIGH QUALITY materials & UPGRADED TECHNOLOGY, our fireproof bags perform reliably in all weather conditio...

  • Brand: ROLOWAY
  • UPC: 609301092198

Expanding File Folder Fireproof Document Bag Portable Rainbow Fireproof Accordion Organiser Fireproof File Bag A4 with Fire Resistant Zipper for Bills and Valuables Storage Protection (13 Pockets)

Expanding File Folder Fireproof Document Bag Portable Rainbow

- Are you annoyed with having no place to store your important documents ? - Do you feel a headache for looking for a perfect solution for safely storing your valuables ? Say goodbye to these troubles with ABC life Expandable Fireproof Document Bag !  ABC life is committed to manufacturing high quality, durable, functional, comfortable, healthy and reliable products and offering the best service for you ! We make sure our Expandable Document Bag will be your best assistant in your office and daily life !  FEATURES ★Made of Fireproof Material fiber, highly resistant to fire and water, withstand high temperatures. ★Unique upgraded fireproof zipper design provides double security and maximum protection, keep your valuables away from fire. ★Not only against fire, but also water resistant, have no worry about there any mold or moisture found inside after using for a long time. ★Perfect size to hold all kinds of important document, handy to carry, great for on the go and emergency situations. ★Comfortable touch feeling and perfect appearance, it must be a unique gift for your family, children and friends.  Product Specification ★Material: Fireproof Material Fiber ★Dimensions: 14.3" x 9.8"inches, can accept A4, A5 size or larger size ★Features: Fireproof and waterpro...

  • Color: Fireproof File Colored
  • Brand: ABC life
  • UPC: 745560001158

Fireproof Document Bags, A4 Size Waterproof and Fireproof Bag with Fireproof Zipper for iPad, Money, Jewelry, Passport, Document Storage

Fireproof Document Bags, A4 Size Waterproof and Fireproof

The fireproof bag is a must-have for your valuable items that you want to keep safe. This fireproof document bags is tough, portable and foldable which is great for everyday use, or for long-term storage in a safe-deposit box or home safe. Fireproof Bag Specification : ☞ Use: Protect your valuables items from fire ☞ Fireproof bag size (L*W): 13.5" x 9.8"  (A4 paper size) ☞ Weight: 170g / 5.99 oz ☞ Material: Silicone coated fiberglass fabric ☞ Fireproof bag withstand temperatures: up to  700°C (approximately 1292℉) ☞ Fireproof document bags use for: you can use it to store cash, jewelry, passports, documents, tablets, photos, mobile power, Li-Po Battery  and so on.   Package Includes: 1 x Black fireproof document bag

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: TOBRBE
  • ASIN: B07F3ZDW9Q
  • UPC: 192543987693

Fireproof Document Bag - 15"X11" Fireproof Safe Bag,7"x9" Money Pouch Envelope,Non-Itchy Silicone Coated File Storage,Waterproof Document Holder,Money Bag with Zipper

Fireproof Document Bag - 15"X11" Fireproof Safe Bag,7"x9"

Choose Fullive fireproof document bag,keep your valuable possessions and memories in safe condition. Features: Non-Itchy silicone coated fireproof fiberglass. Water resistant and fire resistant. Double layer fireproof protection. Large compartment to hold valuable possessions. Set of 2 to take more valuable stuffs. Size: Large one:15x11 Inch Small one:7x9 Inch Kindly Notice: 1,Please keep away from children. 2,Do not immerse or wash the bag in liquid. 3,Although this safe bag support high temperature and fire exposure,it couldn't support endless fire exposure. So please do your best to keep any fire exposure to a minimum. Any question,please feel free to reach [email protected]

  • Color: Silver Grey
  • Brand: Fullive
  • ASIN: B07PT5XP6T
  • UPC: 749390432922

Fireproof Document Bag,ENGPOW Fireproof Water Resistant Pouch with Handle Zipper, Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Fiberglass Envelope, Fire-Resistant Safe Storage of Valuables

Fireproof Document Bag,ENGPOW Fireproof Water Resistant Pouch with

✉2 year Warranty.If you have any issue with our products,please contact us by email or ask the question on the product page.We will try our best to solve your problem!✉☛Materials:silicone coated fiberglass☛Closure: Zipper&secure flap closure ☛Size:15" x 11"x 2.56"inch☛Color: Black☛ Item weight: 470g ☛High quality, good durability. ☛Both Water and Fire Resistant☛Protect your workshop, family and home.☛The Fire safe bag is intended to reduce the chances of damaged in the event of a fireFireproof bag can withstand temperatures as high as 1000°C (about 1832°F)Package including: ☛ 1 x Fireproof bag (15" x 11"x 2.56"inch) ☛Kindly Remind ENGPOW promise to give you best friendly customer service.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, wish you have a nice day!➤ Do you worry about the damage to your valuables when a fire breaks out? Bring our bags, although we hope you will never use its fire protection function, but having this bag is an option you won't regret.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ENGPOW
  • UPC: 717332188251

JUNDUN Fireproof Money Bag, 10.6"x6.7" Fire and Water Resistant Cash Bag with Zipper Closure,Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch Envelope for A5 File Folder,Document, Bank Deposit,Passport,Jewelry

JUNDUN Fireproof Money Bag, 10.6"x6.7" Fire and Water

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: JUNDUN
  • ASIN: B07KS17G7T
  • UPC: 634769117701

FIRESAFE Large Fireproof Safe Document Bag 15"x12"x2" 2300°F | Double Layers| Zipper Closure| Silicone Coated| Non-Itchy| Certificated Fire Resistant Bag for Valuables (Black)

FIRESAFE Large Fireproof Safe Document Bag 15"x12"x2" 2300°F

  • Color: black
  • Brand: QLYNUDO
  • UPC: 656664824096
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Fireproof Document Bag Silicone Coated Fire Resistant and Highly Water-Resistant : Unboxing & Review

Fire Resistant Bags

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