J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef's Knife, 8 Inch, Black


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ZWILLING J.A. Henckels
  • ASIN: B00004RFMT
  • UPC: 035886082314

Opinel Carbon Blade No8 Folding Knife

Opinel Carbon Blade No8 Folding

Opinel knives are the traditional French picnic knives made in France since 1890. Rich in history and utility these knives are still a part of everyday culture in France. They are easy to use and they have a safe design. Each knife is made of four components, so the user need not worry about breaking parts - more common to overly complex mechanisms. Knife consists of carbon steel blade, hardwood handle, rivet and a stainless steel locking collar that prevents the knife from accidentally opening or closing. These knives are not only effective and practical, they are also beautiful. Opinel knives have been displayed in museums and, in 1985, they were ranked as one of the "100 most beautiful products in the world", by the Victoria and albert museum in London. Opinel - a simple, beautiful and effective design that has survived and thrived for well over a century. Stamped with the famous Opinel crowned hand logo. 4 1/4 " closed, 3 1/4" inch blade.

  • Color: Carbon Steel Blade/Beech Handle
  • Brand: Opinel
  • ASIN: B002SCUO04
  • UPC: 000000378895

Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch Chef's Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Gyutou Knives Ergonomic Equipment

Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch Chef's Knife High

Imarku Professional 8 Inch Chef's Knife for all of your seasonsThe Imarku 8-inch knife is designed for professionals who include chefs,culinary experts, food caterers as well as an ordinary person.It is a multipurpose knife that is ideal for various tasks which include cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other products. It is also ideal for removing flesh from bones as well as pounding /smashing garlic. The knife is crafted using German engineering and features a toughened stainless steel blade that measures 8-inches. This 2.3 mm thick blade consists of approximately 0.6%-0.75% carbon for added strength and durability. The length of the handle is 5 inches giving the knife an overall length of 13 inches. To ensure the knife is resistant against rust/corrosion and won't rust, the steel blade also consists of 16-18% chrome material. Why Choose Imarku 8-inch knife?-Strong and Durable:The knife manufactured from high-quality stainless steel is strong and can be used in tough tasks. It will also maintain its toughness and functionality for a long time.-Versatile and Classy: Being a multi-functional knife, the Imarku 8-inch chef's knife is suitable for most cutting applications in the kitchen. It is also quite classy thanks to its design and chrome-f...

  • Color: Chefs knife
  • Brand: imarku
  • ASIN: B01DDBJF12
  • UPC: 667673934065

FlyingColors Laguiole Folding Pocket Knife. Stainless Steel, Built in Corkscrew. (Wood)

FlyingColors Laguiole Folding Pocket Knife. Stainless Steel, Built

Please Search MyFlyingColors For MoreMyFlyingColors store http://www.amazon.com/shops/A1VC3XRS89ZFR8  FlyingColor's Laguiole style folding pocket steak knife features the iconic slim profile that the Laguiole knife has become known for. Forged from stainless steel, this folding pocket knife also has an attached corkscrew for those wine accompanied dinners. The knife measures 1/2 4-inch when closed, and opens to 1/2 8-inch. The handle is lined with wood for an elegant look. The knife comes with its own custom-fitted giftbox, making it perfect for gift giving or display. Our products are manufactured by an established OEM manufacturer with 30+ years of experience with brand names in the industry. PLEASE NOTE: FlyingColors and Laguiole by FlyingColors, slogans, characters and other trademarks, as well as the package designs of all FlyingColors products and promotions belong exclusively to FlyingColors Canada Inc. and are protected from copying and simulation under United States trademark and copyright laws. Laguiole is not a registered trademark. The word Laguiole is a generic term, not legally restricted to any single company or place of manufacture. These Laguiole-style products are NOT made in France. They are made in China in a facility with the reputable Global Manufacturer Ce...

  • Color: Wood

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef's Knife, 8 Inch

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef's

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef's Knife

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Mercer Culinary
  • UPC: 765301907525

Douk-Douk Knives Folder With Douk-Douk artwork Made in France

Douk-Douk Knives Folder With Douk-Douk artwork Made in

4 3/8" closed. 3 1/8" carbon steel blade with Douk-Douk scroll etching. Ferro-blackened folded steel handles with bail. Front handle is etched with Douk-Douk artwork. Bulk packed. Famous in the former French colonies for over 70 yeand used recently for decades by the Army and in the French Foreign Legion, these are tough, working knives.

  • Brand: Douk
  • ASIN: B000LP0928

Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Black

Mercer Culinary M22608 Millennia 8-Inch Chef's Knife,

With unparalleled performance, Millennia knives are designed with innovative features to meet the demands of today's professional chefs.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Mercer Culinary
  • ASIN: B000PS2XI4
  • UPC: 765301904388

French Sabatier 10 Inch Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife

French Sabatier 10 Inch Forged Carbon Steel Chef

Authentic Sabatier Forged Knives. The whole knife is forged in a single mass of CARBON steel. The steel, Rockwell 54-56 HRC, is tempered, ground and polished crosswise to produce a high-quality tool, great cutting power, cutting hardness and balance. POM handles are manually set and mounted on the tang using three through rivets. From forging to packaging, we guarantee that all our operations are performed in the Thiers region in FRANCE by skilled workers to ensure a professional quality craft finish. A Carbon-Steel knife has exceptional cutting power, but it requires special maintenance. When using or washing your carbon-steel knife, wipe it dry with care to avoid the rust. NEVER put carbon-steel knives in the dishwasher. In use, the steel can change color. This is quite normal. Ideal for cutting and preparing meat and large fruit and vegetables. Great Balance lets you work on food in detail to achieve a professional result. Please note these knives are very unique, hard to come by, and not for everyone. They do require proper care. If not maintained correctly THEY WILL RUST.

  • Brand: Sabatier
  • ASIN: B007NZQSD8
  • UPC: 661799886970

Mac Knife Chef Series French Chef's Knife, 10-Inch

Mac Knife Chef Series French Chef's Knife,

Styled like a French chef's knife, the blade tapers fast towards the tip. Standard chef's knife for pros.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Mac Knife
  • ASIN: B000RKT3TM
  • UPC: 854911000020

Rada Cutlery French Chef Knife – Stainless Steel Blade with Aluminum Handle Made in USA, 13 Inch

Rada Cutlery French Chef Knife – Stainless Steel

The Rada Cutlery R131 French Chef Knife is the perfect knife for anyone that prepares meals regularly. This French chef knife will be arguably the most used knife in your kitchen. It is specifically designed to be used for many cooking tasks. You will chop, slice, dice, mince and peel like a professional chef. It is specially shaped so it can rock, which makes mincing and dicing a breeze. The longer blade means you can effortlessly cut larger fruits like watermelon or cantaloupe. The surface area is great for crushing garlic too. It has an 8-1/2 inch blade and measures 13 inches overall. This chef knife’s blade is crafted from surgical grade, T420 high carbon stainless steel. It is hand sharpened creating a razor sharp edge. You’ll cut through meats, fruits, vegetables and herbs effortlessly. You’ll absolutely love the look and feel of the permanently cast, solid brushed aluminum handle. The handle is offset keeping your hand clear of the blade for your safety. This French chef knife has to be hand-washed. It cannot be washed or dried in the dishwasher. Rada Mfg. Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa and has been manufacturing cutlery in the USA since 1948. Our mission is all about “providing our customers the best value of kitchen knives for their dollar.” We stand by our cr...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Rada Cutlery
  • ASIN: B000MW0FB0
  • UPC: 082449000858

Opinel No 08 Stainless Steel Folding Everyday Carry Locking Pocket Knife with Beech Wood Handle

Opinel No 08 Stainless Steel Folding Everyday Carry

Our classic folding knife is a design icon. Simple and beautiful, sharp and durable, the No. 8 is an international bestseller. Tuck it into your pocket for a picnic. Keep it in your desk for workday lunches. Carve into charcuterie, cheese, or a crisp apple, or whittle a stick for campfire s'mores. With an easy-to-maintain stainless steel blade, this knife is ready for wherever your adventures might take you. Opinel knives are designed to stand the test of time; some carry Opinel knives handed down from parents and grandparents. Follow a few simple instructions to ensure your knife lasts for years to come. You should... Hand-wash after each use Wipe the blade dry Store in a dry place and keep out of damp conditions Expect the wooden handle to swell or contract slightly with use; wood is a living material that can be affected by humidity and atmospheric conditions. If your blade feels stuck, use the "Opinel knock" - rapping the end of the knife on a hard surface - to loosen the blade slightly Grease the metal parts, including the Virobloc locking mechanism, on a regular basis Use a whetstone or other fine-grain natural stone to sharpen your blade. Make sure the blade is dry and clean, and hold the sharpening stone at an approximately 20-degree angle from the blade while s...

  • Color: Stainless Steel Blade/Beech Handle
  • Brand: Opinel

Chef Knife, AUGYMER 8 Inch Professional Chefs Knife Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Sharp Chefs Knife

Chef Knife, AUGYMER 8 Inch Professional Chefs Knife

UTILITY KITCHEN CHEF KNIFE The 8-inch Chef knife is designed for professionals including chefs, culinary experts, food caterers as well as common users. The knife make from Japanese stainless steeland .This 0.09inch/2.3mm thick blade consists of approximately 0.6%-0.75% carbon for enhancing strength and durability. The length of the handle is 4.5 inches giving the knife an overall length of 12.5 inches.

  • Brand: AUGYMER
  • UPC: 610446638639

Baladeo Laguiole Knife, Olive Wood

Baladeo Laguiole Knife, Olive

4 1/4" closed friction folder. 3 1/2" 440 stainless blade. Olive wood handles with grooved stainless bolsters. File worked back spring.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Baladeo
  • ASIN: B00116SUTU

Traditional Japanese Professional Gyuto Kitchen Chefs Knife – Premium 8-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Gyuto Sushi Knife with High Corrosion Resistance in a Single Bevel Chisel Edge Grind

Traditional Japanese Professional Gyuto Kitchen Chefs Knife –

Experience the precision of a traditional Japanese chef knife. The Simple Song 8" gyuto chef knife is expertly crafted and designed to give any chef, whether professionally at a restaurant or at home in the kitchen, the ability to experience the gracefulness a traditional Japanese knife offers it's wielder. From simple meals at home to the rigorous environment of a restaurant kitchen, this chef knife works to bring out the best in you by providing it's user dependable edge retention, balanced precision and unmatched sharpness. If on your journey you should encounter GOD, GOD will be cut.The Simple Song traditional Japanese chef knife begins its forging process from a single piece of premium high carbon stainless steel imported from ThyssenKrupp. Specifically sourced for its ability to maintain an incredibly sharp edge from proper heat treatment while being extremely resistant to stains and wear. Each blade is precisely 210mm and sharpened to a 15 degree edge on one side - just as the traditional Japanese chef's knife of old, to deliver nimble handling and ultra-sharpness. Gyuto, which literally translates to beef-sword, is a design made for easy work of chopping or dicing vegetables, cutting stiffer meats such as pork belly or the sawing back and forth of larger cuts such as beef...

  • Brand: Simple Song
  • ASIN: B078WM9N69
  • UPC: 023165025558

Laguiole en Aubrac handmade french knife 11 cm L0211OSIFI bone handle, blade and bolsters stainless steel shiny

Laguiole en Aubrac handmade french knife 11 cm

Genuine Laguiole knife. Finest traditional handcraft made in France by Laguiole en Aubrac. Delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Item Code: L0211OSIFI Genuine Laguiole 11 cm Model - 80 g Blade 9 cm 12C27 stainless steel shiny 2 Bolsters stainless steel shiny Bone handle with shepherd's cross  Bee and spring forged from one piece and fully handmade Including:  knife  linen bag  description  certificate of authenticity Every step in production has been done by only one knifemaker. He guarantees for the quality by chiselling his personal sign into the blade back.

  • Brand: Laguiole en Aubrac
  • ASIN: B00R3T6XZC
  • UPC: 764130217898

Opinel Trekking Blue Folding Knife,3.25in,12C27 MOD Sandvik Stainless Blade,Blue Dyed Wood 1704

Opinel Trekking Blue Folding Knife,3.25in,12C27 MOD Sandvik Stainless

Opinel Trekking Blue Folding Knife,3.25in,12C27 MOD Sandvik Stainless Blade,Blue Dyed Wood 1704

  • Color: BLUE
  • Brand: Opinel
  • ASIN: B00GIU7W02

KAN Core Chef Knife 8-inch AUS-10 67 layers Damascus for aspiring home chefs (our Kickstarter chef knife) (Non-hammered AUS-10 Blade, Ebony wood handle)

KAN Core Chef Knife 8-inch AUS-10 67 layers

8-inch chef knife made from Japanese AUS-10 steel, clad with 66 layers of Damascus stainless steel.

  • Brand: KAN
  • UPC: 184331000554

Trudeau Laguiole Steak Knives with Pakkawood Handles (Set of 6), Stainless/Wood

Trudeau Laguiole Steak Knives with Pakkawood Handles (Set

This set of 6 steak knives is inspired by Laguiole, the French village where knife making is a way of life and craftsmanship is passed from generation to generation. Discerning blade connoisseurs will find these steak knives are an outstanding product of artisanal heritage and performance. The forged and serrated 30CR13(420) stainless steel full tang blades are razor sharp to cut through steak like butter; so flavorful juices are not lost. The well-balanced, hand-finished handles feature Pakkawood, known for its beauty, and resistance to moisture. Each is hand-stamped Laguiole "bee" symbol- the true mark of excellence. The set of knives is handsomely boxed for gift-giving. Since 1889, Trudeau has developed visionary products that add and exciting flavor to your day. Trudeau draws inspiration from more than a century of know how. Style, elegance, innovation. Trudeau lets you savor life's little moments.

  • Color: Stainless/Wood
  • Brand: Trudeau
  • ASIN: B004J1IKSU
  • UPC: 063562520508

Denix 18th Century French Knife Pistol, Brass, Non-Firing Replica

Denix 18th Century French Knife Pistol, Brass, Non-Firing

Reproduction of flintlock pistol with knife, made in wood and metal with simulating mechanism of loading and firing. Flintlock pistols, one of the most commonly used firearms by the pirates in the eighteenth century, had a flint or flint stone, which when it was triggered by the hammer produced the spark that ignited the gunpowder. All these guns required to be ammo reload manually after each shot. The ammunition, which was introduced through the mouth of the barrel, consisted of gunpowder, projectile and a paper wad, which served as a cap to keep the two previous materials compressed inside the barrel. In combat, generally these weapons were used for a single shot, since the method of reloading was very slow and it was not usually time to recharge. Therefore the fighters after shooting were forced to draw their sabers or swords or to use the knife of the pistol if they could not recharge it in time.

  • Color: Brass
  • Brand: Denix
  • ASIN: B003CZGSC4
  • UPC: 843509712049

Opinel Childs Knife Horse

Opinel Childs Knife

My First Opinel. 4" closed. 2 7/8" 12C27 MOD Sandvik stainless round tip blade with horseshoe and crowned hand hallmark etching. Green dyed wood handle with horse artwork. Safety ring for locking the blade. Hang carded.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Opinel
  • ASIN: B00F66J09U

chef knife 8 Inch - kitchen knife German steel with Gift box - best chef knife for High Carbon Stainless Steel - Chopping knives for Budding Kitchen, cooking knives, and for professional chef knives

chef knife 8 Inch - kitchen knife German

The Gift packaging makes this knife a stunning gift for your friends and family...or even for yourself. Japanese style (Made In China)

  • Color: None
  • Brand: Sagler
  • ASIN: B0787L8JZ2
  • UPC: 638346144142

Jean Dubost Laguiole 6 Steak Knives Set, Acrylic Black

Jean Dubost Laguiole 6 Steak Knives Set, Acrylic

The Laguiole knife has been used in the south of France for over 200 years. Jean Dubost's family, inspired by the traditional peasant tool, has been crafting the artisan blades since 1920. Surrounded by legend and myth, the Laguiole knife still carries the mark of its ancestors. A bee that is found engraved on all Laguiole products, was originally part of Napoleon Bonaparte's imperial seal. Local legend states it was bestowed upon the Laguiole village as a token of Napoleon's gratitude for the townspeople's courage during his many battles. Others insist that the bee represents the knife's reliability. The blade, made of high-grade stainless steel, is stamped, then ground and then polished in over 25 different manual production stages. Soft and subtle to the touch, a Laguiole knife will stay sharp and will never rust. Recently, the Laguiole mark has expanded to include flatware, wine waiters and cutlery crafted with the same quality and craftsmanship. Trusted and revered in kitchens and restaurants through-out France, the Dubost family is happy for the Laguiole tradition to finally reach this side of the Atlantic.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Jean Dubost Laguiole

32 DUMAS 6" French Chef's Knife, Fully Forged, French Stainless Steel, Made In France by Rousselon Dumas Sabatier

32 DUMAS 6" French Chef's Knife, Fully Forged,

32 Dumas knives are fully forged; formed from a single steel bar without welding. This traditional manufacturing method provides superior strength and durability 
 The blade is made of 4116 Nitro+ steel (French stainless steel, strengthened by nitrogen), sharpened by machine and each polished by hand 
 Performances improvements of 4116 N+ steel : + 20% better cutting ability, + 30% better cutting stability, + 25% better corrosion resistance - Easy to re-sharpen. "Signature of quality in Theirs, France since 1882" The ROUSSELON factory acquired 32 DUMAS brand in 1882 and has since manufactured its knives with respect of the tradition and know-how of its famous ancestors. The brand 32 DUMAS is now associated worldwide, particularly by catering industry users, with the cultural heritage of French culinary arts and French cutlery. By manufacturing, for 5 generations, some of the best knives and kitchen accessories dedicated to chefs, butchers, caterers, bakers, confectioners, fishmongers, the brand 32 DUMAS is proud to participate in the influence of French gastronomic culture beyond it's borders.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: 32 DUMAS

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife - Shogun Series X Gyuto - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V - Vacuum Treated - Hammered Finish - 8" - w/Guard

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife - Shogun Series X Gyuto

The Ultimate Chef KnifeAt The Cutting Edge of Beauty and Performance  The Dalstrong Shogun Series X chef knife is painstakingly crafted over 60 days using the highest quality materials, it is both a razor-sharp kitchen powerhouse and artistic statement in premium design and workmanship...unrivaled in performance, beauty and value. FEATURES AND BENEFITS The Blade ✓Scalpel like sharpness at a staggering 8-12°degree angle per side ✓Incredible Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell ✓AUS-10V Vacuum Heat Treated Japanese super steel core ✓67-Layered genuine (never etched) Damascus sharpened under the 3-step Honbazuke method ✓55mm wide blade for improved knuckle clearance ✓ Exquisite hammered tsuchime finish is not only beautiful but reduces drag ✓Tapered bolster provides a perfect balance, gently encouraging a natural pinch grip ✓Rust/Corrosion resistant cladding ✓Hand-polished spine ✓Full tang - maximum robustness ✓Triple riveted - even further resilience ✓Beautifully engraved ✓Tapered blade for minimal slicing resistance and non-stick properties ✓Cleans easily ✓Nitrogen cooled for enhanced harness and flexibility The Handle ✓Military grade G10 handle for life-long durability ✓Highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture ✓Ergonomic handle for sup...

  • Color: Black G10 Handle, Nitrogen Cooled Aus-10v W/Vacuum Heat Treatment, Damascus 66-layers, Honbazuke Sharpening, Full Tang, Premium Packaging, Lifetime Warranty, Dalstrong Support.
  • Brand: Dalstrong
  • UPC: 643307965209
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Presentation of this very special Zeppelin knife. Made by the very famous (here in France) Robert Beillonnet. Hope you like the intro ;-) Robert Beillonnet's website: http://www.robert-beillonnet.com/ To contact me ► [email protected] You can also follow me on Instagram ► Steel.arts

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