ICM Models Spitfire Mk.XVI Building Kit

ICM Models Spitfire Mk.XVI Building

  • Brand: ICM Models
  • ASIN: B000BN76EE
  • UPC: 078992012479

German Jet Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No 17)

German Jet Aces of World War 2 (Osprey

The Third Reich's last ditch efforts to sweep the massed Allied bomber formations from the skies of Germany centred around the new crop of jet 'wonder weapons' that were issued to the Jagdwaffe from mid-1944 onwards. Far in advance of anything the Allies had even in the experimental phase, types like the Me 262, He 162, Me 163 and the Ar 234 could perform their combat sorties with relative impunity. However, paucity in numbers and unreliable jet engines eventually cancelled out any technological edge that these aircraft offered.

  • Brand: Osprey Publishing UK
  • ASIN: 1855326345

Tailwinds Messerschmidt Me-262 World War II Era German Fighter Jet - Diecast Metal Scale Model by Maisto

Tailwinds Messerschmidt Me-262 World War II Era German

Check out this new edition from Maisto! They've added the infamous German Messerschmidt Me-262 fighter jet to the Tailwinds collection. The Me 262, nicknamed the "Swallow" was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. Design work began before World War II, but numerous technical problems kept the aircraft from operational status until mid-1944. The Me 262 was faster and more heavily armed than any Allied fighter. One of the most advanced aviation designs during World War II the Me 262's roles included light bomber, reconnaissance and experimental night fighter versions. Me 262 pilots claimed a total of 542 Allied aircraft shot down during its short operational life.

  • Brand: Tailwinds
  • ASIN: B079K7QFZH

Battle of Modified Me262 German Jet Fighter in WWII (Japanese Edition)

Battle of Modified Me262 German Jet Fighter in

第二次大戦下、ドイツは敗戦を目前にしていた。そんな中、メッサーシュミット博士は天才女性パイロット、ハンナ・ライチュに脅され、開発した実用ジェット戦闘機Me262の量産と改良を始めた。それに目をつけたカール・デーニッツ元海軍提督はドイツの再起を目指して奮闘する。デーニッツはヒトラー処分に成功し、Me262改良型を駆使して、あらゆる爆撃からドイツ本土を守ることに成功する。当時最強の性能を誇るMe262の大量生産に成功したドイツ、そして日英、米を巻き込んだ戦闘の末は。。。---登場した兵器は全て、当時開発されたもの、あるいはその小改良型としています。主な登場兵器:Me262, Bf109, Fw190, T34, IS2, ティーガー, ネーベルベルファーロケット砲などです。仮定を最小限にすべく架空戦記を書いてみました。

  • ASIN: B0773TZXFS

Hobby Boss F-22 Raptor Jet Fighter Airplane Model Building Kit

Hobby Boss F-22 Raptor Jet Fighter Airplane Model

HY80210 1/72 EZ F-22 Raptor

  • Brand: Hobby Boss
  • ASIN: B002IRKP2G
  • UPC: 754295562018

The Worlds First Turbo-Jet Fighter: Me 262 Vol.I (Classics in Organization and Management)

The Worlds First Turbo-Jet Fighter: Me 262 Vol.I

The worlds first operational jet fighter in its variety of types.

  • Brand: Brand: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
  • ASIN: 0887402348

IXO JUNIOR MODELS 1/72 Scale Prefinished Fully-Detailed Diecast Model, German WWII Messerschmitt Me-262-A-1a Luftwaffe Jet Fighter Bomber DDIJ00007

IXO JUNIOR MODELS 1/72 Scale Prefinished Fully-Detailed Diecast

German WWII Messerschmitt Me-262-A-1a, Luftwaffe Jet Fighter-Bomber, Unit not identified

  • Brand: Ixo Junior Models

Horten Ho 229 Spirit of Thuringia: The Horten All-Wing Jet Fighter

Horten Ho 229 Spirit of Thuringia: The Horten

The Horten Ho 229, one of the Luftwaffe's so-called wonder weapons, was one of the most enigmatic aircraft designs to emerge from World War 2. in some ways a precursor of the 'stealth' concept, when viewed in relation to its contemporaries, it was clearly years ahead of tis time. The Ho 229 was planned as the first of the next generation of German jet fighters to follow on from the Messerschmitt Me 262. The intention was to create a high-speed cannon-equipped fighterbomber and reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft, which saw figures such as Goering, Galland and Lippish involved in its development, commenced flight-testing in December 1944 and it was planned to re-equip the Me 163-equipped JG 400 with the Ho 229 later in the war.This book charts in detail the development and operational record of the Horten Ho 229. One of the prototypes, V3, survives in the USA and the book includes specially commissioned photographs of this survivor. With 250 fascinating photographs, plus the most extensive set of accurate scale drawings ever produced on this aircraft by internationally acclaimed draftsman, Arthur Bentley, and accompanied by computer-generated color artwork and cutaways by Andrei Shepelev, this book is the most thorough technical study of the Ho 299 ever produced. Now reprinted d...

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 1903223660

Guillow miniModels Balsa Wood Model Airplane Set: 6 Laser Cut Wood Kits Included - U.S. Warhawk, German Fighter, U.S. Hellcat, Rockstar Jet, Stunt Flyer, and V-Tail

Guillow miniModels Balsa Wood Model Airplane Set: 6

From the Manufacturer:

  • Brand: Guillow
  • ASIN: B079Y49257

Jagdwaffe V5 Sec 4- Jet Fighters and Rocket Interceptors 1944-1945 (Luftwaffe Colours)

Jagdwaffe V5 Sec 4- Jet Fighters and Rocket

With the publication of this, the last of 20 titles, Classic Publications' acclaimed Jagdwaffe series reaches its conclusion. The final book in the series could also be considered one of the most interesting as it examines the various types of advanced aircraft with which the Luftwaffe desperately tried to challenge what, by then, was overwhelming Allied air supremacy in the skies over the Reich. Whilst each book in the series can be enjoyed on its own, together the Jagdwaffe collection offers a very authoritative and detailed study of the camouflage and markings of Luftwaffe fighter units, in all theatres, throughout World War Two.

  • ASIN: 1903223520
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