Slopper Stopper Dripless Dog Water Bowl - Giant Breed Dogs 86-130 Lbs

Slopper Stopper Dripless Dog Water Bowl - Giant

GIANT BREEDS 86-131 Lbs . The Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl is a Dripless Specialized Dog Water Bowl that reduces water spills and trails by up to 85% or more by not allowing the Muzzle of the Dog to get soaking wet. Are you tired of chasing your dog around the house with a towel mopping up the water mess? Are you tired of your Wood Floors being destroyed? Are you Tired of Water Trails to All Areas of the House? This Water Bowl greatly reduces the messy business of having to clean up after your 4 legged friends. A Custom Elevated Stand is also available. Slopper Stopper - "Taking Care of The Mess So You Don't Have To!"

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Slopper Stopper
  • ASIN: B079P9HW8M
  • UPC: 653341416049

NFL New York Giants Classic Leather Football Collar, Large

NFL New York Giants Classic Leather Football Collar,

Your pet can wear the game like never before with these stylish, officially licensed collars from Game Wear. Each collar is handcrafted from leather and thread, and emblazoned with your favorite team's logo and colors. Get your favorite four-legged friend in the game with these officially licensed collars from Game Wear!!

  • Color: Multi-Colored
  • Brand: GameWear
  • UPC: 844214061781

NEATER PET BRANDS Big Bowl - Extra Large Water Bowl for Dogs (1.25 Gallon Capacity, 160 oz) - Gunmetal Grey - Base for Neater Slow Feeder

NEATER PET BRANDS Big Bowl - Extra Large

The Big Bowl has a huge capacity for food or water, holding up to 1.25 gallons (160 oz). The bowl is raised off the floor to prevent getting bowl ring stains. It is designed to fit multiple pets at the same time. The Big Bowl's high walls, sturdy non-tip base, and non-skid feet help reduce spills and keep it from sliding across your floor. This unique design is both attractive and convenient, as it fits nicely against walls and into corners of your home. Specifications Length: 15.75" Width: 10" Height: 4.75" Capacity: 1.25 gallons or 160 oz COMPATIBLE WITH LEG EXTENSIONS - The Big Bowl is compatible with "MEDIUM" sized leg extensions for Neater Feeder Deluxe (Sold Separately). Big Bowl is also compatible with the Neater Slow Feeder (Sold Separately), which can be placed on top of the Big Bowl for an elevated gentle slow feeding solution.

  • Color: Gunmetal Grey
  • ASIN: B07F38QBYC
  • UPC: 814516021196

Anchor Hocking Glass Food Prep and Mixing Bowls, 4 Quart (Set of 2)

Anchor Hocking Glass Food Prep and Mixing Bowls,

Anchor Hocking mixing bowls are made with easy mixing in mind. The oversized 4-quart bowls are perfect for whipping up cookies or brownies. The glass is oven-safe and made in the USA. Great for mixing, serving and storing, these bowl are a kitchen essential for any baker. Anchor Hocking manufactures and markets a vast array of quality products for the home. Anchor Hocking is best known for their high quality glass tabletop and bakeware products manufactured in the USA since 1905.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Anchor Hocking
  • UPC: 793842060164

Maslow Stainless Steel Standard Bowl, 17-Cup

Maslow Stainless Steel Standard Bowl,

The Bergan Stainless Steel line of bowls offers durability and a variety of designs. Bowls are available in five designs and multiple sizes to accommodate any pet. In the absence of universal bowl capacity standards, many suppliers advertise '2-Quart' bowls, but they have a lower actual capacity. In the spirit of keeping it real, ALL Bergan bowls reflect true capacity.

  • Brand: Bergan
  • ASIN: B004WA9OEC
  • UPC: 700580179225

MLB Mini Batting Helmet Ice Cream Sundae/ Snack Bowls-24 Pack-San Francisco Giants

MLB Mini Batting Helmet Ice Cream Sundae/ Snack

Snacker UP! These look like replica batting helmets, but they're actually regulation Snacking Helmets. Fill them with peanuts and Cracker Jack, candy or ice-cream or any old snack. You can call them basebowls. When watching the game, hosting a kid's birthday, or just sitting on the bench, it's good to have snacking helmets on deck. They're so fun you may want to take your snacking into extra innings.

  • Color: San Francisco Giants
  • Brand: Rawlings
  • ASIN: B0189KUGH4
  • UPC: 722589110153

Van Ness Heavyweight Jumbo Crock Dish, 106 Ounce

Van Ness Heavyweight Jumbo Crock Dish, 106

Heavyweight Jumbo Crock Dish, 106-Ounce Capacity. Ideally Size for Very Large Dogs. Made From United States Food and Drug Administration Approved Plastic that's Safe for Food and Water Contact. Assorted Colors.

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Van Ness
  • ASIN: B0002ASCD0
  • UPC: 079441003055

Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder Raised Dog Bowls Dog Feeding Station Double Bowl Stand Stainless Steel Bowls

Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder

Your dog will be eating in chic comfort with the Pet Zone Designer Diner, designed to close the distance between your dog and their food and water, thereby reducing strain on their neck and joints. Elevated feeding also encourages effective digestion and may reduce instances of gastrointestinal problems such as bloat. The feeder accommodates small, medium, and large dogs by adjusting from 2.75” to 8” to 12” tall. It grows with your dog from puppyhood to their adult years! The sleek design of the Designer Diner will coordinate with today’s contemporary décor. When not in use, the legs can be easily removed and tucked under the feeding platform for easy storage. Simply set up the feeder when it’s needed, then put it away for a neater, clutter-free space. The Designer Diner includes two stainless-steel, rust-resistant bowls that are top-shelf dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. The legs of the stylish frame are outfitted with non-slip pads to prevent tipping and skidding, and the feeder’s spill ridge keeps food and water off of the floor.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Pet Zone
  • ASIN: B00TV1A6IA
  • UPC: 780824127939

SPOT Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Bowl | Elevated Dog Feeder For Medium Dogs | Elevated Dog Feeder For Large Dogs | 15" Elevated Pet Feeder Station | Stainless Steel Dog Bowls | Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

SPOT Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Bowl | Elevated

The Ethical Pet Hi-Rise Single Diner Pet Dish offers all of the features you want in an elevated dog bowl without any costly extras. The dish is a 2-quart size, and even though the design looks a little more complicated than some of the alternatives, it simply snaps together with no tool assembly required whatsoever. This high-rise design allows the bowl to stand a full 15 inches from the floor, which will be greatly appreciated by every large breed of dog. This design only holds a single bowl, but there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing two or more if you want to use one for food and water. Features a durable wire stand that is also lightweight and easy to move. It also comes with an 8-cup stainless steel bowl that fits into the top of the stand, making it easy for your large or giant breed dog to comfortably enjoy his meal. These bowls can help your dog eat with a more natural posture which can promote healthy digestion. The stainless steel bowl is lightweight but incredibly durable and it is naturally bacteria resistant. Just remove the bowl from the stand and throw it into the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. For smaller dogs, an elevated dog bowl can promote healthy digestion and it can reduce the risk for spillage as well. Establish in 1952, Ethical Products ...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Ethical Pet
  • ASIN: B001CPSEC8
  • UPC: 077234058572

Van Ness Stainless Steel Large Dish, 96 Ounce

Van Ness Stainless Steel Large Dish, 96

Ideally Sized for Large Sized Dogs with a 96-Ounce Capacity. Made with 6 Gage Durable Polished Stainless Steel. Skid-Proof Bonded Rubber on the Bottom.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Van Ness
  • UPC: 079441002348

Bell Tote 510 Front Basket With Handle, Black

Bell Tote 510 Front Basket With Handle,

Large storage capacity - Folding carrying handle - Durable, welded metal construction - Easy on/off bike

  • Color: Tote 510 - Black
  • Brand: Bell
  • ASIN: B01HTZIE92
  • UPC: 035011966045

PawHut 24" Stainless Steel Adjustable Height Elevated Double Diner Dog Bowls - Silver/Black

PawHut 24" Stainless Steel Adjustable Height Elevated Double

Pawhut elevated dog bowls do more than just feed your pet, they create a health conscious environment by allowing your dog to eat in a more natural standing position. These elevated bowls aid in digestion and reduce stress on the body improving overall health and well-being. The adjustable height allows your pet to grow with the product. Simply raise and lower the bowls based on breed or need and with a twist of a knob they're locked into place. Order now and make mealtime a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. Features: - High quality stainless steel bowls are durable and easy to clean - Wide, H-shape base adjusts to match your pet's height - Special lock system holds dishes in place - Scratch resistant material - Removable bowls for easy filling and cleaning - Equipped with 4 non-slip rubber foot pads - Simple assembly required Specifications: - Color: Silver/Black - Material: Metal Frame, Stainless Steel Bowls - Base Dimensions: 23.5"L x 16.75"W x 21.25"H - Bowl Dimensions: ?10.75" x 9.75" H - Adjustable Height: 1.25" - 18.5" - Feet Width: 1.5" - Net Weight: 6.lbs

  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Brand: PawHut
  • ASIN: B01H0QFDH6
  • UPC: 763250275177

OurPets Comfort Feeder Healthy Pet Diner Raised Dog Bowls Elevated Feeder Double Stainless Steel Bowls with Stand

OurPets Comfort Feeder Healthy Pet Diner Raised Dog

Elevate your dog’s dining experience with the Healthy Pet Diner! The feeder promotes a healthy feeding position that aids digestion, reduces stress on joints and bones, and eases strain on your dog’s neck. There are two high-quality stainless steel bowls hold up to 5.5 cups of dry food each and are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean. Spill ridge keeps food and water off the floor

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Our Pets
  • ASIN: B00292BLSW
  • UPC: 780824104091

30 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl, Comes In Each

30 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl, Comes In

30 quart stainless steel mixing bowl. It is medium weight for easy mobility and handling. This product is made of stainless steel and attractive mirror finished to ensure long lasting usage. Design with flat base for exceptional balance while prepping food. It is stackable for convenience storage and transportation. Commercial grade quality. It is made to endure the toughest condition in any kitchen and resistant to odor and flavor absorption. This mixing bowl is safe to use in the oven, freezer and dishwasher. Great for mixing salad with ingredient, sauces, cookie dough, fruit tar and much more. You can use the mixing bowl as dips at the table, hold chips, battering eggs, washing fruit, marinating stocks, serve condiments, and many others in these versatile bowls. An essential tool for any kitchen. Various sizes of mixing bowls available for your right tasks. Ranges from ¾ quart to 30 quart. Optional thicknesses, sizes and perforated available: Stainless steel Mixing bowl – Mid weight SLMB001 0.75 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB002 1.5 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB003 3 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB004 4 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB005 5 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB006 8 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB007 13 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl SLMB008 16 Quart Stainle...

  • Color: Metallic
  • Brand: Thunder Group
  • ASIN: B008S1CT4I
  • UPC: 696750302251

Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder, 25Lb

Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder,

Little Giant Farm & Ag Ch25 Dog Feedr 25# Galvanized

  • Color: White
  • ASIN: B000FK03LQ
  • UPC: 084369001250

Basis Pet Made in The USA Stainless Steel Dog Bowl, Extra Large (18 Cups), 1 Bowl

Basis Pet Made in The USA Stainless Steel

Don't underestimate the importance of a high quality dog bowl. Some foreign made pet bowls have tested positive for high levels of lead. Some have been recalled due to low levels of radioactivity. These things can happen when there isnÕt sufficient control over a companies materials and manufacturing methods. At Basis Pet, we do things right. We start by sourcing only U.S. stainless steel that has passed an extensive metallurgical analysis, confirming its identity as a 304 series stainless steel (also called 18/8). The bowls are then manufactured in the U.S. Each finished batch is screened for radioactive contamination and 1 bowl from each batch is tested by an independent lab for heavy metal contamination (lead, mercury, and cadmium). Safe? For sure. But our stainless steel dog bowls have a smart design, too. Straight sides and rounded inside corners help to make this bowl functional for you and your dog. Our bowls are durable, heavy weight (22 gauge), and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). WeÕve opted against a non-skid coating. In our experience, non-skid rubber coatings break down sooner than stainless steel. We want to ensure you don't have to replace your bowls prematurely. If sliding is a problem, we recommend picking up a non-skid pet bowl mat or using one of our stands. ...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Basis Pet
  • ASIN: B01F03BCMQ

Magma Products, A10-205 Marine Kettle A10-205, Gas Grill, Original Size 15 Inches, Stainless Steel, Adjustable Control Valve

Magma Products, A10-205 Marine Kettle A10-205, Gas Grill,

  • Color: Steel
  • Brand: Magma
  • ASIN: B0018YBUW4
  • UPC: 665480916014

Van Ness Heavyweight Translucent Jumbo Crock Dish, 106 Ounce

Van Ness Heavyweight Translucent Jumbo Crock Dish, 106

Heavyweight Translucent Jumbo Crock Dish, 106-Ounce Capacity. Ideally Sized for Very Large Dogs. Made From United States Food and Drug Administration Approved Plastic that's Safe for Food and Water Contact. Assorted Colors.

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Van Ness
  • ASIN: B0002ASCEE
  • UPC: 079441003154

Elevated dog feeder stand raised dog bowls for Great Dane

Elevated dog feeder stand raised dog bowls for

Elevated dog feeder stand especially for Great Danes. Made at 21" tall to put your raised dog bowls at a comfortable eating height. This raised feeder is durable with all steel construction and an attractive powdercoat finish. The bottom of each leg has an adjustable leveling foot with plastic floor protectors. Two stainless steel bowls in 3 quart capacity are included.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Modern Ironworks
  • ASIN: B078JKVMB4

Elevated Dog & Cat Feeder - Double Bowl Raised Stand + Two Stainless Steel Bowls, Washable - Perfect for Water, Food or Treats by ZHCH(L:2 quarts &13.77"H)

Elevated Dog & Cat Feeder - Double Bowl

Improve Your Pet's Digestion and Posture with Our Raised Pet Bowls! We don't eat off the floor and neither should your beloved dog or cat! Pet bowls sitting on the floor are much dirtier than raised pet bowls since moisture underneath pet bowls is a great place for mold and bacteria to grow. Plus,not only will eating from this raised pet bowl be more comfortable, but it will also improve your pet's digestion. Keeping your pet's posture aligned while eating will help food travel down your pet's esophagus.Let's give your Pet a more comfortable place to eat! Product Package Including:               ★2 x Pet Feeder Stand                     ★2 x Stainless Steel Bowls                ★1 x Bowl Holder Frame                    ★2 x Metal Rod ★1 x Bag Of Plastic Tube ★1 x Bag Of Screw ★1 x Hexagon Wrench Warranty: At LifeDecor, Every product includes a 12-Month Warranty, 45-Day Money Back and Lifetime friendly Support!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: DAZONE
  • ASIN: B01M4MYQ81

BAGAIL NFL and PGA Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bag with Zipper Closure Crossbody Messenger Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Strap(12 Inch X 12 Inch X 6 Inch,Royal Blue)

BAGAIL NFL and PGA Stadium Approved Clear Tote

Meets NFL and PGA Tournament guidelines With safety on everyone's minds, these days you can't bring opaque bags to concerts and sporting events because security can't see what you're bringing into the venue. And very often students have to bring their lunches to school in clear bags daily, and especially during testing days. Increasingly office workers are being asked to bring their lunch in clear bags as well. So when you want something that's secure and won't be rejected at the gate or door, the most convenient and sensible option is our Clear Tote Bag, which has been NFL and PGA Tournament approved. It's constructed with heavy-duty clear PVC with Do Not Waste Time And Click The "Add To Cart" Button Now!One Bag Fits Many Occasions Perfect for breezing through security at NFL and PGA games.  Also perfect for speeding through airport security. Quickly find all your most important travel items and pass security easily without needing to dump the contents of your purse!  Great for day trips and family vacations to the beach, amusement parks, and other tourist activities. Keep all your things clean, germ-free, and dry!  Perfect for use as a convention bag.  GREAT way to store makeup, toiletry, and etc.!

  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Brand: BAGAIL
  • ASIN: B0776V72X5
  • UPC: 763769289535

WESEN Dog Bowls, Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with No Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat, 80 oz Double Feeder Food Water Bowl for Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Pets, Grey, Set of 2

WESEN Dog Bowls, Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with

There are all kinds of dog bowls on market, are you trying hard to finding the suitable feeder bowls for your lovely pets? Don't worry,our unique designed double stainless steel dog bowls with silicone mat will surely solve your problem. UNIQUE DESIGN: WESEN dog bowls set keeps food and water separate when feeding: One for water and the other one for food, or two bowls for feeding two pets at the same time as you like. One large bowl(53 oz) + the other small bowl (27 oz) design are suitable for all size of pets. What Features Does WESEN Dog Bowls Have? ★ Made of high quality stainless steel with unique BPA free silicone mat, both are food safety standard, can be quickly rinsed or wiped clean after each use& dishwasher safe. ★ No spills and non skid, the silicone mat keeps bowls stable, letting pets enjoy the happy and comfortable feeding time. The large base with raised edge of mat catches food and water spills, keep your floor clean, relieving you from the feeding mess. ★ Heat resistant, corrosion resistance and rust resistant, safe and reliable. Can be used for long time and save your pocket a lot. ★ Foldable mat , space saving and convenient when taking outdoor or traveling. Specification: Color: Grey Dog Bowl Material: Stainless Steel Bowl Mat Material: BPA-free Sil...

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: WESEN
  • UPC: 741025301061

Stainless Steel Bowl,6.5QT Salad Bowl,Metal Bowls,Stainless Steel Basin,Heavy Duty Deeper Edge Mirror Finish Dishwasher Safe Bowl (L)

Stainless Steel Bowl,6.5QT Salad Bowl,Metal Bowls,Stainless Steel Basin,Heavy

Use our stainless steel bowl for - dog or cat water bowls, mixing up your hair dye, cleaning bowls, decorative use, and much more besides. And our metal bowls have the non-slip base means they are safe to use on any surface, our stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and easy to store - simply nest them inside each other. You won't get a better product elsewhere and you won't get one with a guarantee like ours.

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: meleg otthon
  • ASIN: B074NXFW86

Petmate Sky Kennel Portable Dog Crate Travel Items Included 6 Sizes

Petmate Sky Kennel Portable Dog Crate Travel Items

The Petmate Sky Kennel stays safe and durable during travel while keeping pets comfortable and stress-free. The heavy-duty plastic shell, non-corrodible wing-nuts, extra strong steel wire, and interlocking door provide long-lasting protection. The 4-way vault door offers extra security, keeping the door locked in place and safe for transport. The ventilation openings surrounding the kennel help keep pets comfortable by providing plenty of fresh air. The kennel also comes with a travel kit full of necessities, such as 2 "Live Animal" stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers. The kennel comes in six sizes from 21" to 48" for all sizes of pets. The larger sizes offer a vaulted door with a horizontal wire for extra security, while smaller sizes have a carrying handle for easier transport. The kennel meets most airline cargo specifications for easy and safe travel, but pet owners should always check with individual airlines.

  • Color: Sky Kennel
  • Brand: Petmate
  • ASIN: B003E75LBO
  • UPC: 029695007002
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