GUITAR: Total Scales Techniques and Applications: Lessons for Beginner through Professional

GUITAR: Total Scales Techniques and Applications: Lessons for

The First and only method to expertly teach you every scale, every trick & technique, in every musical key, anywhere on the entire fretboard! Author Mark John Sternal has been credited as one of the greatest music instructors of the 21st Century! His credentials accumulate to hundreds of thousands of beginner through advanced guitarists and bass players. This course promises to turn beginners into pro's & make the pro's even better! (Amazon/Kindle version does not include audio)

  • ASIN: B015EO0MY0

BASS GUITAR DVD Total Scales Techniques and Applications

BASS GUITAR DVD Total Scales Techniques and

The key that will open the door to Total Bass Guitar Mastery... Total is the key word... every position on the fingerboard, in every key, and different ways to use them. -Bass Player Magazine A complete course for beginner through dedicated professional. Using easy-to-remember shapes found in every musical key, you will learn to expertly play scales, bass lines and fills on the entire fretboard... plus all of the tricks and techniques used by the worlds greatest bass players: hammer ons, pull offs, picking patterns, vibrato, string bending, slides, two hand tapping, and much more. For beginner to expert... every position on the guitar and all the ways to use them... -Music Connection Magazine Advanced Features: Increment patterns, string skipping, double note patterns (harmony), harmonics, scale notes as chords and song writing tips. To wrap up this amazing instructional DVD, Mark John Sternal teaches you all of the modes, key changes, plus 50 exotic and cultural scales that will truly enhance your playing. Whether you play rock, metal, blues, jazz, country or any other style of music, it s pretty much guaranteed that there s a scale for you... -Doug Coy, Observer Editor, New York

  • Brand: MJS Music Publications
  • ASIN: B001J85GLU
  • UPC: 891926002052

A Modern Method for Guitar Scales (Berklee Guide)

A Modern Method for Guitar Scales (Berklee

(Berklee Guide). Improve your command of the guitar by mastering the essential scales and their fingerings. This reference will help you play scales up, down and across the fingerboard, in all keys. You will learn multiple scale fingering options to suit different musical contexts. Practice exercises will help you build your muscle memory as you play different fingering patterns across the strings, and then expand them to three octaves. Graphical illustrations, exercises, and etudes will help reinforce all the most useful scale types. Traditional notation and tablature are included.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 1495077179
  • UPC: 888680649777

Protege by Cordoba C100M 3/4 Size Classical Guitar with Gig Bag and Tuner (Amazon Exclusive)

Protege by Cordoba C100M 3/4 Size Classical Guitar

  • Brand: Cordoba Guitars
  • ASIN: B01DK723EU
  • UPC: 809870026925

Anyone Can Play C6 Lap Steel Guitar

Anyone Can Play C6 Lap Steel

Anyone Can Play C6 Lap Steel Guitar is designed for the absolute lap steel beginner. The course will take you through the very basics of getting started, including the proper way to hold the steel, tuning, changing strings, right and left hand technique, as well as licks and positions. Advanced techniques, intros and a classic song are also taught. Rob will also cover topics such as the necessary gear and an explanation of how to get the right sound out of your lap steel guitar. You will learn everything you need to know to have a good foundation for further learning. Rob has included many tips and tricks in this DVD which he has acquired in over 30 years of playing professionally. NTSC all region. 93 minutes.

  • Brand: Mel Bay
  • ASIN: B0013KXZ4O
  • UPC: 796279106559

The Ultimate Scale Book

The Ultimate Scale

(Pocket Guide). Everything you ever wanted to know about scales, but were afraid to ask! This book fills you in on major and minor scales; the modes; the blues scale; harmonic minor, melodic minor, chromatic, whole tone & diminished scales; other exotic and ethnic scales; and more. Includes easy-to-read fretboard diagrams, and a bio of Troy Stetina.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 0793597889
  • UPC: 073999953305

Total Blues (12 Bar Blues in G)

Total Blues (12 Bar Blues in


GUITAR DVD Total Scales Techniques and Applications

GUITAR DVD Total Scales Techniques and

This complete course starts with a bonus beginner section to insure that any guitarist at any level can use this video. It quickly progresses to intermediate then advanced levels of playing. First begin with universal shapes found in every key of music to expertly play scales and leads on the entire fretboard. Don t worry about memorizing these positions! Memory will come naturally when Mark John Sternal demonstrates how to use these scales musically. Tasty licks, tricks and techniques like hammer ons, pull offs, picking patterns, vibrato, string bending, two hand tapping. Plus techniques exclusive to electric guitar including tremolo bar, string bending, and electronic control tricks. In addition you ll learn a ton of applications to make your lead guitar and melody lines stand out, and make learning your favorite songs a breeze: increment patterns, string skipping, double note patterns (harmony), two handed tapping, harmonics. All of this and more is introduced in a song context, giving thorough examples of how these scales, techniques and applications can be used with chords and song structure. To wrap up this amazing instructional DVD, Mark teaches you all of the modes, key changes, plus 50 exotic and cultural scales all on the entire fretboard! You ll be amazed at how expert...

  • Brand: MJS Music Publications
  • ASIN: B000YYWO8I
  • UPC: 891926002007

Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns for Guitar

Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns for

(Music Sales America). This book is a condensed, made-for-guitar version of Nicolas Slonimsky's publication Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns the book that musicians as diverse as John Coltrane and Frank Zappa used for ideas and inspiration. Musicians familiar with the original Thesaurus know that it contains a daunting amount of information crammed in its over 230 pages. But there is a definite symmetry and logic in these Slonimsky examples. What appear to be random patterns are actually mathematical combinations of some or all of the twelve notes in music. As the musician/student plays through the examples, the patterns will unfold and become more obvious.

  • Brand: Music Sales America
  • ASIN: 1780389337
  • UPC: 884088919931

Beginner 30" Classical Acoustic Guitar - 6 String Linden Wood Traditional Style Guitar w/ Wood Fretboard, Case Bag, Nylon Strap, Tuner, 3 Picks - Great for Beginner, Children Use - Pyle PGAKT30

Beginner 30" Classical Acoustic Guitar - 6 String

Pyle Model : PLPW15D15'' Car Subwoofer DVC 4-Ohm15'' 2000 Watt Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm Subwoofer SPL: 92dB95 oz. MagnetBlack Steel BasketNon-Press Paper ConeDual 4 Ohm Impedance2.5-Inch 4-Layer Dual Voice CoilSpecially Treated Foam Surround1,00 Watt RMS / 2,000 Watt Max PowerSpring Loaded Push Down Speaker TerminalsDimensions: 15.3" (Diameter) x 6.3" (Depth)Pyle Power Subwoofers pack a huge punch The PLPW15D is a 15-Inch booming 2000 watt subwoofer designed with the bass lover in mind. This subwoofer will make your music growl in your vehicle or at home, in any type of enclosure: sealed, vented, or open-air. The black steel basket and non-press paper cone look sleek - and thanks to a 95 oz. magnet, 2.5-Inch four-layer dual voice coil, and specially treated foam surround, it sounds great too. Connect to your amplifier using the spring loaded, push-down speaker terminals and feel the Pyle Power.

  • Color: Wood Fretboard
  • Brand: Pyle
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D'Addario Prelude Violin String Set, 4/4 Scale Medium Tension - Solid Steel Core, Warm Tone, Economical and Durable - Educator's Choice for Student Strings - Sealed Pouch to Prevent Corrosion, 1 Set

D'Addario Prelude Violin String Set, 4/4 Scale Medium

Designed with quick bow response and ease of use in mind, D’Addario’s Prelude violin strings are the educator’s preferred choice for student strings. Due to their unique blend of warm tone, affordability and durability, they are ideal for the brand-new violinist picking up a bow for the first time, and the more experienced student in the high school string orchestra. Available in both full and fractional sizes, the Prelude line has an option for any age student. The strings have clear markings to teach students how to string their instrument and are easy to put on and tune. D’Addario leverages centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long-lasting strings. With its solid steel construction and uniquely-designed sealed pouches, Prelude strings have an unparalleled protection from the elements that cause corrosion. Unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, the strings wear well and can stand up to a student player’s usage. All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry. Scaled to fit a 4/4 size violin with a playing length of 13 inches (328mm), these medium tension strings are optimized to t...

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Piano Scales, Chords & Arpeggios Lessons with Elements of Basic Music Theory: Fun, Step-By-Step Guide for Beginner to Advanced Levels (Book & Streaming Videos)

Piano Scales, Chords & Arpeggios Lessons with Elements

This new edition book and streaming video course is all that you will ever need for learning piano chords, scales, arpeggios, how to read music, and basic music theory!Piano Professor Damon Ferrante guides you through 140 step-by-step lessons (for beginner to advanced levels) and 30 streaming video lessons.This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of piano students and teachers, is designed to be interactive, engaging and fun.The lessons will greatly improve your piano technique, creativity, and understanding of music. Whether you are teaching yourself piano or learning with a music instructor, this book and streaming video course will take your piano playing to a whole new level!Ask yourself this:1. Have you always wanted to learn how to play piano scales, chords, and arpeggios, but did not know where to start?2. Did you start piano lessons once and give up because the lessons were too difficult?3. Are you struggling to follow online piano lessons that seem to jump all over the place without any sense of direction or consistency?4. Would you like to expand your musical understanding and learn how to play the piano through an affordable, step-by-step book and streaming video course?If your answer to any of the these questions is yes, then this piano book and streaming video c...

  • ASIN: B00HGB70WM

Pack of 20 CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Coin Battery 3V, Specially Made for All Kinds of LED Lights, Copper Wire String Lights, Fairy Lights, LED Candles, Christmas Lights, Long Lasting Working Span

Pack of 20 CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Coin

Lot of 20 CR2032 3 volt lithium button cell coin battery, specially made for LED lights. This battery was specially made for LED lights, which will achieve long-lasting effect. Holds power for 8 years when not in use. Cell size: 2032, 4 pack of 5 (totals 20 pieces). Cannot be used for electronics like car remotes which require high current above 400.

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Luna Safari Series Peace Travel-Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Luna Safari Series Peace Travel-Size Dreadnought Acoustic

Peace begins with a smile. ~Mother Teresa The Peace design on this Safari travel guitar is a very special one for us here at Luna as it embodies a philosophy we hold dear. A laser-cut peace sign at the sound hole is surrounded by the word peace in different languages forming a graceful continuum across the soundboard. Go forth and raise smiles through music: the universal language! SAF PCE Design by Alex Morgan Body: 3⁄4 Travel Top: Select Spruce Back/Sides: Mahogany Scale: 22" Nut: 1 11⁄16" Steel Strings Finish: Satin 34 1⁄2” x 12 3⁄4” x 3 1⁄4” 3.3 lb.

  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: Luna Guitars
  • ASIN: B004PJG5SS
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Scale Pattern Studies For Guitar, Supplement 3: Classic Guitar Technique

Scale Pattern Studies For Guitar, Supplement 3: Classic

Scale pattern studies.

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0769212778
  • UPC: 029156063172

Fretboard Theory: Complete Guitar Theory Including Scales, Chords, Progressions, Modes, Song Application and More.

Fretboard Theory: Complete Guitar Theory Including Scales, Chords,

Do you love sitting at home playing guitar, but find yourself playing the same old things over and over without making much progress?When other musicians invite you to jam, do you worry that you won’t be able to keep up?Are you a veteran guitarist who has played for years, but you’re embarrassed to admit you have no idea what you’re doing?If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, compose songs like you hear on the radio, and improvise your own music, then you need Fretboard Theory.Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna teaches music theory for guitar including scales, chords, progressions, modes and more. The hands-on approach to theory shows you how music "works" on the guitar fretboard by visualizing shapes and patterns and how they connect to make music.Content includes:* Learn pentatonic and major scale patterns as used to play melodies, riffs, solos, and bass lines* Move beyond basic chords and common barre chords by playing the types of chord inversions and chord voicings used by music's most famous players* Chart guitar chord progressions and play by numbers like the pros* Identify correct scales to play over chords and progressions so you can improvise at will* Create new sounds with music modes and get to know Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, ...


36 Pcs CR2032 DL2032 ECR2032 Lithium 3V 210mAh Coin Button Cell Battery Instapark

36 Pcs CR2032 DL2032 ECR2032 Lithium 3V 210mAh

Coming in a generous package of 3 dozen of individually sealed batteries in blister packaging, the Instapark CR2032 Lithium 3V batteries offer outstanding quality and unparalleled performance. Unlike standard Alkaline batteries, Lithium batteries are well known for their higher energy density, higher cell voltage, better leakage resistance and longer shelf life at room temperature due to low self-discharge, which make them ideal for watches, fitness and healthcare devices, calculators, LED tea light candles and other home electronics. Specifications: Battery type: CR2032 / DL2032 / ECR2032 Chemical system: Lithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2) Nominal voltage: 3 volts Capacity (typical): 210 mAh Shelf life (typical): 5 years Dimensions: 20 mm (Diameter) X 3.2 mm Weight: 9 grams Package quantity: 6 batteries PER Pack, 6 Packs, total of 36 individual batteries

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Pacer Technology (Zap) Z-Poxy Finishing Resin Adhesives, 12 oz

Pacer Technology (Zap) Z-Poxy Finishing Resin Adhesives, 12

The Only Total Adhesive System for All your Needs. Multiple Sizes and Applications for all your hobby building needs.

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1.5 Meter White tape measure Guitar Tape Measure for Body customized image tape measure sewing Automatic retractable tape measure clothing measuring Tape Measure fractions Self Lock tape

1.5 Meter White tape measure Guitar Tape Measure

Our tape measure is made of soft plastic and is unique in that it can be customized. The total length is 1.5 meters and is about 60 inches. It can measure all irregular objects such as height and circumference. There is a button that automatically shrinks for easy and safe. Small and beautiful, you can carry it with you, it is the best gift you can give to your friends and family.

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Delippo [UL Listed] C5 AC Power Cord 5Ft 3 Prong Power Cable Lead US Plug for Fully Molded Laptop & Plasma TV's & Computer Host & Monitors & Projectors & Printers and More

Delippo [UL Listed] C5 AC Power Cord 5Ft

Compatibility: Fit to all 3 prong laptop AC adapters Acer Aspire, Timeline Ultra, Acer Aspire Switch, Acer Aspire One, TravelMate, Extensa, Acer Chromebook ASUS VivoBook, ASUS Zenbook, Prime, Pro, ASUS Taichi, ASUS Transformer Book Flip, Trio, ASUS Chromebook, ASUS ROG Gaming Notebooks, ASUS Eee PC Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba Satellite Radius, Fusion, Click 2 Pro, Toshiba Chromebook 2, Toshiba Portege, Toshiba Tecra, Toshiba KIRAbook, Toshiba Mini HP Pavilion, Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook, HP Elitebook, Folio, Probook, ZBook, HP Spectre x360, Split x2, HP Stream, HP Chromebook, HP Compaq, Compaq Presario, Omen; 490371-001 Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, Edge, X1 Carbon, Chromebook, Touch, Lenovo IdeaPad, Yoga, Lenovo Essential Dell Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, AlienWare, Dell Chromebook, Dell XPS, Studio MSI Gaming Notebook, Wind, Megabook Samsung Ativ Book, Chromebook , Series 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Chronos Sony VAIO Fit, Flip, Duo Gateway LT, NE, NV series And others Safe and reliable: Delippo AC Power Cord has got Certification CE ROHS FCC UL standards.It has a strong, durable construction and compact design. Built-in safety features include No Radiation, Safe and Environmentally Friendly, Harmless and high safety performance. Who we are Delippo is a consumer technology accessories brand based com...

  • Color: 3 prong C5 1.5M
  • Brand: DELIPPO

Total Rock Guitar: A Complete Guide to Learning Rock Guitar

Total Rock Guitar: A Complete Guide to Learning

(Guitar Educational). Total Rock Guitar is a unique and comprehensive source for learning rock guitar, designed to develop both lead and rhythm playing. This book/audio pack covers: getting a tone that rocks; open chords, power chords and barre chords; riffs, scales and licks; string bending, strumming, palm muting, harmonics and alternate picking; all rock styles; and much more. The examples in the book are in standard notation with chord grids and tablature, and the accompanying online audio includes full-band backing for all 22 songs.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 0793587875
  • UPC: 073999952469

The Caged System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar: Complete With 1 hour of Audio Examples: Learnt to Play The Blues Your Way (Play Blues Guitar Book 5)

The Caged System and 100 Licks for Blues

Discover the perfection of The CAGED System on GuitarWould you like to have complete freedom to visualize and play in any key, in any position on guitar?Are you struggling to make music all over the neck? Are some parts of the guitar neck a dusty mystery to you? The CAGED system is the Rosetta stone of understanding the way every scale, arpeggio and lick is laid out on the guitar. But often it's taught in a cold, confusing way that doesn't relate to actual music. The CAGED System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar is different. You'll learn The CAGED system in conjunction with 100 useful blues licks based around the most useful scales on guitar.Here's what you get:100 top quality blues licksA complete method to learn the guitar neckHundreds of live audio examples to download for freeA hands on, direct method to understand and make music on the whole guitar neckThe definitive guide to mastering The CAGED System on GuitarBonus Over an hour of free audio to download for freeWhether you want a complete method to learn the guitar, or just a set of 100 excellent blues licks, this book is for you.This book helps you spread your playing all over the guitar neck and spurs creativity by teaching you an incredibly strong, visual method to ‘hang’ scales and licks off 5 simple chord sh...


Willpower LED RGB Rock Light Kits With Cell Phone APP Bluetooth Control With 4 Pods Under Glow LED Neon Light kit for Jeep Off Road Trucks Car ATV SUV Boat for Timing & Music Mode (4 Pods)

Willpower LED RGB Rock Light Kits With Cell

Technology parameter: Input Voltage:DC 12-24V Output power:2A*3, common Anode Control mode :moblie phone +infrared direct control Gray scale :256*256*256 Total brightness level :8 grade Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃ IP Grade : IP68 Size: 79*47*21mm Notice: 1. Please finish the connection of the LED light fixtures first before connecting to the power source, or it may probably burn out the LEDs. 2. Please connect and light up ALL lights at the same time due to the high voltage may burn out the LEDs if only one light connected.

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Kurt Adler 5.52" Wood Pearlized Guitar Ornament

Kurt Adler 5.52" Wood Pearlized Guitar

This Kurt Adler 5.52" Wood Pearlized Guitar Ornament is a beautifully detailed, unique way to add to the décor of any guitarist or music-lover! This guitar is completely detailed with strings, tuning pegs, frets, and pearlized wooden body. It comes in an also-detailed red-lined black hinged case, complete with gold buckles and a black handle.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Kurt Adler
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Know ONE Guitar Scale Form, Know Them ALL

Guitar Total Scales

In this video you will learn a mind-blowing guitar trick to help you know one scale form, know them all. Thanks for watching my friends! For more guitar help and free resources check out today. Did you enjoy this lesson? Let me hear your feedback in the comment s...

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GUITAR DVD INTRO: Total Scales Techniques and Applications

Guitar Total Scales

This is the introduction to the video GUITAR DVD: Total Scales Techniques and Applications by Mark John Sternal ( This introduction was removed from the DVD because there was no space left for it on the disc. Total running time on the DVD is 4 hours. DVD Layout Includes Sec...

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GUITAR THEORY: Mastering Your Scales & Modes

Guitar Total Scales

DONATIONS: MORE LESSONS: Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question... Q: I would like to know how to improvise more melodically over a chord progression in any key; being aware of the scales...

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EASY CAGED GUITAR DVD: Fretboard Mastery of Chords and Scales by Mark John Sternal

Guitar Total Scales

Tired of basic, open chords? Sick of boring, futile attempts at guitar solos? ...Or are you just starting, and want to learn to play like your favorite guitarists NOW? We have the answer! The MJS CAGED Method is an easy, innovative system that will help you MASTER chords and scales in eve...

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Guitar Total Scales

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