Your Heart's Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want

Your Heart's Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life

Nationally known intuitive and spiritual leader Sonia Choquette shares the nine universal principles for creating the reality of your dreams. Step by step, with practical advice, specific exercises, and modern-day parables, she teaches readers to make the changes in thought and behavior that will lead them to the attainment of their most heartfelt desires. 256 pp. National publicity. 30,000 print.

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Heart's Desire (Lords of Chance Book 2)

Heart's Desire (Lords of Chance Book

Lady Clarissa has decided to live life on her terms. After the end of a ten-year betrothal, she wants nothing to do with marriage or the men of the ton. Least of all her friend’s brother, the very charming Lord Markham, or Hearts, as many ladies call the oh-so-handsome earl.Markham pursues relationships with no ties that bind. Acting the rake leaves everyone satisfied...until he overhears a wager that could lead to Clarissa’s ruin. He can’t help but step in and claim she’s his intended bride.Clarissa is appalled. She did not need to be saved. Reluctantly, she agrees to the fake courtship, if only to experience what the rakish Markham can offer. But when lust becomes love, Clarissa must make up her own terms and bet it all on Hearts. Each book in the Lords of Chance series is STANDALONE:* Scandal in Spades* Heart’s Desire


My Heart's Desire (The Dennehy Sisters Series, Book 2)

My Heart's Desire (The Dennehy Sisters Series, Book

One of Jay Mac Worth's 5 bastard daughters, Mary Renee "Rennie" Dennehy studies engineering in order to impress her railroad mogul father. But Jay Mac's attention comes in the form of Jarret Sullivan, a bounty hunter instructed to abort Rennie's engagement to a trusted employee.Furious, Rennie drives both men from her heart and life.Then Jay Mac is involved in a train wreck. Believed dead, dangerous rumors of fraud and foul play swirl through the city, pushing Rennie back toward Jarret.As the pair strike an uneasy truce and work to save Jay Mac's railroad empire, each discovers the unexpected: more than searing kisses and burning passion lies between them.Previously Titled: Rogue's MistressREVIEWS:"Delightful and exciting... Goodman holds the suspense as well as the surprises and never lets up on the passion." ~RT Book ReviewsTHE DENNEHY SISTERS SERIES, in series order:Only My LoveMy Heart's DesireForever in My HeartAlways in My DreamsOnly in My ArmsTHE MARSHALL BROTHERS SERIES in order:Her Defiant HeartHis Heart's RevengeTHE THORNE BROTHERS TRILOGY, in series order:My Steadfast HeartMy Reckless HeartWith All My Heart

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True Heart's Desire (Colorado Hearts Book 2)

True Heart's Desire (Colorado Hearts Book

USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe invites you back to Eden, Colorado, where five sisters have inherited the town—and are winning over men’s hearts one by one.Since their father’s death summoned Lavinia Brinkman and her four sisters to Eden, Colorado, Lavinia has been content with her new life. Well, almost. Lavinia’s heart’s desire—creating the elaborate hats she loves—doesn’t belong in this small town. How can she choose between the life she has and the life she wants? Especially when she’s so utterly vexed by the handsome scoundrel who’s just arrived in Eden.Rhett Laughlin intends to fulfill a dream and open a profitable restaurant in the growing town. Instead, he’s marched right into trouble with one of Eden’s most eligible bachelorettes. But as much as Lavinia Brinkman is making things difficult, Rhett can’t keep himself from thinking about her.With every spirited encounter, the animosity between Rhett and Lavinia is starting to look a lot like attraction. And the town of Eden is about to discover what happens when these rivals find what truly lies in their hearts…

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Heart's Desire: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire Book 2)

Heart's Desire: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire

When you mix Hot Rockers with Military Special Ops You get the Whole Package! Heart's Desire has it all: Alpha Men, Steamy Scenes, & Heart Pounding Romance."How do you get to read a sizzling hot rock and roll romance combined with all the angst found in a great military romance? You read Heart’s Desire by Ellie Masters.""The perfect blend of Military romance and Rock N Roll romance.""A Military Romance That Totally Rocks!"Book Description:TSgt Ryker Lyons is an elite member of a six-man Special Ops Surgical Team, well five men and one vexing woman. Major Tia Myers is fierce, competent, utterly breathtaking, and completely immune to his charms. Teammates, buddies, perhaps reluctant friends, they’re saving lives on the battlefield. Ryker should leave it at that, but the raven-haired beauty has him risking everything to prove he’s exactly the man she needs.                                          When the mega rock band Angel Fire arrives on a USO tour, Ryker is given an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream, but it comes at a cost. He must choose between the music stirring his soul or the woman who’s stolen his heart.The stakes are high, careers are at risk, but failure isn't an option. Ryker won't walk away from the music, and certainly n...

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A Heart's Desire

A Heart's

Agent McKenzie is nobody's 'yes' boy and has the letters of reprimand to prove it. He smells the stink of political maneuvering in this case, and he can see the handwriting on the wall. Hell, the words are three feet high and written in crayon. Someone in his agency wants a target on Liam Mercier's back, but McKenzie would be damned if he'd put one there. The damaged man currently in his custody needs his protection, not manipulation. That's why he'd agreed to use a safe house that was off the grid. Throwing away his rarely used FBI procedure book had nothing to do with the protective urges he felt around Liam. Nope, not a damn thing to do with heavy doses of desire, or spikes of lust. He was just doing his job, after all, he has a killer to catch and a victim to keep alive. Protecting his best bet of taking that sick bastard down was his civic duty. Forced to face the nightmares of his past or lose his pension, Liam Mercier did the only thing he could do. He walked back into his personal hell. The man assigned to protect him is everything Liam wanted and needed-four years ago. Leaving the small island of sanity he'd been existing on could cost him everything. But being hunted by a genius, sadistic killer without the protection of the sexy, intense, agent was a guaranteed death s...


LECHAT Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish, Heart's Desire, 0.500 Ounce

LECHAT Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish, Heart's Desire,

Change your nail color with your mood, literally! perfect match mood gel polish is temperature-activated. Whether you feel "hot" or "cold" your nail language says it all. Available in 42 shades. Experience the magic today.

  • Color: Heart's Desire
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Desire (Twisted Hearts Duet Book 1)

Desire (Twisted Hearts Duet Book

*Now an Amazon bestseller*Four simple rules when you’re a man on parole:1. Don’t lust after your best friend’s daughter.2. Don’t get into a physical fight over her.3. Definitely don’t f*ck her.4. And whatever you do, don’t fall in love.I have a bad habit of breaking rules.A new adult angst-filled age gap romance like no other!"This book will capture your heart and keep it even after you have closed the book." - Renee, Stephanie's Book Reports

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Heart's Desires


Charlene “Charlie” Heart knew that she was in over her head at the first sight of Jacob “Jake” Cameron. The tall, tan, broad shoulder, emerald-eyed, sexy specimen took her breath away, but as sexy as he was, Charlie could tell that he would be dangerous for her heart. However, the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable.Jake knew at first sight that the ebony goddess was his, and no matter how fast she tried to run, he would stop at nothing to make sure that she, as well as everyone else, knew that they belonged together.Will these two find the love their heart’s desire, or will outside dangers keep them apart?This BWWM book contains hot and steamy love scenes between a sexy alpha male and a sassy, gorgeous, black female.


Seven Desires: Looking Past What Separates Us to Learn What Connects Us

Seven Desires: Looking Past What Separates Us to

This new take on relationships changes everything!  By examining the seven desires we all share, Mark & Debra Laaser illustrate how men and women are actually more alike than different.  Do you long for ways toTune in more closely to your children?Connect on a deeper level with your spouse?Strengthen friendships?Reach a fuller relationship with God?The Laasers look past what separates us to examine what connects us. Instead of focusing on how to sidestep or compensate for perceived differences, they dig deeper, to the core of our souls, to examine how the basic needs of all people make us more alike than different.The Seven Desires of Every Heart explores the common desires God has given us ―to be heard, affirmed, blessed, safe, touched, chosen, and included. Using stories, biblical references, and sound psychological principles, the Laasers explain each desire and show us how we seek it and what it feels like to have it truly fulfilled. You will learn healthy ways to embody these desires in your relationships and be given the tools you need to start repairing and rebuilding relationships and developing new skills for creating emotional and spiritual intimacy.

  • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.
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Heart's Insanity: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire Book 1)

Heart's Insanity: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire

Alpha Men, Steamy Scenes, & Heart Pounding Romance, Heart's Insanity has it all!Ash has it all: fame, fortune, and the adoration of screaming fans, but the constant parties and endless string of one-night stands have taken their toll. He’s tired of cheap women and meaningless sex. He wants something real and someone to hold on to. But how can he find a woman who sees the real him, instead of the rock star he's become?His answer might lie with the sassy Dr. Summers. When sparks ignite between them, Ash is intrigued. When she has no idea who he is, he’s fascinated. When she runs following a little innocent flirting, he can't resist. Ash is in full pursuit, because something tells him this woman is worth the chase. There's only one problem. When he catches her, the demons of her past might be too much for even a rock legend to handle.Left me breathless! ~ Such a beautifully turbulent story.Blew my expectations away!"So many emotions, so many feels, I can hardly contain myself. Ellie did a great job of putting me right there in the thick of it. I felt like I was part of this crazy crew." ~ Rough Draft Book Blog"This book will suck you in from the beginning, and take you on an amazing adventure. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with Ash and Skye." ~ Amazon R...


Heart's Desire


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The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love

The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures

How can you keep sexual desire alive over the long term? More and more people are finding it difficult to maintain a relationship that is both emotionally and sexually gratifying. In a book that will challenge and forever change how you think about love and sex, clinical psychologist and sex therapist Stella Resnick, PhD, draws on the latest scientific research to explore the love-lust dilemma. Dr. Resnick reveals how early programming can inhibit sexual desire as lovers become committed partners and begin to treat each other less like lovers and more like family. Dr. Resnick's revolutionary body-mind program will help you recognize limiting old patterns, learn valuable skills for enhancing romantic love and sexual aliveness, and tap into your natural capacity to enjoy emotionally fulfilling sexual pleasure. You'll discover: *A 10-Step Loving Sex Program with detailed methods for deepening the pleasures of emotional intimacy and broadening your erotic repertoire *The latest research in sexology, neuroscience, brain neuroplasticity, and the psychology of flourishing with practical applications for relationships *Real-life stories from the author's decades of work with clients and her own personal journey

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Heart of Mine (Colorado Hearts Book 3)

Heart of Mine (Colorado Hearts Book

USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe makes love the grandest adventure on the frontier for the resistant darling of Eden, Colorado.Emma Brinkman is the most eligible bachelorette in town and staying that way. After learning twice that romance is a lie, she’s focused only on making the mine she and her sisters inherited a booming success. To do that, she’ll need to put her trust in a notorious scoundrel. But no matter how flirtatious, handsome, or persistent he may be, Emma is interested only in his expertise in coaxing gold from the earth.The illegitimate son of a duke, Beranger North is a reputed playboy and a self-made man who found his fortune excavating the rich and profitable American West. He’s always looking for a good prospect, and Beranger sees the potential in Eden, Colorado, and in mining the affections of his fetching, if wary, new business partner.All he has to do is convince Emma to take one more chance on love—on him. Against all odds, they could both strike it rich, if only in matters of the heart.

  • ASIN: B07G13MQ6Z

Hearts Divided: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire Book 4)

Hearts Divided: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire

True love only comes once in a lifetime...but what if they're wrong?Alpha Men, Steamy Scenes, & Heart Pounding Romance ~ Heart's Divided has it all.Bash fell hard for his childhood sweetheart. She was the one, his forever, until she taught him the truth about love.Love fails. Love lies. True love doesn't exist.Now, he’s the heartbreaker, playing the field and taking what he wants. Girls are lucky if he gives them an hour of his time and none ever stay the night.When he crosses paths with a fiery, red-headed drummer, Bash isn’t prepared for what comes next. He’s in serious trouble…because Holly is making him rethink everything he knows about love. Recommended Series Reading Order:Heart's Insanity (book 1)Ashes to New (there’s debate as to whether to read this first or after Heart’s Insanity. Ashes to New is not a HEA, but rather a tale of survival.)Hearts Desire (book 2)Hearts Collide (book 3)Hearts Divided (book 4)(each book in this series can be read as a standalone and is about a different couple and their HEA.)


Heart's Desire (Lost Lords of Radcliffe Book 2)

Heart's Desire (Lost Lords of Radcliffe Book

CHERYL HOLT continues to dazzle readers with the second book in her new trilogy, The Lost Lords of Radcliffe…MATTHEW HARLOW is England’s hero. After almost single-handedly rescuing passengers from a foundering ship—including a trio of royal cousins—he’s being lauded throughout the kingdom. But at heart, he’s just a soldier, a captain in the King’s army, and he finds the spotlight a great nuisance. Yet he’s dashing and dynamic, a natural leader of men, and heroics rest well on his broad shoulders. As an orphan, with no memory of his parents or past, he often wonders where he came by his penchant for fearlessness and daring. What is to account for his extraordinary courage and valor?CLARISSA MERRICK is a poor relative and spinster who lives with her cruel cousins at their bucolic Greystone estate. Even in her small corner of rural England, everyone has heard of brave, remarkable Captain Harlow. When he arrives at Greystone, he shoots through her world like a blazing comet, and nothing will ever be the same. Who is Matthew Harlow? What is his true history? How could a lowly orphan be possessed of such a forceful character and potent charisma? Can Clarissa help him find answers to the mystery that has plagued him all his life?Cheryl Holt delivers another dr...


Desires of the Heart

Desires of the


Finally My Heart's Desire (Meant for Me Book 2)

Finally My Heart's Desire (Meant for Me Book

Emily Bennett had her future all figured out. Her boyfriend was heir to one of the largest oil fortunes in Texas, and she was growing accustomed to a life of luxury and prestige. The only problem was that he seemed to be more possessive of her with each passing day.When she stopped to think about it, that wasn't the only problem. In recent months, they'd been growing apart, and she wondered if they were compatible at all. She struggled with the thought of abandoning what should be every girl's dream. It wouldn't be easy, but with a little faith and the spark of a new flame, she might just find her heart's desire.

  • ASIN: B018Q6XMJA

Hearts Collide: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire Book 3)

Hearts Collide: a Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire

Alpha Men. Steamy Scenes. Heart Pounding Romance ~ Heart's Collide has it all!Bent is broken in mind, body, and spirit. Complications of an injury plague Angel Fire’s legendary bassist. He’ll never play again. Never take the stage with his bandmates. Never soak in the intoxication of the crowd. Music has abandoned him.At least that’s what he’s told his overly persistent physical therapist, Piper. The woman is petite and vivacious, a pixie with red hair and a spitfire attitude. She doesn’t know when to give up, or when to shove her perpetual positivity into the deepest, darkest hole.He’s fired her more times than he can count. She should leave him to his misery, but the woman won’t take no for an answer. She challenges him. Pushes him. She never lets up. The fiery pixie is turning his entire world upside down, and that's pissing him off.Bent desperately needs Piper to leave him alone—especially since the infuriating woman is now invading his dreams and stirring up his darkest fantasies. But how does someone get rid of a perky pixie?"I am addicted to everything that Ellie Master writes!" ~Chasing the Words Book Blog"Hearts Collide is another knock your socks off kind of read. ""What do you get when you pair up a stubborn injured rockstar and a physical the...

  • ASIN: B07DF64NFG

The Desires of His Heart (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)

The Desires of His Heart (Peace In The

Thaddeus Bruce Raymond III is an aspiring writer who knows a thing or two about weddingssince he has been in more of them, over the years, than he can count. Always the groomsman,never the groom, Thaddeus has no problem being invited to a wedding or even being in one; buthe feels haunted by the fact that he has yet to stroll down the matrimonial aisle in a wedding ofhis own. A great guy by anyone’s standards, Thaddeus has to reconcile that he remains singledue to circumstances which have caused him to be a bit reluctant to fall in love.Tiffany Waters, his first love and the mother of his child, is a constant thorn in Thaddeus’ side.Her need to control him, and every aspect of his relationship with their daughter, has reared itsugly head as the main culprit in making him apprehensive when it comes to relationships withwomen in general. Once bitten and twice shy in matters of the heart, Thaddeus tries to focus onreaching his goals in life, while constantly juggling issues concerning love, baby mama drama, adead-end job, and other stressors in life.A damaged perception of relationships has Thaddeus all but ready to give up on any idea offinding a wife…that is until Vanessa comes along. Beautiful, witty, and down to earth, Vanessaturns out to be the perfect match for Thaddeus; ...


Desires of the Heart: A Christian Romance Novella (Bradley Sisters Book 2)

Desires of the Heart: A Christian Romance Novella

Desires of the Heart is the second Christian Romance book in the Bradley Sisters series and continues the story of each sister’s search for a Godly man worthy of their heart. Each story highlights a sister’s hopes, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to bring her the perfect soul mate.(This novella is approximately 90 pages)Megan Bradley is the oldest of the Bradley sisters and works as a wedding coordinator. Her job is a daily reminder of her goal to be married someday, but she’s having trouble finding the right Godly man. She runs into Ethan at the hobby store and they connect over their interest in clay sculptures. But his immature personality rubs her the wrong way and they remain friends. Megan becomes impatient as she waits for God to bring the right man into her life. Then Sean, a wealthy Christian man dazzles her with his charm and expensive taste and she begins to fall in love with him. The only problem is, Sean isn’t ready for any serious commitments.Ethan has a passion for music and art. His lifelong dream is to become famous with his jazz band, but he lacks focus and Godly direction in his life. His boss, Charles, gives him some books and personal advice designed to help Ethan stay on the path toward reaching his life goals. He despe...


Heart's Desire: A Novel (Hallie Palmer Book 2)

Heart's Desire: A Novel (Hallie Palmer Book

  • ASIN: B000XU4UBW

Our Hearts' Desire: For Families Navigating the Journey of Sensory Processing Challenges

Our Hearts' Desire: For Families Navigating the Journey

I feel like I've waited my entire career for this book!... This is a book written with a professional's expertise and a parent's heart.—Dr. Jane Bluestein, author, Creating Emotionally Safe Schools and The Parent's Little Book of Lists If you are involved in the life of a child with sensory processing challenges, Our Hearts’ Desire will serve as an invaluable resource throughout your journey. It will help you understand sensory processing disorder in a developmental framework and will empower you with the information and resources you need to create the most supportive environment for your child. It offers useful tips for how to deal with a variety of family, school, and social issues; provides scripts and sample letters for communicating your child’s needs; and delivers numerous other tools to ease your struggles. Alongside the information it supplies, the book shares Marci Laurel’s experiences and insights as a parent who raised two children who struggled with some of the same problems. A highly practical guide, Our Hearts’ Desire is also deeply personal.

  • ASIN: 149424411X

Heart's Desire


  • ASIN: B003A24B4Q
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HEART'S DESIRE (Spontaneous) [Live]

Hearts Desire

Album : Heaven is All Around (Live) Song : Heart's Desire (Spontaneous) [Live] Like and share this song from our new live album! You can download the album on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Google Play, and others - Subscribe to our channel for updates and v...

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Kip Moore - Heart's Desire (Audio)

Hearts Desire

Purchase Kip Moore’s latest music: Stream the latest from Kip Moore: Sign up to receive email updates from Kip Moore: Website: Facebook:

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Kip Moore - Heart's Desire (Live)

Hearts Desire

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Heart's Desire-Lee Roy Parnell

Hearts Desire

Here's a photo-montage from Lee Roy's Arista/Career Records days set to his #1 song, "Heart's Desire."

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Heart's Desire

Hearts Desire

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Heart's Desire · Lee Roy Parnell Hits And Highways Ahead ℗ 1995 Arista Records LLC Composer, Lyricist: Cris Moore Producer: Scott Hendricks Background Vocal: Jonell Mosser Auto-generated by YouTube.

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