Into Enemy Arms: The Remarkable True Story of a German Girl's Struggle against Nazism, and Her Daring Escape with the Allied Airman She Loved

Into Enemy Arms: The Remarkable True Story of

The suspenseful true story of a love that defied Nazi oppression, and a harrowing journey to freedom.   In 1945, Ditha Bruncel was living with her parents in the small town of Lossen, in Upper Silesia. Close Jewish friends had vanished, swastikas hung from every building, and neighbors were disappearing in the middle of the night. At the same time more than fifteen hundred British and Commonwealth airmen were being marched out of Stalag Luft VII, a POW camp in the same region. Twenty-three of these prisoners managed to escape from the marching column—and by chance hobbled into Lossen. One among them, Warrant Officer Gordon Slowey, was the man Ditha was destined to meet and fall in love with.  Into Enemy Arms tells the extraordinary story of Ditha and the escaped POWs she helped save. Together, they embarked on a dangerous and daring flight out of Germany. As they faced exhaustion, hunger, extreme cold, and the constant risk of discovery, Ditha and Gordon’s love for one another intensified, and so did their determination to survive and escape.  


Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms

Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down

This is the story of a glorious defeat. Ordway, an atheist academic, was convinced that faith was superstitious nonsense. As a well-educated college English professor, she saw no need for just-so stories about God. Secure in her fortress of atheism, she was safe (or so she thought) from any assault by irrational faith. So what happened? How did she come to “lay down her arms” in surrender to Christ and then, a few years later, enter the Catholic Church? This is the moving account of her unusual journey. It is the story of an academic becoming convinced of the truth of Christianity on rational grounds — but also the account of God’s grace acting in and through her imagination. It is the tale of an unfolding, developing relationship with God — told with directness and honesty — and of a painful surrender at the foot of the Cross. It is the account of a lifelong, transformative love of reading and the story of how a competitive fencer put down her sabre to pick up the sword of the Spirit. Above all, this book is a tale of grace, acting in and through human beings but always issuing from God and leading back to Him. And it is the story of a woman being brought home.


If You Feel Too Much, Expanded Edition: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped For

If You Feel Too Much, Expanded Edition: Thoughts

Now in an expanded hardcover edition with new stories—the New York Times bestseller from the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms!In 2006 Jamie Tworkowski wrote a story called “To Write Love on Her Arms,” about helping a friend through her struggle with drug addiction, depression, and self-injury. The piece was so hauntingly beautiful that it quickly went viral, giving birth to a non-profit organization of the same name. Now, To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is an internationally recognized leader in suicide prevention and a source of hope, encouragement, and support for people worldwide. If You Feel Too Much is a celebration of hope, wonder, and what it means to be human. From personal stories of struggling on days most people celebrate to words of strength and encouragement in moments of loss, the essays in this book invite readers to believe that it’s okay to admit to pain and okay to ask for help. If You Feel Too Much is an important book from one of this generation’s most important voices.

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In Her Arms: Will she ever see her sister again?

In Her Arms: Will she ever see her

When the Nazis strike Remagen, a small German town, they capture hundreds of innocent people, including Jolina. They tear Jolina from her sister's arms and throw her in a cattle car. Jolina's blonde-haired, blue-eyed sister wasn't targeted by the Nazis, but her life is far from what she expects. If Jolina manages to escape the concentration camp, will she ever find her sister again?

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Back in Her Arms: (Southern Comfort Series Book 4) A Romance Novel

Back in Her Arms: (Southern Comfort Series Book

Life is complicated for Dano Angello, but whose life isn’t? His work as a struggling private investigator in Milwaukee isn’t paying the bills, and his overbearing wife, Jan, reminds him of it constantly. A job offer in Charleston—from his sister, Gina—sends Dano and Jan south. He’s hoping for a new start. There has to be something that will please his wife. What he doesn’t know is that his new client, Bella Ricci, is a gorgeous Italian goddess who needs her cheating husband followed.Torn between Jan, the wife who regularly threatens to divorce him, and Bella, the vulnerable beauty who wants to end her marriage, Dano has a lot on his plate. Even though his heart is leading him to Bella, he’s forced to agree to Jan’s conditions or she’ll serve him with divorce papers.With Jan insisting they leave Charleston and Bella wishing he would stay, Dano’s life has just gotten a lot more complicated. Back in Her Arms, Book Four, in the Southern Comfort series, is a sweet romantic novel that will appeal to fans of romance, chick-lit and women's fiction novels. Southern Comfort is a heartfelt series with best friends, hot guys, humor and just enough twists and turns to have you anxiously awaiting the next book.Note: There are no cliffhangers in this series, but since the ch...

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To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love On Her

  • ASIN: B00U7AZBX4

To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her

Based on the true story that started a global movement, To Write Love on Her Arms presents a vision of hope, healing and redemption. Emmy Award winner Kat Dennings (“2 Broke Girls”) stars as Renee, a Florida girl who struggles with addiction and abuse. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy and music conflicted with harsh reality, Renee discovers the value of genuine friendships and embarks on a daunting yet courageous journey towards recovery. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend and Corbin Blue.

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To Write Love On Her Arms Still T-Shirt, Black - Mens - Large

To Write Love On Her Arms Still T-Shirt,

"Love is still the most powerful force on the planet." - TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski TWLOHA Still design printed on a black 100% cotton unisex shirt.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: To Write Love On Her Arms

My Donut Princess: A military romance novella: (stand alone) (The Guilty Series Book 4)

My Donut Princess: A military romance novella: (stand

It’s not easy being the Donut Princess.Parties around the world.Unlimited budget.Living in a luxury hotel.Full-time security.Which was how I found myself being guarded by a Navy SEAL I hated. Aaron was bossy, as unrelenting an asshole as he was stupidly attractive. Nope. Not going there. Socialites don’t fall for the help.... But those socialites haven’t seen a shirtless Aaron Walker. My name is Femi Payne, and I want my bodyguard. No one says no to the Donut Princess.Until him.Author Note: The Donut Princess is a 36,000 word, standalone spin-off novella from the Guilty Series. It can be read alone or as the forth book the series, and it definitely contains adult material!Read all the Guilty Series Navy SEAL romances:1. My Fiancé’s Brother: Book 12. My Fiancé’s Brother: Book 23. My Fake Fiancé: Book 3, standalone4. My Donut Princess: free novellaRead all the Vancouver Wolves Hockey romances:1. Puck Me Secretly2. Home Game3. Hook My Heart: free novella

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The Arms of Greece and Her Balkan Neighbors in the Ottoman Period

The Arms of Greece and Her Balkan Neighbors

A magnificent history of firearms and edged weapons in Greece and the Balkans during the centuries of Ottoman rule. The Ottoman Balkans were by far the greatest center of weapons manufacture in the Islamic world, and their wares were exported far and wide. Each town developed its own style not only in weaponry but also in silver decoration and costume, often with splendid results. Traditional arms were held in great esteem, and weapons were personalized by their successive owners, most commonly by the addition of elaborate silver work. Decorations were sometimes commissioned to commemorate a gun’s success in protecting its owner through a particularly tough campaign. The Greek war of liberation in the 1820s brought large numbers of the sultan’s soldiers to the country, and their captured arms fill Greece’s museums today. Although subject peoples under the Ottoman Empire were forbidden to ride horses or to bear arms, a great many weapons found their way into the hands of freedom fighters. Some of these weapons are magnificent; others are so poor that one wonders that a man should risk his life with such a thing. Yet it is from these arms, wielded by men of remarkable courage and determination, that a free and independent Greece emerged. 450 color illustrations

  • ASIN: 0500251576

In Sir's Arms (Brie's Submission Book 16)

In Sir's Arms (Brie's Submission Book

A man in love is unstoppable.Sir Thane Davis is a fighter and has survived countless tragedies.Now he must deal head-on with Lilly to protect the woman he loves and the baby she carries. He is relentless, wanting to end this threat once and for all.But unseen forces are at play which will challenge the Master. Will victory be his or will he lose everything he holds dear?

  • ASIN: B0752QMW8R

Traitor in Her Arms: Scarlet Chronicles Series, Book 2

Traitor in Her Arms: Scarlet Chronicles Series, Book

Two morally compromised souls wage a battle of wits - and seduction - against the backdrop of the French Revolution in this slow-burn romance from best-selling author Shana Galen.   After her late husband leaves her in debt to some dangerous people, Lady Gabrielle McCullough is forced to become a thief. In the intervening years, her skills have not gone unnoticed. After being recruited by the Scarlet Pimpernel, the mysterious do-gooder spiriting aristocrats out of revolutionary France, Gabrielle crosses the Channel for the most daring mission of her life. Accompanying her is the Earl of Sedgwick, a thief in his own right and an enticingly masculine presence. The man is not to be trusted - nor is Gabrielle's body when he's near.   Ramsey Barnes would not say he is an honorable man. His whole life has been based on a lie; why change now? Although it pains him to deceive the tantalizing Gabrielle, he's working toward an altogether different objective: unmasking the Scarlet Pimpernel. If Ramsey fails, his blackmailer will ruin him. But when Ramsey's confronted with the carnage of the Reign of Terror, he seeks refuge in Gabrielle's heated embrace. Now he faces a terrible choice: betray the woman who's stolen his heart - or risk losing everything.

  • ASIN: B07T4T7B98

Heaven in My Arms: Her Fortune Brings A New Beginning...Has He Come To Take It Away?

Heaven in My Arms: Her Fortune Brings A

In this alluring frontier love story, a young woman is delighted when she receives a surprise fortune with its promise of a future without fear, but then a handsome man appears and claims the money is his and he will have it—and her.Celeste Kennedy’s father makes an arranged marriage for her but when this beautiful and willful daughter sees how cruel and deceitful her fiancé is, she goes against her father and he throws her out of the house forever. Left as an outcast to scrounge on the street, Celeste barely survives when to her amazement one day she receives a fortune from an elderly bachelor she took care of in his final days. The money makes Celeste a fabulously wealthy woman, one in charge of her destiny. I don’t have to be afraid any longer.But Fox MacPhearson knocks on her door. Celeste knows nothing about the successful San Francisco entrepreneur except that he says the money is his and he wants everything, including her. HEAVEN IN MY ARMSNothing prepares Fox MacPhearson for this mysterious woman. She kindles his desire. Who is she? Where does she come from? What is she so desperate to hide? Unpleasant whisperings reveal things which cloud his mind with doubt, sorely testing him. Is she my Celeste, my Heaven?Celeste believes people use her but no one can truly love...


From Her Mother's Arms

From Her Mother's

Mona Lisa, abandoned at birth and renamed "Rona" by a couple claiming to be her birth parents. When she turns seven, she finds out from the woman's sister that the Fergusons have not only been lying to her but, also, that their sudden deaths have helped to close the "Case of the Missing 'Mona Lisa'." When the aunt dies and leaves Rona alone, her death catapults the girl into the foster-care system until a soft-spoken man at a support group leads her to a place of peace and, quite possibly, reunion. Bo, older brother of Sybil Stevens, has remained his sister's closest confidante throughout their lives. When "Sister" turns up pregnant, he finds out that the baby's father is none other than his high-school buddy, Damon, a rakish quarterback with a score to settle. Damon has caught his girlfriend with his arch nemesis, Jett Davis. When Prom Night rolls around, he invites Jett Davis's innocent ex-girlfriend, Sybil, to Prom. Clueless about the "footprint" he has left behind, he finds his memory drifting to one reckless night in 1950. When he flies in to attend the funeral of another friend from high-school, he crosses paths with a distraught green-eyed woman at a gas station.

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to Write Love On Her Arms Men's 3D Print Design Graphics Tees Sport Gym Shirt

to Write Love On Her Arms Men's 3D

With Its Unique Design Concept, Excellent Quality And Comfortable Clipping,our Tank Top Has Gain The Crazy Love From The Clients.Technological Quality Is The Priority Of The Company's Products. Every Wardrobe Should Include A Few Basics! These Bra Strap Tanks Are A Must, Wear Them Under Button Ups, Sweaters, Mesh Tops And Last But Not Least, With Pajamas! A Casual Essential.

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Heaven In Her Arms

Heaven In Her

This print is an OPEN EDITION. This classic gallery-style matted and framed print is part of a special collection of our most-loved prints. It is matted with a black-core white mat and framed in stained ash wood with lightweight and shatterproof plexiglass protection. Published exclusively by Eyes On Walls.

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White Halo


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The Great Gatsby

The Great

A true classic of twentieth-century literature, this edition has been updated by Fitzgerald scholar James L.W. West III to include the author’s final revisions and features a note on the composition and text, a personal foreword by Fitzgerald’s granddaughter, Eleanor Lanahan—and a new introduction by two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward.The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third book, stands as the supreme achievement of his career. First published in 1925, this quintessential novel of the Jazz Age has been acclaimed by generations of readers. The story of the mysteriously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, of lavish parties on Long Island at a time when The New York Times noted “gin was the national drink and sex the national obsession,” it is an exquisitely crafted tale of America in the 1920s.

  • Brand: Scribner
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ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Clumping Cat Litter, 27.5lb

ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Clumping

Give us 7 days. We'll give you an odor-free home, guaranteed! Arm & Hammer clump & seal platinum litter is a patented complete odor sealing clumping litter with a zero dust formula and 10% more odor eliminators than our clump & seal fresh scent formula. No other litter brand forms an odor-containing seal around urine and feces and destroys sealed-in odors on contact with unique, powerful odor eliminators and Arm & Hammer baking soda. Extra strength formula powerful enough even for multi-cat homes.

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Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser, Colors

The Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser by Munchkin will be your new best friend. The compact dispenser conveniently clips to diaper bags for odor control at home or on the go. The bags are infused with baking soda for safe, effective, and natural odor elimination. 24 lavender scented bags are included.

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Foxes - In Her Arms (Official Audio)

Her Arms

SUBSCRIBE for more from Foxes: Get my brand new single Better Love: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Keep up with Foxes:

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Written on Her Arms | Short Film

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Grace Kelly loves life. Until she doesn't. We follow Grace's battle with depression, self harm, and suicide, through the eyes of her webcam. Website: Instagram: Nickhowch22

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saib. - in your arms.

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Part two I guess, there were still a couple of scenes I wanted to use from this movie so here it is. saib. anime/film: garden of words

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Foxes - In Her Arms ( Lyrics video )

Her Arms

Foxes - In Her Arms Official video : - I've been dreaming over I've been dreaming over half the lies You've been looking at me You've been looking at me eye to eye Take it easy Lift your feet up off the burning ground You don't see it You get so high u...

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Heaven in Her Arms

Her Arms

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Heaven in Her Arms · Converge Jane Doe ℗ 2001 Equal Vision Records, Inc. Released on: 2008-01-03 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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