Holistic Aromatherapy: Practical self-healing with essential oils

Holistic Aromatherapy: Practical self-healing with essential

Heal your body, mind, and spirit using the power of essential oils.Heal your body, mind, and spirit using the power of essential oils. Are you seeking a natural and holistic way to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being? And did you know that our sense of smell has the power to trigger and increase memory, change our mood, and boost our immune system? In Holistic Aromatherapy you will find the foundations for harnessing this power and self-healing with essential oils, including the additional benefits of practical applications based on Chinese Medicine. Discover the healing connection between aromatherapy and Chinese Medicine, and learn about key essential oils—peppermint, lavender, rose, eucalyptus, and many more—and their unique personalities and applications. Find out how to apply essential oils on acupressure points for enhanced benefits and make an essential bath oil, scrub, spray, or steam inhalation, as well as simple massage techniques and compresses for pain relief. Whether you need relief from a common cold, have a digestive concern, or suffer from back and neck pain, or if you are looking to improve your memory or seeking relaxation and a calm mind, enter the scent-filled world of Holistic Aromatherapy for overall self-care and rejuvenation.

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Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils & Hydrosols with Animals (Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils and Hydroso)

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to

It is only in recent years that aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, has gained substantial acceptance; this is primarily due to French veterinarians who have begun using essential oils and hydrosols in their practices. Laypeople, of course, have been enjoying great success treating animals with the very same substances for many years; for it is not just the medical professionals who can safely and effectively administer these aromatic oils. Anyone enabled with quality essential oils or hydrosols and adequate knowledge can use a plant's most concentrated and energetic byproducts to improve the health of their animals, and treat and prevent various illnesses and common ailments. Aromatherapy is actually a science that has a much larger archive of supported scientific data than most other holistic care methods. However, most of these studies were originally published in French or German. Aromatherapy was the first natural, holistic therapy the author began using, and she relies on it as my primary form of healthcare to treat and balance all sorts of minor ailments and discomforts in the lives of her family and their pets. She has rarely needed to use any other sort of remedy to achieve the desired result. These powerful substances are the most fascinating, sensual and complex of...

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Aromatherapy: A Holistic Guide to Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Aromatherapy: A Holistic Guide to Natural Healing with

Aromatherapy: A Holistic Guide to Natural Healing with Essential Oils is a practical reference that features easy-to-follow 'recipes', close to 250 in all, plus instructions and helpful tips for the reader who wants to know how to use aromatherapy in the safest, simplest, and most straightforward manner in their home, while at work, and while travelling. Covering more than 100 common ailments, it is one of the most complete resource texts on the subject today and is utilized as a classic textbook in aromatherapy training courses in the United States. Written for those individuals interested in natural medicine: parents who want to practice only safe and natural care for their family, avid athletes who need relief from their aching muscles, the environmentally-conscious person who wants to avoid harmful chemicals, or the stressed out business executive who needs to unwind. Among the most remarkable benefits of essential oils are their positive effects on relieving contemporary stress, a major contributing factor in illness today. Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, but only in the last decade has it become recognized as a proven mainstream healing technique. And while current trends show that nearly half of the acute conditions in America are being treated without direct p...

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The Complete Aromatherapy Guidebook: A Comprehensive Reference of the Holistic Natural Healing Powers of Essential Oils for the Mind, Body, Spirit...and Comfort Zones (Essential oils reference guide)

The Complete Aromatherapy Guidebook: A Comprehensive Reference of

Whatever may be your reason for venturing into aromatherapy, it all boils down to altering traditional understandings of healthy living to alter your way of life and well-being for the better, forever!Aromatic essential oils possess potent natural healing powers. Yet, even natural remedies may inflict harm if not used appropriately. Having a grasp on how to engage with aromatherapy through using natural essential oils is one ideal way to soothe naturally your mind, body, spirit...and comfort zones!THE COMPLETE AROMATHERAPY GUIDEBOOK presents the ideal choice for what truly defines living a happy, natural, healthy, and homeopathic way of life.This informative guidebook strategically divides its scope and intent into two extensive volumes to facilitate your learning curve. Within these pages, you will find a wealth of information about 100 recommended aromatherapy oils, including 101 techniques for using them with care and confidence.The first volume instills in you a solid foundation and comprehensive knowledge on practicing the science and art of aromatherapy. The second volume unveils the breadths and depths of the myriad applications in the holistic healing spectrum of aromatherapy.THE COMPLETE AROMATHERAPY GUIDEBOOK becomes your ultimate aromatherapy reference and realization ...

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The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Revised and Expanded: Over 800 Natural, Nontoxic, and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health, Beauty, and Safe Home and Work Environments

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,

Looking for books on essential oils? Completely updated essential oils book: The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy might be the best aromatherapy book available anywhere. And, it just got better! If you liked Modern Essentials, you’ll love this essential oils favorite: The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Revised and Expanded is a necessary resource for anyone interested in alternative approaches to healing and lifestyle. This new edition contains more than 800 easy-to-follow recipes for essential oil treatments from Valerie Ann Worwood, a consultant and expert on the clinical uses of essential oils internationally. Explore the multitude of benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy: In her clear and positive voice, Worwood provides tools to address a variety of health issues, including specific advice for children, women, men, and seniors. This aromatheraphy book also covers self-defense against microbes and contaminants, emotional challenges, care for the home and workplace, and applications for athletes, dancers, travelers, cooks, gardeners, and animal lovers. Worwood also offers us her expertise in the use of essential oils in beauty and spa treatments, plus profiles of 125 essential oils, 37 carrier oils, and more. An essential oils ...

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The Inner World of Night Dreams: Use your dreams to expand your awareness in waking life to become the best version of yourself

The Inner World of Night Dreams: Use your

Become the hero of your night dreams and waking life by not only discerning the meaning of your dreams but also changing the images to your liking for greater fulfillment.Dreams are a language of pictures and a path to wisdom and well-being. We all dream, yet most of us don’t know how to work with our dreams and uncover the meaning behind the images to use in our waking life. The Inner World of Night Dreams does just that, offering ways to access your personal potential. You will learn easy techniques to remember dreams and understand the meaning of numbers, colors, and recurring dreams. Although there may be universal images, they still come from within the dreamer and can be looked at as being unique to each person. Marc Gian guides and inspires with practical exercises to open up your imagination. You’ll find all the steps needed from getting ready to dream, to waking from the dream and mining the diamond. Who is in the dream? It’s YOU! So, become the best version of yourself.

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The Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for Animals

The Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for

The second edition of the original Animal Desk Reference (ADR) written by Holistic Veterinarian Melissa Shelton: This text of 585 pages, is the most accurate reference available regarding the safe use of essential oils with animals - or Veterinary Aromatic Medicine. This text is non-brand specific, and discusses all aspects of safety, science, and veterinary medicine. Melissa Shelton DVM is regarded as the leading expert in the use of essential oils with all animals - insects to elephants. Every animal species is included within this easy to read text; along with details on sourcing, evaluation, chemistry, carrier oils, and descriptions of each single essential oil. Recipes and suggestions for common conditions affecting all species is included, along with safety and monitoring information, as well as the current knowledge regarding feline metabolism, toxicity, and safety with essential oils.

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Moodtopia: Tame Your Moods, De-Stress, and Find Balance Using Herbal Remedies, Aromatherapy, and More

Moodtopia: Tame Your Moods, De-Stress, and Find Balance

A popular herbalist's remedies and prescriptive program for emotional balance and overall health, using natural solutions such as essential oils and moreWhat is Moodtopia? It simply means being in control of your moods so they're not in control of you! Sara-Chana Silverstein should know. Go-to Master herbalist RH(AHG), and classical homeopath, Sara-Chana has walked thousands of women through a focused, natural regimen that nourishes their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. Packed with hundreds of tools, tips, and strategies, Moodtopia is a practical, easy-to-use guide to herbs, adaptogens, aromatherapy, color therapy, feng shui, intuition, homeopathy and so much more. Sara-Chana shares the best natural remedies to help combat stress, anxiety, and promote peace of mind and general health. She shows how herbs and other natural approaches are a gentle way to enhance one's emotional state without having to resort to antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, or other medications that may have unwanted side effects. With an easy-to-implement 90-day program, Moodtopia teaches women to harness the power of nature coupled with their own inner strength to achieve optimal emotional and mental wellness.

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Holistic Aromatherapy: A Greek healer's quest for a fragrant world

Holistic Aromatherapy: A Greek healer's quest for a

In this book, Elefteria Mantzorou - a certified aromatherapist from Greece - takes us to a fragrant journey in the amazing world of essential oils.What you will find in this book:- Exact instructions on dosage and dilution- Detailed chemistry- 50+ essential oil profiles- Chemotypes- Recipes for natural skin & health care- Recipes for cooking, green cleaning & emergencies- Aromatherapy for women & kids- Hydrosols & carrier oilsThis book is recommended for anyone wishing to learn more on aromatherapy for personal use, for students of aromatherapy and for advanced practitioners.

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The Essential Oils Hormone Solution: Reclaim Your Energy and Focus and Lose Weight Naturally

The Essential Oils Hormone Solution: Reclaim Your Energy

Have your hormones been hijacked?   Do you feel energy-depleted and irritable, unable to sleep, stay focused, or lose weight? You may have attributed these symptoms to the natural hormonal fluctuations that occur with age. But behind the scenes, there are a host of pesky culprits wreaking havoc on your hormonal health: chronic stress, air pollution, chemical-laden foods and cleaning supplies, and the synthetic estrogens in personal care products. Women of all ages are left vulnerable to the consequences, suffering from unnecessary hormonal imbalance and frustrating symptoms that are often dismissed by their doctors.   Dr. Mariza Snyder is here to help put you back in control of your health. In The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, you will learn how to heal hormonal chaos and revitalize the body from the inside out with the support of high-quality essential oils. You’ll learn how essential oils work on a cellular level to mitigate the toxic loads we carry, and how to use essential oils to reduce cravings, get deep, restful sleep, ease stress, improve mood, banish the worst symptoms of PMS, regain focus and concentration, boost libido, and increase energy.  Featuring a 14-day plan to jumpstart your hormonal health, with over 100 essential oil blends, daily self-care rituals, ...

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Practice of Aromatherapy: Holistic Health and the Essential Oils of Flowers and Herbs

Practice of Aromatherapy: Holistic Health and the Essential

Book by Valnet, Jean

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Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs: 100 Easy and Safe Essential Oil Recipes to Solve your Dog's Health Problems (Alternative animal medicine, Small mammal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Holistic medicine)

Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs: 100 Easy and

Every dog owner's home needs these 100 EASY and SAFE essential oil recipes at home Essential oils have been scientifically proven to help aid, sooth and cure mental, emotional and physical health issues in both humans and dogs. Enjoy peace of mind by getting this book and know you always have access to the most useful essential oil recipes for your dog. What you will get from this book: - Recipes for pest control - Recipes for bites and rashes - Recipes for itchy and dry skin - Recipes for joints and muscle aches - Recipes for odor control - Recipes for anxiety and nervousness - And many many more that'll treat common problems every dog gets!

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The Ultimate Guide to Chakras: The Beginner's Guide to Balancing, Healing, and Unblocking Your Chakras for Health and Positive Energy

The Ultimate Guide to Chakras: The Beginner's Guide

With The Ultimate Guide to Chakras, tune in to your chakras, the power centers connecting your physical body and the world of energy. Your chakras are the power centers that translate between the seen world of the physical body and the unseen world of energy. First discussed in ancient Hindu texts and studied for thousands of years in numerous spiritual traditions, including acupuncture, meditation, and yoga, chakras hold the key to our well-being. By tapping into the power of our chakras, we can live healthier, balanced, and more abundant lives. Athena Perrakis, leading metaphysical teacher and creator of the world's largest online metaphysical resource website, SageGoddess.com, addresses the nine major chakras we can tap into to balance, heal, and manifest. This guide explains how and why different crystals, essential oils, and sacred plants help to support each chakra. Each chapter of The Ultimate Guide to Chakras includes magical exercises for accessing the energy of each chakra, including meditations, journal exercises, and working with goddesses and spirit guides. Readers will even learn how to create a dedicated chakra altar. Lavishly photographed and illustrated, this guide promises to be an essential volume for beginners and experienced energy workers alike. 

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Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy

Hydrosols: The Next

• The first book devoted exclusively to aromatic hydrosols--gentle, water-based plant extracts that expand the healing, cosmetic, and culinary applications of aromatherapy. • The newest development in the field of aromatherapy. • The homeopathic form of aromatic treatment that is the perfect complement to other forms of vibrational medicine. • A comprehensive reference with more than 100 recipes and formulas for using hydrosols as well as sources of supply. • With an introduction by Kurt Schnaubelt, author of Advanced Aromatherapy and Medical Aromatherapy. Hydrosols is one of the most anticipated books in the world of holistic health because it introduces a revolutionary new use of essential oils in aromatic treatment. Hydrosols, or hydrolates, are the pure, water-based solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled. Through this process, a potent, yet subtle form of medicine is created, one that is able to be ingested as well as applied directly to the skin, unlike most pure essential oils. In fact, hydrosols are considered the homeopathic version of aromatherapy, and as such are ideal for use with children, animals, and those with fragile immune systems. Suzanne Catty details the specifics of 67 hydrosols, provides formulas to treat more than 50 health conc...

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Essential Oils: A Handbook for Aromatherapy Practice Second Edition

Essential Oils: A Handbook for Aromatherapy Practice Second

Revised and significantly expanded, the latest edition of this handbook provides fullinformation on the use of essential oils in the field of contemporary aromatherapy andaromatic therapy, based on the most up-to-date research and evidence behind theirtherapeutic applications.The author provides the historical and cultural context for our understanding of aromatherapy, with an overview of its relationships with Greek, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. She gives a detailed account of how essential oils are created, how and where aromatherapy is used, the underlying pharmacology, and the current research. The characteristics of over 100 essential oils, absolutes and resinoids are provided in detail, including botanical and chemical information, usage and combinations.This will be an indispensable text for all students and practitioners of aromatherapy and related disciplines, as well as anyone interested in the use of essential oils for health and well-being.

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The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Volume 1 Foundations and Materia Medica

The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Volume 1 Foundations

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The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease

The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic

According to some reports, about half of all adults and children have one or more chronic health conditions. One in four adults has two or more chronic health conditions. And, sadly, these numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate. The Holistic Rx offers the reader with one or more chronic health conditions or symptoms easy-to-follow evidence-based approaches to healing their ailments by targeting inflammation and its underlying root causes. Dr. Madiha Saeed covers the foundations of good health like digestive health and detoxification, and the Four Big S’s (stress management, sleep strategies, social and spiritual health), along with disease-specific supplements homeopathy, acupressure, aromatherapy, , other holistic remedies to achieve lasting good health and wellness. The first part of the book addresses the root of chronic illness—inflammation—and examines its underlying causes and possible treatment approaches that focus on the whole body rather than just the affected area. In the second part of the book, she first advises the reader on adjusting their holistic approach to their health conditions based on their individual needs. Then, after briefly describing various integrative approaches, she provides an A-to-Z guide to holistic and integrative treatment of over 7...

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The Practice of Aromatherapy: A Classic Compendium of Plant Medicines and Their Healing Properties

The Practice of Aromatherapy: A Classic Compendium of

This classic manual provides detailed evidence for the efficacy of plant medicine. Valnet effectively bridgesthe gap between the tradition of healing with herbs and the advances of modern medicine, showing, in scientific terms, why plant medicine works, and making an impassioned plea for curtailing our use of dangerous chemical therapies.

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Prescription for Natural Cures (Third Edition): A Self-Care Guide for Treating Health Problems with Natural Remedies Including Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, and Other Holistic Methods

Prescription for Natural Cures (Third Edition): A Self-Care

Hundreds of thousands of readers have relied on Prescription for Natural Cures as the source for accurate, easy-to-understand information on natural treatments and remedies for a host of common ailments. The new edition of this invaluable guide has been thoroughly updated to reflect the very latest research and recommendations. This revised edition prescribes remedies for almost 200 conditions, including new entries such gluten sensitivity and MRSA. You'll find easy-to-understand discussions of the symptoms and root causes of each health problem along with a proven, natural, customized prescription that may include supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, bodywork, natural hormones, and other natural cures in addition to nutritional advice. This revised edition features:* Comprehensive reference contains natural remedies for almost 200 common health ailments organized by problem from A to Z* Scores of new supplements and many new conditions * Up-to-date information reflecting the latest natural health research and treatment recommendations * Clear, authoritative guidance on dietary changes, healing foods, nutritional supplements, and recommended tests Down-to-earth descriptions of each health problem and natural remedy If you and yo...

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A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils: Recipes and Practices for a Natural Lifestyle and Holistic Health

A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils: Recipes and

#1 Amazon Best Seller!  ─ Essential Oils. Your Pathway to Holistic HealthHolistic medicine and wellness: Homeopathic medicine and alternative medicines are gaining in popularity daily. A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils by Hayley Hobson can become your first step to a healthier life─your first step to holistic health.Learn about essential oils from an expert: Hayley Hobson is an internationally known author and inspirational speaker who presents uplifting and educational programs in well over 50 countries. After leaving her career as a lawyer, Hayley began teaching Pilates and yoga before building her essential oils business. In addition to developing online courses and trainings, Hayley is a sought-after speaker at many global business events. Along with her outreach to entrepreneurs, Hayley still works in her business daily and is consistently trending on social media. With over 65,000 Facebook followers she remains an influence among wellness advocates and an expanding network of peers. Visit Hayley at http://www.hayleyhobson.com.The holistic health pathway to wellness: Hayley promotes a holistic path to wellness by incorporating the use of essential oils with a regimen of exercise, healthy eating, and mental and emotional wellness practices. As a coach, she passi...

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Aromatherapy Workbook


Aromatherapy Workbook, first published in 1990, is an essential guide to the history, folklore, science, and practice of aromatherapy. It features more than seventy essential oils classified by botanical family with detailed discussions of their specific actions, along with unique insights into their energetic and spiritual properties. This revised edition incorporates the latest biochemical research with the spiritual and psychological understanding of essential oils. Author Marcel Lavabre, a founder of the American Aromatherapy Association, explains the mysterious and powerful influence of scent on our mental state, emotion, and sexuality. He discusses the various methods of extraction, devotes a special section to the art of blending, and presents specific formulas for disorders such as digestive and circulatory ailments, headaches, insomnia, and menstrual problems. Aromatherapy Workbook is an ideal guide for beginners as well as a reference for practitioners. • More than 90,000 copies sold. • Easy-to-follow illustrated reference for beginners. • A desk resource and teaching tool for practicing aromatherapists.

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Essential Oils for Natural Weight Loss: All You Need to Know About Aromatherapy to Lose Massive Weight and Feel Amazing

Essential Oils for Natural Weight Loss: All You

You are just about to discover why essential oils work as natural weight loss stimulants, and how they can help you create a new, healthier version of yourself. Essential oils have a range of healing properties for the body and mind and should be a part of everyone's daily lifestyle whether you want to lose weight or not. Even if you have the best diet and fitness plan around, with essential oils it's much easier to: Prevent emotional eating Detoxify your body Achieve a healthy pH balance Reduce cellulite and stretch marks Increase your energy levels Reduce muscle pain and tension Ease stress Fight insomnia (if you don't get enough sleep or don't sleep well, you are more prone to uncontrolled sugar cravings) Essential oils are multifunctional and work not only for your body, but also for your mind, spirit, and emotions. There is no need to splurge and spend tons of money on the latest fad supplements. You can create dozens of treatments with just one single essential oil (or more if you want to blend them) and this audiobook will teach you just that Download your copy now and discover the therapeutic power of essential oils to lose weight!

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Holistic Anatomy: An Integrative Guide to the Human Body

Holistic Anatomy: An Integrative Guide to the Human

Complementary and alternative approaches to health and medicine have become increasingly widespread as the limits of conventional treatments become more apparent. Holistic Anatomy presents an authoritative study of anatomy, physiology, and pathology but expands the discussion by connecting the science of the body to a variety of alternative modalities to explore how human beings exist within—and interact with—their environment, and how they experience existence in emotional and spiritual terms. Basic scientific terminology and detailed descriptions are interwoven with informal, sometimes humorous observations, facts, and ideas about life. The mechanisms, structure, and functions of the body are explored, along with how they relate to spiritual and energetic paradigms, emotions, and ecological principles. The first half of the book covers basic anatomy and physiology, describing each major system of the body and how they interrelate. This part includes a thoughtful discussion of aging and the dying process. The second half focuses on models of health and disease, both traditional and holistic. Topics include western pathology, emotional health, five element medicine, and the spiritual cause for disease.

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55 Fun & Fabulous DIY Beauty Recipes: Natural Homemade Skin, Hair, & Nail Care Recipes Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils (Holistic Tips, Recipes & Remedies Series Book 2)

55 Fun & Fabulous DIY Beauty Recipes: Natural

99 CENT SALE!!!  ~ SAVE $2! ~Are You Looking For a Safe, Natural, Earth-Friendly Alternative to Chemical-Laden Skin, Hair, and Nail Care Products?!?  Making your own natural skin, hair, and nail care products is not only fun, but is creative and cost-effective. You will find everything you need in this comprehensive resource guide to create 55 natural, organic recipes for skin, hair and nail treatments that not only smell divine, but are excellent for your health and well-being.In This Book You Will Find:55 Easy-To-Make Customizable Recipes with Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Natural Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Masks, Scrubs, Body Butters, Moisturizers, Lotions, Body Wraps, Bath Salts, Body Oils, and More! Popular Essential Oils and Their Skin, Hair, and Nail Care Benefits Popular Varieties of Carrier Oils and Their Skin, Hair, and Nail Care Benefits Best Essential & Carrier Oils to Use for Specific Skin Types Best Essential Oils to Use for Specific Skin Conditions & Concerns Aromatherapy Essential Oils Tips & Safety Precautions The Many Health and Healing Benefits of the Natural Ingredients Used in the Recipes So, if you're looking for a holistic alternative to skin, hair, and nail care products which help to promote overall health and well-being, pick up a copy of...

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Holistic Aromatherapy by Chi Yu Wellness Centre

Holistic Aromatherapy

Holistic Aromatherapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses the essential oils to bring harmony to body and mind. Essential oils are the vital life essences extracted from various part of plants, fruits, flowers and trees. Each essential oil contains powerful natural chemicals, that have therapeut...

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What Are Your Aromatherapy Career Options?

Holistic Aromatherapy

I’m often asked for advice about how to start a career in aromatherapy. If you love essential oils, you might have wondered about the possibility of turning your passion into a career. Watch my video to learn more about various career options in the aromatherapy industry. READ THE BLOG POST: ...

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Holistic Aromatherapy : Cloves in Aromatherapy

Holistic Aromatherapy

You can make massage oils made with cloves that will serve as an effective acne treatment, a relief for pain and stiffness, or even an aphrodisiac. Get the details in this free video on holistic aromatherapy. Expert: Deserie Valloreo Contact: herbalwise.us.com/ Bio: Deserie Valloreo, a member of...

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Holistic Aromatherapy : Almond Oil for Aromatherapy

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Almond oil, which has a soothing scent on its own but also sees frequent use as a carrier for other aromatherapy oils, has plenty of vitamins and minerals and complements a variety of therapies. See how it's used in this free video on holistic aromatherapy. Expert: Deserie Valloreo Contact: herb...

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How Does Rosemary Work in Aromatherapy?

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How Does Rosemary Work in Aromatherapy?. Part of the series: Holistic Aromatherapy. Rosemary, a member of the mint family, works wonders at improving mental focus and circulation, serving as a major ingredient in many aromatherapy massage oils. Discover what rosemary can do for you in this free v...

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