Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies to Your Backyard : Watch Your Garden Come Alive With Beauty on the Wing

Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies to Your Backyard :

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Gardening for Butterflies: How You Can Attract and Protect Beautiful, Beneficial Insects

Gardening for Butterflies: How You Can Attract and

“No matter the size or shape of your growing area, this new title will guide you through creating a butterfly-friendly space.” —Mother Earth News Welcome the world’s most exquisite visitors to your garden! Gardening for Butterflies, by the experts at the Xerces Society, introduces you to a variety of butterflies who need our help, and shows you how to design a habitat where they will thrive. This optimistic call to arms is packed with everything you need to create a beautiful, pollinator-friendly garden. You will learn why butterflies matter, why they are in danger, and what simple steps we can take to make a difference. You'll also learn how to choose the right plants and how to create a garden that flutters and flourishes with life.  

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The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals

The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract

This attractive, practical guide explains how to transform backyard gardens into living ecosystems that are not only enjoyable retreats for humans, but also thriving sanctuaries for wildlife. Beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, this book provides easy-to-follow recommendations for providing food, cover, and water for birds, bees, butterflies, and other small animals. Emphasizing individual creativity over conventional design, Bauer asks us to consider the intricate relationships between plants and wildlife and our changing role as steward, rather than manipulator, of these relationships.In an engaging narrative that endorses simple and inexpensive methods of wildlife habitat gardening, Nancy Bauer discusses practices such as recycling plant waste on site, using permeable pathways, growing regionally appropriate plants, and avoiding chemical fertilizers and insecticides. She suggests ways of attracting pollinators through planting choices and offers ideas for building water sources and shelters for wildlife. A plant resource guide, tips for propagating plants, seasonal plants for hummingbirds, and host plants for butterflies round out The California Wildlife Habitat Garden, making it an indispensable primer for those about to embark on creating their own biologica...

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Gardening for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees: Everything you need to Know to Create a wildlife Habitat in your Backyard

Gardening for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees: Everything you

Whether you’re installing a new garden bed or trying to attract orioles for the first time, it helps to start with the right information. And here it is! In this book, experts and readers from North America's #1 Bird and Garden Magazine, Birds & Blooms, give their tried-and-true advice.Attracting birds and butterflies has never been simpler—plus you’ll get the latest tips and advice for supporting the dwindling bee population, which experts say is essential for the future of gardening. Inside this book, you’ll find irresistible plants for birds, butterflies, and bees, creative garden designs for year-round beauty, and our top plant lists to take the guesswork out of gardening. Birds, butterflies and bees rely on plants, trees and shrubs to survive and thrive. That’s why doing your part for the environment by establishing critter-friendly areas in your own backyard is so crucial.  This book, brought to you by the editors of Birds & Blooms magazine, can serve as your guide to attracting new visitors to your landscape. Birds & Blooms has helped lead the trend we like to call “gardening with a purpose” for over 20 years. We’ve always recognized the importance of going beyond just the beauty of a garden, and purposefully choosing flowers, trees and shrubs specifical...

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National Geographic Birds, Bees, and Butterflies: Bringing Nature Into Your Yard and Garden

National Geographic Birds, Bees, and Butterflies: Bringing Nature

Generously illustrated and full of practical information, this approachable reference covers the wide world of birds, butterflies, and pollinating insects, including honeybees, and how to bring them into a yard and garden. For the new homeowner choosing shrubs and flowers for landscaping or the retired couple with bird feeders out the picture window, this thorough text combines tips and advice with solid science. Rich, colorful photographs illustrate every page. What types of bird feed attract your favorite birds? Which flowers will bring the most butterflies into your backyard? What can you plant to promote the health of the beleaguered honeybee? All these questions and more will be answered amply in this beautiful gift book.

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Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants: How to Attract and Identify Butterflies

Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants: How to Attract

Fun how-to guide for attracting butterflies with native plantsIncludes more than 150 color photographsSuitable for kids and adults Have you ever wanted to draw butterflies to your home, but you haven’t known where to start? This book will help you! Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants is much more than a book filled with beautiful photographs. It brings the butterfly’s perspective to the reader. Living in nature is getting more and more difficult around the planet for butterflies. This makes manmade habitats, filled with native plants, much more important. Butterfly expert Christopher Kline explains how to use native plants and draw butterflies to your home landscape. He discusses butterfly gardening basics, common butterflies int he garden, garden designs, guide to host plants, native nectar, and sources for native plants. Many detailed illustrations on garden layout will make building your own garden much easier. This guide also makes it easy to pick plants that attract different butterfly species. Butterfly Gardening with Native Plants belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who wants to draw butterflies to their home.

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Easy Potting Plants that Attract; Butterflies and Hummingbirds (Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds: Potting Plants Made Easy)

Easy Potting Plants that Attract; Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Attract butterflies and hummingbirds the affordable and easy way. I share with you the plants that have successfully worked for me, it took me several years to figure it out, but I finally did. The best part is most of the flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds are $3.95 and less at your local Depot or Walmart. I'll also share the cheap soil the plants thrive in.Included are the best locations to plant your flowers, and/or keep your pots, when to water, how to save the seeds, pinching the flower to keep your annuals coming back, deadheading, best flower combinations hummers and butterflies love, gardening language, and more.Also, included is the nectar recipe hummers love, the cost effective and easy way to make your own domes to protect your feeders that hummers' appreciate.It did take me a while to figure out what finally worked for me and now I want to share it with, by taking all the hassle away from you. I also want to note that all the pictures in my book are the actual pictures in my hummingbird and butterfly garden. Thank you and have fun attracting nature's beauty.

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Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty

Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and

Fight garden pests and increase your yields the natural way with this tried and true technique! Planting vegetables and flowers together is one of the oldest ways to create a healthy, bountiful garden; but there's more to the method than you might think. Vegetables Love Flowers walks you through the ins and outs of companion planting, from how it works to which plants go together and how to grow the best garden for your climate. Alongside gorgeous garden photography, you'll also learn about:Seed-starting, growing, and harvestingHow to make garden flower bouquets, with "recipes" for various arrangementsHow to attract beneficial creatures to pollinate your garden and prey on its pestsPesticide-free pest-control measuresComposting heaps and binsWith the right information and some careful planning, you can help your plants thrive—and beautify your garden in the process.

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Bring Home The Butterflies Vol. I: How to Attract More Monarchs to your Butterfly Garden...and Keep Them There!

Bring Home The Butterflies Vol. I: How to

Bring home the Magic of Monarchs and help support the monarch migration for future generations with an effective two-pronged approach: In Bring home the Butterflies Book I, you'll learn how to attract more monarchs to your butterfly garden...and keep them there! (Updated April 2019)Discover:25 garden-variety species of MilkweedTried and true Native plants Annual plants that drive Monarch Butterflies wild How to regularly view butterflies at close rangeHow to expand your butterfly garden when you 'run out' of room?Easy garden care that can have a huge impact on your results Fun and educational activity that will get kids of all ages excited about monarchs while increasing butterfly traffic in your garden! Helpful resources to create your monarch butterfly garden This book is based on one  monarch gardener's experience, along with helpful information harvested from other butterfly gardeners across North America. Large, colorful photographs are included to illustrate the exciting possibilities for YOUR Monarch Butterfly Garden.

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The Art of Hummingbird Gardening: How to Make Your Backyard into a Beautiful Home for Hummingbirds

The Art of Hummingbird Gardening: How to Make

This book is devoted solely to hummingbird gardening and is a practical guide to cultivating flowers and other plants that will attract the hummingbirds of North America to your home and garden. You will be able to grow flowers in profusion and provide nectar for these smallest of birds, which hover on fast-beating wings while they drink from flowers including pink Chinese lantern, bladderpod, woolly blue curls, scarlet sage, penstemon, columbine, long strips of fuschia, and many others.The Hummingbird Garden is packed with pertinent information, from a description of what hummingbird gardening is all about to how hummingbirds can be conserved and protected. Tekulsky explains the extraordinary way hummingbirds live and behave, the regions they inhabit throughout the year, and their migrating habits. He discusses how to start your own garden by recommending what to plant and then outlines what interesting events will take place in it. The valuable appendixes give complete information on hummingbird and plant varieties, bird and conservation organizations, and mail-order sources, as well as an extensive bibliography. Beautiful color photos throughout show many different types of hummingbirds enjoying their wonderfully active lives in gardens created expressly for them.

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Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, Updated and Expanded

Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife

“If you cut down the goldenrod, the wild black cherry, the milkweed and other natives, you eliminate the larvae, and starve the birds. This simple revelation about the food web—and it is an intricate web, not a chain—is the driving force in Bringing Nature Home.” —The New York Times As development and subsequent habitat destruction accelerate, there are increasing pressures on wildlife populations. In Bringing Nature Home, Douglas W. Tallamy reveals the unbreakable link between native plant species and native wildlife—native insects cannot, or will not, eat alien plants. When native plants disappear, the insects disappear, impoverishing the food source for birds and other animals. In many parts of the world, habitat destruction has been so extensive that local wildlife is in crisis and may be headed toward extinction.   But there is an important and simple step we can all take to help reverse this alarming trend: everyone with access to a patch of earth can make a significant contribution toward sustaining biodiversity by simply choosing native plants. By acting on Douglas Tallamy's practical and achievable recommendations, we can all make a difference.

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Your Backyard Wildlife Year: How to Attract Birds, Butterflies and Other Animals Every Month of the Year

Your Backyard Wildlife Year: How to Attract Birds,

Offers projects for each month of the year to create a garden that attracts wildlife, and includes a guide to more than one hundred of the best plants for wildlife

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Attracting Native Pollinators: The Xerces Society Guide, Protecting North America's Bees and Butterflies

Attracting Native Pollinators: The Xerces Society Guide, Protecting

With the recent decline of the European honey bee, it is more important than ever to encourage the activity of other native pollinators to keep your flowers beautiful and your grains and produce plentiful. In Attracting Native Pollinators, you’ll find ideas for building nesting structures and creating a welcoming habitat for an array of diverse pollinators that includes not only bees, but butterflies, moths, and more. Take action and protect North America’s food supply for the future, while at the same time enjoying a happily bustling landscape.

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Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America (Kaufman Focus Guides)

Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America

The most user-friendly butterfly guide ever published, still handy and compact. - Includes color plates of Mexican-border rarities    - More than 2,300 images of butterflies in natural poses    - Pictorial table of contents    - Convenient one-page index    - Range maps on text pages  

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How to Attract Butterflies: It's fun and easy to make your yard Butterfly Friendly. Learn how to get their attention with bright colored plants, sunny areas, wind protection, butterfly spas, and more...

How to Attract Butterflies: It's fun and easy

From the majestic Monarch to the graceful Swallowtail, all Butterflies are beautiful. They’re life cycle is very interesting too. Remembering the butterfly, while planning your garden, will give you hours of enjoyment watching these colorful creatures flutter from flower to flower. Attracting butterflies is possible even in the most humble backyard garden.This little book covers all about Butterflies including the butterfly’s stages of life, they’re habits, needs and benefits to humans. Yep, along with bee’s, the butterfly pollenates plants which provide our food.You will learn the best bright colorful flowers to plant for attracting butterflies to your garden. Learn all about butterflies.  Learn why they warm themselves in the sun. Learn about their need for mud puddles and protection from the wind.This book will only take a couple of hours to read and you will be prepared to attract them, protect them, provide for them and love everything about them.Respectfully,Butch Spillman, Author

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100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive

100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a

The international bee crisis is threatening our global food supply, but this user-friendly field guide shows what you can do to help protect our pollinators. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation offers browsable profiles of 100 common flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees that support bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. The recommendations are simple: pick the right plants for pollinators, protect them from pesticides, and provide abundant blooms throughout the growing season by mixing perennials with herbs and annuals! 100 Plants to Feed the Bees will empower homeowners, landscapers, apartment dwellers — anyone with a scrap of yard or a window box — to protect our pollinators.

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Handbooks: Butterflies & Moths: The Clearest Recognition Guide Available (DK Smithsonian Handbook)

Handbooks: Butterflies & Moths: The Clearest Recognition Guide

With over 600 stunning, full-color photographs of over 500 species of butterflies and moths, this is the most beautiful and clear guide to the identification of these fantastic flying insects. Even an amateur enthusiast will be able to spot different species like an expert entomologist. Each entry combines a precise description of the featured butterfly or moth species with annotated photographs to show its chief characteristics and distinguishing features, from ingenious camouflage to signature eyespots to distinctive larval forms and cocoon structures. It is accompanied by a map of the animal’s geographical range, as well as color-coded bands with at-a-glance facts specific to the species. In addition to the species-by-species guide, the book contains a fascinating overview of this whole unique order of insects, from the habitats and plants they rely on to survive in the wild, to the details of their distinctive metamorphosis, to the ways ordinary people can distinguish between these similar-looking creatures. The book is published by Dorling Kindersley in association with the eminently authoritative Smithsonian Institution, and is written by David Carter, who works at the Natural History Museum, London, and has been specializing in moths and butterflies for nearly four decad...

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Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America (Peterson Field Guides)

Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North

There are thousands of moth species in the northeast of North America, and while it might seem that they are all drab grays and browns, there is actually a startling variety. They come in a rainbow of colors, from brilliant oranges and pinks to soft greens and violets. There are moths with colorful leopard-like spots, and ones that look more like B-movie aliens; some that are as large as your hand, and others the size of a grain of rice. With helpful tips on how to attract and identify moths, range maps and season graphs showing when and where to find each species, and clear photographs that use the unique Peterson arrow system for easy identification, this guide provides everything an amateur or experienced moth-watcher needs. Sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.  

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How to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies

How to Attract Hummingbirds &

Hummingbirds and butterflies add interest, beauty, and enjoyment to a garden. This book describes the characteristics, behavior, and needs of these creatures. Plant-selection lists and necessary design elements are included, as are descriptions of the most common hummingbird and butterfly species.

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The Urban Wildlife Gardener: How to attract birds, bees, butterflies, and more

The Urban Wildlife Gardener: How to attract birds,

Planting and gardening techniques to attract birds, bees, butterflies, beneficial bugs, and more to your outside space.If you would like to attract wildlife to your garden, you need to learn which plants to grow, how to provide nesting areas, when to prune shrubs or mow the grass and when to leave well alone, how to deal with weeds, how to create a pond for tadpoles and frogs, and more. The choice of plants is important, including shrubs which provide berries as food for birds, tall plants to attract bees and dragonflies, trees which have nesting areas for birds, flowers which provide pollen for bees, and night-scented plants to attract moths and bats. Follow the insect-friendly ways to keep weeds under control and to deter unwanted visitors such as slugs, and learn how to make organic plant feed. Discover how to turn a pile of logs into a home for ladybugs and other insects, how to plant a hedge to provide cover for small mammals, how to create a pond (no digging involved!), and how to make simple birdhouses and feeders. No matter what size your outside space—from a single windowbox to a full-sized backyard—The Urban Wildlife Gardener contains hundreds of easy-to-follow tips and techniques, simple projects, and essential plant know-how.

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Natural Birdhouses: 25 Simple Projects Using Found Wood to Attract Birds, Bats, and Bugs into Your Garden

Natural Birdhouses: 25 Simple Projects Using Found Wood

There is nothing quite like watching the interesting animals in your yard. In Natural Birdhouses , you’ll find instructions for making birdhouses, feeders, bat houses, and pollinator houses using materials that you can find locally for free.In Natural Birdhouses, you’ll learn how to make such projects as:• Flat-top birdhouse with a porch and perch• Flat-top with a roof garden• Alpine birdhouse• Alpine lodge with perching annex• Alpine birdhouse with columns• The ‘Love Bird’ house• Ground house• Open-top nesting cradleEncourage wildlife into your garden with these unique, handcrafted homes for birds, bats, and bugs. Find out how to make them, where to position them for different species, and how to provide food, nesting materials, and shelter for your wild neighbors.

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DynaTrap 6-Watt UV Bulbs for Outdoor Insect Trap Models DT2000XL and DT2000XLP, 2 Count

DynaTrap 6-Watt UV Bulbs for Outdoor Insect Trap

Keep your DynaTrap Outdoor Insect Trap operating at peak capacity with DynaTrap 32050 6-Watt UV Bulbs. Compatible with DynaTrap models DT2000XL and DT2000XLP, these replacement mosquito UV light bulbs attract flying insects with warm ultraviolet light. Designed for continuous use, the extra-large DynaTrap Outdoor Insect Trap (sold separately) protects up to one acre of land. For best results, replace the bulb in your insect trap after 3,000 hours, or approximately four months, of use. Even though the bulb’s light may still be visible, its ability to attract insects diminishes over time. This package includes two 6-watt UV light bulbs. Each bulb measures 1 by 3 by 11.25 inches.

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Garden Butterflies of North America: A Gallery of Garden Butterflies & How to Attract Them

Garden Butterflies of North America: A Gallery of

Describes butterfly species, the geographic regions where they are found, and the flowers which support each kind, and offers suggestions for creating gardens to attract them

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The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on Pollinator Decline with Ecological Gardening; How to Attract and Support Bees, Beetles, Butterflies, Bats and Other Pollinators

The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on

The passion and urgency that inspired WWI and WWII Victory Gardens is needed today to meet another threat to our food supply and our environment—the steep decline of pollinators. The Pollinator Victory Garden offers practical solutions for winning the war against the demise of these beneficial animals. Pollinators are critical to our food supply and responsible for the pollination of the vast majority of all flowering plants on our planet.Pollinators include not just bees, butmany different types of animals, including insects and mammals. Beetles, bats, birds, butterflies, moths, flies, wasps, and even some mosquito species, can be pollinators. But, many pollinators are in trouble, and the reality is that most of our landscapes have little to offer them. Our residential landscapes, and many commercial landscapes, are filled with vast green pollinator deserts, better known as lawns. These monotonous green expanses are ecological wastelands for bees and other pollinators. By planting a bit differently and by tweaking your landscape aesthetic, you can transition your landscape into a pollinator haven. By using proper cultural practices in your garden, choosing the right plant for the right location, and by attracting “nature’s pest control” (beneficial insects that act as...

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How to Create Your Own Monarch Butterfly Rest Stop | National Geographic

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Habitat loss and the destruction of native plants have been responsible for the rapid decline of the m​onarch ​b​utterfly, the most recognized butterfly in North America. To help​ ​protect these majestic insects as they migrate, citizens in the U.S. are resorting to a simple yet powerful tool: g​...

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In this video I show you how to make a butterfly feeder with a couple of items from the thrift store.

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