Dreamgirls: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack

Dreamgirls: Music from the Motion Picture

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook). 16 songs from the soundtrack of the film to garner the most Oscar nominations in 2006. Includes: Cadillac Car * Dreamgirls * Family * Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love * I Am Changing * I Want You, Baby * Listen * Love You I Do * Move * One Night Only * Patience * Perfect World * Steppin' to the Bad Side * more!

  • Brand: Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 1423425774
  • UPC: 884088140908

Hudson Music Groove Essentials 2.0 Tommy Igoe - Over 100 Grooves Book/CD

Hudson Music Groove Essentials 2.0 Tommy Igoe -

Groove Essentials 2.0, the second edition of the best-selling original Groove Essentials features an instructional book and CD package with 53 drum grooves and over 100 variations for intermediate to advanced players.Drummers will learn the difference between ghost and grace notes (while being encouraged to experiment with both in all six groove "families") as well as important "go-to" grooves, like the Train and Bo-Diddley beats. For more advanced players and professionals, GE 2.0 introduces the concepts of groove construction, interpretation and manipulation—training drummers to think like musicians in order to maximize their full potential.The included CD features over 90 play-along tracks allowing drummers to expand their skills by playing any of the grooves with a band. These tracks also supply a variety of fill-in and soloing opportunities to challenge advanced players. In addition, the book features Tommy Igoe's extended "global tours" that will test even the most seasoned professional's chops, creativity and stamina and, as a "first of its kind" bonus, there is a full-length orchestral play-along track designed to provide a taste of drumming in a full orchestra, complete with multiple moving tempos, dynamics and feels..

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: B001STM3HK
  • UPC: 884088276935

I Can't Let Go: As performed on Smash (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) (Sheet) (Original Sheet Music Editions) by Wittman, Scott, Shaiman, Marc, Hudson, Jennifer (2013) Sheet music

I Can't Let Go: As performed on Smash


Groove Essentials 2.0: The Groove Encyclopedia for the Advanced 21st-Century Drummer [With MP3] by Igoe, Tommy, Firth, Vic, Hudson Music (2008) Sheet music

Groove Essentials 2.0: The Groove Encyclopedia for the

  • ASIN: B00NYI525I

Standard of Excellence Book 2 Book Only - Clarinet

Standard of Excellence Book 2 Book Only -

The Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method Books 1 & 2 combine a strong performance-centered approach with music theory, music history, ear training, listening, composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. The result is the most complete band method available anywhere.

  • Brand: KJOS
  • ASIN: 0849759544

The Roots of Rock Drumming: Interviews With the Drummers Who Shaped Rock 'n' Roll Music

The Roots of Rock Drumming: Interviews With the

The Roots of Rock Drumming Book/DVD. "The Roots of Rock Drumming is a book/DVD package that presents a behind -the-scenes look at the origins of rock n roll drumming (1948-1965), told by many of the groundbreaking drummers who were there and took part in the creation of the music. This history is presented through the eyes of the players themselves, in detailed interviews with 22 of the men who invented rock drumming. Featured drummers include Bobby Morris (Louis Prima), Dick Richards (Bill Haley and His Comets), Earl Palmer (Little Richard, New Orleans & LA studio), DJ Fontana (Elvis Presley), JM Van Eaton (Sun Records studio), Buddy Harman (Roy Orbison, Nashville studio), Jerry J.I. Allison (Buddy Holly and The Crickets), Hal Blaine (LA studio), Idris Muhammad (Curtis Mayfield, NY Studio), Sam Lay (Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chicago studio), Bernard Purdie (NY studio), Roger Hawkins (Muscle Shoals studio), Sandy Nelson (drum solo hits), and New Orleans stylists Smokey Johnson and J

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 148034477X

Joni Mitchell Songbook, Complete Volume, No. 2: With a Portfolio of Photographs

Joni Mitchell Songbook, Complete Volume, No. 2: With

Volume 2 - collection of Joni Mitchell's songs and a portfolio of photographs.

  • ASIN: B000H02DMQ



This vintage piece of sheet music is in good condition for its age and being previously owned.

  • ASIN: B0071QASHQ

The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming

The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamentals of Breakbeat

(Percussion). The most in-depth study of breakbeat drumming in print! The style is divided into thirteen essential elements, with each element discussed in its own chapter. Hundreds of exercises and beats give the reader ample opportunity to practice the elements, which, when assembled, will give the drummer the ability to integrate a complete language of incredibly funky concepts into his or her playing. Over 90 transcriptions of beats and breaks provide the reader with a window into hip-hop/breakbeat drumming. Included are some of the most sampled beats in music history including information about the original song and later songs that used the sample. Also included is a historical overview of hip-hop and breakbeat drumming, as well as biographies of many of the "architects" that helped design the culture. The "Click Track Loops" chapter provides an incredibly challenging system for practicing the breakbeat/hip-hop elements and other grooves against various patterns programmed into a drum machine. These will help the reader attain new levels of tightness, precision, and groove in their drumming. The audio features examples of select exercises, beats, and eight-bar phrases from the book. It also contains five play-along instrumental tracks (with and without drums). There is also...

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 1423496337
  • UPC: 884088516383

Hudson Music Vera Cruz Island: Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset (Book/2-CD Set)

Hudson Music Vera Cruz Island: Brazilian Rhythms for

Written by leading Brazilian drummers, Vera Figueiredo and Daniel Oliveira, Vera Cruz Island is a book and double CD package offering progressive drum lessons that teach a complete system for applying Brazilian rhythms to the drum set.This multimedia drum education package is based on Figueiredo's Vera Cruz Island CD, which features original compositions based on authentic Brazilian influences and a host of top Brazilian musicians as well as guest appearances by drummers Dave Weckl and Dennis Chambers. The drum tutorial include a copy of the full-length audio CD and a second, minus-drums, play-along version of the disc, plus a 106-page book.The Vera Cruz Island book contains examples of traditional and contemporary Brazilian forms such as Maractau, Baiao, Bossa Nova, Choro, Chamam, and several types of Samba, plus detailed breakdowns, explanations and transcriptions of all the drum parts from the songs on the CD. This unique combination of musical and instructional content provides teachers and students with both an unprecedented insight into challenging yet popular Brazilian drumming styles and a straightforward method for adapting Brazilian rhythms and sounds to the modern drum set.

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: B0027XY7U2
  • UPC: 884088327583

Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials (Book, CD & DVD)

Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials (Book, CD &

(DVD). This value pack includes Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials The Play-Along book/CD pack (06620095/$24.95) AND the Groove Essentials DVD (00320446/$24.95) for the low price of $39.95! The book serves as a play-along companion for the DVD with 88 tracks and charts and 164 groove variations for over 6 hours of play-along music! The DVD covers 47 grooves every drummer needs to know, with each groove broken down and demonstrated with music. Includes free giant groove poster!

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 1423411277
  • UPC: 884088069575

Right Down the Line. Words and Music by Gerry Rafferty [Sheet Music, piano, vocals, chords]

Right Down the Line. Words and Music by

Rafferty Songs Limited / The Hudson Bay Music Co. / Columbia Pictures Publications 2737RSMX [Published date: 1978]. Sheet music, piano, vocals, chords, 4 pages, including cover page with b&w photo of Gerry Rafferty.

  • ASIN: B00U4IN5LO

Hip Hop Raised Me

Hip Hop Raised

The definitive volume on the massive and enduring impact of hip hop over the last forty years, now in a compact paperback edition.In 2008, with help from Jay-Z and Puff, Barack Obama got the hip hop vote, and became the first African American to be elected president. For a brief moment, the “Audacity of Hope” seemed attainable. The 2014 Ferguson riots signaled the end of that hope, and in 2016 the hip hop community had to grapple with the election of Donald J. Trump as Obama’s successor. Now more than ever, hip hop artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the voice of the voiceless.In the new, updated compact edition of Hip Hop Raised Me., DJ Semtex examines the crucial role of hip hop in society and reflects on the positive influence it has had on his own life, and the lives of disaffected youths from generation after generation. Featuring specially commissioned photography and seminal interviews he conducted with key artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Nas, Semtex traces the course of hip hop from its origins in the early 1970s through its breakthrough to the mainstream and the advent of gangsta rap in the late 1980s to the global industry that it has become today. 1000+ illustrations, 800 in color

  • ASIN: 0500293953

Strictly Strings, Bk 1: Violin

Strictly Strings, Bk 1:

An easy-to-teach, straight forward string method from three renowned pedagogues. A unique letter-note style of music notation is utilized which ensures a smooth transition from rote to note reading. Students are quickly introduced to ensemble playing and play a wide variety of fun-to play melodies, keys and modes. Strictly Strings features a carefully prepared lesson sequence which develops all players' abilities equally.

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0882845306
  • UPC: 038081012780

Benny Greb - The Language of Drumming: A System for Musical Expression: Includes Online Audio & 2-Hour Video

Benny Greb - The Language of Drumming: A

(DVD). Including and expanding on the concepts presented in his best-selling DVD of the same name, Benny here brings forth a wealth of practice material for drummers of all styles and levels, presented in a beautifully illustrated book with a timeless, classic look. The Language of Drumming Book teaches a complete system for achieving freedom of expression on the drumset. Benny's approach is a practical method that is based on a concept familiar to everyone: learning a language. Providing exercises for grooves, fills, independence, and more, this system progresses from rhythmic "letters" and "words" to "syntax" and "language," ultimately providing an easily understandable system that is suitable for beginning to advanced-level drummers. Included along the way are new hi-hat groove variations, dozens of ghost-note exercises, and a complete system for mastering odd groupings (3, 5, and 7) in your playing. This great package includes online audio and video for streaming or download.

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 1495072118
  • UPC: 888680637491

Hudson Music Wicked Beats - Jamaican Ska Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming DVD With Gil Sharone

Hudson Music Wicked Beats - Jamaican Ska Rocksteady

Wicked Beats - Jamaican Ska Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming DVD With Gil Sharone. "DVD demonstrates classic ""riddims"" that are essential for achieving an authentic sound. With instructional breakdowns, stellar performances, detailed eBook, and in-depth commentary, you will be able to fully grasp what these highly influential styles have to offer and apply them to your own playing."

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 1423499921

Accent on Achievement, Bk 1: Flute, Book & CD

Accent on Achievement, Bk 1: Flute, Book &

Accent on Achievement is a revolutionary, best-selling band method that will excite and stimulate your students through full-color pages and the most complete collection of classics and world music in any band method. The comprehensive review cycle in books 1 & 2 will ensure that students remember what they learn and progress quickly. Also included are rhythm and rest exercises, chorales, scale exercises, and 11 full band arrangements among the first two books. Book 3 includes progressive technical, rhythmic studies and chorales in all 12 major and minor keys. Also included are lip slur exercises for increasing brass instrument range and flexibility. Accent on Achievement meets and exceeds the USA National Standards for music education, grades five through eight. This title is available in SmartMusic.

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0739005111
  • UPC: 038081147543

The New Method for Afro-Cuban Drumming

The New Method for Afro-Cuban

(Percussion). The New Method for Afro-Cuban Drumming features Jimmy's unique approach to playing contempoary Latin rhythms on the drumset. The material represents a fusion of his experiences growing up in Cuba and shows how he applied this knowledge when he got to the United States and began performing. Everything in this book has practical applications to many styles of music. Jimmy covers: getting the right sound, bongo bell patterns and the drumset, bass drum variations, and hi-hat variations, and much more. The 65-minute CD includes 97 demonstration tracks.

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 0634086863
  • UPC: 073999776232

Tommy Igoe - Groove Essentials 1.0/2.0 Complete Includes Online Audio/Video and 2 Posters

Tommy Igoe - Groove Essentials 1.0/2.0 Complete Includes

Now you can order all of the books, examples and posters available in Groove Essentials 1.0 and 2.0 in one comprehensive pack for only $59.99! Popular drummer and educator Tommy Igoe is featured here on his best-selling book, demonstrating techniques that have made him one of the world's most in-demand drummers. Now contains Online Audio and Video that can be downloaded or streamed on any device

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: 147688689X
  • UPC: 884088864934

Sinatra 100


From his family's vast archives―a revelatory new pictorial life of the greatest entertainer of the twentieth century On the centennial of his birth, Sinatra 100―with the participation of his three children―is an intimate and dramatic visual portrait of Frank Sinatra, revealing many of the previously unseen moments in a remarkable life. Of course, Sinatra’s legacy speaks for itself. An entertainer of mesmerizing talent, charisma, and style, he is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, and Academy Award-winning actor, and a cultural icon. From inciting bobby-soxer riots and achieving teen idol status in the 1940s to the incredible recording career, the film career, the Rat Pack and Las Vegas, Sinatra 100 has the unseen photographs (and the iconic ones) as well as a rare trove of memorabilia and ephemera―over half of it never before published. With a majority of the text based on unpublished personal interviews and conversations with Frank Sinatra and his friends, family, and colleagues, Sinatra 100 unparalleled in its scope and depth. It’s the ultimate Sinatra gift, both for the fans who think they’ve seen it all and those just discovering this inimitable artist. 400+ illustrations in color and black-and-white

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 0500517827

Bastien Piano Basics Theory Level 4

Bastien Piano Basics Theory Level

Theory is the theory workbook portion of the Bastien Piano Basics course. Each book contains written work and some short pieces to reinforce the concepts presented in Piano. Games, puzzles, and colorful illustrations make learning fun! Your students will gain a better understanding of the music they are playing, and they will learn more easily when theory instruction is a regular part of their piano studies. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Performance, and Technic.Level 4 presents theory material correlated with Piano.

  • Brand: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
  • ASIN: 0849752787

Bass Logic: A Comprehensive Method for Learning Bass

Bass Logic: A Comprehensive Method for Learning

Bass Logic is a practical, hands-on approach to the bass. It employs a unique menu of options system so that students at different levels can learn to function with any style of music on any bass. The unique non-linear presentation allows each student to study different areas of interest as they like.

  • Brand: Bill Edwards Publishing
  • ASIN: 0962477036

WP217 - Bastien Piano Basics - Technic Level 2

WP217 - Bastien Piano Basics - Technic Level

Technic is the Bastien Piano Basics technic development series. Use the practical warm-up exercises to start lessons and practice sessions. Original works by James Bastien, and graded etudes by masters such as Schmitt, Czerny, Hanon, and Lemoine reinforce technic. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Performance,and Theory. Your students will develop dependable technic from the very beginning.Level 2 includes technic exercises correlated with Piano.

  • Brand: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
  • ASIN: 0849793009

Moonglow - Piano/Vocal Sheet Music

Moonglow - Piano/Vocal Sheet

  • ASIN: B00L3J7T88
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Muhly - A Hudson Cycle, Sheet Music + Audio

Hudson Music Sheet Music

Nico Muhly - A Hudson Cycle, 2005. Performed by the composer. Notes by Daniel Johnson. A HUDSON CYCLE was written as a wedding gift for two friends, one of whom was leaving Manhattan behind to effect their union. This is music of longing and anticipation; losing a beautiful place, approaching ...

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How Great Thou Art - Pentatonix (Full Sheet Music w/ Lyrics)

Hudson Music Sheet Music

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED This is a transcription of Pentatonix's cover of "How Great Thou Art" from their new Christmas album, A Pentatonix Christmas, featuring Jennifer Hudson. I finished this one up quicker than I anticipated! I love this arrangement; it's so powerful, and Jennifer ...

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Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) - "And I Am Telling You" - Sheet Music (Sibelius)

Hudson Music Sheet Music

https://prosheetmusic.com/?page_id=1791 This is a sheet music score of And I Am Telling You, as sung by Jennifer Hudson in the movie "Dreamgirls". I've arranged it for rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards), plus horns. The vocal line (+ lyrics) is the top stave. The score was create...

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Schumann with Sheet Music - Canadian Brass

Hudson Music Sheet Music

From Robert Schumann's "Carnaval - "Pause" and "March" -" arranged by Chris Coletti and Brandon Ridenour Trumpets: Chris Coletti, Brandon Ridenour, Caleb Hudson Trombone: Achilles Liarmakopoulos French horn: Eric Reed Tuba: Chuck Daellenbach To purchase the recording, CARNAVAL: MUSIC OF ROBE...

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Hudson Music: The Digital Book Store App

Hudson Music Sheet Music

The Hudson Music Digital Bookstore mobile app is now available for Apple, Android and Kindle Devices! More Information at http://HudsonMusic.com/ebook Continuing in its long history of leadership we are excited to introduce the Hudson Music Digital Bookstore. Now get instant delivery of new a...

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