Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Toplanet 75w Full Spectrum Plant Growing light Lamp Panel with IR Bulbs Grow Lamp Kit for Hydroponic Greenhouse Plants from Seeding to Harvest

Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Toplanet 75w

  • Color: 75w
  • Brand: TOPLANET
  • ASIN: B07B4C6R6L

Hydroponics Grower Kit, PATHONOR 11 Pods 3.5 Gal Self Watering DIY Planting Cloner Kit Educational Hydroponics System for Transplant, Cloning, Propagation, and Hydroponic Experiment Indoor Outdoor

Hydroponics Grower Kit, PATHONOR 11 Pods 3.5 Gal

√What advantages our product got?●Just enjoy gardening indoor avoiding any bad weather, like rain, snow, cold, storm and hurricane not outdoor with Pathonor Grow Lights to promote the growth even faster. Also, It can be used outdoors like soil pot with the waterproof pump to speed up growing. ●Grow More Plant: Grow up to 11 plants once, more than others with just 6 pods.●3-5 Times Faster Growing: Air pump pumps air into the basin to provide more amount of moisture and oxygen than soil growing.●Cost-effective: It's made from eligible, eco-friendly and durable materials with reusable and easy usage. Easy to be used without any redundancy function.●Considerate Design: 1. Shows solution level conveniently with a buoy inserted into the bigger hole Don't need to open the lid.(ensure the red part over the basin surface). 2. Reduce the growth of algae by adopting non-transparent material and sealed design preventing light from entering.Specification: Model: 513760Color: whiteMaterial: PlasticSize: 3 gal/41.3x27.6x14 cm Voltage: 100-120V / 50Hz Pressure: 0.018mpaCAP: 1.8L/minPump Waterproof Level: IPX4NOTE: ▶The pump: A. The side of blue valve written with OUT should be linked the pipe connecting the air pump. If the pump can't work, please just flip it around so it will pum...

  • Color: white Hydroponics Grower Kit
  • Brand: PATHONOR
  • UPC: 728350387601

Aunifun Hydroponics Grower Kit DIY Self Watering Indoor Hydroponics Tools DWC Hydroponic System Planting Container Include Aquarium Air Pump Buoy Planting Box

Aunifun Hydroponics Grower Kit DIY Self Watering Indoor

Specification: Name: Hydroponic Grow Kit Color: Gray Material: Plastic Size: 28x19x13.5cm Package included: 1 x Box(The seed not included) 1 x Buoy 6 x Planting Baskets 6 x Planting Sponges 1 x Tweezers Features: 1.The appearance is elegant, is conducive to the growth of a variety of plant operations and plant. 2.The basin cover and the planting basket adopt the dark material, which can effectively prevent the light from entering the basin, thereby reducing the growth of green algae in the nutrient solution. 3.On each side of the basin cover a chug cylinder, the role is as follows: 1)can be used as air bubble stone tracheal passage will pump the trachea from here into the basin; 2)Can be inserted into a hollow cylindrical hole from the chug of a plastic rod (i.e. buoy) as the nutrient solution level.

  • Brand: Aunifun
  • ASIN: B06XR754GV
  • UPC: 014553896706

SimLife LED Plant Grow Light Kit Indoor Herb Garden Desktop USB Grow Lamp Auto Mode for Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Office (White)

SimLife LED Plant Grow Light Kit Indoor Herb

Your Mini Indoor Garden!Love gardening but your space is limited? Get yourself this smart planter by Simlife and grow your own plants from now on. Ideal for indoor use, either on the kitchen counter, window or living room. Grow your favorite herbs all year long without worrying about weather conditions. ?LED lighting?The smart planter equipped with professional full spectrum plant LED grow lights, which integrates optimal wavelength and intensity, that provide lighting similar to sunlight which plants need for photosynthesis. ?Three system settings?The LED lighting system has 3 settings, ON, AUTO, and OFF. When ON mode is selected the LED lights will stay on. When set to AUTO mode, the LED lights will come on when the smart planter senses sufficient amount of direct or indirect surrounding light. The light sensor is located at the front of the smart planter. When OFF mode is selected the LED lights will stay off. ?Removable soil container and Mini watering pot?The smart planter has removable soil container can make you plant all kinds of plants easily, besides, you can use the mini watering pot resease water into the soil. ?DC and USB power jack?The smart planter can be powered by an adapter or via USB cable. Specification: Power: USB or DC power Size: 7.1*2.4*8.9 in Color: whit...

  • Color: white
  • Brand: SimLife
  • ASIN: B0749M46LT
  • UPC: 702658132347

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5

Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to grow hydroponically? The PowerGrow ® Systems Deep Water Culture System is the answer! Super easy to use, the DWC system allows you to get up and growing in no time, with very little effort. The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System includes everything you need for a complete system. In a Deep Water Culture system, the plant roots are immersed in an oxygen infused and nutrient rich water reservoir (a 5 gallon FDA approved bucket). The oxygen rich solution helps build healthy root systems faster and more efficiently than soil which results in superior plant growth and production. The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System includes the following: 5 Gallon FDA Approved Bucket, 6" Net Pot Bucket Lid, Growing Medium, 44 gph Air Pump, Air Tubing, Air Stone, 3 Grodan® Rockwool Starter Plugs, Blue Water Level Indicator + Drain, Complete Instructions, 1 Year Warranty. (Nutrients and pH test Kit not included) With the PowerGrow brand, you also get the quality assurance of a 1 year Manufacturers USA warranty. So what are you waiting for? Get growing with a PowerGrow® DWC Deep Water Culture System today!

  • Brand: PowerGrow Systems

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Way to

Sprout seeds, put them in the seed baskets, place seed baskets in the water-filled flasks, and watch your plants climb the trellis as they grow! This set includes everything kids need to explore the amazing world of hydroponics, including 2 seed baskets, 2 flasks with thermometers, and 2 trellises with rulers. And the included, 22-page journal is packed with experiments, fun facts, creative writing prompts, and more! Stimulate an interest in biology and botany with this Nancy B's Science Club set! Perfect for science fair projects and STEM learning.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Educational Insights
  • UPC: 086002053619

Grodan 1" x 1" Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media (50 Cubes)

Grodan 1" x 1" Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic

Grodan stonewool is known for its quality, consistency and performance. Each sheet of Grodan Stonewool A-OK Starter Plugs is perfectly-sized to fit a standard flat and each plug has a pre-formed hole to easily plant seeds and cuttings. Once rooted, gardeners can transfer individual A-OK Starter Plugs to larger pieces of stonewool or plant them directly in soil. Grodan's A-OK Starter Cubes come with a pre-made planting hole which easily allows you to place cuttings, seeds etc into the cubes for fast, easy rooting and sprouting. Once roots develop you can easily separate the cubes and transplant using whatever method you prefer. Packaged loose 50 cubes!

  • Brand: Grodan
  • UPC: 797337365697

Indoor Herb Garden, AIBIS Hydroponics Watering Growing System, Organic Home Herbs Gardening Kit with Led Grow Light, Not Contain Seeds, Best for Flower and Vegetable like Thyme, Mint and Tomato(White)

Indoor Herb Garden, AIBIS Hydroponics Watering Growing System,

Color: whiteMaterials: ABS Using hydroponics growing kit, you can be reassured that your plants get the optimal allocation of water, oxygen, lights and nutrients. Plants can grow naturally in your home without worrying weather outside, no pesticides and auxin. Self watering planter When the plants lack of water, it will remind you by twinkling pilot lamp or making a sound. What you should do is adding fertilize and about 1.2L-1.5L water in water container each time, your herb garden can automatically irrigated for 2-3 weeks that you needn't worry nobody take care of your plants when you are busy at work or on businessPlant grow light system (pink light) Pink light is made of red light and white light, power-saving up to 80%, high efficiency, specially designed for plants growing. The grow light is of high absorptivity of chlorophyll which has turned to the specific spectrum that assure plants to maximize photosynthesis, result in 3 times faster growing than plants naturally growing.How to adjust plant growing light The first time you press the light switch: turn on the white light. The second time you press the light switch: turn on pink light. Press the lights switch for 3 seconds: turn on automatic illumination mode for 16 hours. when lighting up to 16 hours, it would automat...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: AIBIS
  • ASIN: B078NGBD96
  • UPC: 614251862333

Formline Supply Premium 3 Gallon Grow Bags [Pack of 5]. Fabric Flower Pots are the Smart Way to Garden. Add these Heavy Duty Planters to your Grow Tent Kit or Hydroponic System to Increase Yields.

Formline Supply Premium 3 Gallon Grow Bags [Pack

Enjoy all the benefits of a Fabric Grow Pot with added durability with these heavy duty 3 gallon grow bag set [3 Pack] from Formline Supply. A perfect addition to your indoor grow tent, these Pots were designed with the grower in mind. Each 3 gallow grow pot is built with extra strong fabric and strategically placed nylon handles designed for easier movement with less disruption for your plants.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Formline Supply
  • ASIN: B07882Y1SJ
  • UPC: 045922794569

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

General Hydroponics pH Control

The pH Control Kit by General Hydroponics provides everything you need for testing the pH level of the nutrient solution in your hydroponic system. The pH balance is essential for stimulating vigorous plant growth. Vital elements in nutrient solution having pH that is too high (basic) or too low (acidic) cannot be properly absorbed by plants. Incorrect nutrient solution pH can cause slow growth, sickly plants and low yields. The kit contains pH UP (potassium hydroxide), pH DOWN (phosphoric acid), pH Test Indicator, and a test vial. To test, fill the vial halfway with nutrient solution, add 3 drops of pH Test Indicator per 5 mL of solution, and observe the coloration of the liquid in the test vial. Using either pH UP or pH DOWN, adjust the nutrient solution in your reservoir by adding small amounts of UP or DOWN with frequent re-testing to achieve the desired pH range (typically 5.5 to 6.5 for hydroponics).

  • Brand: General Hydroponics
  • UPC: 793094000000
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