Jet Force Gemini, or Star Twins (スタ・ツインズ, Star Twins?) in Japan, is a science fiction third-person shooter game for the Nintendo 64 developed and published by Rare that was released on October 11, 1999. The single-player mode consists of several levels in which the player assumes the role of the Jet Force Gemini as they try to stop the evil plans of the bug dictator Mizar. The game is unique in that it employs the rare cooperative style of gameplay, where two can play the story mode at once. Multiplayer modes can be unlocked, including the traditional death-match and survival matches. Also available in multiplayer are racing games, as well as the firing range mode, which is similar to a rail shooter game. Jet Force Gemini shares elements with platform games, first person shooters, and run and gun games.


Jet Force Gemini Official Nintendo Player's Guide

Jet Force Gemini Official Nintendo Player's

  • ASIN: B000G8L1AE

Jet Force Gemini Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games)

Jet Force Gemini Official Strategy Guide (Brady

BradyGAMES Jet Force Gemini Official Strategy Guide Features: Complete walkthrough guides you through every World, every Area, unlocks every character and helps you complete every Objective! Detailed Maps guide your way and pinpoint crucial items, weapons, and other key locations throughout the game. Expert Fighting Tactics show you how to defeat every enemy and every boss, including Mizar! Plus, Unlock Every Bonus, Every Multiplayer Feature, and Every Mini-Game!

  • ASIN: 1566868874

Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force

  • Brand: Nintendo of America
  • ASIN: B000031KJT
  • UPC: 045496870355

Jet Force Gemini (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)

Jet Force Gemini (Prima's Official Strategy

Walkthroughs of every stageSolutions to every puzzleHidden stages revealedStrategies for wiping out your enemiesAll Tribals, ship pieces, and Totems exposedCheat codes!

  • ASIN: 076152276X
  • UPC: 086874522763

JET FORCE GEMINI Official Strategy Guide

JET FORCE GEMINI Official Strategy

Official Nintendo Players Guide for Jet force Gemini for Nintendo 64.

  • ASIN: B000JW04CI

Star Twins (Jet Force Gemini), N64 Japanese Import

Star Twins (Jet Force Gemini), N64 Japanese

Japanese import for Nintendo 64. Requires a modified system, gameshark, or Japanese console.

  • Brand: Rare
  • ASIN: B000069RYT

Jet Force Gemini by Nintendo of America

Jet Force Gemini by Nintendo of

Brand New

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • ASIN: B01J4JZGQ0

Rare Replay - Xbox One

Rare Replay - Xbox

--Celebrate Rare's 30th Anniversary with a jaw-dropping collection of 30 iconic games, lovingly presented for Xbox One. --Enjoy over 60 minutes of behind-the-scenes interviews and footage --10,000 Gamerscore points available and 700+ hours of gameplay. --Tackle snapshot challenges and enjoy exclusive bonus features.

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2 Pack N64 Controller, iNNEXT Classic Wired N64 64-bit Game pad Joystick for Ultra 64 Video Game Console N64 System Mario Kart (Black)

2 Pack N64 Controller, iNNEXT Classic Wired N64

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Longplay of Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini Game

Longplay of Jet Force Gemini, played on the NTSC Nintendo 64. This game's version was released on Sep. 30th, 1999. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below: 0:00:52 - Opening Juno 0:04:27 - Goldwood: Outset (All tribals) 0:17:27 - Goldwood: Interior (All tribals) 0:25:50 - SS Anubis: Ho...

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Jet Force Gemini (N64) Review - 20 Years Later

Jet Force Gemini Game

Does Jet Force Gemini still hold up nearly 20 years later? I just replayed the entire game, and here are my thoughts on Rare's obscure 1999 bug blaster.

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Jet Force Gemini - Nitro Rad

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One of the lesser talked about N64 games by Rare, how does Jet Force Gemini hold up? SOCIAL MEDIA: #N64 #Rareware

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Jet Force Gemini Longplay (N64)

Jet Force Gemini Game

Jet Force Gemini is an interplanetary third-person shooter / sci-fi action-adventure game made by Rare in 1999. An evil bug warlord named Mizar has taken over and enslaved the peace loving bear-like Tribals of Goldwood. The Federation's Jet Force team finds themselves defeated, with the exception...

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Jet Force Gemini. Captured from an actual N64 console and cartridge. For more information on this title, please visit:

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