The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build

The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats

Although books on strip building canoes abound, this is among the first to adapt the technique to crafting attractive, functional kayaks. Using high-quality, computer-generated illustrations and photographs to explain key techniques, the book provides complete plans and measurements for three different kayaks: 1) A simple solo craft for beginners, 2) A high-performance solo kayak for intermediate paddlers, and 3) A tandem design for two paddlers. With its easy-to-follow guidance and instructions, The Strip-Built Sea Kayak makes top-notch kayaks accessible to budget-minded paddlers.

  • ASIN: 007057989X
  • UPC: 639785800088

Nick Schade: Building Strip-Planked Boats : With Complete Plans and Instructions for a Dinghy, a Canoe, and a Kayak You Can Build (Paperback); 2009 Edition

Nick Schade: Building Strip-Planked Boats : With Complete

  • ASIN: B01FOD6PX8

No Staples Cedar Strip Kayak: Drawing, Lofting and Building a Cedar Strip Wooden Fishing Kayak

No Staples Cedar Strip Kayak: Drawing, Lofting and

I have always wanted to build a cedar strip kayak; from scratch, not from plans, and definitely NOT riddled with staple holes. In this book I take the reader from sketches on paper, through final drawings, lofting to find the dimensions of the kayak, building the frame, finding cedar lumber and cutting and assembling cedar strips, stripping the hull and the deck, fiber-glassing and finishing the kayak. I then add foot braces and a seat and take it for a test float. Many pictures of techniques for holding the strips in place are discussed as well as methods for making tight joints, building the cockpit coaming and seat. Detailed descriptions of jigs and clamping methods are included. Follow the process from concept to sketch to fishing on a placid lake.


Canoe and Kayak Building the Light and Easy Way: How to Build Tough, Super-Safe Boats in Kevlar, Carbon, or Fiberglass

Canoe and Kayak Building the Light and Easy

The first quick-and-easy composite construction method for canoes and kayaks This book is certain to appeal to any paddler with a DIY bent. Master craftsman Sam Rizzetta presents three attractive innovations: a new building method that makes Kevlar and carbon-fiber boats cheap and feasible for home builders; an ergonomically designed canoe that makes paddling easier and more comfortable; and a foam-flotation installation method that makes canoes and kayaks safe and unsinkable.

  • ASIN: 0071597352

Cedar Strip Wood Kayak Plans DIY Kayaking Water Sports Homemade Build Your Own

Cedar Strip Wood Kayak Plans DIY Kayaking Water

Build Your Own Cedar Strip Wood Kayak Plans DIY Kayaking Water Sports Homemade These plans will step you through building your own Cedar Strip Kayak.I will mail you hard copies on 8 1/2 X 11 paper.All plans are designed or reviewed by Ben Stone. Ben is a retired Engineer in Canada. Ben also drafts these himself using the latest AutoCAD software to ensure accuracy. He studied Engineering back in the early 1980's. After over 30 years in the Construction industry he developed a passion for building cool items around his farm and cabin. These are great DIY projects. With a little skill anybody can Do It Yourself. Ben is always a email away if you have any questions while building one of his projects. He is adding new plans all the time.

  • Brand: DIY Plans

Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding: How to Build Kayaks and Other Small Boats

Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding: How to Build Kayaks and Other

In Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding, one of the leading practitioners and teachers of the craft assembles the definitive how-to manual for the most popular method of amateur boatbuilding today. Enlivened with tales of boat shop mishaps and designs gone bad that entertain as they instruct, this invaluable book includes full plans and assembly instructions for nine boats--seven kayaks, a sailing skiff, and a wherry. Step-by-step photos and drawings make this an ideal guide for visual learners.

  • ASIN: 0071440933

Building a Strip Canoe, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded: Full-Sized Plans and Instructions for 8 Easy-To-Build, Field-Tested Canoes (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step; 100+ Photos & Illustrations

Building a Strip Canoe, Second Edition, Revised &

Easy step-by-step instructions and plans to build your own strip canoe from scratch! Includes full-size plans for 8 field-tested strip canoes, affixed in a pouch at the back of the book Step-by-step instructions for building your canoe, seats, and paddles More than 100 photographs & illustrations to guide you through building a canoe from start to finish Tips & techniques for safety, repair, and maintenance Extensive list of sources for the lumber, tools, and supplies you'll need An expert outdoorsman and canoe builder who has supervised the construction of more than 500 canoes, Gil Gilatrick shares his voice of experience in guiding both novice and accomplished woodworkers in building a canoe with easy step-by-step instruction. Covering everything from safety in the boat to shop repairs, Gil thoroughly explains the whys and shortcuts learned from his experience in the shop and on the water. A Maine guide, he uses his own canoes and tests their performance on the challenging Allagash River every summer. This revised edition of Building a Strip Canoe includes full-sized plans for 8 well-proven canoe designs, most of which are the author's own adaptations. Step-by-step directions for building a canoe from start to finish are accompanied by more than 100 photogr...

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1565234839
  • UPC: 858924001609

My Retirement Plan: Kayaking Funny Kayaker Kayak Retired Composition Notebook 100 Wide Ruled Pages Journal Diary

My Retirement Plan: Kayaking Funny Kayaker Kayak Retired

This 100 page wide ruled notebook is the perfect back to school accessory. Perfect for:-Taking notes in class.-Making to do lists.-Journaling your thoughts and feelings.-And more!

  • ASIN: 1076927378

Acadia: The Complete Guide: Acadia National Park & Mount Desert Island (Color Travel Guide)

Acadia: The Complete Guide: Acadia National Park &

Acadia National Park is the most beautiful destination in Maine. This gorgeous, full-color travel guidebook reveals the highlights and hidden gems of both Acadia and Mount Desert Island.The bestselling Acadia guidebook for over a decade!5% of profits donated to Friends of Acadia!Over 100 five-star reviews for previous editions!Whatever your interests―hiking to the top of Cadillac Mountain, dining on fresh lobster in Bar Harbor, sailing past historic lighthouses ― Acadia: The Complete Guide puts the best of Acadia at your fingertips.Beautiful color photos showcase the park's best destinations.Fascinating chapters on Geology, History and Wildlife reveal the story behind the scenery.Detailed maps make travel planning easy.Written and photographed by Maine native James Kaiser, Acadia: The Complete Guide is the only guide you'll need.

  • ASIN: 1940754313

Yellow Kayak


A child and his beloved best friend go on a grand sea adventure in this magical picture book by the author and artist who created If I Had a Little Dream.You just never know what a new day will hold if you are brave enough to find out. On one quiet afternoon, a boy and his special friend’s unexpected adventure bring joy and excitement and sights never imagined. And the best part of any adventure is returning home with stories to tell and you best friend at your side.

  • Brand: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
  • ASIN: 1534401946

Canoeing & Kayaking Florida (Canoe and Kayak Series)

Canoeing & Kayaking Florida (Canoe and Kayak

Completely updated yet again, the latest edition of Canoeing & Kayaking Florida is the most comprehensive guide to the best of Florida’s unique streams, springs, creeks, and rivers. Engaging and concise, yet filled with carefully selected details vital to any successful Florida paddling adventure, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida spares readers encyclopedic fluff in favor of practical, no-nonsense information. With expanded regional maps and revised river maps, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida is simply the best and most informative Florida paddling guide available.Several new paddling destinations have been added to this latest edition, including waterways like Shingle Creek, where a swift stream swishes through a cypress forest. Then there’s quiet coastal Shell Creek and the mighty Apalachicola River, a big water destination with big sandbars, big hills, and a fast current compared to more intimate Florida waterways. Still other new streams await your arrival.For over 30 years, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida has provided the essential information needed to paddle the waterways of Florida. Paddling has grown steadily in Florida due in part to this excellent guidebook, the establishment of paddling clubs, the positioning of outfitters on rivers, and population growth. The rise in the use ...

  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: 1634040309

Fuselage Frame Boats: A guide to building skin kayaks and canoes

Fuselage Frame Boats: A guide to building skin

Tired of struggling with that heavy plastic kayak? Are you looking for a lightweight boat but not willing to take out a second mortgage to buy it? What if I told you that you could build a boat weighting less than 35 lbs for $300 to $500? You can and in my new book I will show you how. This style was very popular in the 1950's and 1960's and many boat plans appeared in magazines such as Popular Mechanics and Popular Science. Even though it is no longer fashionable in the magazines, the fuselage style of construction is still probably the most cost effective way to build a small boat. Recently I have seen a renewed interest in this type of boat construction. People are rediscovering the advantages of Fuselage style Skin Boats. Fuselage frames boats cost very little to build. A sheet of marine plywood, a lightweight wood such as cedar for the stringers, a few yards of a synthetic fabric for the skin and something to waterproof the skin. Materials for a basic 17' kayak cost around $300. Adding a seat, deck rigging and adjustable footrest would add another $100 to $150 dollars depending on your preferences. For somewhere around $400 you can build a high performance, 30-35 lbs boat. A composite construction canoe or kayak of similar weight would cost thousands of dollars. This book wi...

  • ASIN: 0615495567

Cypress Pirogue Plans: A Detailed Guide to Building Your Own Pirogue

Cypress Pirogue Plans: A Detailed Guide to Building

Everyone from Louisiana seems to remember that cypress pirogue boat Pawpaw kept in his barn. Cypress pirogues have since become a relic of the past. Most of them were built out of necessity, so special attention was paid to materials and craftsmanship to ensure a long lasting product. Modern polymers have allowed quality and craftsmanship to be replaced by speed and convenience. This combination usually equates to an inferior product. Unfortunately, the craft of building a Cypress Pirogue is becoming a dying profession. The goal of this book is to preserve that art by providing clear plans on how to build a quality Cypress Pirogue that can be cherished, and passed down for generations. For more information on cypress pirogues visit

  • ASIN: 1518685773

UNSINKABLE! Build A Foam Boat


Build an unsinkable boat with Dupont Pink Foamular or Dow Corning Blue closed cell, high density foam. Simple construction plans for building a boat (with seating for 4 adults) that absolutely will not sink and floats in only 4 inches of water. It is a boat design that can be built without a jig, using simple tools and materials available from Home Depot or Lowes. Includes color photos, diagrams, suppliers, helpful ideas, hints and tips.


Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: AMC's Canoe And Kayak Guide To 100 Of The Best Ponds, Lakes, And Easy Rivers (AMC Quiet Water Series)

Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: AMC's

AMC's fully updated Quiet Water Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island is everything a recreational paddler could ask for in a regional guide. With an all-new layout and design, this easy-to-use guide will help paddlers of all skill levels discover 100 of the best flatwater lake and river trips in southern New England. This edition now features an “At-a-Glance” quick trip planner, GPS coordinates to parking locations, improved maps, and new resources for trip planning and safety information. Quiet Water will appeal to local residents of the region as well as introduce visitors and tourists to new adventures.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Globe Pequot Press
  • ASIN: 1628420006

Canoe Kayak South Carolina: A Guide to Paddling the Palmetto State

Canoe Kayak South Carolina: A Guide to Paddling

Canoe Kayak South Carolina: A Guide to Paddling the Palmetto State is a new guidebook to canoeing and kayaking rivers, creeks, and swamps of South Carolina. This guidebook includes over 1,700 miles of paddling trips on 31 streams in South Carolina's river basins. Each stream is divided into one or more sections for choosing paddling trips, with a total of 215 sections in this guidebook. Each trip includes detailed descriptions, maps, distance, difficulty, width, and gauge information. Also included is information about River Rating Systems, Paddling Safety, Paddlers Rights, Paddling Courtesy, River Camping, River Gauges, Water Quality, River Selection, and Clubs and Organizations.

  • ASIN: 0972026851

Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging

Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of

AMAZON BESTSELLER IN AGING, WEIGHT TRAINING, EXERCISE, AND LONGEVITY Choose health. Choose strength. Choose the StrongPath.Choosing the StrongPath is a book about the most insidious health crisis in the world, Sarcopenia, a muscle-wasting and frailty disease. It impacts all of us as we age, unless we proactively prevent it.As a world-renowned investigator and case builder, Fred Bartlit has done this once again with this book. He and coauthor Steven Droullard, along with muscle physiology expert Dr. Marni Boppart, want to share a little known fact with the world: You don't have to fall apart as you get older. Through carefully calibrated progressive strength training and supporting nutrition, you can stave off sarcopenia, along with dozens of other age-related illnesses.Using scientific evidence and real-life case studies, Choosing the StrongPath offers a clear path away from a steady decline in the last third of your life and toward a healthier, happier you.

  • ASIN: B077Z86ZD2

Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disney Dreams Collection 2019 Wall Calendar

Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disney Dreams Collection 2019 Wall

The Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disney Dreams Collection 2019 Wall Calendar​ brings to life classic Disney characters set with traditional Kinkade images.Each monthly spread of this calendar features a full-color image such as Lady and the Tramp or Dumbo, along with new images like Beauty and the Beast Dancing in the Moonlight or Cinderella Dancing in the Starlight. Also included in the calendar is a September through December 2018 spread.

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • ASIN: 1449492592
  • UPC: 050837419445

The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon: More than 50 great places to take your standup paddleboard, kayak, or canoe

The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon: More than

So, you bought a standup paddleboard, canoe, or kayak, and you want to know where to paddle. Or you're interested in SUPing and you want to know the best places to get started? From coastal streams surrounded by wetlands, to pristine high mountain lakes, to the deepest canyon in North America, this book tells you everything you need to know to enjoy the best flatwater paddles in Oregon.

  • ASIN: 0998214825

Canoeing & Kayaking South Central Wisconsin: 60 Paddling Adventures Within 60 Miles of Madison

Canoeing & Kayaking South Central Wisconsin: 60 Paddling

South-central Wisconsin provides an impressive array of opportunities for all types of paddling, including some of the very best day trips in the entire state and even Upper Midwest. Paddling South Central Wisconsin, by experienced paddler and author Timothy Bauer, guides all types of paddlers, whether veteran or novice, through whitewater adrenaline or flatwater calm routes near Madison, Rockford, Janesville, Waukesha, and Milwaukee.This paddling guide is the perfect companion for those seeking “the rowed less taken.” It describes the best times to paddle 60 diverse routes, alerts readers to each paddle’s difficulty level and estimated length, and suggests side trips, optional trip extensions, and alternate routes to paddle, depending on weather conditions. Easy-to-follow maps, complete with GPS coordinates and driving directions, add to this book’s high value. In addition, the author provides contact information on local paddling clubs, outfitters, and Internet links.

  • ASIN: 1634040201

Building Strip-Planked Boats

Building Strip-Planked

The first comprehensive book on stripbuilding almost any type of small boat Strip-planking is a popular method of amateur boat construction, but until now there has never been a book that showed how to use it for more than one type of boat. Author Nick Schade presents complete plans for three boats of different types (canoe, kayak, and a dinghy) and shows you step-by-step how to build them. Written for all amateur builders, the book covers materials, tools, and safety issues.

  • Brand: International Marine Ragged Mountain Press
  • ASIN: 0071475249

Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can Build

Ultrasimple Boat Building: 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can

The first complete how-to guide for building the latest generation of quick and easy boats In Ultrasimple Boatbuilding, renowned designer Gavin Atkin shows you how to create elegant, seaworthy plywood boats with a minimum of time, experience, and expense. Using clearly written and illustrated step-by-step instructions, Atkin explains the basics of stitch-and-glue construction, tools, materials, shop safety, and more, as he helps you choose and build the simple boat of your dreams.

  • Brand: Atkin, Gavin
  • ASIN: 0071477926

My Retirement Plan Kayak - Retired 2019 Shirt Funny Gift T-Shirt

My Retirement Plan Kayak - Retired 2019 Shirt

Funny 2019 retirement t-shirt for all the nature lovers that have retired and plan to relax and paddle their kayaks whenever they want. Great birthday or retirement gift for retired men or women. A gift they will truly love. Great retirement gift tee for all kayakers. Also makes great Over the Hill Birthday, Mothers Day and Fathers Day gifts for your mom, dad, wife, husband or girlfriend, boyfriend.

  • Color: Green
  • ASIN: B07S24C21N

Southern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide

Southern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field

The Southern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide contains beautiful, full-color maps at twice the scale of other regional atlases, which means double the detail, and 100 times the information through informative charts, tables and helpful editorial for all your favorite outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking, off-roading, paddling, skiing, golfing and wildlife viewing. This large format, 15.5 x 11 , 176-page, spiral bound, full-color book is your complete guide to all of the outdoor activities in the area with unmatched information including public land boundaries, hunting areas, designated use areas, access to streams and lakes, designated trout fisheries, public and private camping locations, county and state parks, state and national forests, snowmobile, off-roading, biking, hiking and skiing trails, canoe routes, wildlife viewing destinations, scenic drives, golf courses - virtually anything and everything this region s great outdoors has to offer! By splitting the state into two regions we are able to provide a level of detail and information that cannot be matched by atlases covering the entire state. If you are serious about your outdoors and want to spend more time doing and less time pondering, this is an absolute must-have addition...

  • Brand: Brand: Partners Books
  • ASIN: 1885010745
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Huntington Harbor Kayak Built From Free Plans Part 1

Kayak Plans

My son and I started building this kayak and couldn't find a good descriptive video on how to build it. This is my first You Tube video I hope it helps. Part 2 soon to come. Here is the link for your free plans.

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Building a Stitch & Glue Kayak: Complete Video

Kayak Plans

This is the complete Chesapeake Light Craft kayak building video, filmed in 2001. John Harris walks you through every step in the construction of a Chesapeake 16 kayak. Straightforward to build, handsome, and with famously benign handling qualities on the water, 8000 Chesapeake-series kits have ...

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Huntington Harbor Kayak Built From Free Plans PT. 2

Kayak Plans

Here's part 2 of our kayak build not getting to work on it as much as i'd like. Remodeling my kitchen and building cabinets. We did some awesome woodburning to give our kayak a little character. Thanks for watching hope you enjoy.

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Making the "Petrel Play" Cedar Strip Kayak - Project Recap

Kayak Plans

A short overview showing the process of building a cedar strip wooden kayak from start to finish. DIY Plans are available for this kayak at: If you learn something from my videos, please consider supporting...

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DIY Kayak Casting Platform - $30

Kayak Plans

As I am looking to do a bit of flats fishing, I have been on the prowl for a casting platform that will give me the same height advantage as the flats boats. I've been wanting to do this for a while but just have kept it on the back burner as I don't devote a lot of time to any quality flats ti...

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