10pcs/lot Blank Clear Acrylic Mouse Head Charms, Plexiglass Laser Cut Blank Keychain Necklace DIY Accessory 1/8" Thickness (3")

10pcs/lot Blank Clear Acrylic Mouse Head Charms, Plexiglass

  • ASIN: B07BK57R12
  • UPC: 726853102240

Keyless2Go 2 New Uncut Keyless Remote Head Key Fob Replacement for Ford Focus Escape Transit CMax OUCD6000022 164-R8046

Keyless2Go 2 New Uncut Keyless Remote Head Key

These are 2 brand new replacement 4 Button Remote Head Key with Side Mill (High Security) Blade and 4D63 80 Bit Chip for select Ford Fiesta vehicles.These are Keyless2Go replacement remote key fobs that will work and function just like the original one. PROGRAMMING:This remote head key must be cut and programmed in order to function. A website link to free DIY programming instructions will be provided with every order.Programming key portion:In order to perform the DIY programming for the key you must already have 2 working unique (not cloned) keys. If you only have 1 or no keys for the vehicle then you will need to get this remote programmed by a qualified auto locksmith or dealership. Also, your new unprogrammed key must be cut prior to performing this procedure.Programming remote portion: You need to have 1 working key.COMPATIBILITY:There are 3 different types of keys possible for Ford Fiesta. This remote key will only work if your original key looks like the one on the picture. 2013-2019 Ford C-Max2013-2019 Ford Escape2012-2019 Ford Focus2015-2018 Ford Fiesta2014-2017 Ford Transit*2014-2018 Ford Transit Connect *Ford Transit - trunk button will work to operate the sliding doorThese keys are NOT ABLE TO BE CLONED. If you have any questions about cloning please contact us befo...

  • Brand: Keyless2Go
  • ASIN: B00Y1HV1FG

Pen Barrel Mill Trimmer and Cleaner Set with 3/4 inch Cutting Head, 7mm, 8mm, 3/8 inch, 10mm Pilot Cutter Shafts, 0 Size Adaptor Sleeve and Hex Key Wrench.

Pen Barrel Mill Trimmer and Cleaner Set with

If you love to turn pens or are considering taking pen turning up as a hobby, then this kit is a must for your pen blank preparation process. Typically after you have glued the brass tubes into your pen blanks and the tube is completely dry, it is common practice to clean up, square and trim the ends of the blanks. This is done so that the blank is flat on both ends and to make sure the brass tube meets with the bushings in a clean true manner. This kit provides you with an added bonus as the pilot cutter shaft cleans out any left over glue that may have been left behind during the glue up process. This pen barrel trimmer kit can be used on a drill press, with a hand drill or with your own shop made handle if so desired. When using a hand drill or drill press, it is recommended that you use a pen centering vise (not included) to help secure the pen blank. It also helps to use a pen centering vise for better accuracy when drilling with the Pen Barrel Trimmer. If you are using a hand drill, we recommend securing the blank into a workbench vise if a pen centering vise is not available to you. The kit includes a 3/4 inch cutting Head, 7mm, 8mm, 3/8 inch, 10mm Pilot Cutter Shaft, 0 Size Adaptor Sleeve and a Hex Key Wrench for the cutting head.

  • Brand: Savannah
  • ASIN: B07LG86CR5
  • UPC: 817918021979

Donald Trump Kwikset house key blank KW1

Donald Trump Kwikset house key blank

Make America Great Again with these new and awesome Donald Trump Kwikset house key blanks. The Kwikset will fit the following brands of locks, Kwikset, Weiser, EZ-Set, Defiant and will work with any key that says KW1 or AXXESS 66 . Get these while you can as there are a limited production run. Email with any questions.Exported By ExportYourStore

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B07474JZ36

Key Cap Tags, 24 Pack, 6 Assorted Colors Key ID Ring Covers with Blank Labels, All in One Perfect Coding System

Key Cap Tags, 24 Pack, 6 Assorted Colors

24 Pack of Key Cap Tags with Labels This kit contains 24 key caps in 6 different colors. Organize your keys by color. A perfect Coding System to Tag Your Keys. The key caps can adapt to the shape of most standard keys. The rubber-like material is strong and flexible. These key caps are designed for various flat key type (23~25mm). Not suitable for car, motorcycle or boat ignition keys. Packet content:  4 X Blue key cap tag with Label 4 X Purple key cap with Label 4 X Black key cap with Label 4 X Green key cap with Label 4 X Red key cap with Label 4 X Yellow key cap with Label

  • Brand: Uniclife

KABA ILCO MZ27-P Master Key Blank with Plastic Protected Head For Mazda 626 & MX6 1993-1997, MX5-Miata 1996-1997, MPV Van 1996-1997, RX7 1993-1995

KABA ILCO MZ27-P Master Key Blank with Plastic

Alco, plastic head master key blank for Mazda 626 & Mx6 1993-1997, mx5-miata 1996-1997, mpv van 1996-1997, Rx7 1993-1995. The product is manufactured in china. Easy installation and easy handling.

  • Brand: Kaba Ilco
  • ASIN: B001B3RKKS
  • UPC: 036448173921

Bastex 1 Pound Brass Metal Stamping Hammer. Short Handle Design with Flat Mallet Head for Jewelry Making and Personalizing.

Bastex 1 Pound Brass Metal Stamping Hammer. Short

Striking metal stamps with a regular hammer or other tools not made specifically for metal stamping can take its toll on your artwork and the longevity of your stamps themselves. The Brass head of this hammer provides a soft but strong striking surface elimination double impressions. The one pound weight of the hammer's head also provides optimal weight for deep impressions. The hammer can be used on a standard work table but we highly suggest using a small anvil or steel bench block. Brass hammers may flake when striking however this lengthens the life of the stamp by taking the brunt of the hammer blow.

  • Brand: Bastex
  • ASIN: B0756N72CW

Keylights Key Blank Specialty Bagged Kw1 Yellow Light Blue Plastic Head

Keylights Key Blank Specialty Bagged Kw1 Yellow Light

KeyLights Key Blank, Kwikset, Series: KW1, 2.36 in Length, Plastic/Brass, Blue, Includes: Lithium Battery, For used with Kwikset KW1 and Weiser WR3, WR5 Locks.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Element Extreme
  • UPC: 630816900104

Transponder Remote Head Key Blank Fits Jeep Wrangler Patriot Compass Liberty Grand Cherokee Commander With Do It Yourself Programming Instructions

Transponder Remote Head Key Blank Fits Jeep Wrangler

The term transponder (short-for Transmitter-responder) means an automatic device that transmits a predetermined message in response to a predefined received signal. These car year, make and models have keys with transponders hidden inside the plastic head of the key. The owner of the car may not even be aware that the transponder is there because there are no buttons to press. When a key is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder and turned, the car's computer sends a radio signal to the transponder. Unless the transponder replies with a valid code, the computer will not allow the engine to be started. Transponder keys have no battery; they are energized by the radio signal itself. When you attempt to start the vehicle, the onboard computer sends out a signal that is picked up by the transponder in the key. The transponder then returns a unique signal to the vehicle's computer, giving it the ok for the vehicle to start and continue to run. This all happens in less than a second, and is completely transparent to the vehicle operator. It is a very effective system that does its job without the vehicle owner having to think about it, or modify his / her usual routine. This system was introduced to help reduce vehicle crime. If the transponder key is missing or faulty the car will n...

  • Brand: Bartolete Keys
  • UPC: 641061946397

Keys Of The Kingdom

Keys Of The

I will ship by EMS or SAL items in stock in Japan. It is approximately 7-14days on delivery date. You wholeheartedly support customers as satisfactory. Thank you for you seeing it.

  • Brand: POLYDOR
  • ASIN: B000001G1P
  • UPC: 042284943321
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My passion is a subject of hot debate. I am in this game like green on a football-field. Lets go! For educational purposes only.

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DIY screwdriver key - stolen car look

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Want that stolen car look? Why not make a screwdriver key that's gonna make everyone think you're driving a stolen car? I noticed these things by accident while wasting time online. I wanted to actually order one of these things but soon realized they aren't made anymore and no one sells them. S...

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Kaba Ilco 999 5 Pin Yale Key Blank - Nickel Plated

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Please find this product at http://absupply.net/searchfast.aspx?videoid=_BZwvdvkkdc This video is to bring you a closer look at the Kaba Ilco 999, more commonly referred to as a Y1 Yale key blank. This is a nickel-plated key blank, and that typical Y1 key way that you're going to see in countless...

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