Van Ness - Enclosed Sifting Litter Box with Odor Control, Scoop-Free Maintenance, Replaceable Air Filter, Stain Resistant, FDA Approved Plastic, for Large Cats/Multiple Cat Household (Extra-Giant)

Van Ness - Enclosed Sifting Litter Box with

This Van Ness extra-giant enclosed sifting litter pan for large or multiple cats is the purrfect solution to a not-so-fun chore! Enjoy the benefits of scoop-free maintenance for litter combined with the odor control qualities of an enclosed pan. The Zeolite air filter neutralizes odor and is replaceable! It should be replaced every 60-90 days as needed depending on your cat’s bathroom habits. The durable design has a high polish finish that is odor and stain resistant making this litter box stay fresh longer and easier to clean. The enclosed top is removable making clean up hassle-free while also providing privacy and splash prevention. This 3-pan system will make this chore fast and simple. Item no. CP77.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Van Ness
  • ASIN: B001LUL4L2
  • UPC: 079441004670

How to Care for Your Rabbit: The Complete Guide from Kit to Adult: A guide to caring for your rabbbit including food, nutrition, behaviour, habits, litter box training and vaccinations

How to Care for Your Rabbit: The Complete

In this book you’ll find everything you need to know on how to properly care for, raise and train your leporidae friend from newborn kit to adult. It covers advice on feeding, weaning, training, entertaining and vaccinating. If you are totally new to the world of rabbits, you already have experience with rabbits, you are planning to mind a rabbit or adopt, then this book will help you understand your rabbit and give them the best love and care that you can provide. The decision to adopt your first kitten or rabbit is a monumental one, both for you and for your new rabbit, which will be a family member for life. Whether you are thinking about getting a rabbit or have just adopted one, this book has been designed to make your relationship with this special rabbit a lasting one, with all the information you will need to take care of your new pet. Behavioural problems in rabbits, such as avoiding the litter box, aggressive or attention-seeking behaviour, biting and destructive gnawing can all be corrected by first identifying the problem then initiating a program of gradual retraining. Remember that there are no bad rabbits, only uninformed owners. You can keep this book as a guide or user manual throughout your rabbit's life as it covers all the areas you need to know, so keep it ...

  • ASIN: 1549694898

So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box in Navy, 24" L X 18" W X 10" H, X-Large

So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box in

The So Phresh High-Back Open Cat Litter Box allows for easy entry and exit while the raised back wall caters to your feline's habits by guarding the area around their pan from scatter and spray.

  • Brand: So Phresh
  • ASIN: B077MYV9T1
  • UPC: 800443276723

Earthly Grooves Largest Door Mat, Heavy Duty Recycled Rubber Door mats, Best Shoe Scraper for Home and Garden, Traps Mud. Best Cat Litter mat, Extra Large Indoor mat and Outdoor mat, 30"X24"

Earthly Grooves Largest Door Mat, Heavy Duty Recycled

The best mat for a cleaner house and a happier cat! The Earthly Grooves, Eco-friendly Cat litter mat is made from 100% recycled rubber. It has grooves designed to feel great on your cat's paws while gently cleaning any litter from them. The groove design ensures that you don't have to worry about cleaning up scattered litter off the floor anymore! The grooves are easy to clean too! They are shallow enough to vacuum, rinse, or shake off! trapper. Never worry about pet odors or stains again!-The impermeable rubber that the mat is made from prevents any liquids or solids from soaking into the mat and causing lingering odors or stains. Save your carpet, hardwood, and tile from lasting scratches and damage from litter. Keeping this mat clean is as easy as taking it outside and giving it a rinse! -They work well with older cats with bladder issues by catching everything (liquids or solids). -No Stains. Feel good about your environmental pawprint! -The Earthly Groove pet mat is manufactured from recycled rubber that was once used for tires! You and your cat will be happy knowing that you are doing your part in environmental sustainability! Keeping the outdoors a great place for cats and humans alike. 100% Satisfaction money back guarantee If you or your cat are not completely satisfied...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Earthly Grooves
  • ASIN: B00OO95UQM
  • UPC: 616043403236

So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box in Gray, 24" L X 18" W X 10" H, X-Large, Grey

So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box in

The So Phresh High-Back Open Cat Litter Box allows for easy entry and exit while the raised back wall caters to your feline's habits by guarding the area around their pan from scatter and spray.

  • Color: grey
  • Brand: So Phresh
  • ASIN: B077LSMB65
  • UPC: 800443276716

Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant Powder to Aid in Training, 9 Ounces | All Natural Training Aid For Cats and Kittens

Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant Powder to Aid

Fresh Step is a brand committed to making the world a more welcoming place for our feline friends and their owners. When a cat has found his rightful place in your home, no matter how he got there, Fresh Step is here to step in and ensure that your house still smells like you, and not your new four-legged companion. Keeping your cat's litter box and surrounding area clean is necessary for the health and wellness of the home. It's this rationale that drove the development of the Fresh Step litter box products. With clever design and innovation, kitty cleanup just got easier! Fresh Step Litter Box Attractant will bring your cat or kitten to the litter box, so you don’t have to worry about accidents around the house. This is a must have for any cat toilet training kit, and will make training your kitty quick and easy. The litter box attractant is versatile and can turn any litter into cat attract litter. The cat attract powder can also be used for a cat of any age; it works as a kitten attract solution and attractant for older cats. The kitten attract litter additive is proudly made in the USA and is composed of an all-natural herbal based formula. It is made without perfumes, deodorants, or chemicals, for a safe litter attractant that won’t detriment your cat’s health. The li...

  • Color: Litter Box Attractant
  • Brand: Fresh Step
  • UPC: 742797778846

2 PACK Car Trash Bags, Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Can Washable Leakproof Eco-friendly Seatback Truck Hanging Car Garbage Bags for Travelling, Outdoor, Home and Vehicle Use (2PACK)

2 PACK Car Trash Bags, Car Vehicle Back

Storage and Trash Bag Makes Your Life Easier It's very embarrassing when you can't find a trash bin with trashes in hand. Our garbage bag can really solve this awkward problem for you. Say goodbye to plastic bags, becoming a member of green! Features Leakproof bag allows you to put wet cans or spilled drinks in. Allow your kids to trash their snacks while keeping the car neat. Smallish design makes it will not occupy much space in the car. Detail Productions: 1) High quality Oxford material, washable, durable to use 2) Elastic top opening. Can be used in car, home, office, etc 3) Adjustable tighten belt for hanging on the headrest 4) Bottom with Velcro design, easy to open for emptying. Washable and eco-friendly 5) Smallish and portable. Size: 7"*15". Keep kinds of small rubbish and things inside. Specification: Material: Oxford cloth Depth: 38cm/14.96" Width: 18cm/7.09" Diameter: 12cm/4.72" Color: Black Note: 1.Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you! Package Included: 2 * Trash Bag

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Topick
  • ASIN: B077LPM2Y9

Our Pets Smart Scoop Intelligent Bluetooth Litter Box Self Cleaning Health Monitoring System

Our Pets Smart Scoop Intelligent Bluetooth Litter Box

OurPets SmartScoop - Intelligent Litter Box is a part of the Intelligent Pet Care product line, which is the industry’s first pet care lifestyle brand that offers a complete line of smart products for monitoring your pet’s health. The SmartScoop - Intelligent Litter Box uses infrared technology to sense when your cat enters and exits the box and engages the scoop mechanism accordingly, scooping the waste into a waste bin and keeping the litter box clean. The litter box’s monitoring features, which are sent via Bluetooth to the IntelligentPetLink smartphone app, report: • Elimination behavior, frequency & duration • Litter box maintenance (i.e. bag changes) • When the litter box requires attention • Inventory control management • Alerts when other animals, wearing the unique SmartLink Tag, are near. The SmartScoop unit comes with four Universal No-Touch Waste Bags, a Universal Carbon Filter and a Two-Year Warranty.

  • Color: SmartScoop Intelligent Litter Box
  • Brand: Our Pets
  • UPC: 780824133244

iPrimio Cat Litter Box Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel XL Litter Pan - Odor and Rust Free - Easy to Clean & Designed by Cat Owners - No Residue Build up

iPrimio Cat Litter Box Non-Stick Plated Stainless Steel

Cat litter boxes may not be anyone's favorite subject, but they are essential equipment for anyone who shares their home with feline companions, and that's where IPRIMIO's expertise lies as our Non-Stick Coated Stainless Steel XL has been designed by the cat owners Litter boxes should be enticing to your cat, yet still relatively easy for you to maintain. With all the options on the market, there's IPRIMIO Non Stick Coated Extra Large Litter Box and that's perfect for your pet; "ADD TO CART" WHY GO FOR OUR CAT LITTER BOX:- Non-Stick Coated; First of its Kind & Patent Pending Design- Made up of Stainless Steel- Never Absorbs Odor, Rust, and Stain- Better than plastic material - No Residue Build Up- Extra Large in Size- Fits for all the cats If you have cats, you know they can be super picky about their bathroom habits. So, if you want to avoid cleaning up, ahem, messes on a daily basis, Here's the right choice of Litter Box for you "BUY IT NOW"

  • Brand: iPrimio
  • ASIN: B079TC2MWF
  • UPC: 818297022113

Jackson Galaxy Steam Cleaner (20 Tablets) Carpet Stain Remover, Odor Neutralizer & Upholstery Cleaner Makes 10 Gallons

Jackson Galaxy Steam Cleaner (20 Tablets) Carpet Stain

  • Brand: Jackson Galaxy
  • ASIN: B01BO47V0C
  • UPC: 894386002518

Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home

Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a

In this book, Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat from Hell, and Kate Benjamin, cat design wizard, show cat guardians everywhere how to use home design tricks to address everyday cat care issues. Does your feline friend like to pee everywhere but in his or her litter box? Does your kitty have a thing for your furniture that has left your beloved couch in tatters? Catify to Satisfy will show you how simple DIY design projects and hacks can help bring harmony back into your home. Featuring the amazing projects cat guardians from around the world have shared with Jackson and Kate—design strategies for solving even the most daunting kitty challenges—this book is the ultimate guide to creating a happy home for cat guardian and cat alike.

  • ASIN: B00TY3ZOQ4

Khannika Cat Piggy Bank Saving Money, Cat Piggy Bank for Girls, Ragdoll Cat Litter Box, Bank Animal, Kitty Bank, Cat Coin Bank Home Decor,

Khannika Cat Piggy Bank Saving Money, Cat Piggy

No matter you put it on your desk or the entrance, Crafted by hand, delicate craftsmanship. Suitable for interior decoration: living room, study room, entrance, etc. Specifications: Material: Iron Color: Blue Product size: 9.4 * 10.8 * 14.4cm / 3.7 * 4.3 * 5.7in (L * W * H) Package size: 13.1 * 12.8 * 15.4cm / 5.2 * 5.0 * 6.1in (L * W * H) Product weight: 274g / 9.66oz Package weight: 435g / 15.34oz

  • Brand: Khannika
  • UPC: 884284218845

Bo and the Litterbug

Bo and the


10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home

10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your

SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING:: How to Declutter Your Home with an Easy 10-Minute Daily HabitImagine living a home that's free from clutter. Your closets, cabinets and possessions are all completely organized. Wouldn't you feel relaxed?You can make this happen with the daily decluttering habit. The good news? You can do this even if you're a busy professional or a parent who has little time for a massive organizing project. All you need is 10 minutes a day and you'll be amazed at what can be accomplished with the following "Declutter Challenge" system.LEARN:: How to Develop the Declutter Mindset and Release "Giveaway Guilt"The best way to simplify your life is to create a new mindset where "less is actually more." Too much clutter leaves you emotionally and physically drained. What you will learn is how to reclaim your life by letting go of your stuff.In the book, "10-Minute Declutter", we show you how to declutter, the best way to organize every space in your house and what supplies you'll need to get started.DOWNLOAD:: 10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your HomeThe following declutter book provides a step-by-step plan for sorting, purging and organizing every space in your house in small, easy-to-manage time slots.We will cover:** 8 Reasons Why You Haven't Declut...

  • ASIN: 1514133466

Vivaglory 35½ x 23¾inch Large 3D Design Litter Box Mat, Soft Cat Litter Mat Rug for Kitty Puppy Small Animal, Best Scatter Control, Machine Washable, Navy

Vivaglory 35½ x 23¾inch Large 3D Design Litter

VIVAGLORY CAT LITTER MAT IT WILL BE THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU AND YOUR PET Superb soft, feels pleasant on pet's paw Super absorbent, soaks up to 7X its weight in water and mud Anti-slip & waterproof backing protect floor from accident Litter trapping design - the microfiber strands definitely brush morelitter off cats paws as proven by the huge decrease in litter tracking Catch all type litter - clumping, micro crystals, naturals paper &naturals pine etc Cleanup is a breeze - all you need to do is roll it up and shake it out;machine washable cold Four colors in available - grey, navy, beige, coffee; all colors blendwith any decor Best gifts for your beloved partner - Thanksgiving; Christmas; BlackFriday; Cyber Monday; New Year etc Suggested uses - cat litter mat; kitty litter mat; large litter mat; jumbo litter mat;corner litter mat; waterproof mat for small animal; pet bed mat; dog indoor mat; dog food mat; pet feeding mat; bathroom mat; mat for litter box/pan; mat for food and water bowls/dishes; mat for cat scratching pad etc Kitty Litter mat size: Large - 31½ x 19¾ in Extra Large - 35½ x 23¾ in Warm tip How to clean this cat litter mat: Shake off excess litter, Machine Wash in Cold waterand Air dry For each family, we suggest pet parents to buy 2PCS of Viv...

  • Color: Navy
  • Brand: Vivaglory
  • ASIN: B075S85KT7

Oral Guard Dental Appliance Cleaner and Disinfectant for all Night Guards, Retainers and Dentures. 3 MONTH SUPPLY

Oral Guard Dental Appliance Cleaner and Disinfectant for

Why dentist preferred? DOES WHAT OTHER CLEANERS CANNOT: Kills several bacterial pathogens including Candida albican which causes oral thrush. Oral Guard TM is an extra strength prosthetic cleaner and disinfectant which will safely and effectively remove plaque, tartar, calcium, calculus, coffee, tea, tobacco, and iron stains without damaging ortho dental appliances, soft relines, dentures or partials. INSTRUCTIONS: Stir 1 packet of powder into 1 cup of warm water. Allow solution to stand for 3 minutes. Solution lasts 7-10 days. Soak dental appliance for 20 minutes daily to clean. Remove loosened particles with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Extremely soiled dental appliances may require an overnight soaking. IMPORTANT: Dental appliances containing soft liners should not be soaked for more than 20 minutes per cleaning. Not recommended for use on prosthetics fabricated with Ticonium Alloy. May discolor ceramic teeth and alloys with silver content. SAFETY CAUTION: Do not put powder in mouth. Keep out of reach of children and away from colored fabrics and surfaces.

  • Brand: Sparkling White Smiles Oral Guard Dental Cleaner
  • ASIN: B005HCWGB2

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Musical Touch 'n Crawl

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Musical Touch 'n

Features the adorable, lovable Minnie Character;Encourages gross motor skill development;Press Minnie's back and baby will hear a cute phrase followed by Minnie crawling along to a pretty tune;Minnie is soft to the touch;Sized just right for baby

  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • ASIN: B00F6N0JKM
  • UPC: 885227366203

KRPENRIO Solid Wood Cat Toy Wooden Cat Climbing Frame Sisal Cat Scratch Board So We Have to Play Live in One Cat Litter (Color : Red)

KRPENRIO Solid Wood Cat Toy Wooden Cat Climbing

KRPENRIO's store.Size is introduced.Cat climbing frame, floor: long 40 cm * 35 cm wide pillars: 33 cm high.At the top of the tray: diameter of 30 cm arch bridge: 19 cm wide 18 cm high weight 4.6 KG.The cat claw plate :59 cm * 15 cm wide.Pure handmade unavoidably size error advisor take carefully!Is a cat cat scratch board designed to sharpen their claws love habit. Cat because the cat's paw of cat's unique structure, it is not what to grinding his claws sharp, but to get outside that layer of wear claws down, let it has been long and sharp claws, so tend to sharpen my claws on the floor, furniture or sofa, the cat scratch board effectively avoids the furniture.Package includes:a Pet toy

  • Brand: KRPENRIO
  • ASIN: B07S9B93QS
  • UPC: 085237197778

Wittle Finger Pinch Guard - 4pk. Baby Proofing Doors Made Easy with Soft Yet Durable Foam Door Stopper. Prevents Finger Pinch Injuries, Slamming Doors, and Child or Pet from Getting Locked in Room

Wittle Finger Pinch Guard - 4pk. Baby Proofing

As parents we know that baby and child proofing is important in ensuring the safety and well-being of our little ones. Small children, toddlers and crawling babies love to explore and their curiosity often lead them to objects, places, and rooms where they can get hurt. The doors in our homes are one of those objects that children often navigate to. A door that is allowed to close freely can cause painful finger pinch injuries and the force and weight of a door accidentally slamming shut can result in considerable damage to your child's small and delicate hands. Wittle Finger Pinch Guard is the simple and easy solution for: - Avoiding painful finger pinch and jamming injuries - Stopping the door from slamming shut - Preventing children and pets from accidentally getting locked in room. Features: - Made from safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly EVA foam - Soft and flexible C shape fits easily around any door - High quality and durable so it won't lose its form over time and slip off door - Conveniently store hanging around door knob or door handle when not in use - White color and simple design will blend into any décor style. To Install: OPTION 1: Place the Wittle Finger Pinch Guard around the outer edge of the door that's high enough up to be out of reach for children...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Wittle
  • ASIN: B0199JMET2
  • UPC: 646437250825

WTTTTW Pet Toilet, Potty Trainer Puppy Training Tray, Pad Floor Protection Trays for Dog Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pink,M

WTTTTW Pet Toilet, Potty Trainer Puppy Training Tray,

Name: Pet ToiletApplicable pets: small and medium pets, cats, dogs, mice, pigs, rabbitsSize: S: 40 * 40 * 15CM, M: 50 * 45 * 15CMMaterial: PPColor: pinkFeatures: easy to disassemble, easy to clean, large space, high fence, durablePacking list: pet toilet x1

  • Brand: WTTTTW
  • ASIN: B07T8NR4L8

Winco SPJH-104 Stainless Steel Full-Size Anti-Jamming Steam Table Pan - 4" (22 gauge), 1, Silver

Winco SPJH-104 Stainless Steel Full-Size Anti-Jamming Steam Table

Steam Table Pan, full size, 4' deep, 22 gauge stainless steel, anti-jamming, NSF, Steam Table Pan by Winco. WINCO is a manufacturer and worldwide importer of kitchenware and tableware. From cookware to flatware, we are dedicated to provide professional chefs and restaurateurs with quality products and superb services.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Winco
  • ASIN: B000UBI330
  • UPC: 812944007720

Terany Large Capacity Pencil Case, Durable Pen Bag Double Zipper Closure Coin Purse Wallet Phone Pouch Cosmetic Storage Bag for Kids Adults in School, Office - Cat Art Prints

Terany Large Capacity Pencil Case, Durable Pen Bag

Terany pencil case help children getting rid of the trouble of lost of stationery and damage of pencil, and establish the good habit of packing up their stationery.Advantage of Terany pencil case★ Large capacity - You can store, organize and carry pencils, pens, markers and so much more. The interior is roomy enough for small items such as sharpeners, small notepads, erasers, cell phone, etc.★ Fashion style - Uniquely designed and economic pencil case, fashion print and bright color.★ Lightweight - The durable fabric cover and ergonomic 4.1" x 8.2" size will allow you to easily carry this pencil case with you anywhere★ Multi use - This can be used as pen bag as well as makeup pouch, coin purse phone pouch, card bag. Perfect for hold pens, pencils, cosmetic change and any other small accessories.★ Double zippers - You can open or close this pencil case at any side, very convenient and practical, and it can extend the life of the zipper.Basic Information ★ Material: Polyester. ★ Size: 4.1" x 8.2"★ Shipping Wight: 3.68oz ★ Shape: Rectangle ★ Quantity: 1 PCS Note ★Please allow little color difference due to the monitor and light brightness. Customer service★ In most cases your questions or doubts as well as some after-sales questions can be sent to us by e...

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Terany
  • ASIN: B07T958TWR
  • UPC: 805122399069

Inspire Disposable Chux Underpads, 23 Inches X 36 Inches, 300 Count

Inspire Disposable Chux Underpads, 23 Inches X 36

Inspire Disposable Underpads have 3 absorbent layers and polypropylene backing to provide a moderate level of protection to beds and chairs. A non-woven quilted top layer is built in for comfort and softness. Many customers use to protect furniture from pets too. Soft, comfortable and latex free, a great solution to protect against moisture damage and stains. K2 Health Products was founded on the concept of creating and delivering the highest quality products in an ever-changing industry. As baby boomers age, the demand for quality products which truly recognize their needs is becoming increasingly relevant and important.

  • Brand: Inspire
  • ASIN: B005B9CS9G
  • UPC: 893765001807

DADYPET Cat Litter Box Kitty Litter Box Free Cabin Cat Washroom Double-Door Design Top-Entry Front-Entry Configurable with Ergonomic Large Cat Litter Scoop Gray

DADYPET Cat Litter Box Kitty Litter Box Free

Specifications:  Material: Engineering plastic Color: Gray Item Size(Installed): 54.9 * 45.9 * 49.2cm / 21.6 * 18.1 * 19.4inch Item Weight: 3.2kg / 7.1lbs Package Size: 54.5 * 43.5 * 21.5cm / 21.5 * 17.1 * 8.5inch Package Weight: 4.1kg / 9lbs Package List: 1 * Cat Litter Tray 1 * Upper Cover 1 * U Shape Cover 1 * Stop Block 1 * Side Cover LH 1 * Transparency Door 1 * Side Cover RH 1 * Connect Clamp 1 * Front Cover 1 * Rear Cover 4 * Activated Carbon Felt 1 * Ergonomic Large Cat Litter Scoop

  • Color: grey
  • Brand: DADYPET
  • ASIN: B07KC398VY
  • UPC: 702894100360
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Litter box habits in a cat's behavior is a common problem if they refuse to use it. Fix litter box habits with tips from an animal rescue volunteer in this free video on cat behavior. Expert: Tracy Carreiro Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded i...

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Frankie was the perfect cat until kids and another feline came into the picture. Now Frankie may tear this family apart. | For more My Cat From Hell, visit Catch My Cat From Hell Saturdays at 8pm E/P on Animal Planet! Subscribe to A...

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Litter Box Habits

Knowing how to properly set up and clean your rabbit's litter box is essential to ensure good bathroom habits. Watch this video to learn how! Club Carefresh: ABOUT US: Welcome to our channel! Lennon is a free roam, 3-yr-old Havana-mix bunny. ...

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Kitten Uses Litterbox and Toilet

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I'm sorry if this is offending your senses. Since this I know this is a food channel and you're probably expecting food and not toilets and litterbox. When recording my cat's first time pooping I wanted to make sure I saved a clip of it so i can have a clip of when he got older to put together wi...

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