Trap Shack Company Coyote Lure & Bait Box #2

Trap Shack Company Coyote Lure & Bait Box

This combo provides a variety of scents to catch coyotes all season long. Mark June's Widowmaker is a fresh bobcat meat bait with musks and glands added. Using a tablespoon amount at a set, preferably down in the hole will attract your coyotes. Reuwsaat's Tombstone is a food-based lure good for all predators all year round. Carman's Canine Call is a long-distance call lure that works great for coyote, fox, bobcats, marten and fishers, great for the colder weather. Caven's Yodel Dog is a coyote gland lure that incites a territorial response and best used on the backing or at urine post sets. Finish the set with a squirt of coyote or red fox urine as an attractant and human scent cover. Find out what combination works best in your area and during the particular time of year.

  • Brand: Trap Shack Company
  • ASIN: B01M9J8QVI
  • UPC: 730957936311


This lures thick, syrupy consistancy makes it effective all seasons, including very cold weather. Can be used both eastern and western United States. This lure contains seven effective ingredients, including pure skunk quill. All ingredients contained in this lure are natural to a predators diet. Effective at all types of sets. Gets better as the weather gets colder.

  • ASIN: B00B2A8BZS
  • UPC: 791090196185

Cat-Man-Do Bobcat Lure

Cat-Man-Do Bobcat

From Milligan Brand Outfitting: "Here's the bobcat lure that jumped to number 1 nation wide in only years from it's introduction to the public. This terrific lure is a perfect blend of the bobcat's favorite foods and curiosity musk.Besides an irresistible cat attractor, Cat-Man-Do has a huge following of fox and coyote men. Truly a lure for all seasons. Marten and fisher too! Freeze proof."

  • ASIN: B00D3R1GWI
  • UPC: 028672277193

Taos Beaver Lure

Taos Beaver

From Milligan Brand Outfitting: "Here's a mixture loaded with castorium and two special ingredients that will 'pull-in' beaver from across the pond. Very thick, loud and long lasting with no equal in today's marketplace. Freeze proof. Great interest for bobcats and canines too!" 1 ounce bottle

  • ASIN: B00D47HKAY
  • UPC: 028672277247

Pete Rickard's Fish Oil, 4-Ounce

Pete Rickard's Fish Oil,

4 oz. Fish Oil. 100% natural fish oil product. Has a mild, yet long lasting odor. Use alone or as a lure base. Odor proof plastic dispensing bottle.

  • Brand: Pete Rickard's
  • ASIN: B00CATJU96
  • UPC: 051537002609

Mark June's Widowmaker - Persimmon 16 oz.

Mark June's Widowmaker - Persimmon 16

Fox, coyotes, and raccoons and fisher love to eat persimmons when they can find them. Predators will really dig for and eat this bait. Use as a natural change up to Widowmaker Bait or as a different smell in areas where trapping is intense. A thick paste bait that is the favorite of many predator trappers. It can be used in combination with a lure.

  • UPC: 730957932900

Trap Shack Company Fox Box

Trap Shack Company Fox

This combo will provide the variety of scents to take fox during the entire season! Mark June's Fox Frenzy Lure combines glands and curiosity ingredients. Hawbaker's Wiley Red Lure is a great call lure. These two are best used in a hole such as a dirt hole or flat set. When applied to the sheep wool and placed in the hole, the wool will help hold the set. Milligan's Steppenwolf II Lure is a loud musk combined with food ingredients. Can be used in the hole or at the backing of the set. Caven's Terminator is a liquid bait that can be used alone or in conjunction with one of the other lures. A small squirt of fox urine will complete the set and acts as an attractant as well as a suspicion remover. There is enough variety to change-up your sets.

  • Brand: Trap Shack Company
  • UPC: 730957935390

FEDERALES coyote, fox and bobcat bait

FEDERALES coyote, fox and bobcat

Like most of our lures and baits, FEDERALES does not smell or get the same reactions as most bobcat based Bill Nelson clone style coyote baits. This bait is penetrating and fills up the air around a dirt hole set or a sneaky flat set. This bait does not have skunk in it and it does not need skunk in it. FEDERALES works well in the sleet, snow and freezing cold, but it also calls in coyotes all spring, summer and fall. This bait has turned into one of my go to baits on my predator control jobs. I have never seen anything that will take 9 coyotes off of 1,200 acres in 95 degree temps and them slam coyote in the single digits.

  • ASIN: B016611NR0
  • UPC: 759119443092

F&T Fur Harvester's Trading Post F&T Coyote Trapping Starter Kit Bundle

F&T Fur Harvester's Trading Post F&T Coyote Trapping

The Coyote Trapping Starter Kit is designed to quickly and easily get you started trapping coyotes. This coyote trapping kit gives you the equipment and knowledge you need to successfully trap coyotes. The Coyote Trapping Starter Kit includes: 6 Duke #2 Double Coil Offset Traps 6 Wolf Fang Stakes w/18" x 3/32" Cable 6 J-Hooks (3/16") 1 Wolf Fang Stake Driver (24") 1 #14 Drill Bit 6 3/4" Brass Bolts/Washers/Nuts 1 Pack of #1.75/#2 Pan Covers 1 Sod Buster Hammer 1 Wood Handled Trowel (Wide Blade) 1 Metal Sifter 1 Pair Dot Grip Gloves 1 Pair 12" Waterproof Trapping Gloves 1 Bag Red Powder Logwood Dye 1 White Trap Wax (5 lb. Block) 1 Pint Coyote Urine w/Spray Top 1 Pint Dunlap Location Bait 1 1 oz. Dunlap Death Coyote Lure 1 1 oz. Carman Canine Call Lure 1 Dunlap Coyote Trapping for Beginners Instructional DVD 1 Pack Zinc Trap Tags The Coyote Trapping Starter Kit represents an exceptional value. If all of the items in this kit were purchased separately the cost would be $212.31. By purchasing this kit you save over $42.00.

  • Brand: F&T Fur Harvester's Trading Post
  • ASIN: B01E60HDPY
  • UPC: 655003857771

Trap Shack Company Fox Lure and Bait Box #2

Trap Shack Company Fox Lure and Bait Box

This combo will provide the variety of scents to take fox during the entire season! Blackie's 3 Meat Bait is a thick, mild-smelling combination of meats and works for fox, coyote, and bobcats. Caven's Minnesota Red is a thick gland lure that incites the territorail response in fox and is a curiosity agent for coyotes, works all season and best at breeding season. Mark June's Canine Candy is a sweet food curiosity lure that is appealing to canines and bocats, best to place on wool as it is a thinner lure. Hawbaker's Red Fox Food Lure 400 is a thick food based lure effective on red and gray fox, the strong scent will carry even in cold weather. A small squirt of fox urine will complete the set and acts as an attractant as well as a cover for any human scent. There is enough variety to change-up your sets.

  • Brand: Trap Shack Company
  • UPC: 730957936328

Caven's Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait 9 Oz.

Caven's Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait 9

This is not your basic slightly aged meat bait, but rather a blend of rodent meat, castor, fox, 'rat, and mink glands, and several other ingredients that to my knowledge aren't in any other brand of bait. Many thousands of mice go into this bait and what could be more natural than that? This bait has been aged to a good taint and is very loud. It works very well alone or in connection with a good gland lure and is recommended for the dirt hole set.

  • Brand: Caven's
  • ASIN: B00YGA2M1K
  • UPC: 759119443054

Canine Candy Canine Lure

Canine Candy Canine

This season long lure for fox, coyotes, and wolves is a change-up lure designed to attract those animals that are suspicious of gland based lures. This lure can be used in warm or cold weather, and is effective in all regions.

  • ASIN: B00B2AL52O

Fox Frenzy


This lure has become one of the largest selling lures in America with a customer base in ALL fur zones. You can depend heavily on this lure ALL SEASON long. Used with Widowmaker paste bait creates a deadly combination.

  • ASIN: B00B5EVQT4

Dobbins Beaver Plus Lure 1 oz.

Dobbins Beaver Plus Lure 1

This is a curiosity type beaver lure. It works all year and it brings in otters and raccoons too. This lure will increase your catch.

  • ASIN: B0031TOF4Y

Widowmaker Paste Bait

Widowmaker Paste

#1 selling bobcat meat paste bait in America! Our pride and joy predator bait. Non-tainted bobcat meat base designed to catch targeted animals. (Tainted meats tend to catch non-targets far too often!) You can smell all the top-grade mink glands and beaver castor in this bait, but high grade agents like lanolin keep this bait "going and going" in harsh wet or dry weather. Most don't use lanolin or real bobcat meat as a base anymore, it's too costly. But we do! Super effective down a hole - makes them dig for it. Works great with all lures.

  • Brand: Mark June
  • UPC: 791090196062

Hen's Revenge Lure

Hen's Revenge

From Milligan Brand Outfitting: "An early season non-meat lure, containing eggs and a synthetic curiosity agent. This one can take early season fox and coyote when their stomachs are in the transition period from summer to a winter diet.A lure that will be a valuable addition to your fall trapline. Also good on coon all season." 1 ounce bottle

  • ASIN: B00D3R8XA6
  • UPC: 028672277223

FPS 15 Piece Coyote Trapping Package kit Animal Control

FPS 15 Piece Coyote Trapping Package kit Animal

This kit will include Three #3 trap good for coyote and bigger animals. Three stakes with driver. Three quick links to attach traps to stakes. One pair of gloves. FPS baits & Lure One fox & coyote bait. Two coyote lures. One bottle urine.

  • ASIN: B072PSK2H7
  • UPC: 729224111940

Skunk & Opossum Super All Call Lure/Scent/Bait Great for Live Traps and Traditional Trapping 1 oz Jar

Skunk & Opossum Super All Call Lure/Scent/Bait Great

Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Super All Call Lure / ScentThis Skunk and Opossum lure is back on the market with the help of Asa Lenon and finding the original recipe card.  The ingredients that were originally used were all still available today and we know our customers are going to enjoy this powerful Skunk attracting lure.  One of the Skunk and Opossum favorite food items is the lure base, a powerful curiosity ingredient blended with the just the right amount of pure skunk quill make for a lure no skunk or opossum will pass.   Also extremely effective on Badger. Nuisance control operators or home owners trying to lure a Skunk or Opossum into a live trap look no further for a better attractant. Instructions for Using Lenon Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Super All Call Lure / Scent: At hole or cubby sets use an amount of lure the size of a large red bean at the hole's bottom or cubby's backside and smear the same amount on the upper inside rim of hole or cubby.  Double the amount of lure in extremely cold or rainy weather. Made Only by: John S. Chagnon and Family

  • Brand: Lenon's Lure
  • ASIN: B077KFLVC4
  • UPC: 045399439949

Dunlap's Soul Taker Winter Predator Bait (8 oz.)

Dunlap's Soul Taker Winter Predator Bait (8

Dunlap's Soul Taker Winter Predator Bait is a muskrat meat based bait that has many high quality essential oils that are highly attractive to predators. Plus, it has just the right amount of 100% pure, uncut skunk essence in it to bring in predators even on the coldest winter days.

  • Brand: Dunlap Lures
  • ASIN: B01M6CTP7R
  • UPC: 655003858006

Coyote Frenzy


This all weather lure contains the same formula as our best selling Fox Frenzy, except we load it with aged and fresh cut coyote glands instead of fox glands. Use it with your favorite baits for top-shelf results. Mark June has recently changed the name to "Coyote Frenzy" but it is the same great lure!

  • UPC: 791090196017
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