Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Baby-Making: Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit, Own Your Fertility, and Prepare for the Family of Your Dreams

Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You

Why are more and more couples struggling to get pregnant? The idea that women and men are simply waiting till later in life to start trying may be a scape-goat explanation. The emerging idea is that there are many factors creating the fertility struggle. The toxins in our environment, the overabundance of processed foods, and the stressors of day to day life take their toll on our bodies. Since the reproductive system is non-essential to our personal survival, it is an easy system for our bodies to put on the back-burner while it tries to survive in our challenging world. In Fertility Secrets: What your Doctor didn't tell you about Baby-Making, Dr. Aumatma provides a pioneering plan for optimal fertility. In her 10 years of practice, she has created an integrative and holistic approach for getting to the root of the inability to conceive and how to resolve it in a holistic way, helping to create more balance and fertility in the body. What can you expect from this book? • Learn the most common underlying factors to infertility and proven methods to treat them• Learn the techniques and tools to help tip the scale for your fertility• Examples of real-life women just like you who have struggled with infertility and the paths they took that helped them to finally get pregnant a...

  • ASIN: B075VC9BN2

Onepure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set, 6 Bottles/ 10ml each, 100% Pure ( Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Peppermint)

Onepure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set, 6 Bottles/

Description Onepure 6 essential oils set. Each of the 10ml bottles of essential oil provides healthy, natural benefits for skin and spirit. * Eucalyptus * Lavender * Lemongrass  * Peppermint * Sweet orange * Tea tree Note: For external use ONLY Package Included 6 Scents Essential Oils 1 User Manual

  • Brand: Onepure
  • ASIN: B01CXPSS30
  • UPC: 702854697565

Unisex/Mens Gemstone Bracelet to help ease Depression, Anxiety, Stress with Carnelian, Garnet, Bloodstone, Black Onyx, Citrine, Positive Crystal Energy, Holistic Jewelry

Unisex/Mens Gemstone Bracelet to help ease Depression, Anxiety,

This unisex stretch bracelet features a wonderful combination of healing gemstones designed to help those suffering with anxiety, stress and depression. A simple stretch version, with hidden meaning, perfect for the guys (it passed my "husband test!"). Featuring Citrine, Bloodstone, Black Onyx, Garnet and Carnelian. This combination helps you to focus your mind, overcome negativity, and relieve stress and anxiety. Our Wellness Jewelry draws on the metaphysical properties of natural semi precious gemstones. For centuries cultures around the world have revered gemstones for their mystical properties and used the positive energies of gemstones to enhance well-being, balance and energize your chakras and promote tranquility. We harness the positive energies of gemstones to help provide serenity, ease tension and encourage positive thoughts and boost self confidence. Your jewelry comes with a detailed list of the gemstone properties. Your jewelry is ready for gift giving; presented in an organza gift bag and optional gift card. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF THE GEMSTONES:C A R N E L I A N: An energetic,positive stone,inspires confidence.Confidence,Positivity,Invigorates, Instills energy & motivation.Egyptians wore it for its calming qualities and protective powers BLACK ONYX: Protective...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Juna Gems by Artsy Chicas Holistic Gemstone Jewelry

The Runes of the Cosmic Goddess Course

The Runes of the Cosmic Goddess

This book is a journey of transformation with the power of the ancient Runes. Learn how to read the Runes , sing the Runes, create your sacred healing space ,give readings to yourself and others and work with the runes in your daily life to manifest your dreams.Isma Whitewolf is an German Author that had worked with the Runes since 1989 and started with the book "Das Runenhandbuch fuer Frauen" von Inanna (Runehandbook for women) . She started to work with women groups and received further spiritual training which all is reflected the way in working with the Runes. There is a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RunesoftheCosmicGoddess where the readers can ask question and get inspired by weekly readings.


The Masculine Civilization

The Masculine

There was a time when the connection between sex and procreation was not established. Apart from being a source of pleasure, sex was given various functions, from opening the woman so that the child-spirit could take place in her womb, to giving form to the fetus so that it would resemble its “father.”Conferring on spirits the task to get women pregnant was the first comprehensive explanation to this mystery, endowing men with a role in its process. Nevertheless, it was difficult for men to accept the fact that the survival of the group (and that of the species) entirely remained in the hands of women. For these communities, the universe was characterized by an all-encompassing nature whose fertility, symbolized by the feminine, was the source of all life. Sedentarization and animal domestication provided the first chance to observe the consequences of the sexual act. However, the discovery of fatherhood will only be fully integrated in the social fabric after the collapse of the Neolithic world and the disappearance of its shamanic traditions. The egalitarian structures that characterized its tribal organization will be replaced by a hierarchized society in which men occupy all key positions, their patriarchal principles implemented through ancestor cults at the household le...

  • ASIN: B00FNSW2Y6

Green Man Pendant

Green Man

Symbol of masculine fertility.Pendant measures 1 1/2' round on an adjustable 18-20 inch leather cord.Comes with meaning card and gift box.Copyright Jane Iris Designs. Made in USA.

  • Brand: Jane Iris Designs

Indian Snake Muzich - Coffee Mugs Ceramic

Indian Snake Muzich - Coffee Mugs

- DESIGN: The marble ceramic coffee mug is not too small or too big. Design is funny, unique and fit for all users. A great conversation starter- printed on both sides. We uphold strict quality control in printing to make the high and safe quality of product.- MATERIAL: Made from good ceramic, safe, non-toxic, and durable for daily use. This high quality 11 oz, 15 oz ceramic mugs is perfect for all hot & cold beverages. Use for microwave and dishwasher are safe.- THE BEST GIFT FOR HOLIDAYS: This Coffee Mugs is the ideal gift for all people you love. You can give for the Easter, Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Mother/Father Days and other holidays.- WHO WILL LOVES THIS NOVELTY MUGS ? Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer, Cocoa Lovers, Moms, Dads, Husbands, Wives, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Teachers, Graduates, Coworkers, Bosses, Supervisors, Retirees and Of Course Yourself.- PACKAGE THAT YOU GET: Marble ceramic coffee mug (Quantity 1) and our warranty. If you have any problem with our product, feel free to contact us! We will make every effort to solve it in the best way.* START YOUR MORNING WITH A LITTLE MAGIC ! Printing is printed using a permanent sublimation process to ensure a vivid, meticulous design that won't break or fade. The packaging is carefully pa...

  • Color: White
  • ASIN: B07RVC4L91

Testosterone Booster for Men - Estrogen Blocker - Supplement Natural Energy, Strength & Stamina - Lean Muscle Growth - Promotes Fat Loss - Increase Male Performance (1 Bottle) 90 Capsules/Pills

Testosterone Booster for Men - Estrogen Blocker -

Iron Brothers Supplements Testosterone Booster Helps naturally increase energy levels, boost your strength and raise your libido. It's unfortunate that the older we get the more our test levels decrease and continue to  decrease. Which in turn reduces strength, stamina, energy levels and even our sex drive. All major keys to living a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Iron Brothers Test Booster is formulated by real lifters for real lifters or your average guy looking to put that extra spring in his step. Believe us, we know all to well the joys of aging. Help turn back the hands of time by supplementing with a test booster that will raise your energy levels, help you get those extra reps in the gym and raise the temperature in the bedroom.  Paired with a healthy diet and workout routine you can start targeting those unwanted fatty areas of your body.  Our Test Booster will help you restore long-lost energy, give you extra stamina for everyday living and even help build your strength back in the gym helping you push more reps, for more sets, for maximum gains!  More importantly, it can help build back some of your lost confidence you need for all aspects of your life. You won't find proprietary blends in any of our products as we believe in full label transparency. Too many suppleme...

  • Brand: Iron Brothers Supplements
  • ASIN: B07H4DDM3V
  • UPC: 855485008412

Ebros Neopaganism Wiccan Primary Deity Statue Featuring The Masculine Horned God Or Feminine Crescent Moon Triple Goddess Busts On Pedestal (Set of Two Triple Moon Goddess and Horned God)

Ebros Neopaganism Wiccan Primary Deity Statue Featuring The

The Wiccan Horned God statue appears in the form of a herm - a sacred object of stone. The Horned God Statue captures the ancient rustic character of this powerful cosmic deity. He appears with stag antlers, long hair and beard, and a nude torso. His pedestal is faintly decorated with foliate scrollwork and the words, I EVOKE THE BRIGHT BLESSED DAY. The Crescent Crowned Moon Triple Goddess Statue draws upon the lunar connection of many female pagan deities. She appears with a crescent moon crown, loose-flowing hair, and a nude bust. Her pedestal is decorated with faint nature-inspired scrollwork and the words, I EVOKE THE DARK SACRED NIGHT.

  • Color: Set of Two Triple Moon Goddess and Horned God
  • Brand: Ebros Gift
  • ASIN: B00Y5MMZE8
  • UPC: 640823554139

Aquamarine 925 Om Mani Padme Mantra Mala Throat Chakra Aquamarine Mala Meditation Yoga Healing Aquamarine Fertility Bracelet Aquamarine Align Chakras

Aquamarine 925 Om Mani Padme Mantra Mala Throat

Aquamarine 925 Om Mani Padme Mantra Mala Bracelet Throat Chakra Aquamarine Mala Meditation Yoga Mala Healing Bracelet Aquamarine Fertility Peace Courage & Communication Bracelet, Meditation Yoga Bracelet, Aligns Chakras, Aquamarine Bracelet This listing is for Aquamarine stretch bracelet. This is Throat Chakra, yet it aligns all, clears the throat chakra and opens third eye. Bracelet that promotes peace, courage and communication. The bracelet is made of 6 mm Aquamarine round beads and 925 Sterling Silver om Mani Padme Mantra Bead.

  • Brand: Healing Atlas
  • ASIN: B0725DVH46

In the Wait: A Six-Week Study on Waiting

In the Wait: A Six-Week Study on

“Our lives often weave seamlessly in and out of these seasons. Breakthroughs, families, jobs, graduations, homes, and health may all be things you are desperately waiting for. Waits can be exciting, a little scary, moderately annoying, or painfully unbearable. We can all probably relate to a wait, whether now or in the past, that has been all-consuming, that takes our thoughts hostage and doesn’t allow us to think of anything else. Our prayer for this devotional is that we would be reminded of this important truth: God can use seasons of waiting for our growth and His glory.” In the Wait is a six–week study diving into the topic of what it means to wait on the Lord. It offers real stories of hope, biblical application, and action steps to make life happen even in the midst of waiting. The heart of this book is to encourage women in seasons of wait, to not give up, and to fight for full reliance on the Lord. in this study, you will learn • how to listen to God’s voice in this season • how to persevere when the waiting seems impossible • how to find community • how to discover joy during hardships • how to claim victory over your waiting season • how to have gratitude in the midst of it all To learn more about our Online Study Group opportunities, visit hollyh...

  • ASIN: 0692521100

Tarot Cloth for Any Tarot Cards: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water (Large 24 inches x 24 inches, Black, Velvet)

Tarot Cloth for Any Tarot Cards: Wind, Fire,

We've included a printed out infographic of some of our favorite tarot spreads. Our tarot cloth comes in a unique design unavailable for anyone else to manufacture. If you do not love it, we will buy it back from you. No questions asked. Click add to cart right now and order yours today. The Elements border includes each element paired with its' tarot suit: Water and Cups Feeling, emotions, fluidity, feminine Fire and Wands Inspiration, passion, creativity, action Earth and Pentacles Fertility, material world, finances, health Air and Swords Consciousness, communication, knowledge, masculine Design Thoughts: The border came to me in a dream just when tarot cards became a part of my relaxing routine. I'd sit next to my terrarium at the dining table, light candles, pour myself some tea, and take some relaxing deep breaths before I pulled my first card. All of the elements were a part of my tarot reading. We hope you enjoy this tarot cloth that weaves in all the elements and tarot suits into the border. They reach out and intertwine as if to protect your spread and let the cards shine. Fabric: Our cloth is made out of a plush 200 gsm short velvet fabric (100% polyester). The front is black with a white designed border, while the back is white. We've hemmed the edge to make ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Hidden Crystal Tarot
  • ASIN: B07G49RBQS
  • UPC: 748528637307

A Beautiful Promise (Erotica, Honeymoon, Alpha Male, Billionaire Erotica,)

A Beautiful Promise (Erotica, Honeymoon, Alpha Male, Billionaire

She has a question and his answer will be her promiseCalliope has been married to Jack for only a few days, now on their honeymoon, she decides it may be time to start planning for something more important to them and what better way to get on a rich man's side than to engage in the hottest, naughtiest, absolutely thrilling passionate encounter POSSIBLE!Handle your device carefully as the heat from this 4,500-word story may melt more than just your heart.


Red Jasper 925 Sterling Silver Om Mani Padme Mantra Mala Bracelet Root Sacral Chakra Bracelet Red Jasper Energy Yoga Meditation Mala Red Jasper Fertility Mala

Red Jasper 925 Sterling Silver Om Mani Padme

Red Jasper Om Mani Padme Mantra Mala Bracelet Root Sacral Chakra Bracelet Red Jasper Energy Yoga Meditation Mala Red Jasper Fertility Mala Red Jasper Bracelet Root Sacral Chakra Bracelet Red Jasper Energy Bracelet Yoga Meditation Mala Red Jasper Healing Mala Fertility Bracelet This listing is for One Red Jasper stretch bracelet. This is Root Chakra or Sacral Chakra . The bracelet is made of 6mm Red Jasper round beads and 925 sterling silver Om Mani Padme Mantra Charm. For the best fit possible please specify your wrist's measurements. In order to make bracelet to specific measurement I must add or remove 6mm gemstone bead, please bare in mind that sometimes it is an approximate measurement.

  • Brand: Healing Atlas
  • ASIN: B071NQQGQ4

Manhattan Edge Deluxe Handmade Skull Lava Rock Beaded Stone Necklace Essential Oil Diffuser for Men Aromatherapy Ideal for Anti-Stress or Anti-Anxiety

Manhattan Edge Deluxe Handmade Skull Lava Rock Beaded

Made from high-quality Volcanic Stone that carries the symbolic effects of earth and fire. You will definitely enjoy the compliments while wearing this beautiful piece of jewelry. (See product's images above) We offer a 20% discount to the military when our products are bought online and shipped to a military address.

  • Color: Lava Stone & Skull
  • Brand: Manhattan Edge
  • ASIN: B078YJR4TR
  • UPC: 711841547615

The Chief 15 Oz White Ceramic

The Chief 15 Oz White

  • Color: White
  • Brand: ilovedogmugs
  • ASIN: B07N8PSC14

Phoenix Testosterone Booster for Men, Increase T Levels, Energy, Stamina, Promotes Weight Loss, Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Maca Root, Max Male Performance Supplement

Phoenix Testosterone Booster for Men, Increase T Levels,

Ever tried to figure out which supplements are most potent for naturally enhancing your performance?There’s a ton of options and information out there, and sorting them out is no easy task. With DEEP, PENETRATING research, we came up with the HARD facts of what really works.Phoenix combines all of the most powerful plants in the world for promoting male virility, stamina, and sexual vitality. Buy it now and get all of the best in just one capsule. Our Phoenix formulation is THROBBING with potency. All of these incredibly powerful herbs together creates a synergy that can only be experienced. Phoenix is the only supplement on the market to put all of the best in male enhancement into one tablet. All you need to Boost Your Manhood, naturally. Buy it now and let your lover FEEL the difference.

  • Brand: Fettle Excellence
  • ASIN: B071XNPD4Q

Jet Fantastic Narmada Lingam Smooth Wand 4 inch Approx. Massage Fertility Divine Spiritual Stick Free Booklet Jet International Crystal Therapy Love Sex Power

Jet Fantastic Narmada Lingam Smooth Wand 4 inch

Brand: JET INTERNATIONAL Product Name: Smooth Narmada Stone Lingam Wand 4 inch long approx. Purpose: When our chakras are blocked, or not in balance, the free flow of energy is impeded, leading to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. Crystals help us unblock and activate them. . Description: Best for Healing, Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy, Meditation, Sound Sleep, Gift and many more applications. Gives great sense of Spiritual Awakening, Mental Peace, Psychic Horizon, Magical, Divine They can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body, or on a particular chakra. Removes all bad energy, evil forces, negativity, wrong choice. Best suited for Health, Wealth, Progress, Prosperity, Family Bonding, Long Lasting Relationship. Stress Relief, Crystal Therapy, Good Luck, Fortune, Self Esteem. To program a crystal for specific use or with specific energies, sit quietly away from distractions or strong electrical devices and external energies, then hold the crystal in front of you, clear your mind and focus on the stone. Give the crystal a cleanse with white light as explained above. Concentrate on the specific energy that you wish to program the crystal with, and 'trans...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Jet International
  • UPC: 746591968731

Dislocating Masculinity: Comparative Ethnographies

Dislocating Masculinity: Comparative

Originally published in 1994, and now a feminist classic, Dislocating Masculinity offers a penetrating critique of writing on and by men. Bringing together anthropologists, sociologists, linguists and historians, it raises important comparative questions about how gender operates, addressing issues of embodiment, agency, gender inequality and the variety of masculine styles.

  • ASIN: B01N1NS2AD

The Wisdom of Pelicans

The Wisdom of

A Presbyterian pastor recounts how the public discovery of an extramarital affair for which he'd already confessed and repented cost him his job and marriage and describes his experiences of healing and renewed faith that followed.

  • Brand: Brand: Viking Adult
  • ASIN: 0670031038
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Men Ask Questions About Male Factor Infertility

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The Try Guys Test Their Sperm Count

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We saw, we conquered, we came. Follow all your BuzzFeed favorites in one app! Get the BuzzFeed Video app here: http://video.bzfd.it/jVwh/0sP9ew5bcr Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo MUSIC Warm Up / William Tell Overture / Monkey Business / Snake Hips...

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Male Fertility Supplements - Do They Work?

Masculine Fertility

Fertility supplements are often recommended to boost male fertility. Can they increase sperm counts naturally? Surprising new research from Dr Randy Morris MD-The BOARD CERTIFIED fertility expert. This video covers how natural fertility supplements (sometimes called fertility foods ) like CoQ10...

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Azoospermia - Male infertility due to no sperm - How to get pregnant

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Some cases of male infertility are due to azoospermia - no sperm - Learn the causes and ways to help your partner get pregnant. There are two main categories of #azoospermia: Failure to produce sperm and complete blockage of sperm Failure to produce sperm can be due to genetic or chromosome abn...

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10 Factors that Affect Fertility in Men - About Male Fertility

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10 factors that affect fertility in men | About male fertility https://www.fertilherb.com 10 factors that affect male fertility. A single drop of semen contains millions of sperm cells, but only a few of them will reach the egg and fertilize it. When it comes to fertility in man, many male fertil...

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