Making Wild Wines & Meads: 125 Unusual Recipes Using Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & More

Making Wild Wines & Meads: 125 Unusual Recipes

Make extraordinary homemade wines from everything but grapes! In this refreshingly unique take on winemaking, Patti Vargas and Rich Gulling offer 125 recipes for unusual wines made from herbs, fruits, flowers, and honey. Learn to use ingredients from your farmers’ market, grocery store, or even your own backyard to make deliciously fermented drinks. Lemon-Thyme Metheglin, Rose Hip Melomel, and Pineapple-Orange Delight are just the beginning of an unexplored world of delightfully natural wild wines. Cheers!

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Making Your Own Mead: 43 Recipes for Homemade Honey Wines (Fox Chapel Publishing) Basic Guide to Techniques, plus Recipes for Mead, Fruit Melomels, Grape Pyments, Spiced Metheglins, & Apple Cysers

Making Your Own Mead: 43 Recipes for Homemade

Fill your flagon with a drink fit for a king!43 recipes for making both dry and sweet meadsTips on honey selection, preparation, and fermentationBasic rules that every meadmaker needs to knowPractical advice on mead-making equipment & techniquesHow to brew melomel, pyment, hippocras, metheglin, and cyserClassic mead drinks and mulled drinks with honeyOnce the drink of choice for Viking marauders and medieval kings, mead is enjoying a renaissance in popularity!The "nectar of the gods" is easy to make at home using just honey, water and yeast. This practical guidebook will inspire you to take up the craft, with a basic guide to mead-making techniques, plus 43 recipes for brewing the world's oldest alcoholic beverage.Making Your Own Mead shows you how to produce an array of tasty mead variations, by blending honey with herbs, spices, fruits, berries, and more. Just because mead is made from honey doesn't mean it has to be sweet! Versatile mead can be dry as a bone or seductively sweet, sparkling or still, fruity or spicy.Discover how to make different types of mead like fruit-flavored melomels, grape-based pyments, spiced metheglins, and apple cysers. You'll also find recipes for mixing up your mead in classic drinks like a honey bishop or a twelfth night wassail.

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True Brews: How to Craft Fermented Cider, Beer, Wine, Sake, Soda, Mead, Kefir, and Kombucha at Home

True Brews: How to Craft Fermented Cider, Beer,

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Big Book of Mead Recipes: Over 60 Recipes From Every Mead Style (Let there be Mead!) (Volume 1)

Big Book of Mead Recipes: Over 60 Recipes

Big Book of Mead Recipes is a first - the first in a series of recipes for mead. Like the craft homebrewing world, the mead world is going crazy, and now there are proven, repeatable recipes that use modern techniques to create amazing meads. We have several book on mead making techniques, but good recipe books are not so common. So here, Rob offers you his first book, covering all the mead categories, to whet your appetite, and let you create some amazing meads. Dive into the "Big Book of Mead Recipes" and go create some liquid gold!

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Make Mead Like a Viking: Traditional Techniques for Brewing Natural, Wild-Fermented, Honey-Based Wines and Beers

Make Mead Like a Viking: Traditional Techniques for

A complete guide to using the best ingredients and minimal equipment to create fun and flavorful brews Ancient societies brewed flavorful and healing meads, ales, and wines for millennia using only intuition, storytelling, and knowledge passed down through generations―no fancy, expensive equipment or degrees in chemistry needed. In Make Mead Like a Viking, homesteader, fermentation enthusiast, and self-described “Appalachian Yeti Viking” Jereme Zimmerman summons the bryggjemann of the ancient Norse to demonstrate how homebrewing mead―arguably the world’s oldest fermented alcoholic beverage―can be not only uncomplicated but fun.  Armed with wild-yeast-bearing totem sticks, readers will learn techniques for brewing sweet, semi-sweet, and dry meads, melomels (fruit meads), metheglins (spiced meads), Ethiopian t’ej, flower and herbal meads, braggots, honey beers, country wines, and even Viking grog, opening the Mead Hall doors to further experimentation in fermentation and flavor. In addition, aspiring Vikings will explore: •    The importance of local and unpasteurized honey for both flavor and health benefits; •    Why modern homebrewing practices, materials, and chemicals work but aren’t necessary; •    How to grow and harvest herbs and collect wi...

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Making Mead (Honey Wine): History, Recipes, Methods and Equipment

Making Mead (Honey Wine): History, Recipes, Methods and

The first major book on making mead that continues to be a best seller, this book contains the essence of what you need to know about making honey wine (mead) from the honey sitting right now, in storage.

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The Compleat Meadmaker : Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb Variations

The Compleat Meadmaker : Home Production of Honey

Mead (honey wine) is the new buzz among beverage hobbyists as more and more consumers start to make their own. This up-to-date title tells the novice how to begin and the experienced brewer or winemaker how to succeed in this newest of the beverage arts.

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Let There be Melomels!: Fruit Meads designed to inspire your Imagination (Let There be Mead!) (Volume 2)

Let There be Melomels!: Fruit Meads designed to

Beginning with this second book in the popular series “Let There be Mead!” Rob now brings his focus to the popular style of honey meads known as Melomels. Melomels are meads made using fruit or fruit blends. As you can imagine, the possibilities of this style are truly limitless. In this edition, Rob also brings us an entire section focused solely on Polish mead making techniques. This section will provide tips, explanations, and processes detailing step by step how to make your own authentic Polish Melomels with recipes provided by award winning mead makers straight from Poland. So grab your copy of “Let There be Melomels!” and Let There Be Mead!

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Mead and Mead's Maple Syrup (Dark Robust)

Mead and Mead's Maple Syrup (Dark

100% Grade A Maple Syrup Made in the US Berkshire Mountains 250ml

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101 Recipes for Making Wild Wines at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers (Back to Basics Cooking)

101 Recipes for Making Wild Wines at Home:

Wild wines around the world have been created since the dawn of time, with nearly every civilization and culture on earth developing their own means of fermenting and distilling various fruits and grains into aromatic, strong spirited drinks that have graced the tables of kings and peasants alike. Making your own wild wines, using some of the most popular recipes in the world can be a fun, highly rewarding project that allows you to take full control of the taste and body of your favorite dinner side drink. This book will show you more than 100 recipes for wild wines, using the best herbs, fruits, and flowers to create some of the most beloved drinks in the world for you and your friends and family. The basics of wild wine recipes are laid out here in great detail, providing you with everything you need to know to both understand and start making your own wines in no time. You will be shown the basic information or dozens of varieties of herbs, fruits and flowers, including how they are best used in wine recipes, what you need to do to them to prepare them, and how they will taste, feel, look, and smell in a finished product. You will learn what you can do to promote the integrity of your wine and how many different ways there are to vary the aspects of both white and red wild wi...

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Mead Wine Recipes Video Results

How to Make Mead at Home

Mead Wine Recipes

Watch the next episode: Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor learns about the centuries-old art of making mead. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel:

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How to Make Your Own Mead

Mead Wine Recipes

I am so sorry, we asked Anthony to bring a multi-media presentation and he must have misread our invite as "a multi-mead presentation." We were very excited to share with you our very formal "prison life hacks" PowerPoint, but I guess it'll have to wait for now. ---------------------------------...

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How To Easily Make Mead At Home

Mead Wine Recipes

Mead! The premium alcoholic drink of the Vikings and not only! After this video, you will be more than able to easily make very high quality mead at home! Enjoy the video, as well as the mead that will come of it! Intro Music Outro Music https://www.y...

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How to make mead QUICK!!!! NO waiting years for this one! (part 1)

Mead Wine Recipes

Here were making a quick mead with fruit and spices. This recipe is done in small batches and will be ready much quicker than a traditional large quantity. Recipe list - Orange mead 1 Gallon of water 2.5 pounds of honey *or more if you want - 2 oranges (with peel) 2 cinna...

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How to Make Mead - Traditional Mead Recipe

Mead Wine Recipes

How to Make Mead, my traditional Mead Recipe. First, this is a long video, I know. Just watch it, it's worth it! I show you every step of the way and explain the pros and cons to various ideas. Mead isn't the most complex thing to brew at home, but, there are some things you should know about...

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