Mies van der Rohe: Barcelona-1929

Mies van der Rohe:

The expert contributors to this lavishly illustrated volume, devoted entirely to Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion of 1929, address here for the first time the forgotten contexts of the Pavilion’s genesis. Habitually thought of as an abstract, unpolluted, and splendidly isolated building—a precursor of Mies’s American period—the Pavilion is revealed here as a thoroughly European work, perhaps less pristine but more authentic.   Mies and Lilly Reich were commissioned to design not only the Pavilion but also more than one hundred thousand square feet of German stands spread throughout the Exposition. By examining that work in addition to the Pavilion itself, the contributors present a far-reaching reinterpretation of the whole. They also explore connections with the mass media, highlight the work’s antecedents and meaning in the history of architecture, and analyze the current pavilion, a reconstruction of the original built in 1986. No other critical study offers a comparable overview of Mies’s work in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Chair & Ottoman - Black Aniline Leather

Barcelona Chair & Ottoman - Black Aniline

One of the most recognizable and enduring designs of the 20 th century. It was originally designed by Mies Van der Rohe in 1929 to serve as seating for the King and Queen of Spain at the International Exposition in Barcelona , hence its name. The ottomans were intended as seating for their servants. The set features a polished solid-core 301 stainless steel frame for maximum strength. The cushions are upholstered in 100% genuine Italian Leather.

  • Color: Black
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Mies Van Der Rohe: Barcelona Pavilion

Mies Van Der Rohe: Barcelona

Rare book

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Mies van Der Rohe-Barcelona Pavillon-Poster

Mies van Der Rohe-Barcelona

Offset Lithograph by Mies van Der Rohe entitled "Barcelona Pavillon". The Offset Lithograph is 19.75 inches in height by 27.5 inches in width and the image area measures 19.75 inches in height by 27.5 inches in width. The year of this Offset Lithograph is not known and it's from an unknown edition size. The "Barcelona Pavillon" is Unsigned with a condition rating of "A: Mint".

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Barcelona Pavilion: Mies van der Rohe & Kolbe: Architecture and Sculpture

Barcelona Pavilion: Mies van der Rohe & Kolbe:

Mies van der Rohe's famous and often-reproduced Barcelona Pavilion, built for the 1928 World's Fair--then demolished in 1930 and reconstructed as a permanent installation in 1986--was an important building in the history of modern architecture. Known for its simple form and extravagant materials, such as marble and travertine, the Pavilion stood on a large podium alongside a pool. With its perpendicular planes that seemed to shoot out into three-dimensional space, it was considered an instant milestone for both architecture and design. (Mies created his famous Barcelona Chair to go inside of it.) According to the architect, the Pavilion also represented an equally important milestone in the joining of art and architecture, for its open-plan, "flowing space" provided the ideal environment for the display of the artwork by sculptor Georg Kolbe. The outcome of this collaboration was monumental for both artists, who went on to work together again, as well as with other collaborators in both fields.

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Fear of Glass--Mies van der Rohe's Pavilion in Barcelona

Fear of Glass--Mies van der Rohe's Pavilion in

The German Pavilion erected at the World Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929 was an imposing structure and a prime example of modern architecture. In this book, the author takes a lively and unconventional approach to the building, interpreting the various architectural, historical and cultural aspects surrounding the construction. He examines the physical elements such as the columns, the terrace, the free-standing walls which enclose the pavilion and form a pattern of open and closed spaces. He also considers the aesthetic elements, the noble materials used, its representative qualities and reflecting on how material, structure, space and tradition are integrated into a unity.

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Set of 2 Chairs in White Leather Chair Replica of Mies Van Der Rohe Chairs

Set of 2 Chairs in White Leather Chair

Chair inspired in the Chair designed in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe for the German pavillion in the International Fair. This reproduction meets the specifications of the original design and gives any space a modern-design touch. Materials: * Genuine Leather seating area * One-Piece Stainless Steel frame Benefits: * Meets design measures and specifications of the original design * One-piece stainless steel frame * Hand-stitched to perfection * Expertly stitched leather upholstered * Stainless steel frame not metal or aluminum * Non-recycled foam

  • Color: White Italian Leather
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Mies van der Rohe: Architecture and design in Stuttgart, Barcelona, Brno

Mies van der Rohe: Architecture and design in


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Modern Souces - Pavilion Barcelona Style Chair Replica Premium Leather Light Brown

Modern Souces - Pavilion Barcelona Style Chair Replica

Reproduction of the top famous classics design. Pavilion Chair is designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, who was one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture. Mies, like many of his post-World War I contemporaries, sought to establish a new architectural style that could represent modern times just as Classical and Gothic did for their own eras. He created an influential 20th century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. Add elegance to any living area of your home with this exotic yet comfortable "All Weather" living collection.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Modern Sources

Towards Universality


There is no shortage of books about Le Corbusier, or Mies van der Rohe, or De Stijl. However, this book considers them in relation to each other, observing how a study of one can illuminate the works of the others. Going beyond a superficial look at the end-products of these architects, this book examines the philosophical foundations of their work, taking as its central theme the aim of universality, as opposed to the individual and the particular. Each of these three aimed at universality, but for each this concept took on a different form. The universality of De Stijl and artists like Van Doesburg and Mondrian resembled that of the universe itself: it was boundless, going beyond the limits of the canvas and seeking to abolish the wall as the boundary between interior and exterior space. In contrast, each of Le Corbusier’s creations was a self-contained universe within a clear frame, while Mies fluctuated between these two perspectives.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Brand: Routledge
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http://www.findmetheoriginal.com Find Me The Original Barcelona Chair designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. The Barcelona chair was exclusively designed for the German Pavilion, that country's entry for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, which was hosted by Barcelona, Spain. The design resulted f...

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German Pavilion đặt tại Barcelona là một công trình tiêu biểu cho kiến trúc hiện đại, do kiến trúc sư Ludwig Mies van de Rohe thiết kế và được hoàn thành năm 1929. Hình khối đơn giản với những đường nét ngang dọc, vật liệu độc đáo, và đặc biệt là sự sắp xếp tài tình các thành phần kết cấu, phân c...

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Mies van der Rohe - Architecture as language | Ludwig #Mies van der #Rohe (born Maria Ludwig Michael Mies; March 27, 1886 – August 17, 1969) was a German-American architect. He is commonly referred to and was addressed as Mies, his surname. Along with Le #Corbusier, Walter #Gropius and Frank Lloy...

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