Mitutoyo 7300S Dial Thickness Gauge, Inch, Flat Anvil, Standard Type, 0-0.5" Range, 0.001" Graduation, +/-0.001" Accuracy

Mitutoyo 7300S Dial Thickness Gauge, Inch, Flat Anvil,

The Mitutoyo 7300S dial thickness gauge is for measuring the thickness of workpieces. This gauge has a measurement range of 0 to 0.5", a resolution of 0.001", and an accuracy of + or - 0.001". The dial indicator face is white for precise and readable measurements in inches. The anvil is flat and the contact point and anvil are ceramic for corrosion-resistance. This model has a grip handle, thumb trigger, and spring-loaded spindle for accurate measurements. This gauge has a measuring force of 1.4 Newtons (N) or less.SpecificationsAnvil/spindle typeFlat, spring-loaded spindle, ceramicRange0 to 0.5"Graduations0.001"Accuracy+ or - 0.001"FaceDial with white face displays in inchesBodyStandard type, grip handle, and thumb triggerMeasuring forceLess than 1.4NShipping weight1.15lb.Mitutoyo manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology equipment, and related systems. The company, founded in Tokyo in 1934, formed Mitutoyo America Corporation in 1963 with headquarters in Aurora, IL.

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • ASIN: B000VB8J10
  • UPC: 094718100190

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer, Inch/Metric, Ratchet Thimble, 0-1" (0-25mm) Range, 0.00005" (0.001mm) Resolution, +/-0.00005" Accuracy, Meets IP65 Specifications

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer, Inch/Metric, Ratchet Thimble, 0-1"

Electronic Digital Micrometer, Ratchet Thimble, SPC Output No, Flat Anvil, Flat Spindle, Features Waterproof, Includes Battery, Key Spanner, Fitted Carrying Case

  • Brand: Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo 511-753 Bore Gage, CG-6"AX/2923SB-10

Mitutoyo 511-753 Bore Gage,

2-6 In Dial Bore Gage w/2923SB-10 dial indicator, .0001 In graduation.

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • UPC: 603908525561

Mitutoyo 505-746 Dial Caliper, 0.1" per Rev, 0-12" Range, 0.002" Accuracy

Mitutoyo 505-746 Dial Caliper, 0.1" per Rev, 0-12"

0-12 inch dial caliper, .001" graduation, .1"/revolution. To measure outside diameter, inside diameter, steps and depth.

  • Color: White Face
  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • ASIN: B0142HX6JS
  • UPC: 603908594123

Mitutoyo 7301 Dial Thickness Gage, Flat Anvil, Standard Type, 0-10mm Range, 0.01mm Graduation, +/-15 micrometer Accuracy

Mitutoyo 7301 Dial Thickness Gage, Flat Anvil, Standard

Mitutoyo 7301 Dial Thickness Gage, 0-10mm Range, 0.01mm Graduation, +/- 15 Micrometer Accuracy

  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • ASIN: B003UATQ20
  • UPC: 603908177821

Mitutoyo 511-723 Dial Bore Gage, 50-150 mm, 0.001 mm Graduation, Stem Diameter 8 mm with 2109SB-10 Dial Indicator

Mitutoyo 511-723 Dial Bore Gage, 50-150 mm, 0.001

Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gage 511-723, 50-150mm with2109SB-10 dial indicator, 0.001mm graduation, stem 8mm diam.

  • Brand: Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo 511-932 Dial Bore Gauge, 0.7"-6" Range, 0.0001" Graduation, +/-0.0008" Accuracy

Mitutoyo 511-932 Dial Bore Gauge, 0.7"-6" Range, 0.0001"

The Mitutoyo 511-932 Dial Bore Gauge has a measurement range of 0.7 to 6" and is accurate to + or - 0.0008". It is precise to 0.0001". This direct-measuring gauge uses a two-point contact system to detect geometry problems such as ovality and taper, and carbide-tipped contact points provide extended wear and improved abrasion resistance. A rugged cover protects the dial indicator.Bore gauges measure holes, or bores, in a workpiece. They can measure the interior diameter of a hole at any depth, while internal micrometers can only measure to the depth of their teeth. Bore gauges are typically calibrated with a setting ring and come in two types: simple and direct-measuring. Simple bore gauges are used with a caliper to transfer the hole measurement, while the more complex gauges take the measurement directly, and display it through a vernier, dial, or digital display. Bore gauges have a two- or three-point contact, indicating how many points on the gauge head touch the inside of the bore. Two-point contacts are better at measuring ovality, while three-point contacts are used to measure lobing or triangular form error. Pistol-grip bore gauges are used for fast, single-handed operation with repeatable results from one operator to another. Bore gauges can also be used in special appli...

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • UPC: 603908525615

Dial Bore Gage, 6.5-10 in, 0.0001 in Res

Dial Bore Gage, 6.5-10 in, 0.0001 in

Dial Bore Gage, Measuring Range (In. ) 6. 5 to 10, Probe Depth (In. ) 9. 8, 0. 0001 In Graduations, Dial Reading 0-5-0, Standard Head Type, Carbide Measuring Faces, Includes Fitted case

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • ASIN: B005PX8914

Mitutoyo 526-123, .4" - .7" X .0001", Split Ball Dial Bore Gage

Mitutoyo 526-123, .4" - .7" X .0001", Split

Mitutoyo Split Ball Dial Bore Gage, Range: .4 - .7", Dial indicator graduations: .0001"

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • ASIN: B0006J44PW
  • UPC: 603908137481

Mitutoyo 209-116 Dial Caliper Gage 1.4"

Mitutoyo 209-116 Dial Caliper Gage

Dial caliper gage 1.4 inch

  • Brand: Mitutoyo
  • UPC: 603908546955
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