The World's Most Haunted House: The True Story of The Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street

The World's Most Haunted House: The True Story

In this unprecedented work, the story of the 1974 Bridgeport, Connecticut poltergeist is at last revealed. A crowd of more than 2,000 onlookers gathered. National media reported jumping furniture, floating refrigerators, and attacking entities.Decades after the publicity quieted, more than 40 hours of never-before-released interviews with police officers, firefighters, and others tell the story as it actually unfolded:Relive the experience, the terror, the rampant emotions, and the unexplainable events that took place in that house as they happened.Have access to revealing excerpts from actual interviews, police reports, and rare documents.Access unreleased audio, poltergeist sounds, and an old radio broadcast.Return to 1974 and feel the Lindley Street experience from the inside. Find out why it is deemed the haunting that should have brought the paranormal into mainstream science.

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The Most Haunted House in England: Ten Years' Investigation of Borley Rectory (COLLECTOR'S LIBRARY OF THE UNKNOWN)

The Most Haunted House in England: Ten Years'

Book by Price, Harry

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A most haunted house

A most haunted

ATTENTION: A New edit of A most haunted house is included as part G L Davies's NEW book Book Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest available on Paperback – 30 Nov 2018 through Amazon and all Good Bookshops. Visit for more details. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest: Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House. Dare you step inside...A most Haunted House is the Amazon #1 Bestseller in both Supernatural and Unexplained mystery categories in both U.K and the U.S"G L Davies has written an amazing account of what seems to be a real haunted house! I was riveted to every page, I hope the book will be made into a movie someday" URI GELLERA most haunted house is the worldwide bestseller based on a true and terrifying account of a prolific and aggressive haunting in a small Welsh town in West Wales. Seen as controversial and sparking debate between sceptics and believers alike due to the ferocity and intensity of the haunting, A most haunted house is the grim eyewitness account of a young couple fighting to kee...

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This Haunted World Book Two: The Eleventh Floor: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

This Haunted World Book Two: The Eleventh Floor:

An Amazon US/UK Kindle Store Top 100 Bestseller: #1 British Horror - #1 Occult - #1 Psychic Suspense."It takes elements of The Shining and James Herbert's Ash and wraps it up in the Gore Verbinski film: A Cure for Wellness." Amazon CustomerA snowstorm, a highway, a lonely hotel...Devastated by the deaths of her parents and disillusioned with life, Caroline Daynes is in America trying to connect with their memory. Travelling to her mother's hometown of Williamsfield in Pennsylvania, she is caught in a snowstorm and forced to stop at The Egress hotel - somewhere she'd planned to visit as her parents honeymooned there.From the moment she sets foot inside the lobby and meets the surly receptionist, she realises this is a hotel like no other. Charming and unique, it seems lost in time with a whole cast of compelling characters sheltering behind closed doors.As the storm deepens, so does the mystery of The Egress. Who are these people she's stranded with, what secrets do they hide? And, in a situation that's becoming increasingly nightmarish, is it possible to find solace?From the author of the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, comes a brand new series of STANDALONE novels, set in and around THE WORLD'S MOST HAUNTED PLACES and BLENDING FACT WITH FICTION. In Book One disc...

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Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

Haunted: Horror of

Blissful beginnings for a young couple turn into a nightmare after purchasing their dream home in Wales in 1989. Their love and their resolve are torn apart by an indescribable entity that pushes paranormal activity to the limit. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is the prequel to the bestselling A Most Haunted House. Dare you step inside...


LIFE The World's Most Haunted Places: Creepy, Ghostly, and Notorious Spots

LIFE The World's Most Haunted Places: Creepy, Ghostly,

Life Magazine presents The World's Most Haunted Places.

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The World's Most Haunted Places, Revised Edition: From the Secret Files of

The World's Most Haunted Places, Revised Edition: From

The World's Most Haunted Places, Revised Edition explores the history, folklore, and ghostly legends behind some of the world's most fascinating points of interest. Now in its second edition, Belanger revisits some of the most famous haunts with new first-hand accounts, chapters, and locations.Ghostly legends abound wherever history has made its mark. Battlefields, prisons, asylums, national monuments--all of them have stories to tell. Their ghosts still lurk, demanding that we remember the past. They're real. They're out there. And Jeff Belanger has found them:President Lincoln has been walking the halls of the White House in Washington, D.C., for more than a century.The Queen Mary may just be the most storied and haunted ship on the planet.The catacombs of Paris contain the skeletal remains of six million bodies...and many of their ghosts.And the Tower of London is haunted by noblemen and commoners--some still searching for the heads they lost more than 500 years ago.Take a world tour of history, the supernatural, and the macabre. You will explore libraries, museums, restaurants, inns, and landmarks from North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. But be careful: The World's Most Haunted Places, may make you a believer!

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Tarot of the Haunted House

Tarot of the Haunted

Bestselling author Sasha Graham teams up with popular Italian artist Mirco Pierfederici to bring you a beguiling deck whose cards suggest a compelling story. As you turn the cards, you'll accompany the Fool, who finds herself inside a mysterious haunted house. Moving with her through the deck, you'll unlock room after room and uncover the mansion's true, romantic, and chilling tale while also discovering the Fool's forgotten origins. The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

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Haunted (Harrison Investigation Book 1)

Haunted (Harrison Investigation Book


The Borley Rectory Companion: The Complete Guide to 'The Most Haunted House in England'

The Borley Rectory Companion: The Complete Guide to

Borley Rectory in Essex, built in 1862, should have been an ordinary Victorian clergyman’s house. However, just a year after its construction, unexplained footsteps were heard within the house, and from 1900 until it burned down in 1939 numerous paranormal phenomena, including phantom coaches and shattering windows, were observed. In 1929 the house was investigated by the Daily Mail and paranormal researcher Harry Price, and it was he who called it "the most haunted house in England." Price also took out a lease of the rectory from 1937 to 1938, recruiting 48 official observers to monitor occurrences. After his death in 1948, the water was muddied by claims that Price’s findings were not genuine paranormal activity, and ever since there has been a debate over what really went on at Borley Rectory. Paul Adams, Eddie Brazil, and Peter Underwood here present a comprehensive guide to the history of the house and the ghostly (or not) goings-on there.

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House of Intention

House of

To believe or not to believe makes little difference. Ghosts, spirits, and angels exist.There's nothing more unnerving than being alone in your home and seeing a dark shadowy figure whip past your peripheral vision. The moment fills you with a spine-tingling apprehensiveness; a feeling that causes you to move cautiously from room to room, searching for something you'll never find. As you read House of Intention, please allow yourself to drift into the unknown. Give yourself permission to ponder the idea that every element of life, every breath of it, each atom that makes up each living cell, is about you, your soul, the other side, and God. That's it. There is nothing else in this existence that matters other than yourself and the very fact that your mind creates your life.                                                                                             Valentine deFrancis

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Haunted House: The World's Most Haunted Houses

Haunted House: The World's Most Haunted

Ever wonder what the world's most haunted houses are? Find out with "Haunted House: The World's Most Haunted Houses". Inside, you will uncover the scariest and most bone chilling places on earth. Get the inside scoop on the world's most haunted places, with exclusive information on history and mind-blowing paranormal experiences accounted for. Get everything and more with this book!

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The Myrtles Plantation: The True Story of America's Most Haunted House

The Myrtles Plantation: The True Story of America's

Broken clocks tick...beds rise in the air...paintings fly across the room...locked doors fling open...crystal chandeliers shake...heavy footsteps and eerie piano music sound in the dead of night-and that's just for starters. Welcome to the Myrtles Long recognized as America's most haunted house both by parapsychologists and the media, The Myrtles is a twenty-eight-room Louisiana bed-and-breakfast once owned by Frances Kermeen. In this spine-tingling chronicle, Frances tells the story of how she was drawn to this former plantation mansion, its bone-chilling history, and the incredible encounters of the ghostly kind she had that forever changed her beliefs about the supernatural-and just may change yours. Along with the sometimes terrifying, sometimes benevolent hauntings, her years at The Myrtles also brought death threats from the Ku Klux Klan, the tragic loss of friends, a catastrophic betrayal, and other personal challenges. They would all converge with the paranormal phenomena around her into one cataclysmic event...

  • Brand: Unknown
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House of Secrets Super Boxset: A Collection Of Riveting Haunted House Mysteries

House of Secrets Super Boxset: A Collection Of

Mystery masterminds Alexandria Clarke, author of "The Haunting of Winchester Mansion", and Roger Hayden, author of "The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion", which have collectively accumulated 250+ five-star reviews come together in this SUPER BOX SET for the first time! That's TWO complete book SERIES comprised of SIX NOVELS.In the small town of Black Bay, a vacant, forgotten house sits atop an overlooking bluff. When Bailey and Bodhi Taylor move in and begin renovations, the house seems perfect. But things move on their own, screams echo from the basement, and Bailey sees a shadowy figure out of the corner of her eye. Is the house haunted? And if it is, what does the ghost want with Bailey?The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion: A Haunted House MysteryOne couple must unearth the secrets of a small-town murder before it's too late.A young couple from the city move to a small town, looking for a fresh start. They soon find their dream house in an old Victorian mansion and everything seems perfect, that is, until they experience strange supernatural occurrences linked to an unsolved mass murder from forty years ago. Unearthing the secrets buried within the mansion won't be easy. Can they solve the mystery in time, or will they face the same doomed fate as the tenants who came before them?

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The Haunted


The Perry family's new house is perfect-except for the weird behavior of the neighbors, and that odd smell coming from a dark corner in the basement. Pity no one warned the family about the house. Now it's too late. Because the darkness at the bottom of the basement stairs is rising.

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House of Leaves

House of

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Boylan House: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses

Boylan House: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts &

For nearly three and a half centuries, the Boylan House has stood at the end of Meeting House Road. And something in that house has been killing boys for centuries.The town of Monson is a quaint and quiet New England town. Yet the house is terrifying and has been for as long as anyone can remember. Adults put the thing out of mind and ignore the fears of their children, admonishing them to stay away.Too many boys have vanished into the swamps behind the house. Bodies never recovered. Nothing ever recovered. The families are left with their memories and the disturbing thought that the Boylan House had something to do with it.Mason Philips knows better than that. He knows that there’s something in the house. Something evil. Something hunting children from time to time. And Mason has decided that it’s time for the killing to stop.

  • ASIN: B015G0EQV2

The Haunted: A Novel of Supernatural Horror

The Haunted: A Novel of Supernatural

A #1 Kindle Horror Bestseller* and Top 100 overall Kindle Bestseller!**They have the beginnings of a perfect family. A husband, a wife, a baby on the way."I had to step away from the book a moment and walk around going, 'wow ... damn ... oh wow.'" - The Horror Fiction ReviewBut something will stop them from being happy as they move into their new house: the power of the undead that roam the halls of their home."[A] tremendous read for fans of ghoulishly good terror." - Horror NewsThe demons that have come to claim them. The darkness that seeks to destroy them.The Haunted.* Per Amazon sales reports, and Amazon Horror Bestseller and Amazon Top 100 Paid Bestsellers lists, 4/25/14

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In the Haunted House Touch & Feel Lift-the-Flap Book

In the Haunted House Touch & Feel Lift-the-Flap

This is the house where the scary ones hide . . . Follow two pairs of sneakers, one large, one small, as they tour a dark, mysterious house in this safely spooky Halloween flap book. There are glittery ghosts, soft bat wings, and surprises behind every door in this novelty book with flaps and touch-and-feel elements throughout. With a rhyming text by the prolific and beloved Eve Bunting and tongue-in-cheek illustrations by the wry and witty Susan Meddaugh, this card stock book is just the right thing to slip into your trick-or-treater's bag!

  • Brand: Brand: HMH Books for Young Readers
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Is that a ghost or just your imagination? See for yourself with a look at life in The Pillars Estate, a Civil War-era home in upstate NY. Or read the full story here: From unique homes to real estate advice, Zillow videos inform, inspire – ...

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Ghost Stories From a Haunted House

Most Haunted House

A 19th-century home sells for $360,000 in Seymour, Conn. But along with the classic features of a Queen Anne-style house, the seller says it also comes with resident ghosts. Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit http://w...

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Step Inside a Real Haunted House

Most Haunted House

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, is one of the most haunted places in America. The Victorian mansion, built by Winchester Repeating Arms heiress Sarah Winchester, has more than a hundred rooms with mysterious architectural features like staircases that lead to the ceiling and doo...

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New York's most famous haunted house - INspaces video

Most Haunted House

SPACEStv goes inside Killers' A Nightmare Haunted House, New York City's most famous haunted mansion and speaks with it's creator of creepy and designer of demonic dwellings, Paul Smithyman. Watch Erika scream! Subscribe to our channel at Visit the Killers' Nightmare Haunted...

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