Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic Concepts

Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic

Growing native plants can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. This publication, particularly the first chapter that introduces important concepts, is for the novice who wants to start growing native plants as a hobby; however, it can also be helpful to someone with a bit more experience who is wondering about starting a nursery. The second chapter provides basic information about collecting, processing, storing, and treating seeds. Chapter three focuses on using seeds to grow plants in the field or in containers using simple but effective techniques. For those native plants that reproduce poorly from seeds, the fourth chapter describes how to start native plants from cuttings. The final chapter provides valuable information on how to successfully move native plants from the nursery and establish them in their final planting location. Several appendices expand on what has been presented in the chapters, with more details and specific information about growing a variety of native plants.

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The Budget-Wise Gardener: With Hundreds of Money-Saving Buying & Design Tips for Planting the Best for Less

The Budget-Wise Gardener: With Hundreds of Money-Saving Buying

In The Budget-Wise Gardener, Kerry Ann Mendez gives the inside scoop on nailing the best deals and having it all: selecting plants that give you the most bang for your buck, timing your purchases to take advantage of deep discounts and giveaways, finding treasures at plant, bulb and seed swaps – and much more. Her chapters take you from “How to Score Great Plants for Less…or for Free!” and “Design Secrets that Save Money” to “Regal Containers on a Dollar-Store Budget.” With luscious color photos on nearly every page, this is an essential guide to creating the garden of your dreams without breaking the bank.


Essential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern United States: The Guide to Creating a Sustainable Landscape

Essential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern

Praised by Doug Tallamy as "an important new tool to our native plant libraries," this go-to guide is perfect for gardeners of all skill levels looking to add sustainable native flora to any horticultural project east of the Mississippi River Valley. Gleaned from the authors' 75 years of landscaping experience, this user-friendly reference offers suggestions on species selection based on a plant's performance, aesthetic appeal, and wide range of adaptability. Expert authors Tony Dove and Ginger Woolridge's valuable resource is organized for fast and confident tree and shrub selections for specific landscape applications, and is full of vivid four-color photographs, graphs, and practical tips. A sound and giftable volume for gardeners and landscapers from New England through the Carolinas, from the east coast to the Mississippi River, including Georgia and into northern Florida."This is an authoritative catalog, organized by a range of categories: those that have attractive bark or are evergreen, those that have showy flowers or are wind, salt or drought tolerant."—New York Times Summer Reading List for The Great Outdoors"An important new tool to our native plant libraries. . . Beautifully illustrated, even the well-informed gardener will find this a valuable reference." —Dou...

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Native Plants for New England Gardens

Native Plants for New England

The essential gardener’s guide to growing native in New EnglandPlants native to New England evolved to thrive in local conditions and survive harsh seasons. Native Plants for New England Gardens culls the expertise of the New England Wild Flower Society to help anyone create lovely, hardy gardens that will tolerate drought, resist disease and encourage biodiversity. This handy guide to 100 great native flowers, ground covers, shrubs, ferns, and grasses that will thrive in New England gardens features practical information accompanied by beautiful color photography. Find and nurture the native plants that your garden is missing—the planet will thank you.

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Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for Tribal Nurseries

Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for

In 2001, the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA), through its Virtual Center for Reforestation,Nurseries, and Genetics Resources (RNGR), invitedNative Americans from across the United States toattend the Western Forest and Conservation NurseryAssociation annual meeting. About 25 tribal members,representing 20 tribes, attended the meeting at FortLewis College in Durango, Colorado. The following year,a similar meeting was held in Olympia,Washington,and tribal members initiated a Tribal Nursery Counciland requested that RNGR facilitate the organization.During 2003, RNGR requested information from 560tribes across the United States, seeking specific informationon tribes’ needs for native plants, facilities,training, and so on. Results from the responding 77tribes were incorporated into the Tribal Nursery NeedsAssessment. Based on the results of that questionnaire,and input from tribal members attending the 2003Intertribal Nursery Council meeting in Coeur d’Alene,Idaho, it was agreed that a nursery handbook wasneeded. That fall, planning began for writing the manual,loosely based on Agriculture Handbook 674, TheContainer Tree Nursery Manual, but with special attentionto the uniqueness of Native American cultures.The vision was to provide a handbook that coveredall...

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Armitage`s Native Plants for North American Gardens

Armitage`s Native Plants for North American

The popularity of native North American plants has soared in recent years, for many good reasons. Whatever draws you to native plants, you'll find no better or more authoritative guide than Allan Armitage. Widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost horticulturists, Armitage describes more than 630 species and cultivars of perennials, biennials, and annuals that are native to the United States, bringing to each plant a wealth of practical knowledge and the full weight of his experience and expertise. Each entry includes a general description of the plant plus essential data you need to grow it successfully, including habitat, hardiness, correct garden site, maintenance, and propagation-all in a clear, easy-to-use format. Whether you are a native plant enthusiast or simply wish to use plants that work in the landscape, you'll find everything you are looking for in this readable, information-packed volume.

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Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, Updated and Expanded

Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife

“If you cut down the goldenrod, the wild black cherry, the milkweed and other natives, you eliminate the larvae, and starve the birds. This simple revelation about the food web—and it is an intricate web, not a chain—is the driving force in Bringing Nature Home.” —The New York Times As development and subsequent habitat destruction accelerate, there are increasing pressures on wildlife populations. In Bringing Nature Home, Douglas W. Tallamy reveals the unbreakable link between native plant species and native wildlife—native insects cannot, or will not, eat alien plants. When native plants disappear, the insects disappear, impoverishing the food source for birds and other animals. In many parts of the world, habitat destruction has been so extensive that local wildlife is in crisis and may be headed toward extinction.   But there is an important and simple step we can all take to help reverse this alarming trend: everyone with access to a patch of earth can make a significant contribution toward sustaining biodiversity by simply choosing native plants. By acting on Douglas Tallamy's practical and achievable recommendations, we can all make a difference.

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The Drought-Defying California Garden: 230 Native Plants for a Lush, Low-Water Landscape

The Drought-Defying California Garden: 230 Native Plants for

A must-have for every gardener in California looking for a new way to garden in a changing climate In recent years California has been facing extreme drought, and in 2015 they passed state-wide water restrictions that affect home owners. Unfortunately the drought is only going to get worse, and gardeners who aren’t willing to abandon their beloved pastime entirely are going to have to learn how to garden with the absolute minimum of water. The Drought-Defying California Garden highlights the best 230 plants to grow, shares advice on how to get them established, and offers tips on how to maintain them with the minimum amount of water. All of the plants are native to California—making them uniquely adept at managing the harsh climate—and include perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, and succulents.

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Song of the Tree Hollow: Book One in the Verdant Souls Series

Song of the Tree Hollow: Book One in

Vero Leclaire has moved back home to care for her sick cat Sophie while her mom is in rehab. But after Sophie dies from a heart attack and is revived by a vet, she leads Vero to a tree hollow where a strange humming emanates. Unsure whether the tree is haunted or she’s imagining things, Vero goes on a quest to solve the puzzle, finding an exotic fern, a Native medallion, and an old cassette tape, which together unravel the truth about her dark family history. In the end, Vero must battle not only her penchant for living in the past but save her mom before she dies at the hands of the person who knows what’s buried beneath the tree.


Xeric Landscaping With Florida Native Plants

Xeric Landscaping With Florida Native

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Greenhouse Gardening: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your Dream Greenhouse

Greenhouse Gardening: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your

Welcome to Greenhouse Gardening!At long last! you can now instantly discover some awesome tips to take Greenhouse growing to the next level! see your buddies' jaws drop to the floor in sheer amazement once they see what you have achieved… ! Have you always wanted your own Greenhouse? However couldn't on account of you didn't know much about it? This book streamlines the assignment of Greenhouse building and upkeep. The tips that this book presents not only educate you about the different sorts of Greenhouses, but the ins and outs of maintaining one to the highest level. These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book : How Does A Greenhouse Capture Heat? Sorts Of Greenhouses Apparatuses And Materials For Your Greenhouse  Tips For Your Greenhouse The Benefits Of Greenhouse Gardening Dealing with The Greenhouse Climate Cultivating Inside The Greenhouse Much moreWhat are you waiting for? Start your new Gardening adventure today!

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A Pocket Guide to Native and Low Maintenance Woody Plants for the Massachusetts Landscape

A Pocket Guide to Native and Low Maintenance

Like new cover and text.

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Wild Suburbia: Learning to Garden with Native Plants

Wild Suburbia: Learning to Garden with Native

Wild Suburbia guides us through the process of transforming a traditional, high water-use yard into a peaceful habitat garden abounding with native plants. Author Barbara Eisenstein emphasizes that gardening is a rewarding activity rather than a finished product, from removing lawns and getting in touch with a yard's climate to choosing plants and helping them thrive. Supplementing her advice with personal stories from her decades of experience working with native plants, Eisenstein illuminates the joys of tending a native garden—and assures us that any challenges, from managing pests to disapproving neighbors, should never sap the enjoyment out of a pleasurable and fulfilling hobby. For plant lovers curious about their own ecosystems, Wild Suburbia offers a style of gardening that nurtures biodiversity, deepens connection to place, and encourages new and seasoned gardeners alike to experiment and have fun.

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The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World: A Comprehensive Reference to More than 2000 Species

The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of

The plants are organized into 28 intuitively logical groups, such as succulent euphorbias, mesembryanthemums, bulbs, succulent trees, aloes, agaves, and haworthias. Each entry includes information on the plant's native habitat, its cultivation requirements, and its horticultural potential. As useful to novice growers as to collectors and those with an existing interest in succulents, this will be the standard reference for years to come.

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100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive

100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a

The international bee crisis is threatening our global food supply, but this user-friendly field guide shows what you can do to help protect our pollinators. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation offers browsable profiles of 100 common flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees that support bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. The recommendations are simple: pick the right plants for pollinators, protect them from pesticides, and provide abundant blooms throughout the growing season by mixing perennials with herbs and annuals! 100 Plants to Feed the Bees will empower homeowners, landscapers, apartment dwellers — anyone with a scrap of yard or a window box — to protect our pollinators.

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The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: The Essential Guide to Planting and Pruning Techniques, Third Edition

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: The Essential Guide to

“This practical guide is lush with clear, step-by-step advice.” —Real Simple Whether you are a new gardener or a green thumb, The Well-Tended Perennial Garden is here to help you successfully plan, plant, and tend your garden. This hardworking guide includes thorough details on the essential practices of perennial care—included deadheading, pinching, and thinning—along with growing information for specific species and cultivars, on-trend garden design advice, a monthly planting and maintenance schedule, and details on native plants and gardening for wildlife. The Well-Tended Perennial Garden will be your ally in the quest for a beautiful, well-maintained garden. 

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Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for Tribal Nurseries, Volume One, Nursery Management

Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for

NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT-- OVERSTOCK SALE -- Significantly reduced list price while supplies last This guide covers all aspects of managing a native plant nursery.  Nursery owners and managers, professional to casual gardener, and horticultural specialists may be interested in this resource.   Other related productsContainer Tree Nursery Manual, V. 7: Seedling Processing, Storage, and Outplanting --Print Paprback can be found here:https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/001-001-00689-1  -- ePub eBook is available from Apple iBookstore and Google Play eBookstore by using ISBN: 9780160872907 to search their platforms.Invasive Plants of Alaska can be found here:https://bookstore.gpo.gov/products/sku/024-005-01235-4Plants resources collection can be found here:https://bookstore.gpo.gov/catalog/environment-nature/plants

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Living Wild: Gardening, Cooking and Healing with Native Plants of California (2nd ed. with new content)

Living Wild: Gardening, Cooking and Healing with Native

An invitation to celebrate California's heritage and culture weaves through LIVING WILD, an essential guide to the uses of native plants. This expanded second edition offers a deep awareness of the landscape with advice on cultivating more than 100 native plant species and enjoying this natural abundance for sustainable wild food cuisine and herbal medicine remedies. LIVING WILD is the only sourcebook that provides a simple path to fundamentally shift the way we eat, garden and heal.

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The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK   A modern classic of personal journalism, The Orchid Thief is Susan Orlean’s wickedly funny, elegant, and captivating tale of an amazing obsession. Determined to clone an endangered flower—the rare ghost orchid Polyrrhiza lindenii—a deeply eccentric and oddly attractive man named John Laroche leads Orlean on an unforgettable tour of America’s strange flower-selling subculture, through Florida’s swamps and beyond, along with the Seminoles who help him and the forces of justice who fight him. In the end, Orlean—and the reader—will have more respect for underdog determination and a powerful new definition of passion.   In this new edition, coming fifteen years after its initial publication and twenty years after she first met the “orchid thief,” Orlean revisits this unforgettable world, and the route by which it was brought to the screen in the film Adaptation, in a new retrospective essay.Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more.   Praise for The Orchid Thief   “Stylishly written, whimsical yet sophisticated, quirkily detailed and full of empathy . . . The Orchid Thief shows [Orlean’s] gifts in full bloom.”—The New York Times Book Rev...

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Plant-Driven Design: Creating Gardens That Honor Plants, Place, and Spirit

Plant-Driven Design: Creating Gardens That Honor Plants, Place,

For too long, garden design has given pride of place to architecture, artifice, and arbitrary principles. The results? Soulless landscapes where plants play subordinate roles.With passion and eloquence, Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden argue that only when plants are given the respect they deserve does a garden become emotionally resonant. Plant-Driven Design shows designers how to work more confidently with plants, and gives gardeners more confidence to design. The Ogdens boldly challenge design orthodoxy and current trends by examining how to marry plantsmanship and design without sacrificing one to the other.Supported by extensive lists of plants adapted to specific purposes and sites, Plant-Driven Design explores how plants interact with place. In addition, the authors' experience gardening and designing in a wide variety of climates gives their perspective a unique depth. In ideas, scope, and detail, this book both embraces and transcends regionality. By reclaiming gardens as a home to plants, this groundbreaking work will restore life-affirming vitality to garden design and profoundly affect how we understand and experience gardens.

  • Brand: Timber Press
  • ASIN: 0881928771

The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife

The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for

A philosophical and practical guide for the gardener who hopes to wants to create a backyard garden in harmony with nature.Why and how to welcome wildlife to our backyards. An eloquent plea for compassion and respect for all species, journalist and gardener Nancy Lawson uses engaging anecdotes and inspired advice, profiles of home gardeners throughout the United States, and interviews with scientists and horticulturalists to demonstrate how we can apply the broader lessons of ecology to our own outdoor spaces.A book for gardens of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Includes detailed chapters that address planting for wildlife by choosing native species; providing habitats that shelter baby animals, as well as birds, bees, and butterflies; creating safe zones in the garden; cohabiting with creatures often regarded as pests; letting nature be your garden designer; and encouraging natural processes and evolution in the garden. Includes a Getting Started section complete with general information, suggested further reading for specific regions, native plant information and regional databases, and native plant retail sources and suppliers.Who is the humane gardener? The humane gardener practices compassionate landscaping. They attract wildlife and peacefully resolve conflicts with all the...

  • Brand: Princeton Architectural Press
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Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic Concepts

Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic

This booklet was written for the novice who wants to grow native plants and may also wonder what is involved in starting a nursery. If you think that operating your own native plant nursery as a business is your calling, then this manual, and particularly this first chapter, can help you move forward. If, however, you plan to grow native plants for fun, perhaps for use around your home or as a science fair project, this manual can still give you the basic information required for you to be successful, and all the concepts provided in this chapter are still applicable.

  • ASIN: 1329778782

Plants And Landscapes For Summer-dry Climates Of The San Francisco Bay Region

Plants And Landscapes For Summer-dry Climates Of The

Plants and Landscapes from the San Francisco Bay Region

  • Brand: Brand: East Bay Municipal Utility District
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Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine - Live Plant - 3 Inch Pot

Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine - Live Plant -

Amethyst falls Wisteria vine Wisteria frutescent 'Amethyst falls' 'Amethyst falls,' like other Wisteria, is a strong grower, reaching 30' or more. It is, however, not invasive like its Asian cousins. This native variety is less vigorous & easier to manage, refraining from choking out trees over time, as some Wisteria want to do - a distinct advantage in the South, where Wisteria can run wild! all of these things make it an ecologically sensitive choice. 'Amethyst falls' flowers sooner than the Asian types (some of which can take 10 years or more), blooming its first season with fragrant, vividly purple flowers on 4- to 6" racemes that appear in spring & repeat all summer. Its bloom also arrive about two weeks later in the season than others, so late-winter frosts seldom affect flowering. The many attributes of 'Amethyst falls', which include its deer & drought tolerance & its disease-resistant foliage, earned it a Georgia gold medal in 2006 this gorgeous vine is a perfect choice for pergolas, trellises, fences, arbors, & containers, attracting butterflies to your garden all summer long. It can also be trained as a free-standing tree - tie it to a sturdy 5- or 6-foot stake & prune the top to encourage branching. Pruning should occur in late winter to shape & remove any undesirable...

  • Brand: New Life Nursery & Garden
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The Common Milkweed 2017 Native Plant Nusery Tour

Native Plant Nursery

Take a tour through our nursery and check out the plants we are offering for 2017. See www.thecommonmilkweed.com/nursery.html for our list of plants and prices. We are open at least 15 days this season so we hope to see you soon. Happy summer!

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Visiting my Favorite Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

Take a Trip to Scioto Gardens in Delaware, Ohio to discuss native plants and see their unique way to manage and sell hard-to-find natives.

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Splitrock Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

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SERUW: Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

Narrative native plant nursery documentary for the University of Washington COM 460 Video Production and Storytelling.

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Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

Gary Backlund of Backwoods Forest Management describes the small-scale plant nursery his family established using salavaged plants from his woodlot.

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