Essential DIY Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates: Practical guide to original methods for marijuana extracts, oils and concentrates

Essential DIY Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates: Practical guide

In this practical guide, you’ll find the most popular methods to prepare marijuana extractions!Everything is explained step by step, so you can get the most out of your bud. You’ll learn how to make solvent-less concentrates such as dry sift hash, rosin, RSO and glycerine tincture. This book covers the essential methods for cannabis extractions.Read away, and cook up your medication into high-grade concentrates to get the best out of your weed. The solvent-less methods provided are recommended to anyone that likes dabbing or smoking their medication. Important note for patients that prefer to treat their condition with a tincture; we got you covered with a method with vegetable glycerine! This guide of essentials also includes vital recipes to prepare the best cannabis-infused coconut oil and cannabutter from the comfort of your kitchen!In this guide of essentials, you’ll find the most popular methods to prepare cannanbis extracts. Here is a list of recipe’s and how-to’s you can expect: CO2 cannabis extraction Bubblehash and ice-o-lator Dry-sieve hash Cannabis oils, extracts and concentrates Cannabis oil Rick Simpson oil Different BHO’s Rosin Tech Cannabutter Decarboxylation Ghee (clarified butter) Double boiler method Cannabis-infused coconut oil (long and short) Gl...

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Depileve Essential Rosin Wax Oil, Lavender, 16 Ounce

Depileve Essential Rosin Wax Oil, Lavender, 16

Wake up your skin with pure freshness. This clean, fragrant lavender formula is delicate and gentle for sensitive skin. All purpose rosin is effective on your legs, bikini line, underarms and facial areas. It is anti-inflammatory and calming. Good for normal hair types, while it leaves your skin silky smooth and soft.

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Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press Machine with Tools for Best Plant Oil Extractions - Dual Element Heating Plates - Heat Plates With Food Grade Stainless Steel Cover, Easy Operation with Manual

Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press Machine with Tools

Rosineer Manual Rosin Heat Press MachineFeatures: -Patent Design: Rosineer RNR-MV2 heat press machine is for pressing plant extraction oil. Different from arbor heat press, you don't need to press continuously; Hydraulic press achieves higher presure but it's heavy to move; Hair straightener or flat iron is hard to get enough wax and waste your material. -Safety: Food-grade aluminum plates; Stainless steel cover keeps you away from burn injuries. -Easy Operation and Maintenance: Two temp controllers and timer set by buttons; Adjustable bottom platen height is compitable to tea filter bag; Detailed manual/instruction and tools included in package. -Heavy Duty: Machine body made by iron and solid backbone made by stainless steel and iron. Rolling sleeve made by copper. -Other: Rosineer also have rosin tool, silicon container and mat inside bamboo station on sale. Please search "rosineer" for more information.Please note that whenever the machine is being operated or not, keep it out of reach of children.Specifications: Temperature Range: 0-399C (0-750F) Power: 700W Voltage: 110-120V Total Weight: 33.07lbs Packing Size: 34.7 x 31.5 x 62.5cm Working Size: 8cm x 10cm / 3" x 4"

  • Color: Red,Green,White
  • Brand: Rosineer
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3 pack of food grade Stainless Steel Mesh Terp Tubes 25 & 50 Micron (1” x 9” 25 micron)

3 pack of food grade Stainless Steel Mesh

These Tubes are premium food grade stainless steel cylinders that are excellent for rosining your favorite herbal concentrate. Cut to size, fill with herb, fold ends and press. There are three nine inch tubes per pack. These can be cut down into nine three inch tubes or to whatever size works best for you. These Tubes can be reused many times and won't leach any toxins or off flavors. Not recommended for whole herbs or flowers. Frequently asked questions Are the Tubes reusable if so how do you clean them? Yes the tubes can be reused. You can clean the tubes multiple ways Soak in alcohol, then's scrape out old material, soak in alcohol again, then clean with very hot water and soap. Make sure to be very gentle with the seam. Another option is to simmer them in coconut oil rather than soaking the tubes in alcohol. What is the difference with the micron sizes? Is one better than the other? Micron size has a lot to do with personal preference. The 25u offers a smaller hole and gives you a more filtered and refined product where as the 50u offers a l larger holes that allow material to pass through easier and can sometimes give you a slightly heavier yields. On either side of it, its just a little more refined or a little higher yield, its not a huge difference.

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: CA Rosin Screen 25 & 50 micron
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10 x Glass Jars by DabJars - small jars like those sold in MMJ dispensaries : great for Dabs, concentrates, oils, rosins. waxs, and pigbug

10 x Glass Jars by DabJars - small

For all your tiny essentials, store them in DabJars. A trusted online seller for years, DeabJars is the primary dispensary for glass jars and silicone containers to medical, health, and beauty facilities all over the world. Our home base is in the USA, and we're proud to ship USPS First Class and Priority (depending on size). Every jar we sell is closely inspected, professionally packed, then discretely mailed that same day. Never a wait for DabJars, and very a question of quality. Have a question? We're always around to answer them. Remember, when you're choosing from the countless rip-off sellers who claim to sell DabJars, there's only one.. and that's us. Don't be fooled by rip-off sellers! But direct and be sure you're getting top quality, professional customer service, and savings that are hard to beat! Thanks for choosing DabJars and making us #1 at what we do.

  • Brand: DabJars
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Rosin Tech How To Make Solvent-less Cannabis Extract & Oil: Rosin technique pure oil without purging

Rosin Tech How To Make Solvent-less Cannabis Extract

The Rosin Technique is a brand new game-changing method of cannabis extraction. It has taken social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube by storm. If you do not have the materials and/or funds to set up a laboratory to make shatter than Rosin Tech is a perfect method for you. The Rosin Tech produces solvent-less extract by using basic household items, that everyone should have around the house. Rosin Tech is a highly effective (yet wonderfully simple) method of cannabinoid extraction. The extraction process involves pressing small nugs of cannabis between parchment paper with a heat press (hair straightener) to extract the valuable cannabinoids.“Rosin” yield depends upon 4 things:- Temperature
- Amount of Time Pressed
- Amount of Force Applied
- Size/Weight of nug(s)In this book i will teach you how to successfully make cannabis extract using the rosin technique.

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String Cleaner and Rosin Remover

String Cleaner and Rosin

Old Master String Cleaner and Rosin Remover is made of a non-toxic solvent that is safe on most all finishes. This product is more aggressive than cleaning with Violin Spit. The String Cleaner and Rosin Remover was formulated for the occasional removal of rosin build-up on bow sticks, instruments and strings. This formula is also extremely effective for removing dirt, oils and waxes from the surface of your instrument. Most of the rosin removers on the market are highly toxic and contain aromatic solvents along with carcinogenics. The Old Master String Cleaner and Rosin Remover however is completely safe on your instrument; while being tremendously effective for cleaning your instrument, bow and strings. After cleaning your instrument with Old Master String Cleaner and Rosin Remover, you'll need to apply a fresh coat of protective wax. The Old Master Wax or Old Master Polish (below), is the perfect product to seal the raw wood from dirt, moisture, rosin acidity and humidity changes. Also now available in 4 oz size and in a 1 oz Orange String Cleaner and Rosin Remover.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Stravari - Old Master Brand
  • ASIN: B00X497ZXO
  • UPC: 743724189476

RozTek Equinox - Handheld Rosin Press DIY Wax Oil Concentrates Solventless (Gunmetal)

RozTek Equinox - Handheld Rosin Press DIY Wax

This home DIY extractor is perfect for Extracting Flower & Molding Oils and Waxes, the RozTekTM Equinox V3 supports a 650+lb Quick Clamp - This is the secret to extracting better flavors at lower temperatures • Reinforced stainless steel top and bottom paddles • High Heat LCD Mold - Rated for 650 Degrees • 95F - 300F Temp Setting • Heat Up Time: Within 30 Seconds • Automatic Shut-Off: 90 Minutes • Power Used: 50 Watts • Nano Titanium Plates • Shell is a High Heat Liquid Crystal Polymer • Press Dimensions: 12.60" x 1.97" x 1.57" • Plate Dimensions: 3.94" x 1.75" • Weight: 1lb Model is designed is take the extra pressure with ease!

  • Color: Gunmetal
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Rosineer 4 Piece Rosin Organizer Including Stainless Steel Carving Scraping Tools for Shatter, Silicone Wax Concentrate Containers, Non, Stick Budder Oil Silicone Mat, Bamboo Station

Rosineer 4 Piece Rosin Organizer Including Stainless Steel

Rosineer (tm) rosin collection tool set is perfect accessory for collecting rosin or oil off parchment paper once you have completed the solventless oil extraction. The surgical, grade double, tipped stainless steel tools are ideal for detail work in collecting, sculpturing, dabbing, scooping and packing. The nice textured and angled grips ensure that you have a nice hold and that the tools will not roll around when set down. Collection of rosin is also made easy by the non, sticky mat, which allows you to handle the stickiest resin with zero waste or mess. The fun and colorful silicone concentrate containers are perfect choice for extract packaging and storage. The containers and mat are made of bpa, free food, grade silicone, and completely safe to use. This amazing tool set will last for a long time and comes with a convenient bamboo carrying case.

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  • Brand: Rosineer
  • UPC: 854380006417

Nylon Rosin Press Filter Bags 2" x 4.5" (20 pack, 120 micron)

Nylon Rosin Press Filter Bags 2" x 4.5"

Squish Strong Nylon Rosin Bags are your best solution to creating clean and solventless extracts.Our bags are made of 100% nylon and have double stitched seams. This helps to prevent blowouts and plant matter from escaping through the seam.Works great with any rosin press on the market.Buy Squish Strong Rosin Bags today to start creating your own liquid gold!

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Squish Strong
  • ASIN: B06X6KK2S9
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