Vet Recommended Barley Straw for Fish Ponds - Certified Organic - Safe & Natural Pond Cleaner Made in USA (16oz)

Vet Recommended Barley Straw for Fish Ponds -

Do you want to create less work for yourself by having a cleaner pond? Do you want to prevent using chemicals in your pond? Vet Recommended Certified Organic Barley Straw is a highly effective, safe and natural way to keep your pond clean, clear and pristine and is safe for fish and pond life. It's an organic and eco friendly option without harmful dumping chemicals into your water. It's an excellent addition to any pond care routine. The barley straw works for regular garden ponds and also pond fountains and waterfalls and will enrich your koi fish pond. Grab your bale today and you'll also receive a PDF guide of how to get the most from your Organic Barley Straw bale. ORDER NOW BY CLICKING THE 'ADD TO CART' BUTTON and be the pond envy of your neighbours.

  • Brand: Vet Recommended
  • UPC: 712038243044

API POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER Pond Cleaner With Natural Pond Bacteria And Barley, 1-Pound Container


API POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER Pond Water Cleaner with Barley reduces build-up of fish waste and consumes pond sludge, which is typically a build-up of organic matter that degrades water quality and clogs pumps and filters. POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER uses natural bacteria and barley as active ingredients to break down algae and fish waste, digest leaves and grass clippings, and reduce overall pond maintenance for the season. This product is exclusively for use in ornamental ponds. Use as directed, dosing twice a week for two weeks at the beginning of the spring start-up season and at the end of the season, and dosing once every two weeks for regular maintenance. With API POND products, it’s easy to keep a beautiful pond. For over 50 years, API has been creating innovative, research-driven solutions that make it easier to care for your pond. API POND Pond Treatment Supplies are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide best results to control algae, promote healthy bacterial growth and help control and cure fish diseases and conditions such as ich and fin rot. They work to provide a safe, hospitable environment for fish such as koi, catfish, perch, goldfish and more. With API, you can spend more time admiring your fish, and less time scrubbing your pond. Make su...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: API
  • ASIN: B000OVCI2S
  • UPC: 885730609644

Crystal Blue Natural Pond Cleaner - Muck and Sludge Remover, Safe for Koi - 1 Gallon

Crystal Blue Natural Pond Cleaner - Muck and

Step 2 of a 4 step program. Natural Pond Cleaner contains safe and natural bacteria that eliminate muck, dead leaves, odors and other organic matter that can harm a pond or lake. Safely breaks down muck and dead vegetation. Super charges naturally occurring bacteria to consume micronutrients for a healthy, clear pond. Safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, consumption and irrigation. 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4-feet to 6-feet deep.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Crystal Blue
  • ASIN: B000K6BYX6
  • UPC: 768980001140

Cesco FC 100 Flocculant Clarifier 1 Gallon / 128 oz. Concentrated Formula & Organic Natural Animal Safe Non-Toxic for Pool Spa Pond

Cesco FC 100 Flocculant Clarifier 1 Gallon /

Multipurpose Water Treatment. Highly Concentrated Clarifies Cloudy Water Removes Metal Eliminates Oil & Scum Lines Improves Filter Efficiency Directions for use 1.Backwash your filter 2. Estimate dosage. One ounce will treat 5000 gallons 3.Disperse well,spray or dilute dosage in plenty of water 4.Keep the filter running. 5. Use maintenance dosage every two weeks. Primary use for FC100 is for swimming pools, spas , water parks , fountains , recreational ponds , settling ponds , fish ponds , waterworks , artificial wave pools , domestic and municipal water plants , sewage plants industrial water treatment plants . Use anywhere cloudy water may be a problem.

  • Brand: Cesco
  • UPC: 752589521987

ShoreRestore - Eco Friendly MUCK SILT SLUDGE Digester Pellets Bacteria Enzymes Reduce Control Organic Build-up in Lake and Pond (3lbs)

ShoreRestore - Eco Friendly MUCK SILT SLUDGE Digester

Choose from a 1lb, 5lb, 10lb 20lb 30Lb or 50lb container. Shore Restore Muck-Silt-Sludge Pellets are all natural, bio-degradable and made with high quality ingredients. They are dense, slow-release pellets designed to sink down into the muck and effetively deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria. Once tossed into a lake or pond they immediately begin to penetrate and degrade organic buildup by stimulating naturally occurring bacteria and adding sludge-eating cultures. They contain safe and beneficial bacteria, and will not harm aquatic species, fish, waterfowl, or people. This product will also reduce sulfide and mercaptan odors found in muck. NOTE: This product will NOT kill aquatic plants or algae. RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL USE: Great for Lakes, Decorative Ponds, Retention Ponds, Shorelines, Golf Courses, Aquaculture Traditional Dose: Feed 10-lb to 25-lb per surface-acre once per month depending on depth of muck or extent of surface debris. Super Dose: To degrade up to 1 foot per month. Feed 50# per acre once per month. Temperature Range: Works best when water temperature is 60° F (17°C) to 130°F (54°C). The warmer it is the faster they reproduce and digest sludge. Store in a cool, dry space between 50-80 degrees F. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not sto...

  • Brand: Shore Restore
  • ASIN: B01GR40XMC
  • UPC: 602401975286

Applied Biochemists Aquatic Algaecide Herbicide Colorant Aqua Shade Organic Plant Growth Control (390704A)

Applied Biochemists Aquatic Algaecide Herbicide Colorant Aqua Shade

Use in natural and manmade ponds, lakes and fountains. Colors water a pleasing aqua-blue, enhancing the aesthetic qualities of a water body. Aqua shade is a blend of blue and yellow dyes specifically designed to screen or shade portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth. This action effectively inhibits photo-synthesis in young, bottom growth and may prevent development altogether if applied early enough in the season. Aqua shade is primarily effective at depths of two feet or greater. Inhibition of planktonic (suspended) algae blooms has also been proven. Desirable, floating leaved plants such as lilies are unaffected if they have already surfaced and concentrated product does not contact leaves directly. Aqua shade is the only ''colorant'' product of its kind which is registered by the U.S. Aqua shade is effective at a low dosage concentration. One gallon treats one acre of water with an average depth of four feet (approximately equivalent to one ounce per 10,000 gallons). Comes in 1 gallon jug. Made of 23.63 Percent acid blue dye and 2.39 Percent acid yellow dye solution.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Applied Biochemists
  • ASIN: B000HHM0UY
  • UPC: 787461517031

Nualgi Ponds - Safely Controls Algae & Promotes Fish Health (60ml)

Nualgi Ponds - Safely Controls Algae & Promotes

60ml Treats 60,000 US Gallons (227,124 Liters) Nualgi Ponds is a natural alternative to algaecides & other toxic water treatments used to control & remove pond algae. Our innovative approach to natural pond care and algae control works by restoring balance to your pond's Nitrogen Cycle and supercharging your pond's bio-filter from the ground up! BENEFITS: Increases oxygen levels & improves water quality & clarity to reduce & control pond algae and foul odors. Nualgi promotes the health of fish and plants while keeping water crystal clear. Enjoy your new habitat and show off your pond as your fish become more active and your plants gain more color. WHAT IS NUALGI? Based on Over 15 Years of Research, Nualgi is the fourth generation of a patented nano-silica-based micro-nutrient supplement for all types of ponds, lakes & water gardens. It is based on 9 years of lab research and 8 years of field research and is meant for application in commercial and municipal water management. The Nualgi formula specifically helps pond owners improve water quality and manage algae on a much smaller scale. HOW DOES IT WORK? Within 3-5 hours of applying Nualgi Ponds, Diatom algae (the good kind!) will bloom. The diatom algae bloom out competes with Nuisance Algae for CO2, N, P and other nutrients, the...

  • Brand: Nualgi Ponds
  • ASIN: B0151UJ8PQ
  • UPC: 612520300203

API POND ALGAEFIX Algae Control Solution 32-Ounce Bottle

API POND ALGAEFIX Algae Control Solution 32-Ounce

  • Brand: API
  • UPC: 043913693068

AgSafe Throw-Tabs Organic Pond Plant Food Fertilizer Tablets

AgSafe Throw-Tabs Organic Pond Plant Food Fertilizer

AgSafe Throw Tabs Organic Pond Plant Food Fertilizer Tablets replace liquid feeding. This unique 6-6-6 biofertilizer feeds floating water hyacinths, submerged plants, water lilies and all other types of pond plants. It contains a special blend of slow release fertilizers, including iron (to alleviate iron chlorosis/yellowing), nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, micronutrients, humus, and plant and organic additives. These natural, organic tablets will not cause algae growth or water cloudiness. The fertilizer is safe for fish and aquatic life when used as directed. Each tablet is 5 grams. APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Apply 2 tablets for every 3 foot diameter of floating or submerged plant spread. Just throw the tablets in the vicinity of the floating plants. Each tablet dissolves to feed continuously. PLEASE NOTE: Bottle's label image may vary.

  • Color: n/a
  • Brand: AgSafe
  • ASIN: B0056CJOGS
  • UPC: 729829010181

KoiWorx Muck Reducer, Dry Beneficial Bacteria, Reduces Muck, Sludge, Organic build up, 100% Natural Bacteria, Safe for Koi

KoiWorx Muck Reducer, Dry Beneficial Bacteria, Reduces Muck,

Do you fight think muck and sludge on the bottom of your decorative koi pond? This is the product for you. Koi Worx Muck Reducer is designed to sink to the bottom of the pond and begin working on deep sludge deposits caused from dead algae, leaves, and fish waste. The tablets are a blend of natural beneficial bacteria.

  • Brand: Koi Worx
  • ASIN: B06XQ673WV
  • UPC: 768980007807
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