Lightning Nuggets N100SEB N100SEB-Super Economy Box Fire Starter, 100 Count, Tan

Lightning Nuggets N100SEB N100SEB-Super Economy Box Fire Starter,

100Count Lightning Nuggets fire starter

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Lightning Nuggets
  • ASIN: B000KC009Y
  • UPC: 885218088329

ifergoo Polymer Clay Starter Kit, 46 Colors Oven Bake Clay, DIY Modeling Clay Bockers, 5 Scuplting Tools, 5 Colors Mica Powder, 40 Jewelry Accessories for Kids and Adult (46 Colors Polymer Clay Kit)

ifergoo Polymer Clay Starter Kit, 46 Colors Oven

Why Choose iFergoo 46 Polymer Clay ? All iFergoo Clay choose the high quality material, Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Very Soft, Smooth and easy to Sharp for Children home project. It is ideal DIY Materials for kid school project Specification Material: Polymer Clay Each Block Weight: 0.88oz(25g) Total Weight: 3.3lb (1.5kg) Colors: 46 Colors Package Include: ➤ 46 Blocks colorful polymer clay ➤ 1 Clear Storage Box ➤ 5 Pcs Shaping Tools ➤ 5 Colors Mica Powder ➤ 1 Rolling Pin ➤ 3 Wooden Circles ➤ 1 Roll Crystal String ➤ 1 Bag Polymer Clay Chips ➤ 1 Magic Wand ➤ 35 Jewelry Accessories Stereotypes Method: 1. Oven Bake (Recommend) ① Pre-heated the Oven to 135℃ (275℉) for 20 minutes. ② Clay works in Oven bake at 135℃ for 10-20 minutes. Baking time may vary according to clay thickness, 15 minutes per 1/4 inch (6mm) thickness. ③ Do not exceed the recommended baking time! Baking should be completed by an adult.. Safety Guidelines: 1. DO NOT allow children under 3 to use products since small parts can be a chocking hazard. 2. While working with raw polymer clay, take care not to rub your eyes. Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating. ➤ Product Warranty ☎ If you receive the goods have any flaws or missing clay, please contact us, we will ...

  • Color: 46 Color Oven bake Clay Kit
  • Brand: ifergoo
  • ASIN: B07L8DC3R9
  • UPC: 631514519100

7" x 10.3" Premium Grade Fresnel Lens Page Magnifier - Fire Starter • Solar Oven • DIY Projection TV Plans by Cz Garden Supply (6 Pack Premium Grade Lenses)

7" x 10.3" Premium Grade Fresnel Lens Page

6 LARGE Premium Grade Fresnel Lens Here is the ultimate lens you need to have -- 6 full page 7" by 10" magnifier. This is just what you need to see fine details and give your eyes an easier time. Perfect for Reading Small Print Many people use our lenses for reading newspapers, magazines, printed instructions, and information off prescription bottles and credit cards. No more eye strain and headaches thanks to the larger, clear print these premium magnifiers deliver. Easy to Use Simply place the magnifier about 3 inches from the object you're looking at. They can work at various distances. Just don't put them right on the surface. These are durable and won't break or easily crack like glass does. They are made from durable PVC formulated and poured for outstanding visual representation. They're also very light weight. Your hand and arm won't get tired holding them while reading or working with crafts. Great for Education, Home School, DIY Projects Kids can learn so much with a high quality magnifier. Great for learning about plant life, insects, rocks, crystals, and much more. Wonderful for children with visual impairment to make an easy and inexpensive accommodation. Lots of campers use these as natural fire starters. Just magnify the rays of the sun. Use your imaginatio...

  • Brand: Cz Garden Supply
  • UPC: 715660861730

Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney

Get your charcoal glowing and ready to go in just minutes with the Weber Rapid fire Chimney Charcoal Starter. Tackle high-volume cooking with the extra-large capacity bin. It's made from aluminized steel.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Weber
  • UPC: 077924077388

8.3" x 11.75" LARGE 3X Fresnel Lens FULL PAGE Magnifier -- Solar Oven/DIY Projection TV PLANS (1 pack PREMIUM GRADE Large Lens)

8.3" x 11.75" LARGE 3X Fresnel Lens FULL

Fresnel lenses are most often used in light gathering applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups. Fresnel lenses can also be used as magnifiers or projection lenses. These lenses are also great for enlarging fine print in books, magazines, maps, telephone directories, recipes, etc. This can really be a great and creative gift to children as a toy and those who need visual aid. This fresnel lens is also very good for experiments of gathering solar energy. Thanks to its large size, it usually can start a fire within seconds on a normal sunny day. I personally can use it to start melting an aluminum can around 45 seconds under sunshine. Try it your way to boil a bottle of water, start a camp fire, or build a water heat pipe, etc. - Link, user name & password for the 6 plans will be emailed to you.

  • Color: 1pack
  • Brand: Cz Garden Supply
  • ASIN: B00IITFX02
  • UPC: 805731900243

GreenSpark Friendly Fire Starter, 70 Count, 100% All-Natural, 8-10 Min. Burn, Fireplace, Campfire, Fire Pit, Grill, BBQ Smoker, Wood & Pellet Stove, Indoor & Outdoor, All-Weather, Super Fast Lighting

GreenSpark Friendly Fire Starter, 70 Count, 100% All-Natural,

All natural, eco-friendly fire starter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on charcoal grills, pizza ovens, fire pits, camp fires, BBQs and wood stoves. Convenient, all season, easy to use, lightweight, portable, ignites instantly, long burn time, perfect for wet or windy days, unlimited shelf life. Greenspark fire starter is odorless, non-toxic and will not flavor food. Each bundle burns for 8-10 minutes and ignites almost instantaneously, approximately 70 bundles in a box.

  • Brand: GreenSpark
  • UPC: 852861008271

Magicfly Polymer Clay Starter Kit, 45 Colors Oven Bake Clay with 5 Modeling Tools and 40 Jewelry Accessories, Safe and Nontoxic DIY Baking Clay Blocks

Magicfly Polymer Clay Starter Kit, 45 Colors Oven

Stereotypes Method:1. Oven Bake (Recommend)*Place onto a foil sheet or ceramic tile and into the center of a household oven, pre-heated to 120-130℃ (248-266℉) for 15 minutes.*Oven bake at 130℃ for 15-30 minutes. Baking time may vary according to clay thickness and as a general rule allow 15 minutes per 1/4 inch (6mm) thickness.*Do not exceed the recommended baking time! Baking should be completed by an adult. Carefully move from the oven after baking and natural cooling.2. Hair Blower Heating (Suit for small works size in 1-2 inch)*Put the works into the paper box, and blow it for 3-5 minutes to become harden.3. Boil Method (Suit for small works size in 1/3 inch)*Put the work on a plate and in the cold water and until the water boiling, keep boiling for 10-20 minutes. Take out after water becomes cool.*Best use purified water, to avoiding Calcium carbonate adhere to the works.Package includes:45*colors polymer clay blocks1*storage box5*clay tools47+ Jewelry Accessories (Bracelet, Necklace, Ear Hooks, Phone Chain etc.)

  • Brand: Magicfly
  • UPC: 768430876007

Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set - 22 Pc. Kit Includes Cake Mix, Fondant, and Sprinkles

Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set -

Bake and decorate an elegant treat worthy of royalty. The Real Cooking Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set makes it easy with the tools, cake mix and step-by-step instructions you need. Add your own fresh eggs, butter and milk. Create perfectly proportioned cakes, tailor-made for two stunning princess cake toppers. Use the sets simple utensils to dress your princesses in tasty fondant frills and sparkly sprinkles. Like everything else in the Real Cooking world, the Princess Cakes Deluxe Baking Set is Real Food, Real Easy. Real Cooking by Skyrocket Toys is a line of baking kits that empower kids to make beautiful & delicious treats using real ingredients. Each all-inclusive kit contains kid-friendly, real-working kitchen tools that make baking easier, tidier & fun. To create Real Cooking delights, just add natural ingredients to the baking mixes (made in the USA) & pop them in the kitchen oven. Kids can create each unique treat with the included toppings & edible decorations. The Real Cooking family includes the Princess Cakes Refill 2-Pack, Ultimate Princess Baking Set; Chocolate Pen 2 & refills; Chocolate Pen Sweet Beats Treat Kit; Ultimate Baking Set; Deluxe Cookie Baking Set; Chocolatey Cake Pops Baking Set; Sprinkled Mini Donuts Baking Set; Real Cooking Refill 3 Pack - Tuxed...

  • Brand: Real Cooking
  • ASIN: B071H8J76M
  • UPC: 816322017516

Uuni (Ooni) Pro Pizza Oven - The First Quad Fueled Pizza Oven - with Free Firestarters (World's Best Firestarters)

Uuni (Ooni) Pro Pizza Oven - The First

Welcome to Uuni Pro - The world's best outdoor oven. Uuni continues to lead and innovate the outdoor cooking landscape with Uuni Pro. It's the world's first quad fuelled oven - it can be run on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or even gas, giving you the ultimate flexibility, choice and of course performance. Use it to cook fantastic roasts, delicious breads, vegetables, fish and large 16" Neapolitan pizzas!Uuni Pro has twice the cooking surface (17.7 by 17.7" or 45 by 45 cm) of the portable Uuni, which allows foodies to cook a large 16" pizza, roast large meats and fish, bake breads, as well as to roast large trays of vegetables and even make desserts. With the same phenomenal speed and heat as previous Uuni models (reaches temperatures of up to 900?F/500?C in only 15 minutes), the Uuni Pro can cook pizzas in only 90 seconds.Uuni Pro comes with the Wood + Charcoal Burner as a standard. As the name suggests, it's for burning regular wood as well as charcoal. We actually love using the Pro with charcoal to provide the main baseline of heat and then before a pizza goes in we throw on a few bits of wood to give the extra oomph and flavour.The standard setup comes with our patent pending Pizza Door. This is a removable door that has an opening to get pizzas in and out easily. But being r...

  • Color: Metal
  • Brand: Uuni Ooni
  • UPC: 735346233446

Natural Fire starter Wood Wool Firelighters 50 pcs Charcoal starter Duraflame Kamado Joe Big Green Egg Kindle Fire Fireplace Primo Smoker BBQ Pizza oven, by Woodbioma

Natural Fire starter Wood Wool Firelighters 50 pcs

This Fire starters (Firelighters) made from wood shavings has outstanding kindling properties and is suitable for ignition various materials without the need for paper, in particular for charcoal, green egg grill, kamado joe, fireplaces, wood stoves, chimney and etc. It's strength primarily in its burning time, where one roll of the wooden firelighter burns a flame for 8 to 10 minutes. During this time, there are very few flammable materials that will not catch on fire. The wooden firelighter is a natural, handmade product that is free of any dangerous chemical substances, it is ecological and environmentally-friendly, which makes it suitable for storage indoors. About Us: We are WOODBIOMA - a family based company for any type of wood products - from matches and lighters to charcoal and torches. Our forests are based on one of the most cleanest corner of the world in Lithuania (Northern Europe). We already operate in 28 countries around the globe. We are appraised of being flexible, hard working and reliable. During our 7 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of clients to solve their diverse problems they were facing. We pleasantly invite you to join our family. Try our wood. We are confident 100% you will never regret. Because we feel what we do. And this is where t...

  • Brand: Woodbioma
  • UPC: 090164796772
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Klein Tools CL2000 AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter: Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter: Fluke 325 40/400A AC/DC, 600V AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter w/ Frequency, Temp, & Capacitance Measurements: Klein 32...

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Oven Not Heating--GE Oven Bake Igniter--Easy Replacement

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How to replace the "Round" GE Bake Igniter Visit Our Website: Visit Our Website Visit Our Website at : 100’s MORE APPLIANCE REPAIR VIDEOS AT OUR 2ND CHANNEL:

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Cee Dub's (Dutch Oven) Starter kit & Dump Cake

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Want to get started Dutch oven cookin’? Cee Dub’s is bringing back the starter kit which contains all the tools you need to prepare and cook delicious Dutch oven meals for family and friends! Included is the same tools Cee Dub uses. Each kit includes a collectible wooden case, a Camp Chef 12” p...

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