Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (Facts on File Library of American History)

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (Facts on File

An alphabetical encyclopedia covering the history, culture, and present status of Indian tribes of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Native North American Art (Oxford History of Art)

Native North American Art (Oxford History of

This exciting new investigation explores the indigenous arts of the US and Canada from the early pre-Columbian period to the present day, stressing the conceptual and iconographic continuities over five centuries and across an immensely diverse range of regions. The richness of Native American art is emphasized through discussions of basketry, wood and rock carvings, dance masks, and beadwork, alongside the contemporary vitality of paintings and installations by modern artists such as Robert Davidson, Emmi Whitehorse, and Alex Janvier. Authors Berlo and Philips fully incorporate substantive new research and scholarship, and examine such issues as gender, representation, the colonial encounter, and contemporary arts. By encompassing both the sacred and secular, political and domestic, the ceremonial and commercial, Native North American Art shows the importance of the visual arts in maintaining the integrity of spiritual, social , political, and economic systems within Native North American societies.

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The Sign of the Beaver

The Sign of the

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Many Hands: A Penobscot Indian Story

Many Hands: A Penobscot Indian

Why does everyone keep telling Lily that many hands make the basket? Didn't she make the basket with her very own hands? It is the most beautiful basket of her 10-year-old life and no one will give her the credit she deserves. In the end, she learns a valuable lesson about pride and the spirit of community. Into the story is woven the process of basket making and a Wabanaki animal legend, as well as some words of the Penobscot language.

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Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change

Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based

A narrative of Indigenous wisdom that provides a road map for the spirit and a compass of compassion for humanity Drawing from ancestral knowledge, as well as her experience as an attorney and activist, Sherri Mitchell addresses some of the most crucial issues of our day, such as environmental protection and human rights. Sharing the gifts she has received from elders around the world, Mitchell urges us to decolonize our language and our stories. For those seeking change, this book offers a set of cultural values that will preserve our collective survival for future generations.

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American Indian Stories - The Sign Of The Beaver , The Legend Of Tillamook's Gold , Windrunner , Spirit Bear

American Indian Stories - The Sign Of The

Includes 4 American Indian related family films- The Sign of the Beaver, The Legend of Tillamook's Gold, Windrunner, and Spirit Bear

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From Indian Island to Omaha Beach: The D-Day Story of Charles Shay, Penobscot Indian War Hero

From Indian Island to Omaha Beach: The D-Day

This volume, issued in a limited edition to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day (6 June 1944), features chapters excerpted from a forthcoming (2020) book-length biography of Penobscot Indian Elder Charles Norman Shay of Indian Island, Maine. His life story, told partly in his own words, brings to light the mostly ignored or forgotten service and sacrifice made by Native American soldiers and their communities in WWII, the Korean War and Cold War. Zeroing in on D-Day – the beginning of the Allied invasion of Normandy, France – these sample chapters focus on Private Shay’s baptism by fire as a 19-year-old combat medic attached to an assault platoon in the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division, known as the "Big Red One." Struggling ashore at Omaha Beach as part of the first wave of attack in Operation Neptune, he treated and rescued countless comrades and was awarded a Silver Star for gallantry displayed that day. Woven into the narrative are stories representative of other front-line medics and the 500 fellow North American Indians who heroically participated in what is still the largest seaborne invasion in world history. AUTHORS: DR. HARALD E.L. PRINS (Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Kansas State University) has published scores of articles, books and films. Son...

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Never Dreamed I'd Marrying Super Sexy Penobscot Shirt

Never Dreamed I'd Marrying Super Sexy Penobscot

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First Light - Traditional Wabanaki Music: Abenaki - Maliseet - Mic-Mac - Passamaquoddy - Penobscot [

First Light - Traditional Wabanaki Music: Abenaki -

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Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in Maine

Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in

Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in Maine documents the generations of Native peoples who for twelve millennia have moved through and eventually settled along the rocky coast, rivers, lakes, valleys, and mountains of a region now known as Maine. Arriving first to this area were Paleo-Indian peoples, followed by maritime hunters, more immigrants, then a revival of maritime cultures. Beginning in the sixteenth century, Native peoples in northern New England became tangled in the far-reaching affairs of European explorers and colonists. Twelve Thousand Years reveals how Penobscots, Abenakis, Passamaquoddies, Maliseets, Micmacs, and other Native communities both strategically accommodated and overtly resisted European and American encroachments. Since that time, Native communities in Maine have endured, adapted when necessary, and experienced a political and cultural revitalization in recent decades.

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The Life and Traditions of the Red Man: A rediscovered treasure of Native American literature

The Life and Traditions of the Red Man:


People of the Mesa: The Archaeology of Black Mesa, Arizona

People of the Mesa: The Archaeology of Black

Black Mesa, Arizona, has sheltered human beings for over 8000 years. For two decades, with the support and assistance of the Peabody Coal Company, archaeologists and other scientists have sought an understanding of how and why those ancient peoples lived as they did. Powell and Gumerman, the principal researchers of one of the largest and longest-running projects in the history of North American archaeology, recognize that only parts of past cultures survive to be discovered and analyzed, but they stress that the material items archaeologists do recover can tell us a great deal about the nonmaterial aspects of the culture in which they were used. In four cultural historical chapters Powell and Gumerman focus in turn on each of the major occupations of Black Mesa: the Archaic (6000 B.C.), Basketmaker II (ca. the time of Christ), Puebloan (A.D. 800–1150), and the Navajo (A.D. 1825 to the present). The 125 photographs, 41 line drawings by Thomas W. Gatlin, and 20 pages of full-color illustrations communicate the fascination of archaeological discovery and add an extra dimension to the authors’ stories of ancient and modern life on Black Mesa.

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Marksmen 12 33 inch DIY High Grade Bamboo Arrow Shafts. Super Straight Strong Archery (45-50 lbs shafts)

Marksmen 12 33 inch DIY High Grade Bamboo

Each shaft is hand picked and made from the best bamboo and then carbonized to make super strong, Then it is machine tested and given a spine rating, these are either 45-50 lbs or 65-70 lbs depending on which option you select from above.

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The Book of Elders: The Life Stories of Great American Indians

The Book of Elders: The Life Stories of

Presents interviews with American Indian leaders, including Sioux, Hopi, Dineh, Tulalip, Onondaga, Mohawk, Shoshone, Cree, Ute, Seminole, Apache, Kiowa, and Pueblo

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Kunu's Basket: A Story from Indian Island

Kunu's Basket: A Story from Indian

 A Cooperative Children’s Book Center Choice of 2013Reading Is Fundamental STEAM CollectionKunu wants to make a pack basket, just like the other men on Indian Island.But making the basket is difficult, and Kunu gets frustrated. He is ready to give up when his grandfather intervenes. This is not only a story about a family tradition, but also a story about learning to be patient and gentle with yourself.  A story about contemporary Native American life This new paperback edition includes a new Author’s Note about the traditions and importance of basketmaking in Penobscot Nation culture.Fountas & Pinnell Level N

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Penobscot Basket Maker

Penobscot Basket

"When I floundered the most coming back to my tradition and where I came from was my salvation." Barbara Francis had been away for five years when she came back home to Indian Isle, Maine, in 1977. She was twenty years old, alone, and with no home to go to. Alberta Nicola and Violet Frances Shay had been basket makers all their lives. They took Barbara in, gave her a home, and taught her the basics of basket making. Through their stories and tales they gave her a deeper understanding of her Penobscot heritage. But more importantly, at that time, they provided what she needed most of all - quiet comfort and reassurance. Barbara was pregnant, deserted, and searching for a place in this world. She began to find it here with these two old Indian women. Barbara says "They were so superstitious in the old ways, the two old women said, `You are going to have a boy and he's going to have a noose around his neck.' And it turned out I had a boy and his umbilical cord was around his neck." Her son, Nedabeh, was born on December 27th, 1977. Barbara's place was coming more and more into focus. Alberta and Violet taught Barbara how to make bookmarks and button boxes and had gotten her through a difficult time in her life. However, it wasn't until years later when her grandmother, Francine, sug...

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Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social Traditions

Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social

The enthralling scope of Native American dance - from the Fancy dancers of the powwow circuit and the traditional keepers of sacred Indian ceremonies to the comtemporary flourishes of modern Indian choreographers - is explored in this enlightening collection of essays by leading native and non-native scholars and practitioners of dance in the Indian community. Perhaps the most indigenous of American art forms, native dance has a rich history stretching back to prehistoric times. Most often religious in nature, and inseparable from accompanying music, Native American dance has not only served to keep native cultures alive and thriving, but to promote intertribal communication as well. A gathering of prominent voices, all marked by their passion for the dance, along with a wealth of illustrations (including nearly 200 in full color), gives this book a creative spirit grounded in authoritative scholarship. The premier publication of the Smithsonian Institution's new National Museum of the American Indian, Native American Dance promises to be the landmark book on the subject for many years to come.

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Native American Art

Native American

Color photographs of art: mask, coat, leggings, drum, war shield with explanations. Woodlands, Plains, Southwest, California, Northwest Coast and Arctic, Contemporary. Forty-eight color reproductions, each accompanies by an essay exploring the art's cultural, historical, and ceremonial significance, reveal the deeply rooted traditions and innovative craftsmanship of the Native American aesthetic.

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Voices of Katahdin

Voices of

15 tracks

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Divine BOTANICALS Cramp bark wildcrafted Powder (16 oz)

Divine BOTANICALS Cramp bark wildcrafted Powder (16

Also known as King's Crown and May Rose, cramp bark is a flowering bush native to Scotland and England now naturalized throughout Canada and the U.S. The dried and powdered bark is used to make infused oils or lotions for topical use.Cramp bark is a flowering shrub found throughout moist woodlands of North America, although it is also cultivated as a garden ornamental. This cousin to honeysuckle is known by several common names, including Guelder Rose, European Cranberry, Snowball Tree and Water Elder. The bark, which is stripped from the tree in fall or early spring, is prepared as tea or tincture.Cramp bark is a shrubby plant that is native to Europe and North America, as well as northern portions of Asia and Africa. Depending on location, the plant is known by various other names, including Guelder Rose, Snow Bush and High Bush Cranberry. The bark has a long history of use in by various Native American tribes, most notably the Meskwaki and the Penobscot. As the name suggests, cramp bark is traditionally used to address cramping and muscle fatigue, the efficacy of which is due to the presence of a type of coumarin called scopoletin. cosmeticTincture the bark and add to lotions, creams or massage oils for direct application to sore muscles. culinaryDecoct for use as tea, alone o...

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How The Native American Tribes Of Maine Got Screwed Out Of Their Federal Sovereignty: A True Story.

How The Native American Tribes Of Maine Got

This book describes the decade-long process that led to the Passamaquoddy Tribe and Penobscot Nation of Maine being cheated of their Federal Sovereignty in the 1980 Maine Land Claims Settlement. The Maine Tribes had finally received recognition almost 4 years earlier after decades of being neglected by the Federal Government and of being "wards" of the State of Maine. Thanks to adept maneuvering by politicians, a lack of resolve by the Tribes’ own counsel, and the absence of fiduciary representation by the Department of the Interior as required by law, the Tribes' internal sovereignty got diluted into a split sovereignty "unique" to Maine, and maleficent to the Native Americans. This is in direct opposition to Supreme Court precedent, and requires remedy by the Chief Executive of the United States of America.


The Algonquin legends of New England; or, Myths and folk lore of the Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot tribes

The Algonquin legends of New England; or, Myths

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George Catlin and His Indian Gallery

George Catlin and His Indian

From the foremost collection of the artist's work, a remarkable portrait of Native American life. In 1832, George Catlin―showman, entrepreneur, and artist―made the first of four trips into Indian country, painting as he went, in a wonderfully spontaneous, if somewhat naive style. His ambition was to paint every tribe. He fell short. But what he did achieve, and the subject of this splendid volume, is a remarkable look into the faces and daily activities of Native Americans before their lands and their numbers were so radically diminished. And while Catlin was clearly influenced by the idea that Indians were Noble Savages (rapidly acquiring the vices of the white man while losing their "savage" virtues), his passion for his work is evidence of a profound respect and affection for his subjects, clearly demonstrated in this magnificent book. 275 illustrations, 150 in color.

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Allan Houser: An American Master (Chiricahua Apache, 1914-1994)

Allan Houser: An American Master (Chiricahua Apache,

Allan Houser (Haozous, in his native language) was a Chiricahua Apache, whose family once belonged to Geronimo's guerrilla band. After the remnants of this group were released in 1913 from decades of internment by the United States Government, the artist's family moved to a farm in Oklahoma, where Houser was born in 1914. In his teens, Houser attended the Santa Fe Indian School, where he first studied art. Although immersed in Apache tradition, as a student Houser was fascinated by art from all over the world, and he resisted the school's attempt to force him to work in what was considered the proper Native American style of flat forms, bright colors, and Indian subjects. Instead, he mastered a number of styles, from straightforward representation to abstraction, and throughout his career remained alert to developments in the work of his contemporaries. Houser's sculpture, considered his finest work, can be seen in many collections both in the United States and abroad. Among his most famous works are Sacred Rain Arrow, which welcomed athletes to the 2002 Winter Olympics, and Offering of the Sacred Pipe, which was created for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. In 1992, Hous

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Penobscot First Nation

Penobscot Native Americans

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A Native American Tribe Is Using Traditional Culture To Fight Addiction

Penobscot Native Americans

A year and half ago, Gabe Stewart stood in tribal court pleading guilty to felony charges because he stole money from his family to support his opioid addiction. In January, his community honored him for overcoming addiction and watched as his case was dismissed entirely. Stewart is a member of ...

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HOME: The Story of Maine "The Penobscot Expedition and The Revolution"

Penobscot Native Americans

During the American Revolution, citizens in what was then the Province of Maine experienced tremendous hardship, shifting loyalties, huge losses of property and land, and dramatic population shifts. Maine had been the theater of intermittent warfare for nearly 100 years starting in 1675 with King...

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Penobscot Indians Spririts

Penobscot Native Americans

Penobscot Maine Indians,video by PLGU

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Introduction to the Maine-Wabanaki: gkisedtanamoogk at TEDxDirigo

Penobscot Native Americans

gkisedtanamoogk is Wampanoag from the community of Mashpee located on cape cod south of Boston, Massachusetts ; he is family member of Nkeketonseonqikom, the Longhouse of the Otter, and married with three Children. His interests pertain to the social, political, legal and spiritual Life of Wabana...

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